New Documents Reveal How Much Money Epstein Earned After His Conviction

Newly disclosed financial statements reveal
the Jeffrey Epstein’s company raked in nearly $200 million in revenue after, after he was
convicted of soliciting a minor for prostitution. The documents provide a glimpse into the mysterious
finances of the deceased sex offender. RT’s, Brigida Santos joins me now from Los
Angeles with the story. Brigida, what can you tell me about Epstein’s
company, this Southern Trust where all this mysterious money seems to be rolling in? Well, Epstein launched Southern Trust in 2012
just years after his 2008 conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution. It operated out of an office in the Virgin
Islands and allegedly worked on developing a DNA mining service to help pharmaceutical
companies reduce the need for clinical trials. The company was Epstein’s attempt at rebranding
himself and rebuilding his business after his previous company, Financial Trust, suffered
massive losses in the financial crash and lost its biggest client. Epstein was also trying to rehabilitate his
image after registering as a sex offender. Southern Trust ended up earning him nearly
$200 million in revenues over a five year period, despite all the scandals surrounding
him. Yeah. Epstein had this love affair and they seem
to have a love, love affair with Epstein, with MIT, Harvard, Yale. It’s like, it’s like they’re, whenever he
asked for money or whenever they asked him for money, there was always this access that
he was able to build and all of a sudden he’s going to be this science guy. But then when you take a look at the interviews
that they did with some of these folks involved in these, in these creepy little projects,
you understand they all regarded him as a little, as a dope. I mean, somebody who had no insight at all
into the scientific issues that, that he was trying to put himself out front on. Who was, who was paying Epstein all this money
Brigida? Well, that’s a great question. It’s still unclear. We don’t know what kinds of customers Epstein
worked with after switching from Finance to this new alleged DNA research company. What we do know based on the documents is
that Epstein likely switched his company’s focus to avoid registering with federal securities
regulators as required under the Dodd Frank act. Now, if Financial Trust did not manage money,
it would not have to register, even though Epstein told officials that the company would
still have a financial arm. In 2013 Southern Trust also earned him a 10
year 90% tax break from the Virgin Islands economic development commission. So he really knew how to game the system,
go through loopholes and make money work for him. Well, here’s the interesting thing. Any, most of the time, for example, in this
law firm, we always want to know who we’re doing business with. It doesn’t take anything but a little bit
of due diligence to find out this man wasn’t just accused of one incident, he was a pedophile. For all practical purposes, anybody looking
into the story knew that he was a pedophile, knew that he had been given a sweet heart
deal by the DOJ for no good reason, understood all the facts that he was having sex with
14 year old girls. And nevertheless, these science organizations
thought it was interesting enough to say, hey, let’s listen to him. And you know what? Maybe it’s a two way street. Maybe we get more money from Epstein and we
give him money on the back end of it. It’s, it’s, it’s gonna be interesting to be
able to follow this money. It’s also been revealed that Epstein secretly
owned a second private Island in addition to a little St James in the Caribbean. What can you tell me about that? Epstein acquired his second island known as
Great Saint James Clay after tricking the owner into thinking that the buyer was a Dubai
businessman tied to the Royal family. Now Epstein did this because the owner of
that Island did not want to do business with Epstein after hearing testimony from underage
victim after underage victim. So Epstein set up an opaque limited liability
company to secure the $22.5 million sale. The Dubai businessman whose name Epstein used,
that man said that he forbid Epstein from using his name on the shell company, but that
Epstein did not listen. Now even with these new details, the mystery
behind how Epstein made his fortune remains. Well, you know, the real part of this story
that’s, it’s becoming more and more troublesome is it’s all of these names that were attached
to the Epstein ugly, ugly story. Now, after his death, the media, it’s like
the typical corporate media. There’s not a shiny thing there anymore. They’ve revealed the names. You know, we’ve seen Dershowitz. We’ve been seeing Bill Clinton, we’ve seen
Trump. I could go on, you know, Prince Andrew, we
can go on forever, but all of a sudden the media is not paying attention to it anymore
and that’s where the story is. The, the, the follow-up to this story ought
to be, why is it that MIT allowed Epstein to give so much money to MIT after they understood
that the guy was a hopeless chronic pedophile that should be in prison? Why did Harvard do that? Why did all these science organizations say,
yeah, his money’s just as good even after we knew that he was a pedophile? It’s still a mystery to me. Maybe you can shed some light on it, Brigida. Why is it that we have a culture that was
so accepting of this disgusting pedophile, simply because he had some money up front? What’s your take? Unfortunately, money does drive everything,
especially at these schools. You know, the former director of the MIT media
lab said that he would take the money even today, and knowing what he knows about Epstein. It seems like they need this money to do their
research and they don’t care where it comes from. Yeah. Well that’s sure played out itself on the
Epstein story, but this is another angle and that is where is this mysterious $200 million
coming from? Who’s keeping Epstein alive after they know
that he’s a disgusting pedophile? Thank you for joining me.

