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we will begin today’s session by answering what is RPA then we’ll talk to
you about why you should consider your career in RPA
after that we’ll talk about the various roles and responsibilities of an RPA
developer then we will talk about the different tools that you should learn in
order to start a career in RPA after that we’ll talk about the various
salaries of an RPA developer and once we have done that we’ll show you an
introduction to an RPA Tool which is uipath with a very simple hands-on on it
also guys we do provide end-to-end training on UI path as well as
automation anywhere so if you are interested you can check out the course
details given in the description below now let’s get into the session why do we
need RPA now let’s talk about some prominent companies guys some prominent
resource companies who are given the verdict about what they feel about RPA
right so let’s go ahead and start with the first company which is McKenzie
which says around 22% of the IT jobs are going to be affected by
the RPA technology in the coming years now this basically means that either the
human workforce is going to be reduced or the way we work these days it’s going
to be changed in the coming years right now this is 22% is a huge number
guys considering the number of jobs which are related to IT or computers
these days right so this was the first research that we found the second
research is by Forrester which says the RPA industry can grow by 2 point 1
billion dollars by the year 2021 so this is the amount of growth which is there
in the RPA sector right now right moving forward now let’s talk about the
benefits of RPA so we saw that ok RPA is growing there is a possibility of RPA and
replacing human workforce or changing the way the human workforce is working
today with the but what benefits do we get when RPA
replaces the human workforce right the first benefit that we get is automation
right so automation not only your work is being replaced by machines your work
can also be done faster and in a more accurate manner right because if you
talk about humans guys we guys can commit mistakes right if you are given a
process again and again if you are implementing the process there might be
a possibility that we might commit a mistake while following that same
process again and again but with a computer it’s not like that you code
your computer in a way once and it will always execute with the same efficiency
and same accuracy at all the times and obviously the when you talk about
accuracy or efficiency computers are always very ahead from humans right
so therefore automation is one benefit that you get from RPA second thing is
you save money now because you have lessened your human workforce who are
going to work on that particular task and it you have replaced it with
machines now the first thing is you will not be paying any salary to your
machines right there the only thing that they will be consuming is electricity so
you’ve got to save a lot of money as a business owner if you implement the RPA
technology in your company third thing is it will help reduce human
intervention in tasks now when you reduce human intervention it basically
means now we can apply the same workforce the same human workforce for
better tasks and these tasks which are repetitive in nature could be
handled by the RPA technology and the fourth thing is for creating all these
RPA processes there is no coding required and this is probably the best
feature or the best benefit of the whole RPA you know tools or the technology
itself right that there is no coding required for creating a process in the
RPA paradigm moving forward we’ve discussed why RPA is important and what
are the benefits for it now let’s go ahead and start with the topic which
talks about what is RPA exactly right so let’s first decipher what Basically
RPA means so RPA basically means robotic process automation now let’s
understand all these three words one by one so when we talk about robotic or
what it basically means when a machines mimics human action it is called robotic
right so any machine or any software which is mimicking human actions would
be called robotic the next term is processed so a process is when you
follow a sequence of steps to complete a task right the sequence of steps vary
from task to task so for example if you have to open the calculator on your
machine the first thing you do is click on start click on the calculator icon
and then your calculator application is visible so right so these are three
steps for you to view the calculator application
just a quick info guys Intellipaat does provide end-to-end training on RPA
tools like uipath an automation anywhere so if you are interested you can check
out the post details given in the description below now let’s get back
into the session similarly you can also call it as a process of opening the
calculator app on your computer right so this is what a process is and then you
have automation which basically means executing any tasks without human
intervention right so if you want to combine all these three words together
now I can say that when a machine mimics human actions by performing a sequence
of steps without human intervention it is called RPA right so this is the basic
definition of what RPA basically means moving forward now let’s talk
about the most confused topic that you might say that Hemanth we understand what
RPA is but as far as we see or what what you are trying to tell us is RPA
is nothing but automation right but automation was there from way back it
was way back from the Industrial Revolution in probably the starting of
1900 so what is new in RPA so let us discuss this so guys when we talk about
automation and RPA there is a thin line between the two and what is it that line
let’s discuss that so when we talk about automation
automation always involves either an invention of a new technology or a
machine which can do your task right now for example let’s talk about the cotton
mill or let’s talk about how clothes are woven or how is cotton made in a cotton
mill right so there are multiple machines which work a work to basically
reduce the human intervention but the thing is we invented those machines to
carry out those tasks correct so whenever you deal with automation you’re
always coming up with a new technology or a new software which is going to
solve your problem when we talk about robotic process automation or RPA
it does not involve any invention or creation of any new software which will
be required for solving your problem right to solve your automation problem
you have only one tool which is any RPA tool that you would be using and using
that tool you can create as many automations as you want for your
particular task right so the only condition that should be satisfied for
an RPA task is that it should be repetitive in nature and we should be
able to do it or the machine should be able to do it by following a process
right so if there are a sequence of steps that can solve that particular
case or that particular query and it is repetitive in nature that it has to be
performed again and again your RPA technology would be the first thing that
should come to your mind for solving that particular thing right so this is
the first difference that are in automation you create or you innovate
technologies or machines that will solve the problem of your automation tasks in
RPA you use the RPA tool to create a process which is going to solve your
automation tasks right so we let’s also take one example to understand the
difference for example now imagine before we invented computers we invented
calculators we used to calculate numbers manually right so if I had to do a two plus three
I would do it on a either on a paper or in my mind right but when we came up
with computers we came up with calculators then we basically invented a
machine to solve our calculations problem right and now the calculator
becomes an automation product but now the problem was that even in calculators
if you had to do some big calculations even in calculator you had to type in
the formula or the values so that it gets a result now I am saying I can even
if it’s a prod if there is a process to basically get a value out of a formula I
