Microsoft Access Basic Business Accounting Database Template

Hey everyone, it’s Blake Bundy here from Winning Solutions, Inc. and today I will be bringing you guys another Microsoft Access Expert template walk-through I will be showing you guys where to find the template database on our website how to download the template database demo and how to use the demo properly Most of our templates are not designed to be used on their own Instead, they are designed in a way that makes it simple and smooth to integrate it into an already existing database that you have already been using You can also build a more robust Microsoft Access database that is build around one of our templates If you would like to create a new database that is based off one of our templates and don’t know how or do not have the time to do so let us know and we would be happy helping you with getting the database that 100% fits your needs With most of our templates that we offer, there are 3 different versions that you can purchase a compiled runtime version one for internal use and one for unlimited developer use Our compiled runtime version is a run-as-is version without the paid full version of Microsoft Access using the free Access Runtime from Microsoft It can be integrated into your existing Access application but you would not be able to make any other modifications to the form, reports, modules, etc. This option is more for those of you who do not see any need to make any customization to the template Our internal use version allows you to use or modify the databases however you wish within the organization And last but not least, our unlimited developer use version allows you to use the database template however you wish for any applications you develop and distribute the template as part of a database you create Winning Solutions, Inc.’s templates have a strong advantage over shrink wrap software that you purchase from a store or website With our templates, you receive the source code along with your purchase so you are able to customize and update the database as you please With shrink wrap software, you do not receive the source code when purchasing the software which means that you cannot update or customize the database as you wish In our video today, we will be working on a demo version of our database template A demo is a simple way you can view and try out our database templates so that you can determine if you would like to purchase it or not This is great for customers due to the fact that all of our sales are final Our sales are final because we give you the source code when you purchase the template And once we give you the source code there is really no way you can return the code If you would like to test out our demos for multiple days you are free to do so All you have to do is leave the database open so that the data you enter will not be wiped That is because our demos are designed so that once you close the demo all the data you have entered will be wiped from that database You have to purchase the full version if you would like to save your data that you have entered Upon downloading a demo for one of our templates, you will have to unzip the file Zipped files make it much easier to send and download large files over the Web Unzipping a file is a very simple step All you have to do is extract the file so that you have access to the uncompressed file If you do not know how or do not understand how to unzip a file check out one of our YouTube channel and watch the “How to unzip one of our files” video tutorial to learn this simple step The link to that video will be in the description of this video So now, let us get into testing out one of our templates We’re going to start off here by going to our website at Ass you can see, I have been here before On the top of our website, there is going to be a tool bar will all the various ways that you are able to contact Winning Solutions, Inc. You’re going to want to click on the sidebar button on the left side of our homepage that is labeled database templates for sale A sub list then opens up and you need to select the database templates list button to view the list of all the templates that we offer The list is broken up into categories The different categories that we currently have are Our most popular ones appointment and scheduling database calendar databases reservation and booking databases contact and communications databases task management databases equipment and maintenance tracking databases sales databases employee databases education databases small business databases and last but not least database tools and miscellaneous templates And today we’re going to be taking a look at the Microsoft Access Basic Business Accounting Database Template So you’re going to want to go ahead and scroll up a ways here You’re going to want to go to our database templates for sale We have a few databases that are only in this section and not in this full list Go ahead and click that Once that web page opens you’re going to want to download the demonstration that correctly corresponds to the version of Access that you are currently running on I’m going to go ahead and download this one Once it downloads you’re going to want to go ahead and open that file and you’re going to want to go ahead and extract all of that file so go ahead and extract that and once you’ve done that go ahead and open the file And along with all of our database templates you get a pop-up box that shows a potential security risk or warning Now I can assure you this database template is safe the only reason it is saying that is because this database template is coming from the Web So I’m going to continue on and open the database template and also, as always you get a pop-up box that shows all the different ways you contact us Feel free to contact us whenever you’d like however I am going to close out of this for now so this database template obviously would be perfect for if you need to keep track of accounting for your company need to keep track of transactions, keep track of employees, all that good stuff So normally with this database template that if you were to purchase it, it would open up with a login The login form would be you would have a user and password and you would be able to login to this database Just some security measures So what we can do is actually we’re going to start of by is employee maintenance We’re going to create a user name and password to login to the login form This is just a sample, like I said it would pop up in the beginning and you would have a user name and password to get into the database So let’s go ahead and we’re going to create a fake one, we’ll go Bob Smith user name we’ll put Bob, password we will put test And now if you hit save and close And if you go to this login form, the user name was Bob, password was test, and you submit vice versa, if you did not have the correct one, I’m not going to do that because it actually closes out of the database So if I didn’t have the correct one and I hit submit a little pop-up box would show up and say you’re login has failed and the only option you would have is to exit out of the database So these are all the different categories that we also have for sample accounting So if you go ahead and close out of that If you see when we add a new transaction Our title will go, we’ll just put test, number 1234, categories These are all the different categories we can use as expenses for our accounting sheets So we’re going to say it’s an advertising expense, amount 200 dollars Note, we’ll just put nothing and now if we hit save and close here we can actually search for that transaction So as you can see there’s lots of different ways you can search What we’re going to do is we’re just going to search by advertising Go ahead and click search There is that one I had just created and you can even double-click it if you need to you need to edit the record and you need to change it to maybe, it actually wasn’t advertising, it was an education expense Hit save and close and now it’s going to be an education expense So as you can see, you can search by lots of different items here Go ahead and cancel out of this So I’m going to go ahead and thank you guys for taking the time to watch this Microsoft Access Expert template walk-through brought to you by Winning Solutions, Inc. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you did, please feel free to give us a like or subscribe to our YouTube channel for tons of other walk-throughs and tutorials As always feel free to contact us for any of your IT needs whether it be programming that you need, you want to buy a template, you want to customize a template, anything Feel free to contact us whenever you’d like I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to post our contact information in the description below of this video Also you can find us on about any social media website Feel free to follow us or like on there, we post quite frequently Once again, thank you guys for taking the time to watch this Microsoft Access Expert template walk-through and have a great day

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