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  1. Zero police reports, zero rape kits. They WENT for the money, they RETURNED for the money. Payment for services rendered. IF THEY HAD SPOKEN UP WHEN THE FUCK IT HAPPENED I might have sympathy. They did not. So zero sympathy for their desire to get more money now. And dude, the reason no one talks about it now is simple: Can’t prosecute a dead man. We need to focus on killing drumpf’s desire to kill the planet. You’re wasting your time on Jeff. I find that hilarious.

  2. The schools are No Different than the Murdochs, Mercers, chumps, and every other Greedy American who will ignore unlawful/immoral/corrupt behaviour for the almighty dollar.

  3. When is the public going to see all the sht they took from Epsteins mansion of horrors?? the pictures the videos,,, NEVER!

  4. At least you seem to have gotten over the ‘murdered’ part. Because the ME duly investigated and ruled suicide. They are not flippant about that shit. Now you need to get over the whole issue.

  5. I am beginning to wonder if the "media" is becoming the same kind of catch-all boogie-man "deep state" has become? For the record, I am not speaking of just this site.

  6. 6:02 mins in .. OOP… 😲 he JUST said it… he just said "who's keeping Epstein alive?" 😳 see… it aint JUST a thought…

  7. that's the kinda sh!t i'm talkin bout, when i say things like "there's a difference between being a businessman & being a hustler!"

  8. Pure EVIL. I bet there were thousands of victims in Africa Asia and South America being tested on. You got it all wrong he was never going to be any science guy or brilliant mastermind businessman. He was blackmailing all of the people that had used his dick craved depraved services. He wasn’t just a child molester he conducted and lead child prostitution and trafficking rings please point that out. Bill Gates, MIT heads, rump, Prince Harry and the many heads of industry and politics were his customers.

  9. It sure didn't take long for his murder to get swept under the rug. Even the mainstream media have ignored it. I expect some of the super rich corporate over-bosses want everything about him forgotten, esp their connections to him.

    Was worth 1.1 Billion.
    Then when the Young Underage Girls, wanted to sue him and his Estate,
    His Worth Went Down to 548 Million.
    I wonder why, the numbers changed after he died?
    Because he's not dead!
    Dopey and Barr,
    Set Up His Fake Death!
    And let him keep the Half Of His Estate!
    Why does a "dead man" need money?
    Because he's not really dead!
    Also, You Missed Alot Of People On Your "List"!

  11. Also an Arizona Republican, Paul D. Peterson, just got charged with human trafficking. He was bringing pregnant foreign women into the US and selling their babies for $40,000 each. I wonder if that's what's happening to the undocumented aliens at Trump's Southern concentration camps?

  12. Boy, these people are dumb. Mike doesn't even know what "pedophile" means, but like the rest of the booboisie, he likes to hear himself utter the word repeatedly. And Ring of Fire says that Epstein was "convicted of pedophilia." There's no such crime, ya dopes. I clicked on this to find out how Epstein got his money, and I'm still in the dark. Watching and hearing these 2 boobs was like watching a Fox "News" segment, with their nodding heads and frothing bias. It's not news; it's just clucking of tongues.

  13. Somebody should ask Bill Clinton about this guy I mean he was at the island 27 times… I wonder how many little girls Billy was able to rape out there… You Democrat men just love raping little girls

  14. Weird how whenever the Rich and spoiled lifestyles gets any tougher, they seems to get to going a little faster, & sooner than later…💬

  15. Notice how the MSM just stop talking about the victims of this wealthy pedo to put the mass public to sleep and it worked because only YT truth channels are still talking. US citizens need to wake up big time.


  17. A guy named Webb has a channel on YT..maybe a CIA guy….he says Epstein was a pilot for Elites like Wexler, selling black market weapons. He also says Kissinger has something to do with JE….since he was very young. Epstein flew planes during the Mena Arkansas drugs for weapons deal.
    Trump and J Epstein fell out over a real estate deal when Trump jumped in front of JE and bid on this mansion on the in Palm Springs..on the Atlantic coast. Epstein threatened to expose Trumps corruption in financial matters he was so mad at Trump. Next thing…Miami picked up Epstein for child sex.
    Trump got the mansion & property for 50 million$ and sold it to a ‘Russian man’ for 100million$ but no one ever moved in and it was later torn down…due to mold??? This was in the NYer magazine in about 07….an interview with Mark Epstein..Jeff’sEpsteins brother saying why he and Trump weren’t friends anymore but had been for years best buddies, wingmen, and tight. Politico published a rape affidavit against both of them on one 13 year old girl. Never went anywhere due to threats on the girls family’s lives and these ppl are very poor. Can’t afford attorneys or protection. The mafia is in the White House now. Why is this being allowed? Here’s the affidavit.