can say that I can create an RPA process on top of that which basically means
that on this calculator I can create an RPA program which will be able to press
the keys on this calculator to get the desired outcome right so what I’m doing
is I’m basically adding a layer of my RPA software on the calculator invention
which was basically an automation right which was created in the automation
paradigm now for solving the human intervention part which came along in
the calculator I can use RPA to basically hit the buttons so that you know no
human intervention is required or I only have to pass in the values that I want I
just know I probably I’ll just write it on a piece of paper or I’ll type it on a
Word document and I’ll send it to my program and my program will
automatically hit the right buttons on the calculator and give me the answer
just a quick info guys Intellipaat does provide end-to-end training on RPA
tools like uipath an automation anywhere so if you are interested you can check
out the course details given in the description below now let’s get back
into the session right so this is the first difference between automation
in RPA the second difference is if you creating say a software right or you if
you’re creating a machine so anyways if you get reading a machine also you’ll
have to create a software for that machine right so programming knowledge
is required to basically give you give yourself a product for automation but in
RPA the most awesome thing is that you do not
require any programming knowledge to create any automation product right so
that is the most awesome thing about RPA a third thing is an automation that it
may require human intervention that is for example in the case of calculators
we still needed human intervention to basically punch in the numbers in the
calculator but in RPA the whole task or the whole idea about
the RPA technology was to remove your human intervention completely right and
that is why you do not require human intervention when you are working with
RPA processes alright so guys these are the differences between automation
and RPA so why why should you take RPA so we’ve just talked about five
different companies would be wanting RPA saves cause it’s accurate it’s doing a
lot of different good things for them but why should you as a professional
choose a career in RPA let’s answer that question now so there are various
different perks that RPA will give you if you follow a career in this park so the
first one is trending so RPA is a very trending technology which means that
there is a lot of demand for RPA developers now and since there aren’t a
lot of demands for RPA developers there’s there is a lot of job openings lot of
good paying jobs and that brings us to the third point where it is sit where it
says it’s highly paying and the Giants are hiring
so if Giants are hiring let’s say the Giants which are hiring I can name a few
like IBM is hiring Capgemini is hiring and they are paying huge amounts of
money to these RPA developers to come and work for them and create this
automated environment where things run very fast and very smooth so that is one
of the greatest perks that RPA gives you it gives you a lot of opportunity
for jobs it’s gives you a lot of opportunities to work for the big big
guns in the industry which is IBM Capgemini and Deloitte and others and it
will pay you a lot so if you are looking at the career perspective financially
you will be paid decently well so that you can have a very good career moving
ahead RPA also gives you versatility when choosing careers so RPA since if you
take into account any industry any industry will have a set of tasks which
is very redundant and repetitive which what it creates is an
option of RPA entering there and automating the processes there so which
means basically you have an option to go into retail and consumer and do
automation there you can move into IT industry and work there there is
healthcare also now taking into are taking RPA into their hag hands
there is banking and IT which is very very very crucial for RPA right now
as most of the people who are working with RPA are now moving towards
banking solutions it is the next biggest thing in RPA that they are moving it
into banking solutions because there’s a lot of transactional data that is there
and RPA can aid in that and final perk that RPA will offer you is a
rapid career growth since there is a lot of demand and lot of people are paying
if you do a great job then then automatically you will be getting a lot
of career growth in there and since there are not many professionals out
there currently because this technology is rather new so–but what it creates is
if you even get late minimum of Work Ex like let’s say four or five years
into it you’d be one of the most experienced professionals in there and
you will be working there with a lot of money and a lot of exposure into
different kinds of working environments and this will basically give you a lot
of career growth right so moving further who should learn RPA now you’d be
wondering like I have this technical background or I have this profile should
I be learning RPA or not so let’s break it down into three simple departments
and where I think people should be pursuing RPA where it will be most
beneficial for them working as an RPA professional so I’ve taken it down to
broken it down to three different domains the first one will be the
freshers now I want what I would recommend for freshers is to follow a
job in RPA because there’s a lot of different openings for freshers in RPA
these freshers should not be expecting the salary same as the other two domains
that is the automation testers and the people who are looking to become a
solution architect but there is a lot of scope for freshers out there to work and
to get different jobs related to RPA just a quick info guys Intellipaat does
provide end-to-end training on RPA tools like UI path and Automation
anywhere so if you are interested you can check out the post details given in
the description below now let’s get back into the session the second one is the
highest-paying one in my opinion and these are the automation testers so the
people who are currently the automation testers in the industry have a huge
opportunity to work as an RPA professional if they’re looking for a
change an automation tester is is a profile automation architect is a
profile in RPA which pays a lot and these jobs generally require experience as an
automation tested before because they know the environment that they are
working in so automation testers I would recommend you to definitely learn RPA
as this will blossom your career like you cannot imagine and the third one is
for the people who are aspiring to become solution architects CTO’s people
who will be working and finding out solutions a different problem you should
learn RPA in order to know that what is the underlying technology that is
working in your fortune 500 companies or whatever startup that you are falling
for you should understand which all technologies work well together and you
can integrate and you should understand the underlying technology technologies
that’s why I mentioned solution architects another one which I did not
mention here but I would like to give a special shout out is to the people who
are in the banking industry as banking has been adapting RPA like crazy right
now so people who are in the banking will be looking for automation there
because there is a lot of redundant tasks there as there is a lot of
transactional data so RPA is something that is that will revolutionize the
banking industry so if you are from the banking domain I would recommend you to
learn RPA and what are the different skills that is required to be an RPA
developer so there is not one particular set of things that you need to know as a
prerequisite to be working with RPA right because it’s a drag and dropped a tool
which you can learn very easily but having said that you basically would
need a very good analytical skill and problem-solving abilities in order to
solve the real one problems when it comes to you the second would be
knowledge of any programming language would help you miles because even though
it’s just drag-and-drop these drag and drop functionalities are basically coded
