Rethinking Canada – The People’s Party Option

Salim in this last series of videos
talking about the post-election 43 back a couple of months ago we’ve covered a
lot of ground a lot of historical ground going back back to the 1850s and later
coming up to where we are today which is of course hope for the West we see an
alienation of the West yet again and their hope misplaced into an Andrew
Shearer led Conservative Party of Canada and I don’t even think it is going to be
it’s an Andrew Sheila it could almost be led by anybody but the Conservative
Party of Canada has failed the West and failed blue Tories and failed
conservatives throughout the country no matter what province they’re they’re in
and we see a course the rise of the People’s Party of Canada I won’t call it
a break up of a conservative apparently I’ll call it whatever you want to Maxine
Bernier left the Conservative Party to create the People’s Party and that’s
what I think that we should talk about now the ineffectual ‘ti of an Andrew
share and Conservative Party which is establish elite again we’re back to
square one like we were back in the 80s the West still wanting in and still not
being allowed in can you bring up the continent can you continue the
conversation from there with Andrew Shearer and and his prospects for
representing Canada as a whole well going back to the leadership after
Stephen Harper stepped down the 27 2017 leadership over there part of me you
were there weren’t you yeah I was there I supported Maxine Bernier through the
leadership contest and she was almost the last choice but he was a choice that
was just about in everybody else’s list and it took 12 rounds of voting for
Andrew Shearer to come up you know to finally have that faceoff with mr.
Bernie and on the talking around I believe it was the 13 round that he won
the leadership with a fraction of award of over 50% and that fraction of the
world was as we now all know with pretty much certainty was that last minute Ward
buying scheme that was done by fear and his people people supporting him the
dairy farmer the cartel in Quebec that came together and watered for sure to
deny Maxime the leadership wasn’t there more ballots cast and there were actual
members all of that is true because or at least people feel that there is there
is a thing that were done that was not proper there was improper because the
ballots were as believed destroyed immediately after the announcement was
made it there was no and people wanted it to be scrutinized but that never
happened so it was it was a situation in which she came to the leadership but not
with an overwhelming support or with an overwhelming enthusiasm there was none
of that you know that was behind here and anyhow he was a leader and as we
move closer towards the election because we now have a fixed date election so
2019 would be the election as it came closer and events were happening in
Canada you know SNC Louisville on affair was was possibly the biggest issue that
confronted the country with other issues the budget issue the fiasco with China
arrests of people in China and so on so forth
whole number of scandals and corruption mr. sheer and the Conservative Party
eight was believed had a winning hand and that they would return to power and
it didn’t in in on the contrary the party cracks the post elections talking
point became for the conservative around here that he increased the number of
seat as if he was going into the election to increase the number of seats
from somewhere around about ninety four seats I believe at the dissolution of
the Parliament the 42nd Parliament to were with the conservative run now 122
seats or something like that so he lost and the question is so and the people
are going to keep looking at answers that is a conservative who want to still
maintain the position of shear or going for a review is to convincingly and
credibly explain why they lost the election okay
part of the argument during the campaign was that the making of the PPC is going
to be worth splitting and as a result that will damage the possibility or the
likelihood of the conservative winning and outright majority of 170 seats I’m
in pain throughout this period that the Conservatives are not going to win a
hundred seventy C yes as a matter of fact I think we did a video with with
that in mind saying that they were stuck at thirty to thirty three percent of the
black vote even under the most damaging and he’s going around Justin Trudeau in
the Liberal Party exactly they couldn’t break through exactly so so it hasn’t
happened and it’s not going to happen and now the possibility of the
conservative in my view ever forming a majora
government is bleak bleaker and bleaker it’s not going to happen maybe a
coalition government on the right if PPC becomes a party that can win a
substantial number of seats and and that’s what we are looking forward to
the PPC in this election the PPC barely got two percent of the war or 300,000
voters across the country we did not expect that
maxxium would lose his seat and and he lost the seat now we know that there was
a lot of shenanigans going on the conservative or in fact more concern
about defeating Maxime Bernie ER than winning the government smearing him with
the event of racism so what so but though we were disappointed and I think
most people see all PPC activists and candidates have been disappointed with
the results or but on the flip side we have a result upon which to build this
is a pan-canadian party yesterday that Maxim has put together at party that
addresses issues that the conservative will not address and the liberal will
not address because here comes up my main observation is beginning with
Harper the Conservative Party is simply part of the establishment I would say
the establishment parties are the Liberal Party the Conservative Party the
New Democratic Party and the limp and and the Green Party they’re all
