Reacting to EXPENSIVE Custom SCOOTERS over $500 #SCOOTWARS

ah what say you peasant
would you care to put you get a dance pretty boy I don’t think you want to do
this my G I got zero deaths zero deaths my G
check out my patches TI and all these patches here G straight up one skit was
a 1 2 3 4 5 times my G straight on my chit don’t think you want to mess with
me I’m not gonna lie what a dude bitter cruet is your boy
finesse babe back with another episode of Scott Wars
so on the kettle boiling ow let’s jump right in if you want to know how to
submit smash like and subscribe and you will unlock the information at the end
of this video that’s the only way you can look at it okay greetings Brad my
name is Adam Adam I’m from a small town named grey town about an or an hour
north of Wellington my scooter is pretty much just an NV custom but it’s pretty
nice so I thought I’d send it in okay let’s take a look
Phoenix Solar scripts in blue r.i.p Phoenix this is so sad we’ve started the
video with the death zero Phoenix is still alive okay in our
hearts zero deaths NV Bahrain’s NV Reaper v3 bars 675 mill in height MGP
double clamp black apex integrated headset with black env top cap I feel
like that is a lie I feel like it’s an envy headset G you lying my cheek
straight up to lie to me don’t lie to my face G straight up envy prodigy Forks in
black envy 110 galaxy wheels a Raymond Warner limited edition signature Envy
deck and envy grip tape thanks for taking a look at my scooter and you
already know don’t forget to use code booter at TV ps4 10% off
laters later skater unless you were hater hey boo during Spradley my name is
angel I’ve been watching your videos since 2017 and you got me started on the
drool that is scooter you inspired me to scooter harder when I feel like giving
up I have so much to think of you and don’t forget to use 10% off at the vote
per scooters you forgot the it’s Buddha code Buddha is that’s the one my insta
is at angel underscore a km par list all right Odyssey brach reffered grips
routes industries bar ends it says but I see ODI in the photographic you telling
lies my G what the Frick affinity titanium t bars oversized Aztec Pandora
SCS clamp not a bad selection the vault velocity headset an Aztec Hydra deck
19.5 long by five white TSI chedi fender on a Hydra deck you are you feeling okay
Aztecs circa v2 fork and AO helium wheels 110 mil if you want to check out
the top 5 cheapest wheels there’s some air ones up there click the card and
check out that video very cool next point what is this pic then percent oath
with code brooder at the vote pros screws you’re a funny guy you’ve made me
chuckle part list that’s literally all he put ok eight five eight titanium t
bars black Raptor grips the clamp is a native Orca SES in space gray root
industries air forks the SES version Woodward X proto wheels white on black
the limited edition and till 1550 grip tape on the five white apex tech not a
bad scoot the color scheme is a little wonky but you know each to the run nice
next yo booter dead hey beam scooter okay nice black ethic grips proto baby
Slayer BOTS tilt arc SCS clamp ethic nemesis 12 mil standard Forks with the
12 mil standard Calypso wheels ethic ethic everywhere with the v3 boxed deck
and the nylon break is still sat on their apex headset and some spaces that
is basically it’s a nice blacked-out whip you know it can’t really go wrong
with just straight-up black a little bit of chrome little bit of raw in there bit
of rust on the bars you know looking I like it follow me on instagram at Cote
Radcliffe 17 just make sure everybody know if you use Co booter at the vote
Pro scooters you get 10% you know it I know it everyone knows it just do it
just get with the program okay next uh-huh this kid has an at
Yahoo hello booter Bret my name is Devon and I’m from Fargo ND don’t know where
that is I just got this scooter and thought it might be good enough to get
on to scoot warts keep up the good work also check out my insta at freaky how to
score f MX I hope people are using s MX like ironically now please don’t be
serious and my youtube is at Devon demos also
sorry I didn’t have four videos of the scooter thought I did but obviously
don’t this one parlous okay ethic dtc grips
trans black delta gassed ethic boss 720 mill in height tilts classic SCS clamp
and odyssey headset ethic mayor v two forks and AO sachem deck two in midnight
blue it looks black but you know if we zoom in that’s black don’t even what
that’s totally black what do you mean oh yeah alright I can kinda see the blue I
guess midnight blue all right I forgive you right now my G all right just this
once proto slider wheels and he’ll a grip
sloth grip tape you still got the wheel guard on there thought I’d mention that
to another black doubt whip I like it no no no no no walk one Brad my name is
Luke I’m 18 and from the UK and just got back into Bou Turing so I thought I’d
send in the fresh whip for the ultimate approval that’s right bro scoop Wars is
the ultimate approval of whipped selection my parts are as follows I
didn’t really mean that by the way just calm down that was a joke
ethnic grips in black Aztec da Vinci Bozz 28 tall 24 wide also black tilt
sculpted SES clamp in orange with the fork to match also native advent V to
the six wide by 23 in Leif my god that looks amazing apart from the script tape
why did you not grip the whole thing hello
ah Heath a literally said excuse the grip tape it will be a rectified do it
on you he knows what’s up random headset tilt X friendly full core wheels and the
fender on the back my god this scooter is so dank orange and green just looks
so good bro what also do the code thing there it is is the code use it okay
don’t abuse it actually you know what do whatever you want with it I don’t care
you know how it is SB and SC gotta eat you bro you already know shout out to
the boys Vito and Jay check next what’s up scooter daddy and oh I have a
mountain Dew I just remembered right on right on my
name is Ryan and I’m from the land I’m not doing that
okay I’m not copyright it’s and I wish for you to come to bar at bands Dale
Victoria one day here’s my part list enjoy okay I’ll do my best
impress me kid ethic grips urban art t-boz grit Clint grits clamp APICS headset envy kos fork flavor