right so if you have the knowledge of coding or or any programming language
you know the structure the way to to Structure your
program and that would come in handy when you are working as an RPA
developer and the third would be the ability to integrate the different
technologies which are different of different kind right if you have
technologies which are of different kind and if you have the ability to integrate
them this is one of the key skill requirements of working as an RPA
developer now as I’ve mentioned down down here that RPA tools are mostly
drag-and-drop and very very very easy to use so it’s very easy to learn RPA
but the functionality that it gives is next level moving ahead what are the
different rules which are offered in the world right now as an RPA developer so I
have mentioned three here which are the most asked about domains in RPA as a
job if you go for at any website like in deed or Glass door anywhere there you would
find these three rows in abundance for RPA developers and let’s talk about the
different roles and the responsibilities that comes along with those roles right
so the first one we have on our hand is the process designer now process
designer is one of the roles which are there for the RPA developers so the
responsibilities that comes along with an a process designer role is basically
you are responsible for understanding the current process which is going on
you have to understand what is the current process then you need to come up
with a very efficient way of conducting those processes and integrating RPA with
that so you need to design a process for that and how it can be more efficient in
any way and the final thing that you need to do is when you have once you
have designed those process you’re obviously trying to will try to put it
in your production environment and try to make it work
they will people who will be doing analytics and different stuff will read
to it right they will come back with feedbacks key this is something which we
can do which can implement things faster and during the development and testing
phase we will be needed to make those specific changes to your process and
make it more efficient so these are the basic responsibilities of a process
designer that he needs to be involved throughout and make the entire process
more efficient so that is the first kind of role which is there for RPA
developers which is a process designer the next one is an automation architect
now in my opinion and all the research that are done this is the highest paying
RPA job which is out there which is an automation architect it generally comes
up with a constraint that you should have some experience as an automation
tester somewhere so because that gives you a
zest of how things work in those environment and that makes it much
easier for people to work in in the role of automation architect so the
responsibilities that the automation architect will be taking on is first of
all he needs to build those RPA projects using the different RPA tools which the
organization is using so he’d need the knowledge of different RPA tools based on
which organization he is working for and come up with the project and implement
that thing right second is automation architect is a member of the core
automation team hence he or she is required to communicate across the teams
to make sure the process is in sync again it’s similar to a DevOps we’d say
like people need to be communicating across very smoothly and efficiently to
know how the tool is working and where the tool is at at the current stage so
that there is no discrepancy and things can work smoothly and the third thing
that automation architect is expected to do is to use the experience in the
programming knowledge that he has using the testing software that he has used
before to solve the real-world problems and he needs to solve the day-to-day
problems as well so if you are an automation architect you need to solve
day-to-day problems there might be bugs here in there and different things
coming up daily so you’ll need to solve those real-world problems based on the
experience that you have and work with it right the next role that we have is a
very key one which is production manager now production manager is a very very
important role his job is to ensure that the entire process is being triggered as
it was intended as it was decided as discussed in the meetings all the time
with the client or whatever you need to his his job is to ensure
that everything is working as it was intended to be second one is – his job
is to handle all the exceptions that come up comes out so since he will be
discussing with the clients what is the intended product there would be
exceptions where the product might fail or or the testers wouldn’t have known
like this would be the outcome if someone enters this particular test case
into it so his job is to handle handle those exceptions as well and then if he
sees any bugs around he needs to tell the automation architect that these are
the bugs in your project that whatever you have created so you need to fix that
and then finally the last job he has to do is to review the analytics see the
process and if there is any scope for improvement go and tell the process
designer this is the way things are working but this if we follow this
particular methodology we might go more efficient so his job is to look at the
analytics review it properly and then look for scope for improvements and
report that to the process designer so that is the basic role of the production
manager so the next question which comes into mind is which RPA tools to learn
now you’d be wondering okay the we’ve talked a lot about different jobs that
are out there different companies are hiring RPA the next biggest thing which
is the tool that I need to learn in order to be in the market in demand
right now so there are in my in my opinion and the market research that I
have done according to forrester there are three RPA tools which lead the market
right now and those are the three tools that your screen on seeing on your
screen right now first is uipath second is automation
anywhere and third one is blue prism all of these three tools are the current
market leaders and everyone is looking for these tools to be in your resume
when they are hiring RPA developer so let’s talk about all of these tools
one by one so uipath is a very very very simple tool which is very easy to learn
it comes with a visual designer it has a very simple user interface it is very
easy to learn and it is highly effective and another good thing that uipath
provides is a community edition so you can if you are a lone person who is
trying to learn you can just download it for free you will get one two words for
free and you can implement the entire process that you want and see how things
work learn the entire tools see different test cases and like properly
master the tool so from learning perspective in my opinion uipath is the
best it is free moving to the second tool
that we have is automation anywhere now automation anywhere and blue prism both
of these tools are very very reliable and highly scalable comes with a lot of
different functionalities order mission anywhere has this option of what store
where you can go and get different programs which are pre-made for you so
you don’t even have to make many programs you can just download it from
there and use it on the go it is hi both of these tools are highly
adaptive adaptable to different changes but the problem with both of these tools
is blue prism 2 is not free all together it is there is no free version for blue
prism out there so if even if you want to learn or even if you want to see how
the tool looks like you need to pay pay first fully and then you can go on to
work with Blue prism it’s fully licensed when it comes to automation anywhere you
can get a free trial for some time to basically learn the tool so if you are
looking to learn in my opinion two of the tools which you can take into
account is uipath an automation anywhere as it doesn’t cost you anything to learn
from there and you can put that on your resume and all of the companies which
are hiring are looking for any of these three tools some are looking for some
particular tools in some cases will be uipath somewhere it will be automation
