NBT Bank Management Development Program

♪♪ Coming out of college,
I really had no idea what I wanted,
what industry I wanted to be in. I majored in geology. I got a bachelor’s degree in finance. I have an undergraduate degree
in economics. If you aren’t sure where you want to go, this is a great opportunity. It’s not just banking.
You’re getting every single department throughout it. So, it’s not just working with
the customer in the branch. It could be working in the back office. And there’s so many areas to explore. ♪♪ The Management Development
Program is a great program. It’s one where newly graduated
college students come into our company, usually
between seven and ten per year. And they get an opportunity
to rotate across different areas of our bank,
learn about our bank, and for us to learn about them. And at the end of the program,
usually in June, they are able to be assigned
to a specific department. I’ve been in it now —
I finished about five years ago, and I work in our Systems
Development Department, on all of our digital channels,
online banking, mobile banking, and manage a lot of
the strategy behind that. I think the one thing
that’s constant across all of the MDPs and former MDPs
is the visibility in the potential impact that
they have on the organization. I graduated the program in 2016, and currrently I’m the Wealth
Management Financial Analyst. It was exactly what I expected. Very open, friendly,
helpful people. It’s a great
learning experience. At least two of our Management
Development trainees have come out of that now being
full blown investment officers and/or leading our merger
and acquisition efforts from a modeling perspective and
from an integration perspective. Really handy stuff for graduates that are only a couple years
out of college. What was important to me
right out of college was finding a company that was
continuing to grow. And so, when I came to NBT,
and I met with the HR department and the senior level managers,
I learned that NBT is continuing to grow, even after 150 years. That is one thing that
I was looking for right out of college — the fast
track to career advancement. And the bank gave me
that opportunity. ♪♪ We put a lot of effort into
making sure that our MDPs, when they join the bank, have
the opportunity to get to know other people, and have things that
they can do together. We get very involved in
everything from schools, community service,
to United Way. We really encourage that and
focus on that, and an MDP will always have
a community service aspect to their first year with us. My name is Brittany Davis. I am the Retail Training Program
Coordinator for Retail Banking. When I found the program,
because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do,
it was perfect because I got to do twelve
different things. One of the hallmarks of our
program is the on the ground, active
participation by not only the executive management team,
by myself and by other managers at the company, but also
by all of our employees who are encouraged to mentor
and train and assist our trainees as they work their
way through the rotation. NBT Bank is the place for you
to start your career. Welcome to NBT Bank. You’re gonna love it here. Welcome to NBT Bank. ♪♪

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