40 thoughts on “Preparing For the Next Stock Market Crash | Recession 2020

  1. I don't think we will see a recession this year. Maybe next year. 🤔 Because of that, the recession will be worse as all the funny money keeps getting pumped into the market.

  2. Love these vids, always informative and helpful, even if it's just topping off what you already know or just learning from scratch. Keep up the positive vibes

  3. Ohno! The recession! I believe it could be coming cos the US economy is growing still, but at a slower rate compared with the stock market over the past few years. Esp the past 3 decade. The economy grew by about 4 times whereas the stock market(measured by S&P500) grew 14 times. Crazy times. But It could happen also because other non-us investors are pouring investment funds into the US stock market. Say investors from india, china, africa, south america etc, are investing in their own respective stock market but also commonly investing in the US stock market

  4. Like I said yesterday, thank you for the videos! You and Graham Stephan are largely who inspired me to get into the YouTube game myself 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  5. Before Christmas a driver told me it was very quiet, yesterday a forklift driver told me it has been very quiet for the last month

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  7. Thank you for good, easy to understand information to help us keep “calm”. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and have been sharing them with friends and family. Thank you for not getting to into the weeds as others have done.
    I have to have an economics dictionary to be able to keep up with the vocabulary and then go watch other videos to break down some the other concepts discussed. As you can tell I’m new into investing and I get the sense that the world is ending every other week. Not here. Good solid info.
    Keep them coming!

  8. During the recession and companies will have to laid off. Thank you for the advice and the videos Luke 11:28 Do you change the bible verse???

  9. I believe the probability is high that one could happen, but I don't think one will because of the Fed. Could you do a video about the possibility of a depression?

  10. Those “metrics” were pulled straight out of his ass😂

    As mentioned, 2008 is what a typical crash looks like, not those fabricated “averages”🙄😒

  11. I feel like people think the market crash is comparable to Black Friday. Predictable and cheep assets. But in reality it’s not as predictable as people say. Investors have “predicted” a market crash every year.

  12. Hi Jeff, just found your youtube channel. I recognize you from your reality tv show with your wife and family. Can I get a shout out?

  13. I respect Jeff's forecast but I'm a staunch Shemitah freak albeit a 7 year cliff cycle dude which equates to 2022 ! Now in fairness I'm predicting a historic crash whereas the pangs of recession may begin in 2020?

  14. I no longer waste time worrying about when the next recession is going to happen. I spend my time building up my money and investing so that I can take advantage of the recession, whenever it happens.

  15. These videos have been every JAN going back to 2017. Every year there is going to be a recession, but the DOW keeps killing it.

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