anywhere somewhere it will be blue prism but most of the companies that are
hiring just put this information that they want anyone who has hands-on
experience on uipath automation anymore blue prism that is the tool that they
are looking for just a quick info guys Intellipaat does provide end-to-end
training on RPA tools like uipath and automation anywhere so if you are
interested you can check out the course details given in the description below
now let’s get back into the session so in my opinion if you are looking to
learn go for uipath because it’s completely free you can work a lot with
it or you can go for automation anywhere you get a 33 30 day free trial you can
use that and you can learn along right so the next question that comes into
mind is okay I’ll earn RPA what is the average salary that I’ll be getting so
what is the average salary across different roles and different countries
that we’ve seen so I’ve seen the job rows of across different domains that we
have in our piece of production a manager is there and then there is
automation architect and all of those salaries are see
I’ve spread across different websites and I’ve made an average out of it of
what people are paying right now so if you are a fresher and you are in United
States you are looking at something around eighty thousand dollars and if
you are in India and you are a fresher you are looking for looking at a number
around seven LPA mind you this might fluctuate according to your role and
experience so fresher is somewhere I am saying zero to one year or two year of
work X and an experienced developer is somewhere across two to six years of our
kicks right so if you are an experienced developer in the United States then you
are looking at an average salary of at least one hundred and twenty five
thousand dollars and if you are in India you are looking at a number around
eighteen LPA or which is a huge number for any developer out there eighteen LPA
in India is a very high number so if you needed any motivation to loan RPA this
is it there is a lot of money in it and there’s a lot of different big fishes in
the sea who are hiring so you should start learning RPA today in my opinion so
let’s talk about UI path now let’s let me introduce you guys to UI path so this
UI path is again like I said it’s an RPA software
it’s an RPA tool which can be used to create RPA automations right it offers
a community addition which can be used for for people like us who are beginners
who want to move into RPA technology for free it is available to us and we
can practice all we want on our computers right the uipath companies was
founded way back and I think 2005 but they came up with their appear too late
in 2013 they have various offices they have offices in Tokyo the US and many
other places around the world right moving forward now let’s talk about how
you can install uipath on your system so let me help you with setting up uipath
on your system so here are the steps which you can follow to basically
install the uipath software the first thing that you have to do is basically
go to this that is uefa.com slash developers and
slash community edition download once you go to that link you will basically
see a page like this right now all you have to do is further perform so you
have to fill the first name the last name the email address and all these
fields one once you fill all these fields just click on request Community
Edition and that will set you up right that will just basically send you a mail
on your email address so once you click on request Community Edition it will
lead you to this page which basically will say thank you for your request and
now you will receive a mail with the installation steps that you can use to
install your app your software now guys once you receive the mail the mail will
look something like this all you have to do is click on download the uipath
Community Edition and this will start your download for the you iPod software
once the software is successfully downloaded we’ll just click on the file
and let me show the what steps follow after that all right so once the file
has been downloaded just click on the file and it would open this screen right
now this is the installation screen guys let it be here for like a minute or two
minutes once the installation is done you will get one more screen where you
will be asked to enter the email address so let’s wait for that screen alright so
once that installation is complete you will see this screen just click on
activate Community Edition and enter the same email address which you entered
while registering for the product right so I registered using this email id so
let me just put in that email id once done just click on activate this
will activate your product and now you can successfully use uipath on your
system so guys this is how the uipath studio basically looks like I’ll get
into more details let us just read come back to our slides
alright so guys to summarize whatever we did we went to this link we filled out
the form which was mentioned on the webpage we received an email with all
the information and the download link we clicked on that and then we install
uipath studio we got a screen in the end where we clicked on start Community
Edition trial and then we entered the email address which we registered on the
webpage right once that is on your UI path would be all set up and ready for
you to use moving forward now let’s talk about our first program in using the RPA
technology on the UI part studio so let us switch back to our UI path studio
which looks something like this awesome the first thing that I have to do is I
will click on process so any click on process just name your process something
let’s name it as hello would all right and now your project is
getting ready so you iPod is downloading any dependency which is which might be
required for your project and once this is done you will reach the main page
where you can start creating your project all right so let’s wait for this
to end and then we should start with our project awesome guys so this is your
main screen so the first thing that you would do is create a process alright so
there is an activity called sequence so just click on activities and click on
search activities and click on the search bar and just drag and drop the
sequence activity over here so basically if the sequence or activity specifies
all your processes so like I said you have to design a sequence of steps that
are going to basically create your project or are is basically going to
solve the problem at hand which you which the problem that basically you
want to solve using RPA alright for simplicity sakes let’s do a very simple
program first so what I want to do is I want our PA to basically send me a
message box which says hello world let’s see how this works out so we’ll type in
hello world and that’s it right and now let’s run
this automation all I have to do is click on sequence and click on the Run
button the moment I click on the Run button you
will see that the uipath studio will minimize and your automation will start
executing and this is what I get I get a hello world message box the moment I
click OK the automation would end and I would reach the UI path studio so this
is basically how you get started with UI path now let’s create a more a little
more complex problem now let me show you how to do anything in your computer for
example say I want to say I’m going to click on the start button how would I be
able to do that so all you have to do is inactivity is just search for an
activity called click right just drag this activity over here
now it says indicate on screen just click on the indicate on-screen button
and now you would have to select where you want to click exactly on the screen
right so let me select that so since I do not have anything over here what I
can do is I can also start delay right so if I click on f2 I get a 3 seconds
buffer time so what I’ll do I’ll exit this presentation screen and I reach
over here now I want to click on the start button so the way I can do that is
go here and as you can see a small box will appear on the start button and I’ll
just click over here and now as you can see in the UI paths to do it recognizes
ok so here it has to click on the button and all I’ll do right now is click on
