Rebecca Self: Influencing the change in how we do business today

Some of the big influences on the
changes that we’ve started incorporating where we’re looking at sustainability in
our business model would be, firstly, the Paris Agreement, that so many
governments have signed up to, and that forms an umbrella, but increasingly other
types of disclosure which apply to all sectors all organizations like TCFD,
the FSB Task Force on climate related financial disclosures ,which is a bank, a derivative of our customers so therefore we cannot do that without our
customers approaching that too. The other initiative would be the UN Sustainable
Development Goals where there’s a real need for private finance to be involved
as well as governments and even individuals, where there are individual
UN Sustainable Development Goals with targets , so I’ve seen those influences
come along with disclosures and that’s really focused on the output but also
there’s been a big influence from investors and from the external
environment that we’re a part of too. That includes some of our institutional
investors asking questions on this area that started happening about five years
ago, but increasingly a much, much broader set of investors who are interested by
this, including retail and some demands coming through there, but equally a
broader set of stakeholders including NGOs, governments, academics and the
communities and individuals who we serve where we have a presence.

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