awakening 110 mill wheels and a paint splattered elite supreme v2 now I’ll
take back what I said about the grit clamp ride this I guess makes up for it
what is that grip tape no no I gotta take it back again now hoho its root
that’s why it’s peeling oh did I just say that hope you like the whip because
I do I like it I like the color scheme and stuff maybe replace the grip tape
get a new brake and get new clamp and then may your good to go otherwise just
why I don’t know why I tried to click I can’t click on my left hand never mind
okay just disregard what I just did and said and everything I ever do don’t
forget to use code booter at TV ps4 10% whoa
all scooter parts and accessories oh he’s adding a bit of sauce here hope you
have a wonderful rest of your day we out are you funny only real scooter
bread fans know this disco towboat Poteau bid think your whip eights
fresher what think your whip eights fresher than mine cuz I really want to
hear you criticize I like scoot Wars thinks okay let’s t 9 the good I forget
about it would really Aman what are you out of your mind let me get
the regular Megillah par list good god you guys are strange
y’all confuse me every single day envy grips tilt scout bars slim Shady’s
sticker with the proto sticker as well this is not a sticker check please don’t
include the names of all your stickers imagine just stick at Baba’s I’m sitting
here reading his stickers for 20 minutes actually watched I’m NATIVE Orca SCS
clamp proto spaces they make spaces what flavor headset envy sob v3 forks grit
h2o wheels is a very interesting mix here Aztec fountain 5 deck with friendly
grip tape shout-out to the local boys in sea
got beige it’s a nice whip I like the like the color way you’ve got like a
light blue and the chrome throwing in a little bit of black there you know
pretty nice that’s it Super Troopers the decks new you forgive me for the hideous
break haven’t got a Fender yet anyway keep the content coming Brad and
everyone used code butter for a 10% off did I just portrayed off for 10% it
sounded like the Skype login at TV PS me insta be at Gregor burger to forget
about hit by next hello scooting man my name is Sam and I’m from the UK goddamn
he came at the bars almost I added the goddamn here’s my pot list that’s it
that’s all ok ODI grips logic titanium bars lucky
triple clamp with AFS a headset no top cap for the week tweeny gang blazer pro
fox not apex infinities whatsoever these are super original man buzzin wheels and
an apex deck I also included a clip my Instagram is at Sam to let stick around
for the montage coming up soon to see his clips next what’s up
scooter Buddha Bradley my name is Tyrone I’m 15 years old and I’m from Hamburg
Germany I thought my scooter is good enough so here it is right now let’s
take a look Odyssey grips with ODI bar ends in black scooter Hut titanium bars
urban art Evo primo double clamp ethic headset also black district HT series of
fork which we don’t see a lot of they just look like eagle radix folks really
AO hawk wheels 28 mil wide also black skate pro grip tape on top of the ethic
boxed v3 deck with a weird cut fender what have you done with the pro what
have you done what is that stop that why is it all wet is this wet oh it’s
raining the oh it’s a volcanick by the way hope you like it G and follow marín
stay at Tyrone zeg Oh 12 and don’t forget to use code
booter at TV ps4 10% hmm next hey Bradley Shroud II my name is Andre and
I’m from Germany I’m 20 years old and I reckon my Buddha is ready for your show
who is it just I’ll be the judge of that starting off her name is Brigitte old
German lady’s name she’s a she lies she she is Sheila yep yep definitely ready
for the show district HT bars 609 ml high by 590 mil
wide ethic DTC grips kink BMX aluminum bar ins tilt rigid SES with custom
chrome bolts proto headset that I found at the skate park fully new XD you
robbed someone you know native Versa fork with also custom chrome bolts the
new incredible tilt stage 3 wheels some random grip tape I got for free and the
native Advent deck plus fender this scoot is for wacko this skew is just
flame like straight flame look at the the white accents or maybe the bolts are
white not chrome sorry I think I got that wrong shout out to my Graham at DTC
mate I also included a riding clip in mind with copyright free music well I’m
gonna dub it over with my own copyright free music but thank you for thinking of
my Adsense revenue thank you keep it real and don’t freak out your back again
greetings from Germany ciao why how do they say goodbye in German goodbye in
German how do you say that why is saying goodbye so complicated tutto and that is it for today’s
submissions but don’t go anywhere we’ve got a montage of writing clips and clips
of all the whips before you guys can choose to vote for your favorite
I will exclude those who were disqualified and I will include my top 5
favorites from the eleven whips that was submitted for this video
roll the clip it’s time to vote vote up in the cards
for your favorite scooter here on scoot Wars episode 40 something I don’t know
how many were into have you voted yet smash like if you have subscribe if
you’re new and tell a friend about this show who knows maybe they’ll get on it
maybe they’ll win maybe I don’t know who knows
I just need content to make alright please help me out this is not a drill
please send me a scooter it’s like hurry up like now I’m running out of them that
is it from me it’s been your boy finance P and I will see you guys tomorrow peace
out have an amazing day and stick around for the info on how to submit bye oh so
you think that your custom-built scooter is better than all the ones you’ve seen
today today is that what do you think whether you’re cool or something waiting
a special prove it if you want to partake in skewers all you’re gonna do
is send for videos and for photographs minimum in a landscape format to the
following email address to scooter brad at via the wetransfer website
stop sending them directly to my gmail account that’s not how this works
anyone submits portrait content I’m taking my blaster and shoving it right
up your hand you will not be eligible for winning the prize okay is that clear I mean I guess that I guess that was
pretty good

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