M1 Finance 2 Stocks I’m Buying This Week, 16 Sept 2019, Last Weeks Portfolio Update & Big Dividends

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today we’re gonna be doing our stock market monday buys video where
we go over stock futures currently looking negative right now going into
Monday meaning a good buying opportunity for me also we’re gonna jump over into
the m1 finance Roth IRA take a look at the performance for last week the
overall performance as far as the portfolio changes for the week also look
at what stocks were up what stocks were down and then look at the activity
what’s not to be buy and also what dividends did we receive we did receive
over $20 in dividends as last week alone which is a very nice payout so we’ll go
over what stocks paid out and how much they paid out and then we’re gonna go
ahead and make our Monday buy I do believe I only have one stock I’m
planning on buying today but we’re gonna look at what socks are coming up on X
dividend and what stocks are currently down in the portfolio because I know a
lot of them were down in the past but they’ve recently hit so new all-time
highs are a lot of stocks are back in the green so we’re gonna cover that here
in today’s video with that said if you have not yet subscribe hit that
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thumbs up if you do enjoy this video and leave me a comment if you have any
comments or questions going over the stock market dividends or real estate or
something here related to this video so let’s go ahead and get into the video so
after hours right now we are looking negative now the China market is
currently open they are down a little over a percent
right now down 1.08 England also opened down point-three 3 Germany down point 5
7 so it looks like stock futures on our side SP down almost 0.5 Nasdaq 0.75 Dow
point 5 so I do believe Monday is looking to be a bit of a red day and
that’s completely fine we just closes some all-time highest here on Thursday
breaking to some new ones so if we have some bit of a pullback here that is
completely fine we also have the Fed coming out this week lowering interest
rates as possibly what is going to be going on if they don’t that’s gonna
definitely hit the market because that’s has been priced in and that is why we
are treating so high because a lot of investors already believe that the Fed
will cut rates and do another rate cut here towards
December jumping over into the m1 finance account taking a look here at
the main screen we can see that the accounts here has twenty two dollars and
fifty one cents you set it in cash so when one week this account me $22.50 so
we are getting to a nice point now a year and a half later since we started
this account where this is starting to produce a very nice amount you know 22
bucks if you were to spend them over the course of say five days that’s four
dollars a day some people would say they could live off that buy a cheeseburger
every meal you know it’s not healthy but you know you can see the progression
then this is a account that’s only a year and a half so what is it in the
next five ten fifteen twenty some of the hearings
we’re in are my wife’s not thirty yep I’m thirty four so we have quite a while
even until we hit that retirement age where this would be tax-free and then
this accounts still from that point when we’re not gonna be withdrawing much of
the cash will still be collecting the dividends and living off the equity
dividend payout so this still has a very long history into the future as far as
where it’ll end up at now overall since this account was created back on January
8th 2018 this accounts up nineteen point three eight percent we’ve had a market
gain now of one thousand one hundred ninety four dollars and thirteen cents
of course this is gonna go down here on Monday market gains fluctuates up and
down that’s not as important as long as I kind of keep up with the ESPE overall
performance the main thing here that this portfolio here that I’ve designed
is dividend driven so over the course that this account has been created and
continued to and be invested in it has earned five hundred and seventy two
dollars and eighty five cents and many of these companies over the course of
the last year and a half have all increase our dividend by a good amount
now equity wise we’ve broke into some new all-time highs here recently we did
hit some all-time hands here on September eleventh that was last
Wednesday and then we kind of trend it back from them and we are now sitting
here just a little bit below that all-time highest point but still really
good overall you can see our one-week performance is
up 2.13 a lot of equity here made just in the last week three hundred and forty
two dollars and nine cents we earned meaning that we sat through a few stocks
are going ex-dividend last week so that earned us fourteen dollars and sixteen
cents which has not been paid out in the account yet now as far as some of our
best performers last week we had CenturyLink up seven point eight five
this one is in the green now and I will more than likely sell this position here
now that it’s not a a prime one here that I wanted in the account it’s one
that I purchased down at $11.99 when it dropped down into the eight nine dollar
point I felt I really wanted to kind of buy a little bit more Centrelink is a
Tier one provider meaning that they provide level one support for 24-hour
support to businesses and science and etc and overall we’re as of business our
business where I work at is using multiple vendors say Centrelink and
spectrum in order to get ready Denton see between network connections so if
one connection fails we can fail over to the other one central links one of those
what we’re considering and I know a lot of other businesses use them as sort of
a backbone and secondary provider but I will probably end up dropping them out
of the accounts here now that they’ve kind of hit some new all-time highs are
up fourteen point five nine percent they recently pay out it paid out a dividend
which we will seem and actually we can go ahead and sell this one right now
