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At Beyond Bank, we’re always ‘going beyond’
to make sure you have the banking services you need, to make your life easier. Let us introduce you to the award-winning
Beyond Bank Mobile App; your bank in your pocket. It’s free to download and easy to use, and
means you can do your banking on the move. With the latest update of the App, you will
see a new-look home screen and menu, plus some additional help screens to answer questions
on the go. For a quick glance at your accounts you can
now view balances before you enter your pin, just tap the lighting bolt on your dashboard
to get started. Get paid in less than a minute with Osko,
and create a PayID to receive payments using only your mobile number or email address. Additionally, the Secure Mailbox has rolled
out to all users, enabling you to securely message our staff about your accounts. When you are out and about, don’t ruin the
vibe looking for an ATM, there’s a branch and ATM locator built right into the app,
so you can easily see what’s closest to you. We use the latest technology to ensure that
your money has the highest level of online protection available. If your mobile has fingerprint recognition,
you can quit typing PINs and log in simply using your fingerprint. Second-factor authentication sends you secure
SMS codes, making sure that only you have the authorisation to move your money – not
anybody else. Our mobile app means you can manage all of
your card and accounts wherever you are. You can check your account balances on the
move, and make online transfers and payments inside the app. Use the app to activate new cards, change
your PIN, and even notify us when you’re travelling, to keep access to your money open. Our Mobile App makes payments easy. Use your phone to pay your bills, schedule
payments to save time and plan ahead, and EFT to transfer money to friends and family
here in Australia or overseas. When you use PayID you can receive money in
less than a minute using only your mobile number or email address. And with our Apple Pay integration, you can
add your card to your Apple Wallet directly from within our app. Beyond Bank’s award winning Mobile App is
a great way to easily do your banking, anytime, anywhere. It’s free to download and easy to use, and
it can be used on iPhone, iPad or Android, anywhere in the world.

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  1. Under ACCOUNTS. How does one increase the number of transactions to view ie I want to see more transactions then the account auto shows

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