sequence and click on run and you can see that my process will automatically
click on the start button now this is just one step right now you can do a
sequence of steps as well to really understand the power of your iPod studio
for example say I want to go to in telepods com website I want to search
for a course called RPA go inside that page and then click on the RPA course
right so let us do this manually first to see what all we’ll have to do so
first my program should open in telepods comm once the website is open it should
click on the search bar type in RPA and then click on search
once my program will click on search I will get this page which will have the
course and all I have to do is click on the course and that will basically open
the details of the course so this is what I want to do using my RPA program
so let’s see how we can do that so first we’ll have to search for an activity
called open browser so I’ll search in open browser as drag and drop
drop it over here and what I want to do is I want to go to not gone okay so by default the browser
that it will open is Internet Explorer so let me choose Chrome over here and
let’s see what happens right so let us first execute only this part and see how
it goes so I click on run and it opens the website for in telepods
awesome guys so this is what I wanted now let’s go ahead and do the next step
which is basically searching for our PA in the search box right now there is a
catch over here when you using Chrome you basically have to install an
extension for Chrome which would basically be for uipath right so if you
want to go to a particular address that would work but the moment you want to
you know get some say I want to click on the search bar so it has to recognize
the search bar in the browser for that you need to install an extension in
chrome right I’m not gonna go over how to install your extension what I’m going
to simply do is choose IE over here so in with Internet Explorer you do not
need any extension all you do is you select IE and you just click on run and
now you’d be able to see that your internet explorer will open and it will
have the Intel apart website opening automatically ok so this is the in
telepods com website and it opened on the IE explorer and the automation
exited right so our next step now is to basically search for a program right so
I’ll have to search for an activity which would basically type in this
particular search box so what I would do I would search for an activity called
type and here I find type in to write this drag and drop it over here and now
indicate element inside browser just click on this and click on the search
bar so this is where you want to type and what do you want to type you want to
type our P that’s it right so let’s see if this automation gets executed
successfully so I’ll just click on run and now the web page opens and the RPA
is typed automatically over here awesome now the next step is to click on search
so what I’ll do is I’ll search for an activity called click drag and drop it
over here and now indicate the element inside the
browser which is the search button click over here and now it knows how to click
on the search button right let’s cruise all the browsers which are open and now
let’s try to run this program again so if I click on run so basically it opens
an IE browser clicks on a PA clicks on the search button and then exits right
and as you can see it has search now reached the RPA page awesome
next step is I have to click on the RPA course so again I will drag and drop a
click event and now I will choose the RPA cause to click on awesome so this was
also done and this is as easy as it took only two minutes for us to create this
kind of an automation had you been creating this automation and probably an
automation according to like selenium or Python it
would have taken around 15 or 20 lines of code for you to do that and obviously
over here you did not require any programming experience it was as simple
as just dragging and dropping some elements and getting your automation
being able to run right now one thing that you might have noticed is that it
ends pretty quickly the moment it does everything right so what you can also do
is we can delay the automation to end by specifying a timer over here so probably
I want the automation to run for three more seconds after it does everything ok
so I’ve entered delay for 3 seconds and now let’s see how it works so I’ll just
click on the sequence click on run and now let’s see how it goes so it goes it
went to in telepods comm search for a PA clicked on the search bar clicked on the
course waiting for 3 seconds and then exited the automation awesome so this is
what we wanted and this is your first program in our PA guys I want you to
practice it right get a hang of all the tools of all the elements which are
there in your so here you iPod Orchestrator dashboard
so as of now it is Robo jobs process assets queues and schedules is all are
zero because right now we don’t have any process publish to Orchestrator so how
to connect orchestrated with UI paths to you now we have to make sure that you I
pass to you can communicate with the orchestrator so how it communicate and
how we can and what we can configure to make it a connection between the UI pass
to view an Orchestrator so the first step is the robots you have to go to
first robot ears here you need to create your own robot so here it right now it
is in a blank and from the plus button the Add button you have to click on and
the standard RF Probot there is a dual robot like floating no boots and the
standard oh good so as of now you have to select on the standard robot only are
you going to click on the standard rule book here it is asking me a machine
named user domain username password and type so so here for the Machine name you
have to enter your machine name so how you get your machine e you can go to the
your C Drive properties and here is my reward me five four one one so you need to copy your computer name
in the machine going to is this and it is searching for here it will show you
the provision machine yes you know to select this one now in the name you can
write any name of your Robo lecture suppose your Robo name
robohand o3 domain Lee or the user ring so user name of your system when you log
in so the same username you have correct here so for me it is what a sort of your
windows Password now you able to see here I in the type
it is development attended unattended and non production so this is nothing
but a license type so as of now when you open the orchestrator URL so this is
only for the demonstration purpose so uipath has only provided further
development license only so only two development license that means solid
robo you can create and if you’re able to see this attended
unattended so at these license we don’t get this license in the demo version so
I attended is nothing but when you gotta have that ended place because it means
the human intervention will require to run your bar that means your bot is
going to be run in your machine only unattended that means the cool your body
is going to be deployed to some other machine and from that machine you can
run so as of now we are having the development license over here I am going
to select this development only and then click on create security now so here you
are able to see this Robo one two three machine name this username type is
development and major thing is here till it is
disconnected mode that means still the orchestrator need to be connected to the
Yule pass to do so the next step to connect your Orchestrator is you have to
go to the machine first it’s loading now so here the Robo the same machine name
it appears in the machine automatically because we already created this our
machine name here the same machine once you create it automatically pop-ups in
machine tab and now it is showing me install version unknown because it is
not till it is not connected to the uipath studio that’s why it is not able
to read the current version installing the current version of the UI path is
installed here in your machine now select this click on this Add button standard machine okay now you have to go
to this view option here it is created a machine key if you were to see here