I’m actually just gonna go ahead and not do it here because that is not what we
want to do actually we’ll wait till the very end and I’ll get rid of it now a
couple other positions that are also positive for the one-week oops I went
back into here let’s go ahead we’re back on the main screen IV I’d be also
picking up nicely now Abbie has not been picking up you know
performing as well as some of these other ones but there we go
it is up five point seven one percent any week Las Vegas ends right behind it
five point two three Caterpillar and three and you’ll notice that these two
industrial companies that have been kenny getting hammered new to the trade
war these past two weeks we’ve had a lot of
issues as far as trade war kind of easing off and Caterpillar and 3m are
taking advantage of it and moving forward he advanced JPMorgan those
financials moving up nicely we can see overall for the week we had a few
positions that were negative our worst position WP carry which is had
just hit 52-week highs last week so this down three point three five percent is
nothing at all this is just a small back set for them and this has been a really
well performing REIT General Mills has also done really well out tree of course
always in the news for jewel and you know now there’s been a couple deaths
because what’s you know so that’s unfortunate and it’s not really all
trios fault overall because that they don’t supply those flavored cartridges
they support supply their tobacco products and it’s the third-party
vendors who are making these kind of stand out for the younger crowd and
that’s why they’re getting into it I was reading about one woman who smoked it
just because of the mango flavoring and that was the only reason so things are
terrible Simon Property Group Digital Realty Trust Kellogg’s Lowe’s Essex
property trust Kimberly Clark and consulted addison all down there for the
week but overall that’s fine a lot of these are actually up positive overall
in the portfolio if we look at the overall performance of these positions
we can see WP Carey is at the top along with General Mills and a few others
behind it are worse performing companies right now are ultrium down thirty two
point nine two percent that’s fine we could always average into this one
although it is at a point right now where I’m not going to be adding to it
right now a V down twenty point three three three
M this one was much worse caterpillar in 3m we’re down some twenty three thirty
percent so they’ve recovered nicely here you we already saw three I mean in
caterpillar recovering just this week alone so now that we find Johnson &
Johnson and Simon Property Group also there so kind of an interesting mixture
we can see a lot of green now in the portfolio so overall we only have about
two four six positions that are read out of the thirty some I believe 32 or 33
socks yes socks here in the camp so activity wise what stocks paid out
dividends that we have twenty two dollars and fifty one sense and in a
cash well here we made our buy here on Monday we added our equity here one
fifteen thirty eight we meet a single by towards Las Vegas Sands but we already
saw there in the chart Las Vegas Sands I believe it’s actually positive now and
I’m gonna go ahead sort this by green so we’re gonna go down here towards the
bottom Las Vegas Sands taker simple LVS is now positive in the portfolio up 4.02
so normally I like to average down on positions that are red in this case Las
Vegas Sands is one that I wanted to average down into because it is coming
up on ex-dividend and I just recently bought it last week because it is going
on at mixed dividend it was down six percent four percent when I was buying
it now it’s positive four percent so big swings there and that is why you’ve got
to average down when you get the opportunity to average down because
those positions that you feel will benefit here in the future from or
getting hammered due to the complications of the trade war
eventually when that is all resolved it’ll all recovering kind of make it all
back in the company itself was really strong so CVX paid out $1 and 33 cents
Johnson & Johnson paid out 516 3m paid out five dollars and fifty cents
Walgreens paid out four dollars and 73 cents
CenturyLink their I had those few shares paid out $1 and three cents and
Kellogg’s paid out four dollars and 76 cents so centrally I only had about
sixty seventy dollars in that position but it paid out $1 there which is a very
nice yield right now so all of these together that paid out twenty two
dollars and fifty one cents so I will be putting another deposit of one fifteen
thirty eight plus my equity there of 2251 so we will have about a hundred and
forty five dollars and some change there about 147 I believe in order to invest
in this week now jumping back over into these this spreadsheet here this is
going to show me oh it doesn’t load right now it looks like it’s all trying
to load up some information there on the bar
so I don’t know if I’ll be able to poll some of these companies that are going
extend no it’s not going to pull right now so what we can do here manually is I
can go ahead and pull these up on the other page and up these positions I’m
kind of wondering if any of these are going to x7 in here in the near future
and if they are because they are actually down in the portfolio it may
make sense just to kind of average down on these so first one here that is
negative a speiser Pfizer if we kind of scroll down here
towards the bottom it just went ex-dividend here on August
1st it won’t go ex-dividend again until november time period so Pfizer is kind
of out of the picture at the moment we’ll take a look here next one is
Johnson & Johnson I know Johnson & Johnson also when
excavating here recently back on August 26th so again they will not go except in
it again until November 27th I’m down there Simon Property Group currently
negative in the portfolio if we take a look at them they are also they’ve also
gone x7e recently in August won’t go except it in again until November 3m
scrolling down here again another August let’s go ahead and go to Caterpillar
Stroh down here and they went extra bit in back in July they will go except in
