40 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan say they want financial independence

  1. Froggmore house belong to the QUEEN
    And Meghan cannot carry it on her
    head to AMERICA or CANADA.!!
    Froggmore House belong to Harry
    and the Windsors forever.
    Meghan houses are in Canada and
    the USA_ California a lovely mansion!!
    She even refuse to live in the PALACE!!
    She is very independent.
    She marry into ROYALTY and its a
    You all can find out about their personal business by asking them.
    Stop speculating!!
    Mind your business Meghan and Harry
    are billionaires and are set for life and
    they are so darn HAPPILY MARRIED!!

  2. 1. Royals are never financially independent. 2. For thousands years, they suck blood from working people. 3. That's why Henry I was decapitated.
    4. "Financial Independence " = Leave me alone, just keep feeding me with the money, let me do anything I want with that money, its not your business. Plus no RESPONSIBILITY attached.

  3. Is not racism, she is difficult and he is easy to manupilate. Poor guy, he'll be sorry. Family is family his son is, she is not. They will split, she will dump him and cash in with the kid. You'll see 😒

  4. I think Harry's realising just what he's got into. ' Cause when they divorce she ain't staying in England. She'll take his son to the U.S. and he'll be twice as unhappy. So, for the moment, he hasn't got much choice but to go along with the "Deal or No Deal" girl.

  5. In the USA blackmailing stealing or pressuring a 93yr old grandmother even if she is the Queen of England is Elderly Abuse! Its wrong how There negotiations went public by Meghan And Harry it’s putting into perspective they are an endangerment to the Queen and her country by making the world know and chose by tarnishing the Monarchy with sensitive information which could be used as evidence and the Queen publicly said no not the case on their demands by manipulation on Meghan and Harry part of this, the US will possibly be investigating Meghan due to her still Active American Citizenship and American accomplices if they have embezzled and stole also pressured his Grandmother for her Name of life long hard work and honor.. for there gains they will possibly be investigated by US authority and could do jail time. Meghan and Harry need to take responsibility for their actions!! we forgave Harry before…fool us once shame on him, fool us twice shame on us!

  6. I think if it was endorsed by the Queen and had been run past her for her approval, the announcement would have come from Buckingham Palace. It did not. This was a maneuver, designed to ensure their independence. It would be best that they retire from being Royals, lose their titles and live as private citizens without public funding whatsoever. You can still be part of the family but you can't be half in and half out.

  7. I hope the Queen doesn't cave into Meghans demands once again. Remove their titles they should not be able to exploit " Sussex Royal" for merchandising
    " Seriously" .

  8. While CNN focuses on Mexit, the British passed Brexit and the boy accused of harassing the Indian banging the drum, Nick Sandman, wearing the maga hat from the Covington Catholic School. He won his lawsuit against fake fraudulent news CNN. A young teenage boy, where one of the despicable pieces of shit on CNN said he had a punchable face, won his lawsuit. CNN obviously knowing they were going to lose the lawsuit settled for an undisclosed sum out of court. A greater day is coming when CNN and MSNBC and all of the Marxist media and the leftist Democrats and the Communists and the fascists in this country are all run out of this country on a rail. That day of forced deportation or voluntary sterilization or life in prison for treason or we will just shoot you witches and warlocks where you stand. Unless you got the guts to start a Civil War I guarantee you something like that is coming or worse for you pussy cock sucking faggot perverts.

  9. People got to start living their own lives, Australia is on fire and global warming coming close and y’all are worried about this? Has mankind lost their senses?

  10. It's really a good decision for the both of them, I have watched severe documentaries about the Royal Family especially when William decided to marry Kate Middleton now the Duchess of Cambridge why do I get the impression of the snobbery in Great Britain is British society really put emphasize on one's social status in life, ? I'm not generalizing but few months I met a British gal, she's so stiff and snob like she really doesn't want to talk to us because we lived in a third world country.😂😂

  11. You pay the royal family so your their employer but that doesnt give you the right to prey into their personal lifes. I never thought about it like that

  12. They will make more money BY THEMSELVES than being apart of those dusty old racists and irrelevant royals. The Kardashians make more money than the royal family. I can’t wait to see how they live their brand new free life! Good Luck!!!!

  13. Harry grew up without. Having to worry about income. Wait until he sees the real world. I think Megan has brainwashed him.

  14. Harry knows the family did his mother wrong. The whole world knows, and if you don’t think the suspicions behind Diana’s death is one of the contributing factors to this, you’re blind

  15. Cut them off completely let them have financial independence for themselves. Let them work like the rest they aren’t seniors Meghan I year an some months . Harry only saying that because of me again she wanted to rip Harry from the beginning. She’s done nothing to show she was trying to be Royal. Turn them loose Meghan is a yacht girl and abuser of men they aren’t working for anyone Meghan’s just being a I want me Meiji . It’s an embarrassment to Royal yes they want perks no way! Cut off Meghan’s a liar narcissistic woman abusing Royal family no one ask her to marry Harry she knew exactly what she’s doing

  16. Total joke. This woman is trash and Harry is a fool.
    Misogyny? Racism? Fuk off seriously and get a bloody grip.
    She has been a bitch since day one. All anyone hoped for was someone respectful and considerate. She is neither. The best part is now they are Canada's problem and Canadians will be footing the bill for these millionaire freeloaders. Fan-friggin-tastic.

  17. I think that they put in their statement that they want to be members of the Royal family was made mainly for the Queen's sake. I heard a reporter who is a good friend of theirs state that they have told the Royal family that if they want to take their titles away, that is okay; if they want to take the Frogmore Cottage away from them, then that is fine. They both are prepared to completely disconnect from the Royal family. I am sick and tired of reading all the mean, nasty remarks and accusations by the neurotic press there in Britain about Meghan who is an absolutely amazingly wonderful human being.

  18. if tax payers are innocent…..than you cannot show intrest on their tax money share….i recomend harry and Megan to setpout of royal family and start a new fighting for a new kingdom….and then we will see weather tax payers are innocent or not…..holly monkey drama

  19. از ننت بپرس چجوری به مغز یائسش رسید بریتانیا وزارت خودکشی کم داره ؟؟؟؟☝☝☝☝☝☝😂😂😂😂😂😂 وقتی میبینی بی نهایت نیاز کوسشعریه شاید امروز میده فکر. نسل اینده بود ه 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. For all the people with negative comments on this video… leave them people alone. Omg! I have never in my life seen a bunch of obsessed sad people in my life, trying to start drama because your own lives are crap. These people did nothing to you but tried to live their own lives. Furthermore, for the racist one, you need to really grow out of your ways. By your actions you are making other cultures racist towards you. Worry about your owns lives and stop trying to destroy someone else’s

  21. Harry should have his titles removed. In seeking to separate himself from the institution, but retain and benefit from institutional position; he is demeaning the institution and creating something all about his birth status being better than others and worthy of public adulation and personal reward.

  22. Keep them happy and safe. They're the kind of people Los Angeles needs right now. Keep them safe and happy. if they want an apartment in Disneyland you give it to me. LOL. And don't forget about the queen. She will visit often whatever she wishes. And welcome. It can be awesome watching them make business.

  23. Yes Harry is a total failure as a human being and definitely as royalty. Somewhere other than England is definitely the place for him and his two bithor bride.

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