robots it automatically creates your machine key that means if it is unique
to your Robo and unique to your machine only
in this case it is giving me a password kind of thing so we have to copy this
password or machine key and associate this password to the UI pass to do
so how to associate this machine key to uipath studio so if you go to the Start
menu and if you you will put it to find the uipath robot the uipath robo so this is nothing but a
robo once you install your uipath studio you’ll read of what one uipath robo in
your machine by default so it is a main agent which is who is responsible for
transferring the data from the movie the uipath studio to the orchestrator so it
is a mediator between your uipath studio and Orchestrator if I click on the
uipath Robo here actually it is showing me directly because I was already
connected this one before so ok so now go to the settings one here settings and
you need to give now it is asking for the orchestra URL so here I am going to
copy this URL Orchestrator you are and machine open so sorry for machine copy now I’m going to be this now let’s
try to connect this so it is showing me an error message the given header was
not formed that means you have to only write the URL of co.com not machine so
let me remove this and let me connect now it is connected right and the status
here you are able to see this connected and licensed right let me close this one
here the status becomes green here you will see this green and the username is
it is also the green that means this username is active now and statism is
available now my Orchestrator is connected to the UI pass through here
and if you see the robo uipath robo here if you click on this and in the down you
are able to see here the connected one now this is robo now ready to
communicate Orchestrator like he why he’s like you i pass to do whatever the
code you are developing in the UI pass to you once you publish your port it
automatically will go to this Orchestrator
so and from the orchestrator you can schedule your work if you able to see
here the schedules so right now I don’t have any package
here so I need to publish my package to put links down here so now the status so
this is the two-step bus for the robots and second is the machine so once you
able to connect this even is the publish your tasks and even schedule your tasks
so this is the steps so let me try to publish one task and I’ll show you what
exactly the package is and how it create the package right so let me go for the
UI pass to you and I do some operation here’s something a little operation
small operation is its message power you I’m going to save this and how to
publish your ol food to the orchestrator so here you are able to see here the
publish button once you click on the publish it is asking for Orchestrator so
and the new version it automatically creates a version incremental version if
you in the second time if if you change if you update any code in your UI path
studio and if you try to publish this it automatically creates a new version here
right so let me publish this it is publishing in your package so here the
project published successfully and the version is this and the names of process
is blank process let me click on the key button here and let’s check in our
artist item so I am going to refresh my browser now in the process you have to
click on the process right now load a time shown home so in this case you need
to add this and now the package name and this is the
drop-down once you select the drop down here you will get to your package here
this is the package or whatever you have published on that so I just select it on
this package and my package version is automatically pops up and it is showing
it is also asking me and it’s a man little thing environment you have to
create an environment so what exactly is an apartment is so in the programming
world or in in RPA so there could be three or four staging environment like
first is stage is your development a maneuver environment second stage is
your testing environment third stage would be your UI environment and full
stage would be your production environment so this is the common
terminology once you if you mean once you go to do any RPA a domain or in the
programming so this is these are the common staging environment so we have to
create our environment let’s say suppose we are currently in our development
environment so we need to first create our environment and then associate our
package to that particular environment in this case I need to create
environment here so let me go for rating than one you so there were some because in the
earlier version there is separately they have a tab for the environment so might
be they have changed something so okay fine
so let’s go to the process here now click on the Add button now you have to
select the your package name version is loading so version is noted here now I
need to create here with my developer environment
TV so no data found here this is a second because this you know like this
Orchestrator is common to everyone is the public domain so a lot of people are
working on this domain in the same domain so in the in the remote section
if you go to the robots and there is an environment here you have to click on
that particular environment to create the environment and then click on the
Add button now I am going to create my environment as a dev environment you can
write description in creative environment I have to select this update
1 now my environment has been created similarly you can create your test
environment so let me go for to the process now I need to associate my
package to that particular environment this version
now it is showing me Devin test so let me select this dev environment and
create this now the my process named as blank
process which is associated with my dev environment in the same way if we go to
the schedule here you can simply schedule your board so and here the
schedule name of the schedule like suppose doing description schedule
process you need to schedule I have a process and automatically it is
associated with the devil the blank process underscore dev you have to
select this one and the time zone is it is asking you know like Hawaii is asking
for the time zone because maybe you your bot is going to deploy it to some other
some other countries suppose they have some different time zone so as per the
different time zone your scheduled time will be different right so that’s why it
is asking me or time zone here so let’s say suppose my body is supposed to
deploy in in some time zone which is something like let’s select the Westons
where central Africa now similarly like in your mobile also
you can schedule your new alarm and all the things like calendars everything
similarly we can schedule this so this is the minute hourly basis you can
schedule daily basis you can schedule right if you want to select this one
minute so if once you schedule this one minute I am going to create this so it
is going to be scheduled so in the few seconds I just in the next second run
would have been the few seconds okay so after one minute
it automatically starts running my bot is automatically starts running so let’s
wait for the 1 minute so this is overview for the orchestrator how it
works and why basically the orchestrator is required because basically like
Orchestrator is only see this what is already executed and the message appears
right hello so this kind of thing like in the arcus
traitor this is very high-level thing and first very first stages connection
and sometimes it will trick in many people have query that we are not able
to connect the orchestrator with you I pass to you so if you follow these
particular steps definitely you can connect any quickly sequence big upload
your packages and schedule your pod so this is the steps and the jobs assets
and queue this is again the very important and very interesting to our
section in the orchestrator I’ll quickly explain and later on make will know will
go into and also one more things you can you can also create your own environment
in Amazon Web Services like in there so you can create your own infrastructure
in Amazon and in AWS server you cannot the even schedule your water and deploy
your bar to able M AWA server so it is absolutely free for a one-year
