Reactivate mobility scheme

This is Carmen. Carmen is 36, lives in Portugal and has been unemployed for over a year. Karl, from Sweden, is 45. He’s been thinking about a change in
his career and moving to another EU country for a few years. Sarah runs a small business in Germany. She’s struggling to find
people locally with the skills she needs to grow her company. Reactivate is a job mobility scheme for people over 35 who are
seeking a job, traineeship or apprenticeship across the EU. It also helps employers fill vacancies by widening their pool of potential employees. If you’re…over 35…a national and legally resident in any EU member
state…and willing to relocate to another EU member state to work, Reactivate could be for you. Carmen doesn’t have much work experience, but she visits
the EURES portal and clicks on the Reactivate link She’s directed towards the right employment service and discovers she is eligible to apply for
apprenticeships and traineeships that will give her all the skills she needs. Carmen receives the guidance and support she needs to find
suitable training and apprenticeship opportunities. When she is offered an apprenticeship, Reactivate also helps her get settled
in her destination country and gives language and integration training. Karl has lots of work experience, but not in the field he wants to work in. Reactivate employment services give him the advice and guidance he needs to switch careers. Karl is off to a new life in another EU member state. His new employer
provides on-the-job training to integrate him into the team. Sarah’s small business is recruiting new employees to cope with demand.
She’s prepared to provide training but cannot find the people she needs. Through Reactivate, she can reach jobseekers throughout the EU, not just in her own country. The scheme also supports Sarah to integrate and to train her new employees. You can access Reactivate through EURES – the European Job Mobility Portal. Whether you’re a jobseeker looking for work, or an employer looking for candidates
beyond your local pool, the EURES portal is the place to start. Reactivate services, information and guidance are free of charge and tailor-made to your needs. You may be eligible to receive other benefits too, such as language training and financial
support for recognition of qualifications and for country and family relocation. So, if you’re over 35 and looking for work, or an employer in search of your next hire, visit the
EURES portal to find out how to access your nearest Reactivate employment service. Go to Reactivate your career

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