establishment parties the differences are just minor differences on tactics
and so on but there’s no substantive differences I mean you can pick up any
key issue take for instance the UN Paris Accord the Liberals are into carbon tax
and sure and the Conservatives are into subsidizing the green industry what’s
the difference but it’s more subsidizing is another form of taxation you know so
they’re all neither of them are going to walk out or walk away from Paris Accord
repudiate the Paris Accord PPC was the only party Hyuna you can’t talk about
the NDP and the green because for them is whole hog the Paris Accord I mean the
world is going to end in 11 years for them PPC is well the only part is taking
just one issue and we can run through all the other issues we said that we are
going to walk away from the Paris Accord it will unsign the bars of court and it
will leave it to the promises to decide whether they want to do go into carbon
tax or how they want to deal with the power that’s a will give it is a
provincial jurisdiction environment isn’t the provincial jurisdiction and
let the problem since a you see again the balancing of the federal and the
promises the the the federal government is not going to sign an accord and
impose it on the provinces the history we talked about so far going up to this
creation of the People’s Party by Maxime had to do with the fact that the
Conservative government has failed over the last 90 years to do anything to
unite the country there’s always been alien Asian and from the east and from
the West to the liberal elite that is to Toronto Ottawa Montreal that’s what the
Liberal Party is trying to Ottawa Montreal and you and you pointed out to
me earlier today that Toronto the number of seats in Toronto is more than the
number of seats in Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba put together right so and
that’s all liberal so we have the Liberals the urban elite in around the
Laurentian River and then you have the Conservatives supposedly the hope for
the West the hope for the East to try to have some sort of say in this Federation
and they have failed miserably they failed with every single attempt didn’t
matter what Harper the so-called bluest of Tories and and now share its failed
miserably to get rid of the likes of the Justin Trudeau so I would posit that the
creation of the People’s Party under a Maxine Bernier type of person was almost
inevitable something had to happen because the concerns from the West were
never addressed so what are the prospects now for Maxime
and the People’s Party there are only a year old and yet in that year they ran
candidates over 300 candidates well if I forget the number about 300 candidates
from coast to coast and I don’t think that they had any representation though
when Pei but they still were talking about issues that Canadians wanted to
talk about all of the sacred cows were there to be talked about and yet they
couldn’t break through the conservative lead smear tactics via Warren Kinsella
that if you talk about immigration you are a racist or a xenophobe how are you
going to break through that kind of slur to get the the country behind this truly
National Party all of what you have said is true Robert and there was a lot in
there and those are the challenges you know I mean look I mean again the PPC
the new party and it was only a year old barely a year old when the campaign
began the I mean the writ was dropped and the election and that was a very
narrow five weeks window so in in 11 months before the writ was robbed
Bernier had the challenge to build this party and put it in into some shape and
some form pulled together activists pulled together supporters that who
eventually came together but we didn’t have the financial resources we didn’t
have the deep pocket donor support we did not have the capacity because of the
corporate media controlled by the establishment in fact the corporate
mainstream media is the establishment they paid off it is you can now say that
anybody is receiving these guns they had been bought off a state media yeah but
they had been bought over also but 600 million dollar payment by by Justin
Trudeau so we have the media through which to get our
message out except fine alternative means which is what we tried to do
through the social media and through word-of-mouth and the radio and so on
and what you have been doing Robert your your contribution and just write media
was very instrumental at least in our part of the world in this southern
Ontario so we didn’t have that and so we couldn’t get our message out and and we
couldn’t get enough people to know I mean people did not know as I went
knocking doors during a campaign people did not know about the PPC people did
not know who Maxim Bernie are so the low information voters which is I would say
the majority are not tuned into these things you know there are many other
things that are happening where their interests are and so we we were in that
sense fighting an election with both her hands tied behind her back
you know handicap but that’s that’s the challenge of a new party the flip side
of it is that we have sown the seeds and this is right across the country the
300,000 this.what based of 300,000 is only going to grow because here comes a
critical point or where we go what is going to happen down the road first of
all the 43rd Parliament is a minority Parliament Justin Trudeau won but he
didn’t get his majority it could possibly be that we are back again in
that cycle of election what happened in 2004 2004 2006 2008 that we might go to
two or three more election before again things shake down to a majority
government very interesting little story that gives you the bigger picture of
Canada in some sense is the City of Milton which is the western edge of the
GTA the polity the border is Mississauga and Milton
