100 thoughts on “Robert Ray: Impeachment is not in the country’s interest

  1. Been Carson called it correctly!!! Rule 5 and rule 13 of rules for Radicals! Their their guide book buy sol AlinskyHillary Clinton's Mentor remember? really quite disgusting!😎😇Capt. Jac ☠️

  2. Some of these people on the TV are just not getting it! FRAUDULENT Obama ORDERED this hit on the president!!!!!! Fraudulent Obama is the worst president this country has ever seen, and he is the most devious sneaky treasonous president we have ever had!! This is HIS baby!!

  3. Pelosi brags about lying to the American people and she is covering up something but what???? She is an obstructionist and a drunk or has a mental disease. Impeach Pelosi. Impeach Pelosi. Impeach Pelosi.

  4. Clapper spilled it long ago on TV that obama was at the top of the investigation and Page said in an email that obama needed to be kept in the loop… Did you cowards forget that evidence or are you too scared to say it…?
    You republican't cowards are so scared to repeat that damning evidence and make a commitment to the strong evidence that obumya is up to his eyeballs in the conspiracy and Treason to usurp a duly elected POTUS…

    SAY IT…!!!
    We are just sick of you republican't cowards… always falling shoty of getting your job done and soft balling the deepstate so much your balls have turned blue and to mush…
    Grow some new ones, or get over to the left where you seem to belong… The game is getting old…

  5. The Senate should just vote on everything get it passed what Trump needs to get done and just deem it passed the house. Isn't that what the Democrats do?

  6. Impeach will be in house only< Senate McConnell already said forget it, so it is only to make POTUS a folk hero , go 4 it !, this is a war and the dems will lose out and basically ensure self destruction.

  7. "No one is above the law, including the President of the United States." says Nancy Pelosi. She will need to remember that shortly… about half way through next month… and she will need to add "Democratic candidates for President of the United States" and she will need to add a name… a specific Presidential name… "No one is above the law, including former President Barack Obama." Obama and his corrupt administrators, Hillary and her corrupt hirelings will be known for all time as failures, cheaters, liars and traitors. And they will have to answer: imperfectly here, excruciatingly precisely justly before Jesus. Amen. @ out. @ rings the bell of freedom. The Tell-Tale heart in the 21st Century beats thusly: @ SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich SethRich

  8. They can’t beat President Trump so they want to impeach. They think we are so stupid we don’t see what they are doing. The coverup is all on the democrats. So sick and tired of them. All about money and power. Just sick!

  9. pelosi looks like a 200 year old scallywag pirate
    she walks like she has a wooden leg
    her and her crew should sail deep into the ocean and never return


  11. cant Trump do Executive Order For Term Limits???? Anyone with 4 terms is OUT !!!!! Effective BEFORE The next primary

  12. The democrats are the new communist propaganda party and they care more about their illegals base than Americans children or our officers

  13. People need to turn off the MSM. Just don't watch it ever again. Get your news from sources on the internet, look around, find truth not propaganda. The deep state owns all of the MSM and the democrats, stay away from them. Our only hope is that Trump or some one can tie these criminals in the media to the crimes they are involved with, fake news should be a crime, repeated fake news should be a big time crime.
    It can't be hard to prove if they would just do something about it.

  14. President Trump, mastermind behind covering up something so big it's unimaginable.  Yet, he's a buffoon at everything else.  Yeah!  Radical leftist Dems, incapable of running their own lives, yet they say they know what's best for everyone.

  15. Nancy Pelosi is a fool we the American people will not stand for our President Trump being impeached we will stand up and take our government back from these corrupt politicians she will be out on the street

  16. Democrats are guilty of Treason. The American People are disgusted and expect them to be charged. Their only answer, now that they are caught is to call for impeachment of a man who is not guilty of anything!

  17. Impeachment for what? doing a good job? it is about the N-wo they want the borders down and the constitution swept under the rug they want one government world wide and all of us chipped That is the bottom line

  18. There are 4 people about to leave the Trump administration very soon,
    and they know it. So for your delectation – Haspel, Wray, Coates and
    Pence. Anybody disagree? On the other side, Ohr is out!

  19. There are 4 people about to leave the Trump administration very soon,
    and they know it. So for your delectation – Haspel, Wray, Coates and
    Pence. Anybody disagree? On the other side, Ohr is out!

  20. There are 4 people about to leave the Trump administration very soon,
    and they know it. So for your delectation – Haspel, Wray, Coates and
    Pence. Anybody disagree? On the other side, Ohr is out!

  21. There are 4 people about to leave the Trump administration very soon,
    and they know it. So for your delectation – Haspel, Wray, Coates and
    Pence. Anybody disagree? On the other side, Ohr is out!

  22. No way no matter what ayt one said including Pelosi is it ok for the president to not work on the public interest Nixon and Clinton both achieved progress with the other party as they were being investigated or impeached no no trumpencident has no excuse here and saying no way he can negotiate because of this he refused to uphold his oath of office refusing to do public business he took the oath to carry out the duties of president no matter what he now is derelict in his sworn oath and you know it

  23. Let them try and let them fail…. I want to see the dems fail, fail like they always do over and over again. Why? Because it’s the greatest soap on earth!

  24. Pelosi needs to be fired with no pension, just like FBI did to their anti Trump leader! Trump is doing his job, Pelosi is not!

  25. These politicians need to get some back bone ! Demand that Pelosi and Nadler and Schiff step down ! Anyone who said Trump colluded with Russia ! Its a failed coo attempt ! Wake up ! Get these people out of there !