it in October October still a bit away but we’ll go ahead and move them to the
front here next we have avi avi there we go October 11th that’s still
quite a ways away not as far away as some of the other ones here so here’s
the ex-dividend date October 11th followed our behind by October 20th for
Caterpillar and then our very last one on the negative right now is our trio
and outro will be going ex-dividend here on the 13th and that was Friday so
September 13th which was just this past Friday it went ex-dividend so I don’t
actually have any stocks right now that are negative in the portfolio that are
coming up ex-dividend in September now I had planned to buy Las Vegas Sands once
again these position things are not showing up right now but this one what
is going next event in here in the next week or so I believe
yeah it’s going next event here the 17th the 17th is Tuesday so my plan
was last week by Monday I was expecting it to be negative going into this week
in the portfolio still but we saw it’s up 4% I don’t really want to average up
right now I do believe it’ll pull back here in the
future it’s in that resorts and casinos area so I will probably kind of wait on
this one let’s get rid of my discord here and so right now that leaves ivy
and Caterpillar to kind of average down on now Abbi I have seven hundred and
fifty one dollars averaged into that one currently I have a share price of $88
and 36 cents and then we have caterpillar taking a look here
caterpillar caterpillars at 734 dollars down a little bit less at eight point
three seven I feel a bit more comfortable right now adding into
caterpillar I do have about like maybe $4,000 worth of altri up over on my
metal edge account and that was actually positive right now I believe maybe four
or six percent four to six percent so this right here my actual share price of
ultra is down in the 66 sixty-four dollar range right now and then averages
right in the 67 68 dollar range so I know I’ve overall we’re pretty positive
so I don’t want you buying up much more out trim so what I’m going to do is I
guess I don’t have too much to Everage down on besides pfizer here visor I’ve
only added 424 dollars and 18 cents of equity into it it doesn’t go ex-dividend
here again until November but I’m not sure when you know Monday’s gonna be
negative so visors should be pulling back here a little bit more I think I
will be splitting up my positions here between Caterpillar and Pfizer so
nothing really crazy going ex-dividend here in the near future so now instead
of having to be able to kind of add into those I’m gonna have to split it here so
jumping back over into m1 we have 115 38 plus $22 and 51 cents that gives us 137
89 divided by 2 so we’re gonna add about 70 I’m gonna say $75 into each so I’m
going to go back into my portfolio scroll on down to I’m gonna sort these
by my negatives here no he lives at the top we’re gonna find Caterpillar and go
ahead and buy into Caterpillar we’re gonna go ahead and what was the price I
was gonna put in there maybe 75 I believe is what I had said so
we’re gonna go ahead and put you in 75 and confirm and go back into the
portfolio and we should be able to see Pfizer right here now Pfizer is showing
up six point six point seven one and that is because it is money weighted and
m1 Finance throws my earn dividends towards the total returns of this
portfolio but here we can see market gains we are down point six four and
that is right here down visor down point six four and that’s about a difference
of negative 0.15 so we’re basically locking in you know our dollar price
that we bought at thirty six ninety seven it’s currently trading at 36 91
we’re getting a starting yields of the same where we started before three point
nine so really it’s as if I bought the stock back in January twenty twenty
eighteen is when I bought this one the last time so I’m gonna go ahead and
purchase speiser and make another $75 purchase here and continue income firm
and really I haven’t bought Pfizer yeah I’ll show you
Pfizer I haven’t been able to buy Pfizer for a while here we can see here I
initially purchase Pfizer back when I started this portfolio back in January
for $385 that was my starting position and then it wasn’t until November when
the market started kind of coming down really hard where I was able to buy more
of it and here I bought eight sixty five and thirty fifty three and then I kind
of had to Eve ease off of it because Pfizer had popped back into the positive
and here we can see the slightly growing here now 385 was our
initial investment and those chairs paid out 360 I bought a couple more shares
there plus they increase their dividend so we went from 366 to 413 so here we’re
gonna be buying up some more shares our next ex-dividend impale it’s going to be
be larger than 413 which is nice and that is basically all I wanted to cover
in today’s video so overall negative negative day on
Monday we have two stocks we are going to be purchasing we are going to be
purchasing Pfizer which is down very slightly and Caterpillar which is down
around eight point three percent this will kind of lower my unit cost just a
little bit plus it will increase my equity a little bit in this position and
lower my unit costs increased my yield on cost increased some of my dividends
here going forward now caterpillar doesn’t have a huge yield I you know
three percent stock pad from two point eight three I’ll be averaging up closer
to that point there so that is it for today’s video again if you guys have
enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button below really does help the
channel does healthy algorithm with this video if you have not yet subscribed to
the channel I’d highly appreciate it if you do hit that subscribe button below
and of course if you have any comments or questions going for this video the
stock market dividends drop it into the comment section I do really appreciate
all the feedback the comments I like to interact and talk back and forth if you
have any questions so drop anything at all and I will see you guys next time
have a great day bye

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