MSc International Accounting and Finance at Birmingham Business School

The programme is aimed at applicants who have a strong technical and conceptual grounding in accounting and finance and
who want to do a career in accounting and finance obviously but also senior
management and consultancy. We’re also aiming for students or applicants who
are interested to do ACCA’s – professional exams as well. For the
moment we have now launched two new pathways where we give the opportunity
to the students to study with Kaplan which is our collaborator to study and
prepare for two or four professional ACCA exams. I think there’s several reasons
students might choose Birmingham – I think first of all we have our staff are
experts and they are fully committed – I mean some of them are experts
through research, some of them are experts because they have a long working
experience or they have both. So they are fully committed and have really solid,
detailed knowledge about what they’re teaching – I think that is the big thing.
The second bit is I think they have fantastic infrastructure so you have
for instance teaching venues and you have IT facilities, we have our new
postgraduate building which is just for the postgraduate students, we have
fantastic Sports Centre, we have good public
transport and the campus is fantastic Well, my favorite thing to teach on this
course is actually that most of the students they have some former working
experience either through internship or longer working experience that means
that when they come into the modules and we have discussion about different
business problems they have something to give and they add that and widen that
discussion so that’s not only beneficial for the students who are there but for me
as a teacher I think that is really nice – I learn a lot too.

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