Life is Sweet at Navy Federal Credit Union

thing about here, it’s like a little
self-contained village. You have a gym. You have wellness. You have a cafeteria,
an amazing– we have our own pizza oven. So there’s not a lot
that you can’t really do here at Navy Federal. MALIKA: As a new mom,
I’ve come back to work, and there’s a
plethora of things I was able to take advantage of. And one of those things
was childcare assistance. TERI: They offer the
basics, and then they go above and beyond that. Insurance, like legal,
and if you have a pet, they have pet insurance. ANDREW: When I learned
about some of the benefits that Navy Federal
offers as far as things like military leave,
military supplemental pay, I was surprised that they
offered these benefits because they really make
a difference for somebody like me, who is trying to serve
his country while maintaining a civilian career. RUTHA: Special and unique– I think that’s how you
describe Navy Federal. At least, it is for me. TERI: Coming from a city’s an
entirely different environment. I– like I said,
I found everybody to be super nice, super
friendly, very helpful, just different from
that fast paced rat race kind of environment. So all has been– just, it continues to
unfold beautifully. I just– so it’s been a
really excellent experience. JACLYN: We live right by the
beach, an hour and a half, two hours away. You have woods and hiking
if you like that type of nature and things like that. We also have some of the
best restaurants in the area, and our beaches are
also always named some of the top
beaches in the world. JIMMY: It’s a small
type town environment, but there’s a lot of
amenities that you see in some of the larger cities. So you have really the
best of both worlds.

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