one seat the understand it’s the growing city and the seat was being held by Lisa
right the deputy leader of the Conservative Party right and she was
defeated by a liberal in this election what does that say it says what I’ve
called the Browning of Ontario the Browning of Canada the Browning has
already taken place in Toronto in Mississauga and Brampton Warren Markham
that is the GTA that is the new immigrants from South Asia from the
Middle East is now marginally holding the balance of power which way the new
immigrants work for which party the new immigrants work that will be the party
that will form the government that’s the Browning of Canada that is
the marginal war which is this safe you know all stock Canadians Canadians and
immigrants before the centenary years if they all divide between conservative and
liberal say you know 50% 50% then the 10% that is going to make the difference
or safe forty five forty five and a ten percent that will make the difference
who is going to hold the see then that 10% will come from the Browning of
Canada that’s the new immigrants that is going to decide what it is and the
results are scaring at your face that’s what happened in Wilton that’s what
happened in the City of Toronto that’s what’s happening in Vancouver and
Montreal across the metropolitan center classical liberalism doesn’t exist in
Africa it doesn’t is excessive release it doesn’t exist in South Asia but these
people are running away from tyranny since you see as you start getting
denser into the analysis you see this potential for the people who are running
away from tyranny from dictatorship to embrace a party or ideas that give
emphasis to freedom into your responsibilities limited government
so they are open to that idea that idea has to be sold but that idea is not
being sold because the establishment elite over the past half century has
gone the other way these stablishment elite wants to
celebrate multiculturalism not classical liberalism the joke is and and then
there is a bit of an irony and a joke is that we talked in gap know at the first
conference of the People’s Party of Canada with so many people from across
the country and a lot of them were immigrants to Canada from Hong Kong in
Hong Kong today you have people flying the American flag they come to Canada
and they can’t believe how leftist we are here how socialist we are here they
left that in communist China they left that to go to Hong Kong and then come
here and now they’re finding again with Justin Trudeau so and so the running for
the People’s Party Justin Trudeau is in that sense the Enron of where his father
began multiculturalism and when the multicultural policies and ideas were
first mooted was first presented in the late 60s and early 70s and then the
policy was run through the Parliament and adopted in the parliament the
Progressive Conservative Party didn’t oppose it Robert Stanfield went along
with it and then it was brown Mulroney who actually put the statute of
multiculturalism you know passed the multiculturalism Act in the Parliament
which was later you know then in the purely Trudeau had put that section 27
and the charter of rights and freedom about multiculturalism
but multix what Mulroney came along and made it into an act you know so so I
mean you and you raised these questions you have to go into deeper analysis I
would say taken analysis so yes the potential of people whether
they are from Africa Middle East South Asia
China Taiwan Hong Kong or mainland China they are potentially recruits who will
celebrate who will join parties that talk about individual rights freedom and
limited government more initiative more free market etc etcetera
provided they are given those opportunities in the host country but in
the last 50 years it’s just the opposite I pointed this out in the parliament in
the hearing of the citizen of the parliamentary committee House of Commons
Committee on citizen immigration the immigration issue there people from the
a liberal country or numbers of the in liberal country coming into a liberal
country the numbers are going to overwhelm the liberal values so
multiculturalism is our value now that is the value of the establishment elites
in the universities in the schools in our businesses you know in in the
official news broadcast the CBC I look at the debate that happened the
leadership debate multiculturalism has been now even further degraded if you
might say it can be degraded by gender ISM and so you had in the debate the
moderators were five women women of color you know white and non-white you
know women no men were on the stage so so the the incentive or the attraction
is not there that’s where PPC comes in so let’s talk
about that PPC what what Maxime Bernier’s achievement whether completely
conceptualized in his head or it is a thing in progress but the seeds of PPC
is as the name of the party says People’s Party there’s people in
opposition to the establishment elite people in opposition to the people who
have run this country for the last 50 years if
of all of the hundred and fifty years that is what you said the Laurentian
elite and the people of Canada particularly the people in the western
provinces are increasingly alienated from central Canada you might say the
seat of the unitary state in operation and that’s the dysfunctionality and
everything that PPC stands for and is articulating by the way all of PPC’s
critical position in policy terms or as Maxime has talked about himself right out
of the Blue Book of the Reform Party so where did the Reform Party go the Reform
Party was swallowed by the Conservative Party and the establishment elite when
the merger took place and the red Tories prevailed and mr. Harper simply became
the instrument of the red Tories that is disturb lachemann elite the Laurentian
elite of the past and I would now call the establishment Elise why didn’t mr.