  18. Look up MK Ultra and Project Monarch. As someone who has spend the last 4 years in Investing and Wall Street, it makes no sense how Epstein made his fortune on Wall Street; lots of people have done what he did and none of them became mega billionaires like he did; it's practically impossible! I know traders who were laughed out of these big name institutions when they first started because they weren't from Ivy League Universities; Epstein never had an Ivy League degree. Also, Epstein was just a school teacher around the New York areas that were notorious for their dealings with Project Montauk and Remote Viewing CIA type secret mess. (IE. Ingo Swann Ect. Ect.)

    We have a guy who easily switches from Investing to this mess and again it makes no sense how he is succeeding so easily! It's far more believable that he was running a secret sex trafficking ring for an undisclosed power elite with at least 1 royal family involved.

    We should keep digging and heavily investigate the real Mk Ultra program, guys like Ingo Swann and his team of remote viewers (mind you some say he was killed because he was a legit security risk) We need to investigate the disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert (She disappeared in Florida people!) and testimonies like hers should send a chill down anyone's spine. She saw something that absolutely terrified her inside the Hollywood film industry. We need to investigate Corey Feldman's book. We need to investigate why Kevin Spacey was even at an underage party shopping for young boys. We also need to investigate why Bill Cosby had sex with an underage girl at the Playboy Mansion.

    Seriously people, if we dive into all this mess… I'm near certain it will all come full circle.

  19. Ag Barr visited Epstein a week before he died – that is highly unusual, and now he’s in charge of the investigation into his death…yeah he’s not going to “find” anything, and if he does, it will be destroyed or lost, or spun, or just forgotten because of all the other scandals

  20. Bill Gates was at Epstein's mansion at least 4 times, once late into the nite. AFTER Epstein's conviction.
    So, where is all that evidence and what investigations were triggered?
    Who has the New Mexico evidence? Why is Dershowitz so quiet?

  21. Where is Epstein now ?
    He is six feet under ,, with no money ,, it’s so dark down there and very lonely .
    Did his rich and powerful friends help him cheat death ,,, No .
    Can they cheat death ,,, no
    No matter how rich and powerful you are you will end up just like Epstein

  22. Epstein made his fortune as a pimp (also tasting his products).
    I am sure some of those rich and powerful "friends" of his were "customers"
    More like an idiot pervert "Little Finger".

  23. Compensate the victims. And distribute the rest amongst the homeless. Open up his properties so the homeless have a place too stay. For free. Some good can come out of bad. If Authorities could do this, it would be amazing..

  24. Our leaders are a pack of perverts. You can not get in to the club unless they have something they can use against you, so does it follow that the majority are compromised? From capital hill to the police department’s..YES! #TruthBomb #LeftandRight #NobodyCanStopThem

  25. That's why he's somewhere living…SWEEEET!!! …
    If you think he's Dead!🤕 a day after..Barr!🤬 visited….you are!

    …….they got him outta!!! There!….Before! He…CRACKED!!🤬🤕✌

  26. Well Barr is paying the price now fr covering up fr Orange involvement wth Epstein's case. Is Epstein really dead?

  27. Wouldn't it be shocking if Epstein was one of Trump's cash NDA tax shelters and it shows up as LLC on Trump's taxes just banned from secrecy by district court case?

  28. Please dont tell me that you are so lame that you cant put this picture together. The man worked with d.n.a. and he kept a d.n.a.swipe of all the power people that he enticed to his island for who knows what along with pictures.Need I say more he was making hush money from all the world leaders that have deviant sexual needs. ( AND I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT HE IS DEAD)

  29. Money from services rendered,and a rich man broke his neck then hung himself from a 2 ft bed with no support,
    As he knew that the guards were sleeping and the video watch cameras were not working after a visit from Barr,and Trumps best friend in the 1980,

  30. OK, Satan, I get it! You're in charge! You don't have to keep rubbing our noses in it by making your thorough rule over humanity so blatant.

  31. If only CNN, Faux news, MSNBC, and the shitty mainstream in general, reported like this. They aren't mincing words. Good. 👍

  32. Theyre ALL Pedophiles with hands in the bioengineering aka pharma industry. History of seriel killers and rapists. ALL seem to be related. Go back to Ranieri. Even DAHMER.

