100 thoughts on “Live Rescue: Breaking Into the Bank (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Worried about breaking a bank door like they can't afford it… if that was in my property half the building would be missing haha

  2. At first I thought the guy inside there had tried to rob the ATM.
    And you just gave out the knowledge of how to break into the ATM room to thieves

  3. Locks are for honest people. As some people point out this will not work on the important doors in the bank, but it for sure will work on yours unless you installed security hinges.

  4. Wait? You guys just showed people who to get into a "secure bank"? WTF?Just take the hinges off and we can walk right in?

  5. Why wouldn't the bank give the people inside a warning before the doors lock them in? Like, at least a bigass sign on the wall?

  6. Cops breaking into a bank. Alarm goes off. Dispatch is called. "We have a break in in progress at a wells fargo." "Oh na it's all good. Were here right now breaking in on purpose." Lol

  7. I would have smashed out the window. there has to be a legal justification for that. you cant just lock someone in a building and not provide a way out. that would be a MAJOR fire code violation!!

  8. these people were insanely lucky, the doors are installed backwards.. normally hinges are inside not outside.. someone's engineering incompetence actually benefit someone how ironic.

  9. This is a good way to use our taxes. Glad they got him out no problem. So happy we have people we can call for help like this

  10. I love how they don't wanna brake the "Big Banks" door but will totally destroy your house in order to get in! Talk about being on the pay roll

  11. So whats the point if its that easy for criminals to get in now especially since you just showed them how and obviously no alarm sqying theres ppl inside

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