Harper walk away from the Paris Accord why did mr. Harper say and take a stand
against globalism it was a PPC that took a stand against globalism I spoke about
globalism why did not mr. Harper when he came into power in 2006 he was
confronted with the throne 218 the the terrorist attack over Atlanta to attack
the Parliament which under mr. Harper’s government the Parliament was attack
eventually you know the this this secular sacred institution of our
government the sacred wall that the Parliament was breached the fact that
the man did not get right inside the house of form and to open up his gun
that the sergeant of arm was able to take him out they actually had to hide
in the closet yeah exactly so whatever why didn’t mr. Harper focus
on Islamism because neither of these topics globalism challenging the UN and
all of the things that that matters and Islamism that is the ideology that is
that is now threatened and has been threatening the Western world
all the world is the only with the coming of mr. Trump that it has been
smashed you know but but they argue is still there and it can resurface and
will resurface unless it is taken out like communism why didn’t mr. Harper
talk about it why didn’t he miss he confronted this
issue people like me was there I was there they avoided us they didn’t want
us around them only when they needed us so both globalism and Islamism are
issues that the establishment elite will not do well not challenge vaccine will
tax him talked about it but we didn’t have enough time to talk about it so
coming back to it well it is all wrapped up in this whole making of new Canada
through multiculturalism and immigration immigration there has been no discussion
in the parliament on immigration going back to whenever you want to go back to
you know all the discussion about immigration is done right we didn’t
first the cabinet but as the centralization is taking place is by the
Prime Minister and the PMO and and the bureaucrats the so so this elephant in
the room isn’t was that it’s quite an elephant in the room nobody can do two
elephants in the room so or take the immigration issue there is no discussion
where how do we decide the number where do we decide who will come in how do we
decide the mix between family class and you know independent none of these have
been openly discussed there’s no national conversation a national
conversation can only take place if this is discussed in the parliament in a
proper motion in a proper debate nothing has happened we were the only party the
PPC mr. Maxim Bernie ER we put together you know I engage with Maxim pioneer on
this issue you know and we talked about the numbers and we put a number there as
a as a place a standard from where to begin the discussion we said between 100
and 150 thousand will be our number of which by the way is the number
of immigrants under Pierre Elliot Trudeau would everybody of cause I’m a
racer Elliot ruder that number was also proportionate to the population and
history of the population has grown right we have now reached almost 1% of
the population which is the highest in Western democracy sounds small but if
you do the math you’ll find out that within a generation
you’re basically replaced absolutely we are at 1% of the population
that is our immigration policy at this moment 350,000 people annually intake
and this will increase as the government wants to increase it because it’s right
there you know the numbers the policy papers are staring at us the globalist
that is the elite establishment one the number of the population number of
Canada to rapidly increase by the end of the census century in their mind
200 million nobody has talked about this in Canada you know the Hmong centered
people in Toronto they talk about Canada being you know reaching 40 50 million in
the next 20 years have Canadian people being taught it is you know brought into
this conversation has their opinion bits you know sort so we we put the numbers
there the number was not an arbitrary number Robert 150,000 because we said
Canada is a North American state our largest trading partner is the United
States of America our closest ally in terms of security and all other
relationship in the United States of America American population is 10 times
larger than Canadian population American economy is more than 10 times larger
than the Canadian economy terms of GDP American annual numbers of legal
immigration is 1 million 1 million is about
0.3% of American population hours is 1% we said we should be proportionate 1
million we said ok 100 to 150 thousand let’s have this discussion we have
documents we have we have polling data showing a polling done by Lego leather
or Leger in June of 2019 just before the election
showed that 63% of Canadians indicated we have to hire an immigration 63% said
too high less than 40% said we should increase the numbers okay
in Britain the election that is going to happen that and it is about breakfast
one of the question that that was posed in this debate is about immigration and
only 7% of Britain British voters believe that Britain should have more
54% wants to bring down the immigration rate you know this is the number one
issue around the Western democracies you know over the last decade well what
happened with the PPC putting just a number down mister we were called anti
immigrants anti Muslim you know all sorts of racial slur and smear was
thrown at us yes for simply saying that we need to have the discussion I believe
we will have that discussion people now know that there is a party that is
willing to talk about it and we’re going to raise this issue you know so the PPC
agenda or policy framework comes right out of Reform Party Blue Book and so the
issue that we were talking about before is about the federal-provincial
relationship right and the remedy or the West one in that the Reform Party
