Primary Tradelines Have Power on Any CPN/SSN/SCN #realcreditnow

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14 thoughts on “Primary Tradelines Have Power on Any CPN/SSN/SCN #realcreditnow

  1. Let's connect. I have something your would love to see. A new debit card that offers a tradeline.

  2. Please comment on videos, subscribe like and share. turn on notifications to get a chance to get a free trade line on 24th of each month. Thank you all

  3. Ok so you get aged appropriate numbers to deal with but how do you know the number isn't currently being used by someone living, a child or someone?

  4. my dude how can you be using a number that the validator clearly says is "issued" ??? if its issued then its someones ssn and it also says its VALIDATED which is another red flag and then on the stevemorris site it says "where and when card was issued"

  5. Hello everyone Jim here. You may want to read all of this. For the end of the year we're doing a couple of sale specials.

    1. Free 4yr Rental trade line with purchase of cpn ($300 Value). So you only pay 250.00 for Cpn and the lines free.

    2. Is beyond Turing down. $600.00 gets two Primary Trade lines (4 year Rental and a New 5k line of Credit) with an Age appropriate cpn.

    3. Cpn. 4yr Rental. New 5k line of credit. And another 5k primary 995.
    End of year special. Bring in 2019 financially ready

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