  33. Earned? he extorted it from average citizens, through corporate billionaires, politicians, and people in high places, whom stole it from the citizens in the first place, these folks are not going to take a loss in revenue, due to being blackmailed filthy pedophiles, so they take more from the average citizens, to cover the bribe, pedophile rings cost the citizens, Then the fbi, paid by citizens taxes, comes in for the cover up,

  34. "They would still take the money even knowing where it came from?" Are here ANY morals left in this country? We are decaying faster and faster.

  35. Seems like Elon Musk was reeled in with sex trafficking by Epstein, luring investment funds to Musk, as a security blanket if things went wrong… a security blanket which ended up allegedly hanging him. Wasn't alive long enough to blackmail big tech vis extortion of Musk, Dell, Zuckerberger…oh it's many yes it is…Bill Gates kept hanging out with Epstein even after Trump hit on his daughter?!!
    Gates has always been off, and saving Microsoft selling first shooter video games for NRA future Cozy Bear sales? I'm sorry, but if it's all true, go RICO RACKETEERING PROPERTY ASSET SEIZURE LAWS on all of them…pay down our debt, get us healthcare, ban all gun lobbies forever.

  36. Biuld a wall =skimming money Suger free like mind free the statue of liberty she will liberate u from ur mind she will rob u from ur mind the statues of liberty that bitch is a SHISTER

    Election day
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    Election day
    RED caps t RUM p shirts u voted for the devil because u FEAL like Satan u all sold

    Art of facts concept of reality technology is as old as the UNIVERSE infant of infantry

  37. Problem he was going to jail anyways so hush money why … money for life in prison ? More interesting is a what Barr was up to visiting in him Federal prison before he died 🤔

  38. Did she just lie, and, said, she doesn't know how Epstein made his money? Haven't the media said that Epstein had dealings with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and, several others? How can she say she doesn't know? Wow. Did Epstein really commit suicide? Now, this impeachment, some may question, did Epstein really commit suicide. I do.

  39. This perverted basterd is dead 💀 so why even bother to give him airtime our royal family in Britain are the most insane perverted and inbred family on the planet so forget about the basterd you are talking about and find a way to prosecute the royal family so that the queen can not cover up the charges


  41. WHAT, you wonder where he gets his money, because, he hung around millionaires, he'd find other men who like young girls & can't keep it in their pants & Epstein offers them the use of his private playground for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  42. the schools and businesses didn't care about Epstein's having sex with young girls because the young girls he had sex with were not rich, they were not the elite;s children so it is okay just like when the Royals raped common women and girls it was not considered a crime.

  43. Dear @Google,
    I want this your pre-installed criminal NAZIS Accuweather TRASH off all of our Android devices [email protected]! Or you will be massively Globally sued, you criminal kids-fuckers. ( Now guess three times why I can publicly call [email protected] out ad a brotherhood of kids-fuckers, you religious fanatic American twits)

    Thank you kindly!

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  44. Giuffre said in several depositions that Maxwell and Epstein trafficked her to powerful men for sex. In 2016, she said Maxwell specifically instructed her to serve former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Britain’s Prince Andrew, wealthy financier Glenn Dubin, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, modeling scout Jean-Luc Brunel, and scientist Marvin Minsky. She also says Maxwell and Epstein directed her to have sex with “another prince,” a "foreign president," a well-known prime minister" and the owner of a “large hotel chain.” None of the men named have been charged with a crime and all have denied inappropriate behavior.

    Its a Global religious billionaires' criminal Conspiracy connected to blackmail, bribing and buying elections and "Global Investments" exclusively for the richest modern dynasties of kidfucking religious fundamental RaueberBarons to whom even Bill Gates, Zucks, the Trump boys, as well as Bibi and MBS, akka the International Religious Mafia belong to.

    It doesnt require an Einstein to solve these, but the law enforcers and Intelligence are just their covert tools to protect the most criminal richest families.
    But, there is no, and never will be any such walls of protection for the richest pedophiles' Brotherhoods, not even in Space…

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  45. Let us not forget how miss Hope Hicks began her path to the Wet House as one of Wexner's "VS Angels."T he pedophilic angle is only part of the whole Epstein picture. DNA?! What ACTUAL Mad Science was taking place behind the scenes for so many years?!? What about that freak Nadir and his financial ties to the same kiddie underground as Epstein? I don't buy the UAE "royal" "he used my name without written consent," story, either. If that was true, the billionaire Emirate would have readily and easily #InstaSued Epstein. These creeps and their #Duhluminatti are so unworthy of earth. ♤♤♤

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