100 thoughts on “London 4K – Sunset Drive – Driving Downtown – Central London England

  1. No litter..
    No garbage..
    No traffic rules violation..
    Clean and wide roads..
    Lots of greenary…
    No horns..
    Beauitiful buildings..

    I love London💗💗.
    India will never become like this even after 1000 years.

  2. I keep meaning to ask, can anyone who lives in London tell me why some of the intersections have zig-zag lines?

  3. Still in 1080p. 1-hour 4k video usually takes at least 48 hours to process. I suggest uploading the video as unlisted until it's fully 4k.

  4. This real time beautiful video of London. The building structures of London like a Paris building structures is both same and very beautiful.

  5. It´s better be a pedestrian in London´s center.. If you take a cab you must be robbed by the cab driver or by the traffic jams

  6. agradezco muchisimo poder disfrutar de sus video,para mi es como si viajara por todos los lugares del mundo , de otra forma no podria conocer lugares hermosos,los felicito por compartir,algun dia vengan a uruguay,saludos ,mary

  7. I managed to drive my brother car in London and also ride his 800cc motorcycle…Quite interesting scene especially along the countryside but uts quite tense in the town areas

  8. Thank you 🙏 I’m looking forward to the next video 👌 I’m from Berlin 🇩🇪 and live in Folkestone 🚣‍♀️ 🌊 🏊‍♀️

  9. Hi everyone, to enjoy this video change the playback speed to 0.5 and watch. It may take time to watch full video but its like you are sitting in car. To change the speed hit the 3 dots on top and can find speed details. Nice video.

  10. I’m leaving to England this June for my internship. I won’t be in London, although I’ll have a chance to visit the city and explore. Can’t wait✈️✨

  11. Thanks for inspiring me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaunX0k81oA&t=52s My first one. I don't know if I will keep posting more. It's just a try.

  12. Ah !!!!!!!! MY Town. My Birthplace. The Town that has given me 64 fantastic years living the first 28 years on the Southside just 3 miles from here and then I moved just 10 miles To The Outer London Suburbs in 1983.
    Don't be deceived though. This looks a White Town but go just 3 miles North/South/East or West from here during the day away from Central London and The City Of London and go on a bus and you will , probably, be the only White person or certainly the only White person who speaks English. Most of these people commute to London from outside London.

  13. I done this, as an American it was fun and I didn't cause any wrecks or even a horn blown at me. I was very proud of myself 🙂

  14. If you noticed in London there are no trees in the streets which gives a lot of visibility for the buildings ….

    unlike Paris for example, there are often trees in the streets and boulevards

    which gives not the same view

  15. Gammarth in Tunisia Love London and Paris my two favorite city in the world with New York the best city in the world ^^

  16. That's gorgeous old stuff there in London. But unfortunately there are no info texts in this video. So I do not know what I see.

  17. Driving on the left is very confusing. Driving on the right would be like on autopilot for me, but driving on the left would require me to focus, to really concentrate while driving on the right is boring for me even at hight speed.

  18. 51:25 un maimuțoi african lunatic traversează strada de doua ori, a doua oară la culoarea verde pentru automobile, 51:40, alt maimuțoi african venit din jungla îi arată șoferului că semaforului e rosu, semaforului fiind destul de departe, iar el traversează că o makakă pe unde vrea.

  19. olhe se têm alguém que ta botando esse video saiba lhe dizer que eu estou a mano porque eu não mim arrependo de ter saido do ventre de minha mãe

  20. mais uma coisa eu lhe digo porque e triste eu mim arrependo de ser Brazileiros acredite verdade sei que dever ser estranho por favor mim perdoem

  21. I really enjoyed watching ur videos it's remain me of Duen969videos so much i love both of them keep the good work. Are you still doing driving video in London or American

  22. Nice video. Now that you are doing other countries, I recommend going to some places in Mexico, and eventually South America. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and others, all have amazing, beautiful cities. I'd like to see you do a video around downtown Mexico City, from the Polanco area to Reforma. My channel has a Mexico Drone video playlist if you'd like to see some of what it looks like.

  23. I didn't even realize how much I missed London… Such an incredible city… So much history, that's now being crapped on by globalist scum…

  24. Almost entire western European cities, London in particular is so picturesque and quite steep in history.. A must visit place…… Jaipur, India 14th Sept 2019.

  25. I was enjoying your video until you blatantly flouted the law by driving along Oxford Street. Please respect our laws.

  26. Having lived in London for nearly 10 years I must admit the sunset on buildings and on the Thames were truly beautiful sights.

  27. God help me I want go England
    No 1 I'm respect this country or this country people very good or Nice heart
    I'm like this country rules or I follow rule and so more thinking I like god help me if any person help me all my life I not forget person

  28. pity you didnt add the street names,for those,of whom there are many,people who dont know which street is which,there are better vids on here with such detail.

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