Master of Accounting (MAc) at Tippie College of Business

At the University of Iowa, our Master of
Accounting program doesn’t just produce accountants, we prepare critical thinkers
ready to thrive in a data-driven world. In about a year you’ll develop
specialized skills that top employers need, giving you an edge in fast changing
industries. Whether you choose to focus on tax, audit, managerial accounting, or
business analytics, you’ll learn how to identify and solve complex business
problems and importantly, how to communicate those solutions clearly. Our
numbers speak for themselves: in a typical year our employment rate is 100
percent. Students who receive financial awards: ninety percent. Max first-time CPA
pass rate: ninety-one percent, which is thirty seven points above the national
average. Combine this with our huge alumni network with connections to the
nation’s top firms, a University of Iowa master’s degree in accounting is the
most proven path to a successful future proof business career. Simply put it’s
really hard to beat.

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