in the Blue Book talked about what the true police in it
well the PPC would be the one that would be as a National Party most open to that
proposition would it be the fear of the so-called vote splitting in the West
which prevented the West from voting PPC or was it simply because they couldn’t
get through the mainstream media’s rhetoric about PPC well I think all of
that is at a play but the most important thing that I think was at play in this
election for the 43rd Parliament when a 20-19 election that particularly in
Saskatchewan and Alberta Saskatchewan fourteen seats in the parliament all 14
seats went to the conservative Alberta 34 seats in the parliament 33 went to
the conservative to the elector 33 conservative members only one NDP I
don’t know how that one NDP government tell yes but but 33 out of 34
conservative 14-0 conservative you know in fact between Ontario Manitoba border
and Alberta BC border that is a Rocky Mountain the prairie provinces Liberals
only elected four seats but he didn’t care he didn’t matter they will still
form the government so I think in this election the the people in the West
still believe the Conservative Party would fight for their interests would
represent them it was their party in that sense that you know it would be
more open to Western demand I hope and I would maintain that as more and more
people in the West listen not only to the conversation we are having but have
the dis conversation among themselves they will come to the awakening that
this is delusionary the Conservative Party is an establishment party the only
party you said the reform was the only party
the National Arena that truly represents the Federation not simply Alberta but
federal-provincial relations would be the PPC it is not an establishment party
it is that in fact posted establishment that’s the remedy that is the critical
remedy that we are talking about rebalancing the Federation and how you
rebalance will have to have that discussion which never happened when the
conservative did form the government under Harper in 2006 ten years total
wasted years the wasted decade the conversation needed to be needed to
happen the Prime Minister should be the driving force of the leader at the
center should be the driving force on that conversation that we need to have a
elected and equal Senate to represent the Federation to Bri balance it and to
do that we have to bring proposition onto the table we have to bring the
premiers onto the table and we have to go over this obstacle that is the
amending formula we have to confront that and convinced the the enough of the
Premier’s or enough of the population base that the many formula says seven
provinces or 50% of the population to amend the Constitution we get that 50%
of seven provinces we have the four provinces in the West the critical
problem of province if you get is Ontario we get it that would make it 50%
of the population amend the Constitution the hold of provinces will be provinces
like Pei you know with a small provinces having a number of senators that is
larger than what what it is say in the western provinces you know the maritime
provinces have I believe more senators or equal number of senators than all of
the western provinces whereas the 50 demography population
resources of the west and if you look at the equalization payment it is the West
that is providing the resources for the equalization payment the money due the
Maritime Provinces and to Quebec but the main apart from the Maritime Provinces
is Quebec Quebec will be the obstacle and our argument will have to be that
Quebec has its own interest which it defends it you know and within the
constitutional frame whether it is language rights you know 101 now Quebec
has its own immigration policies you know Quebec has been granted and given
the right to elect his own Supreme Court judges you know and has a representation
or a supreme so other provinces have to be given the same rights or brought
about that equity through an equal Senate you know isn’t it ironic that
area have Maxine Bernier who’s a lawyer yes a stone’s throw from the Laurentian
River exactly the st. Lawrence River in Quebec yes leading the charge to change
all of that you know and and that’s not nothing
inconsistent I’m gonna uh if you remember Robert I talked about this in
in in that rally in Mississauga when when when maxime unfolded or unveiled
the immigration platform I talked about my maxim as our
generation wilfred laurier who the canadian first last and always i
am a canadian that was wilfred laurier signature and johnny mcdonald the
founding father Maxine can well be the reincarnation
this the Indian and me speaking the reincarnation of Alfred Gloria the man
with the vision to once again rebalance and rework for the 21st century the the
Federation where Pierre electrode oh they created the Constitution
and and gave to the Constitution added to the Constitution to the BNA act the
Charter of Rights and Freedom it can be Maxine who could bring about the through
the amendment the equal Senate that we desperately need in the 21st century
where the interest of the provinces will be articulated and protected in in a
sense a real two chambers you know which is what the Americans have which is what
we should we we can talk about our own numbers of how we’re going to do that
but let that conversation beginning apparently the only way to let off the
steam the energy that we’ve seen with the creation of the Reform Party
Canadian Alliance the merger with the Conservative Party and PCs and which has
now been betrayed by the Conservatives and Andrew share is for the west and
Ontarians Quebecers Nova Scotians do Brunswickers everybody to get behind
rally behind Maxine Bernie and the People’s Party of
Canada because it is the only party who wants to represent all regions of the
