QuickBooks Online Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

In this video
you’ll learn how to use Keyboard Shortcuts
to become so much faster at QuickBooks Online
that you could save yourselves a full eight workdays this year
and these will work whether you’re using a PC or a Mac. [Music] Hey viewers,
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Now we’re into January, it’s back to the grind for most of us
but have no fear… I you’re QuickBooks Online user
then I have something very special lined up for you today that’s gonna
help make your life a lot easier. Yes today we’re back with another
QuickBooks Online tutorial and today we’re going to discuss one of
my favourite topics… Keyboard Shortcuts.
Whenever I find myself using a new software package on a regular basis
I love to explore and learn about all of the different Keyboard Shortcuts. Each time
you use one of these you’re saving yourself valuable time
as you no longer have to take your hand off that keyboard and
reach for that mouse or trackpad. Now that little movement might only
take you a couple of seconds… but a couple of seconds
wasted each minute during the course of
an eight-hour workday over a typical working year…
quickly adds up to a whopping Two Hundred and Thirty Five
Thousand Two Hundred wasted seconds!
That’s a bit over eight full work days wasted doing this… It’s mind blowing! Personally I’ve always found it easiest
to learn by doing so if you’d like to practice along doing these
Keyboard Shortcuts with me then I recommend you open the
QuickBooks Online sample company which is totally free.
I’ve recently made a video explaining how to access that
which can be found up here… So what are you waiting for?
Ditch that mouse open the sample company
let’s get started! The first set of shortcuts that I’m
about to show you all relate to navigating the regular pages of
QuickBooks Online. These require you to hold the
Ctrl + Alt key if you’re using a PC or the Ctrl + Option key if you’re
using a Mac like I am. You can use Ctrl + Option + I
to quickly bring up a create new invoice form.
This saves you the hassle of having to go to the create
menu every time you want to do this. The Escape key can be used
to quickly exit any form and bring us back to where we
were before. Now I’m going to show you a few more useful shortcuts using
Ctrl + Option or Ctrl + Alt… Ctrl + Option + X brings
up the create new expense form. Ctrl + Option + R brings up
the receive payment form. Ctrl + Option + C brings up the
customer listing form. Ctrl + Option + V brings up the
vendor listing and Ctrl + Option + A brings up
the chart of accounts. These are only a handful of the
regular page shortcuts. But don’t worry about writing them all
down just yet… I’ll show you a quick way to access a
list of all of them later in this video. First I want to show you how to complete
forms quickly. Let’s start by hitting Ctrl + Option + I
to bring up the create new invoice form. Now the slow way to complete this form
would be to click on the drop down arrow and use the mouse to
scroll down all the way through the customers to look for the right one. But if
you already know which customer you’re looking for then all you need to
do is type the first few letters of their name and QuickBooks will
automatically suggest the results. For instance… if I’m looking for
Duke’s Basketball Camp then all I need to do is type D U
and QuickBooks Online already knows that I’m looking for…
Duke’s Basketball Camp. To select it
hit the Tab key to confirm your choice and move through
to the next section of the form. Here we have the customers email address
which is already pre-filled. So we Tab again to confirm and
move on to the send later check box. Use the Spacebar to toggle the
selection for check boxes. In this case we’ll leave it checked then we
can Tab through the rest of the selections until we reach the
terms field. This customer has a default net 30-day term but if we wanted to change
this to net 60 days then we can hit the Option + Down Arrow key to bring up
the list of choices and scroll up and down through
the list using the Up and Down Arrow keys.
When we have reached net 60 we hit that Tab button to confirm the
selection and move through to invoice date.
Now QuickBooks Online has some really cool shortcuts when it comes to
dates… W is the first letter of Week.So hitting the
W key would change the selection to the first day of the week
and if you click it again then you’ll jump to the previous week.
On the flip side… K is the last letter of week
so hitting the K key will choose the last day of the week instead.
Likewise if you continue to hit the K key then you’ll continue to move forwards
a week at a time. This same theory applies to month,
year and today. M will bring you to the start
of the Month H will take you to the end
of the month Y will bring you to the
start of the Year and R will take you to
the end of the year. T is the first letter of Today and will
always return you back to today’s date. And if that wasn’t enough
the Plus and Minus keys will move you forwards and backwards a day at a time.
How good is that? For this example let’s hit the H key to
move through to the end of the current month
and then hit Tab to confirm the selection and move on to due date. Due date
is determined by the terms that we set up previously
so we can continue to Tab along to the product and service selection.
I want to choose ‘design’ here so we type D E and ‘design’
pops up right away. Now we can Tab through to amount
and here QuickBooks Online has another neat shortcut for us.
If we knew the amount that we wanted to enter already
we could obviously just type it in and leave it at that.
However if we knew that we needed to charge Five Hundred dollars plus another
Forty Five dollars then we could type this into the box
and hit Tab. And look… QuickBooks has done the calculation for us already.
Ok that was a simple example… But we could also type in Five Hundred
dollars multiplied by Three plus Six Hundred less 120 divided by Four
Hit Tab and QuickBooks has calculated that for us as well.
This saves you from having to pull out that calculator when
you’re running short on time. Hit the Spacebar and our work is done.
We have a few options here to complete the invoice…
Ctrl + Option + M allows us to save and send. Whereas Ctrl + Option + S lets us save and open a new invoice template
so that we can continue entering the next one.
We could also have used Ctrl +Option + D to save and close.
I’ve discussed only a few of the shortcuts that
QuickBooks Online has to offer. If you’d like to find a list of the ones
that I’ve shown you in this video and many more that you can practice in your
own time then hit Ctrl + Option + ?
to bring up the Keyboard Shortcuts pop up. All of the regular
and transaction page shortcuts are listed
out here for your viewing pleasure. How did you find that? There was a lot to take in there. But I promise if you commit to using these shortcuts you will save
yourself so much time using QuickBooks Online. They might slow down for a day or two at first while you’re
working them out. But if you keep on practicing you’ll
soon discover how much faster you’ve become. If there are any more
handy shortcuts that you’re aware of
please let us know in the comments below so that we can share all of
the QuickBooks tips and tricks with the community.
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Keyboard Shortcuts See you next time! [Music]

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