Now available: The new faster, easier U.S. Bank mobile app for iPhone and Android

We could all use a little help
when it comes to our money. Wouldn’t it be great if you
had a guide in your pocket that helped you keep track
of your spending habits and savings goals? Meet the new U.S.
Bank mobile app. With more intuitive features
and smart timely insights, it gets to know you personally
to help you understand how you use your money. Now you can stay more
aware of your spending so you can take action to
avoid going over budget. Want to stay focused
on your savings goals? The app can help. Headed out of town? Quickly set travel
notifications for your cards to help avoid transaction
declines on the road. Deposit checks while
you’re on the move. Easily send money to
friends and family with Zelle right in the app. Request money and conveniently
split expenses with others too. And know that your
money is always protected by our online
risk-free guarantee. The U.S. Bank mobile
app helps guide you to make more informed
financial decisions. After all, we built
it with inspiration from people like you. Download it today. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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