MS in Accounting/ MBA – Fast-Track Into a New Career at D’Amore-McKim

[intro music]>>BILL: If you want to be an accountant there
is no better program out there. There is no program to prepare you more, there
is no program that is going to demand more of you, and there is no program that’s going
to actually give you the resources that Northeastern can give you.>>TIM: The MS in Account/MBA is designed
for students who have a different background from accounting.>>ALI: I was pre-med and I was thinking about
pharmacy school, so I felt that I needed something new. This program just had everything, it was a
dual degree 15-month accelerated.>>TINA: I just couldn’t find anything comparable.>>KIRBY: You’re able to build these accounting
skills, have a world-class internship.>>KATE: We find that the firms are very students
who don’t necessarily come with an undergraduate accounting preparation because it’s the blend
of what they’ve learned as an undergraduate, what they will learn here with us.>>PAM: And when you put those to things together
there’s a real difference in those people.>>BILL: Our students are empowered. They are intrinsically motivated.>>ARNIE: They have real goals they’re trying
to achieve.>>ALI: I have ambition, I want to work, I
want to get out into the field. I think Northeastern offered the best program
for that.>>KATE: In 15 months students earn two degrees
and it’s not easy.>>BILL: As a professor I expect a tremendous
amount from my students.>>ALI: The program and the internship have
both been challenging, but I felt prepared for what was ahead.>>KIRBY: It certainly isn’t your typical
internship, I think it’s really been a lot more hands-on than I was expecting.>>ALI: I really felt like I was a part of
the team.>>TIM: So, they come back being savvy about
what it takes to succeed in the real world.>>TINA: They stand up a little straighter
after the internship is done.>>ALI: So, I think you have a lot to leverage
with going to Northeastern, the name of it, the networks of it, and I also think getting
two degrees within 15 months with a three-month internship, so technically 12 months, is a
huge, huge advantage and huge benefit to you. Absolutely I would recommend the MSA/MBA program.

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