subscription is it totally free for the one year so Essex is very important part
in the in the robotics because Essex is nothing but you know like let’s suppose
you are going to log in your Gmail account and which is having some
username and password so so in this case like you know the username is okay but
password is sensitive data so for the sensitive data how you pass your
sensitive data in your code the one way is you can write in your text file and
then read the text failure password and then insert into the you efforts to do
what it is highly unsecure in this case anyone can take your password so the
second case is you can store your password in database and then connect
your database and get that password from your database and apply in the you APIs
to do good again it is it is not recommended because you are storing your
password in database and there is the M number of ways how to get your how to a
set your password but the meet the secure one is the Essex so all the
secure thing you can you can write down you can simply type in Essex so I’ll
give example here this is the name and type
and value so so name of your assets that means electricity username and type of
your data type in username would definitely in the text type right and
value is suppose X is supposed to be all right this is the value this is the
username so here and you are able to see this username and and the value here
this is my value now I need to create a password here
so in credential if you select the credential it automatically ask for the
two thing username password and you need not need to create a separate user name
right because anymore 2 3 oxford so ok so here the password is automatically
created here so and the C in the secure manner so later on like when you how to
consume this name value this parameters right from the UI pass to do we have an
assets if you go to the uipath Sexy’s you like their six and here you are able
to see this exits so this is nothing but a method you can simply drag and drop
and you can hear the great assets if you officially it is it is showing you an
error because the argument is not supplied in the gate assets so here we
need to supply the argument as assets name so for the SS name we have suppose
this username is minus X write the name of the assets is the username and I want
the value Ravi rod right so I need to give here the assets s as
in the string username yeah here is a user thing is like missing here to the
mean and even to output only going to be in store going to be storing the
variable so you need to create some here suppose X is my variable so once
you try to get the value here in the message box X now I mean message box is
always going to be a string so I need to convert this to string now let me open
this one and going to save this let me excuse this and the one
recommendation for you once you start developing in your you APIs to do like
first unit you you have to debug your code with by clicking on the debug read
or rather than just running on this because you are not able to if any
errors comes in you are not able to trace what exactly wrong ends so let me
try to debug now data sets is executing if in the exit so so the user names
bubbles right so similarly in your code you can you can securely access your a
key value pair it is name and value pair with the help of the assets so it is
highly recommended to use this so one more thing I want to discuss here you
will configure your values once I saying that configuration of your
value that means let’s say suppose here I am going to give in a message box and
writing something here this is nothing but a hard-working test right I’m
writing some value which is hard-coded in my code and it is highly not
recommended because in programming in in robotics while you are developing the
code every variable should be in should be dynamic like should be dynamically
storing configuration file or assets the reason behind if suppose if if suppose
you need to change some value parameters so in this case you have to go to your
code explicitly change your code so it is not recommended to change the coroner
change the value inside the code you have to simply go to the exits or you
have to simply go to the configuration file and you can simply change your
weight variables over there instead of going to the fourth because you know
like if you are if your process is huge and there will be multiple modules in
the process so in that particular modules and you are you and if suppose
we are using the same variable the same values in terms in the multiple modules
so index this is a scenario you have to go to the multiple models and change
except city from the code level so it is highly not recommended so instead of
this you change in this one single point in the configuration file or in the xx
I’ll show you the configuration file also which is project by the UI part
itself like you can easily use that particular configuration file and even
easily make your code enemy so let me let me delete this one because it is
always pop you can easily disable or remove it I’ll show you the
configuration file and once you go to the start menu here you will see here
the robotics enterprise framework so every code which which governs why are
this re framework the short form is re framework
uipath is always recommended to use the re framework but it is up to you you can
use you can utilize this re framework or you can make your own custom framework
so I will give you what exactly in the re framework here once you click on the
hari framework it is it automatically creates odd hours ml file here
properties enterprise framework I change my drive to be drive UI path now let me
create this we want to save my fare file yes its grading so re framework is
nothing but a template so that particular templates you can utilize in
your code in your project so it is recommended by the new iPad so this is
so this is nothing but a template like re frame word template so the first
stage what exactly so this is you know like the your entry point of your
product once you let us suppose you are developing your code how to start your
code how to start your development what would the first stage right so the first
stage is would be like suppose before once your word starts working actual
work so you need to clean your environment clean your environment that
means if any applications is already open any instance any node pets and
etcetera you need to first close everything because we don’t want to like
let’s say suppose if any applications is opened right and your bot is running so
maybe maybe it could be like you know like what can fails because of that
unwanted applications is already opened intact so you need to first close or
kill your or the application to make the clear path for the bottom right and the
second thing is you need to initialize your configuration values so I’ll show
you what exactly the configuration for values
which is very much similar to your assets name value bearing so once I say
the name value bearing that means the name would be the user name value value
is your do you use earning values similarly it’s
like password and the password value Lexus for example if you want to open a
Google website so in that case that URL is equal to double dot Google Doc this
wwr to padam would be the value and the URL is your name so this is nothing but
a name value peering so the initialization state is stage it will
pair all the name and name values pairing and it will return an object and
that particular object you can utilize in your whole process I’ll give you a
small demo so ready very easily understand what it is that I’m talking
about so once you go through in the initialize stage here I’m going to click
on this so the stage here here it is system
system error is nothing that means it is allocating the
system error equal to null or system error is now initializing the blind
initial States right second stage is if first Roderick now this is the raid
configuration file reading the configuration file right so let me show
the configuration file you of behind the UI bar and re-frame work
right here in the data folder if you go this is a config file here then they
have categorized settings constants and assets right so settings constant and
assets here so if you able to see this is like you know it’s the predefined