country our evolution took place our founding fathers evolved the
independence and sovereignty Canada emerged guided through and within
the umbrella of the Empire that was a choice that was made by the founding
fathers that served us well you know that has given us a very peaceful
transition you know step by step as we evolved to say the westminster statue
that the 1930-31 i believe it was to the patreon of the constitution to where we
are we are a g7 country you know the world does look up to us we can be proud
and we should be proud but we need the people to define themselves who they are
we are not anti Americans or we are not not
in OT not Americans we are part and parcel of the North American complex we
shared this continent with the greatest power on earth since Rome and the
British Empire the United States there’s not something to feel inferior to or
negative about to feel proud about anything any other country in the world
would like to sit on the 49th parallel where we are absolutely right it is the
establishment elite that has a problem because they are mediocre and they
through the political correctness and they through their protection of their
own interests now this interest has been shifted towards globalism I mean this
embracing of globalism and the cost of our national sovereignty and the cost of
our Parliament and its independence is where the rallying cry should take place
that we are opposed to what the establishment elite has been doing this
is a betrayal of Canada this is the unmaking of Canada in the sense of
diluting our national sovereignty of who we are and how we decide we have to
control our borders we have to control our foreign policy we have to control
our defense policy our natural resources we decide what is good for us you know
and not the United Nation you know we will choose and select what aspect of
the United Nation we want to support and what we don’t want to be part of ok so
that’s where the PPC comes in you know and thank God for that you know I mean
thank God for the fact that Maxime took this this this step forward but coming
back to the constitutional framework particularly for Western Canada they
have to wake up they have to smell the coffee that by parking their work just
as central Canada or or on tour Quebec have parked the world with the Liberals
they are not doing anything for the for the Federation the Federation has to be
represented with the voices of the Federation you know and the Parliament
is where it has to go so to retake back the parlor
to make the parliament responsive to the electorate what has happened when we
talk about the unitary state when we talk about the centralization of
government what has happened is we elect members of the Parliament we could elect
you know a dog or a cat or a lamppost to the Parliament they have been denuded of
any role for which they’re elected that mean they elected to represent the
people the voice of the people whether from Alberta whether from Ontario
whether from Pei of and each of the region to represent them and also to
have that larger Canadian vision but know the vision only comes out of not
the cabinet not the parliamentary caucus of the ruling party but the PMO which is
stuff by hand pick people of the prime minister but that was the same whether
it is the Liberal prime minister or a conservative Prime Minister Mr Mulroney
did not change the situation and mr. Harper did not change the situation they
talked a lot when they were in the opposition they did exactly what the
Liberal prime ministers have been doing since Pierre Elliot Trudeau or Lester
Pearson okay so we have to break that we have to make the Parliament responsive
you know the British Parliament is responsive the British Parliament Prime
Minister cannot do an undo anything that he wants because we have seen you know
we’ve seen there recently yeah very much so
so that that’s the fight that has to take place but it will be a fight or
struggle that will always be obstructed if we continue to maintain this flow
this open spigot of immigration and multiculturalism the open flow of
immigration into a multicultural society means that the immigrant near New Haven
and have no attachment to Canada or Canada’s vision it is a multicultural
vision anything goes so Canada becomes just a hotel
and the establishment in need are porous they’re more comfortable in this
multicultural Canada where they can travel and enjoy the food that dance the
music of the world that they enjoy go into Paris going to Shanghai going to
Hong Kong going to Tokyo well in their own home this is what it is you know and
and and and the gathering of this multicultural Canada is in the urban
centers divorced from the rest of Canada I mean what does the GTA and Toronto the
current GTA and care about what the problems are in Alberta
you know the very fact that this government of Justin Trudeau from 2015
on to now and going forward in chasing this unicorn of a policy to prevent the
world from apocalypse in ten eleven years time through Paris Accord is out
to suffocate and destroy the resource industry yeah has no no you know
emotional attachment or questioning by the voters in Toronto
or the waters in Montreal they are pretty happy with the way the
establishment elite is running the show dispensing the money blowing up the
deficit raising the debt to GDP ratio we are almost approaching a hundred percent
of debt to GDP ratio we turning into a banana country a third world country
that’s it’s not the collapse of the country in the financial situation that
we are running into you know that is the danger that we are facing and as as we
go forward you know the more we get weaker weaker in terms of our financial
management of our economy we are sliding more and more in the direction of the
globalist thank you, Salim.

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