  26. Democrats are becoming the Party of late term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders and Crime… And Plan To Remove ‘So Help You God’ From Oath At House Committee. It is incredible, but not surprising, that the Democrats would try to remove God from committee proceedings in one of their first acts in the majority.

  27. There is no reason for investigation Dems decided that we going to just open this up. Shouldn’t they be looking when there’s a crime, whether there’s a cover up, where we actually have evidence and facts, that’s where we should be looking, where is that…


  29. They need to keep Trump alleged wrongdoing in the news to maintain their shield against investigation and prosecution of themselves. Enough is enough.

  30. If Obama did not know any of this that speaks to what kind of president he was very loudly just my opinion

  31. Pelosis is yet another old fool who cannot age gracefully. They have been so enabled, supported and spoiled and.without all the props…none of them could keep going. Instead of becoming wise elders and mentors they just cannot give up the power and limelight until they make total fools of themselves ! They wind up leaving a legacy that makes them look ridiculous. Very sad. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is doing the same thing. Such a shame. Like old broken up rodeo cowboys…once they start only giving you a broken down nag to ride just to allow you to participate…it is time to move on.


  33. Democrat party always wanted to have dumb President to work for them not for America
    This success President Trump lifts up America and Americans live so they hate it badly
    You can raise your questions that how many congressmen/ women have had benefits from China?
    Is that the corruption?
    Specially Obama administration and a bunch of clowns follow him
    What the joke is!

  34. 8% of Democrats are pushing all of this America-hating, white-hating, man-hating, conservative-hating, heterosexual-hating, baby-hating, history-hating, Israel-hating, 2nd Amendment-hating, Founding Fathers-hating, industry-hating, truth-hating, reality-hating rhetoric and our institutions are allowing themselves to be held hostage by this fringe element. Why are we collectively bending to such a small percentage of the citizenry?

  35. Impeachment is impossible.
    To steal Ben's line, facts don't care how you feel.
    Deal with it, Demtards, while we deal with you.

  36. Pelosi is a toy game for those Democrat to play and she followed them to obstruct the US and the President.
    The Democrat needs to learn how to work with the Trump to make the country better than just sit back do nothing and find a stupid fake story to impeach President Trump but the story is not the truth.
    They need to learn how to give the other which mean they forgive their mistakes too but all they are not wanting to do that. WE all the American need to sweep them out of the house. They do nothing but get pay by our taxpayers… This is not fair.


  38. Mark my words. 3 Supreme Court Justices will be caught in a Scandal and LEAVE. Mark the DATE and TIME of my post. I am stating this way before it happens so you way before hand. I know!

  39. It is quite probably the most important and influential story of the past century, and yet, the MSM continue to present it as a collusion/obstruction story by our president. This episode in our history will be telling as to our future. If we allow the deep state and leftist activists win this attempted coup, despite the obvious and ham-handed criminality of the left, we will have lost our country. If, on the other hand, we stand up and root out all the nefarious players, no matter how high they go, then we will have gone a long way toward restoring lost ground and back to the nation our founding fathers envisioned. That all said, I cannot say that I have much faith in the American people who have willingly allowed themselves to be brainwashed, granted, through insidious and persistent destruction of our values and ideals. Even taking into account the inherent skew of most polling organizations, the fact that they show close to 40% of Americans considering socialism as a preferable system, indicates that those minds are lost to reason and facts, and their total lack of curiosity about historical facts, proves that the thinking process has been bred out of our population. I am skeptical that anything can be said, done or shown to shock our people out of their stupor and into taking a sober assessment of the situation with an equally sober consideration of the repercussions of their decisions and actions at this juncture of our existence. I still hold out some hope, however, that there are enough intelligent and conscientious people left in the country to overcome their lethargy and vote appropriately in the next election and for many to come. If the saying that "hope is the last to go" has any truth to it, then I pray that those of us still holding onto it, come out of this without losing ours.

  40. We the people need to charge her, Pelosi with obstruction of the people agenda… Lock her up, lock her up……

  41. How stupid are you? The only impeachment hearings need to be used on democrats for using Ex Post Facto Laws to overthrow a sitting president! . Nancy Pelosi is only 1/3 of power. What's wrong with this picture! Democrats used Fraudulent Information to frame our President!

  42. The only cover up is the demon Democrats who are going to be exposed for their CRIMES against our president and country. They have nothing on Trump this is why they vote from one lie to another. They are falling apart more each day. Trump for 2020

  43. Why not start fresh and forget about Watergate, which was really stupid… started about a break in and ended up about a blue dress with all the game playing.

  44. What they are doing to TRUMP they ALREADY DO to Political enemies of lesser means! Ask the Ranchers the DEMS , Reid, and OBAMA attacked and are STILL persecuting!

  45. Per Microsoft news agency, that Kent describes Giuliani’s active involvement in Ukraine relations, noting that Giuliani was "unmissable" starting in March of 2019.

    He laid out that Giuliani was extensively involved in pushing a narrative surrounding Ukraine and Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company where former vice president Joe Biden's son sat on the board, as well as the recalling of Yovanovitch from her position. She testified in October to lawmakers that she felt threatened by Trump. 

    Yovanovitch was damaged by a narrative pushed by former Ukrainian general prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, who Kent testified wanted “revenge” for Yovanovitch's anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. That narrative was buoyed by Giuliani's media presence. 

    “Mr. Giuliani, at that point, had been carrying on a campaign for several months full of lies and incorrect information about Ambassador Yovanovitch, so this was a continuation of his campaign of lies,” Kent testified.
    "Wake up Americans", Fox news is ether a corrupt news agency or paid off by the Russians for giving these mad men air time.

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