variables you can change even modify as per your process so so this is the
initial conflict on configuration file where you can map your name and value
similarly in the assets you have seen that name and value right so let me try
this one you know like I suppose if I want to open Google so in this case I
need to write simply URL or anything like name to be anything and the value
would eat similarly you can configure your every all the values here so the
advantage is once you want to change if suppose my my it is google.com some
company like Google has changed their URL or something like that so in this
case you can simply let go you Adam in the configuration file and you need not
hook inside your code and and update all the values from the from the you I pass to you right you can
simply change your or the illusion and so this is a biggest advantage of using
the configuration file so before this I just want to show a demo
the demo would be like simply the simple demo trying to open a website and either
fight like this card or Amazon and that particular URL would be going to be
reside in the configuration file not in my code so for this so in the
initialization state it Maps all the name values bearing and it will return
an object if you go to the arguments here so here in the arguments even able to
see this out conflict equal to this copy that means this configuration is my
object this is the data dictionary so theta dictionary the concept of the data
dictionary is mapping the name value pairing so that means let’s suppose my
configuration file name and value name is one values two three
likewise right so in this case what exactly the uipath studio will do to
help of this configuration file it will pair your name and value and store in
one box for uses store in one object so let me sum let’s suppose this is a box
or optic as a name limit term I am using the box right in the inside the box you
will take this name value name and value peering right so that means a particular
object and how to delete the object this is the output is configuration conflict
or this is my output right and further in your code in your hood you can
utilize this by losing this conflict by box nothing but a my box or object on
fig and then you can ask the parameter which is name name that means here the
name is one okay the table trimming food string so you will get an output let’s
suppose I am getting output X and you will take X equal to 2 so in your whole
process you can use this conflict and you can simply write this conflict name
is 3 & 2 string you will get stolen some other variables
so answer would be for equal true poor so I’m going to create an object
and which contains all the name value pair and then it will retain an object
and that particular object that is nothing but a conflict and we can
utilize this conflict intact in our entire process
so quickly I will show you the demo and how to create an object so this is an
initialization stage dots this ml file here right and inside the framework so I
just utilize this I just copy this initialize all settings towards ml file
just remember this you can simply copy this and let me go to mine being task
let me create a one task here go to the process and just demo teamwork initialize all settings odds ml file so
you have to go to the sequence you now for like invoke workflow over file
so let me sleep on this and they’ll file which is okay here it is a the framework
and said this is initialize all settings right if we I we need to call this one
so let me copy this and initialize all settings and selecting this initialize
all settings Oh so in the input arguments what exactly
so here if you’re able to see it is asking for the in input configuration
file I am going to initialize I am going to make a object I am going to make a
box which contains an e value pair so for this I am going to call the
initialize all settings for initializing all setting what would be the parameters
which require it require where is the file where is a
configuration file so because you know like with the help of that but in the
configuration file we have to create the object so we need to give the
configuration file location right so it is asking for configuration file
location so Matic contradiction final location needs inside the data and this
is the configuration on thought here I have given the config file and it is
asking free to me the conflict sheet name right so there if you remember
there was three shield yeah settings constant and and assets so let me give
the setting same constant variable so the there is like constant or constant 30 in seconds we are going
to fight it means in whatever the values in the second sheet it will map all the
values in the settings and output is my like conflict it will going to be you you on pit has been created so
I’ll give the location of the configuration file and given the sheet
name of of the configuration file now I’ll going to get this configuration
written object right because this is the out right so that means I hope that
means this initialization this initialization all settings will give an
output which is named as config so this is my final output and in the further we
have to replace this conflict so now once I once I run this board
it creates an object that is conflict now we have to utilize that particular
conflict so for for this like I I just want to open a URL so for open if you
want to open any web browser so we have an activities which is known as open
browser you need to simply drag and drop here open browser
automatic asks insert the URL here so if you go for the heart code you don’t
simply go to the different simply write W dot Beauregard on it we are going to
utilize our configuration so in this case I need to enter that in the
settings sheet I have to enter here the URL name and L you would be capital you
got well dot oh so this is my name I would need to like remember this name
you have to you need to copy this because you know like you have to ask a
name so name it is a case as I said if you
know like if you write something this is the URL and you’re writing some
in the smaller place URL or you are one or two three what are the thing like in
that is you will not get the value because this is you know like it is
going to search with this particular URL name so let me copy this save this okay
so my configuration file is now having the URL here and for you and get for
getting the value configuration file and how to get a the value this is nothing
but conflict file automatic this is my output after object is having the key
value peering and I’ll pass sim is a simple to pass like the conductor code
I’d need to copy this URL and would spring so it first it will go to the
initialization stage it will pair all the things key value Barry and I will
get the object as a country right feel this and I will go into it races so let me
execute this and I am going to execute the in the damper in the debug mode so
in the debug mode in the right side you will observe that they move frameworks
executed initialize in see here it the config file somehow you know like I have
given the parameter config but I don’t know why it is no it has not saved that
particular conflict so let me again save this country here again and check in the
in code so the porn thing is there right so this is what the debugging steps like
you know like the easiest way so here you are able to
see this the message box successfully prompts me but w-will dot google.com and
try to I am going to okay and it is going to launch and browser link that is
w dot google.com right so because before starting in and development you just
simply go to the configuration file you can configure your name and value pair
and start from this I own
how to read email message and download email attachment this road with the
first topic and the second would be the flow chart with the help of floater and
what’s the difference between the sequence and jar show you an example how to log in how to
capture the web elements during an element and physical float art and watch the
difference between saluted and sequence and capturing or you can say they are
recording of their flicky so first cover like this
you know like email thing is very important and it is it everywhere the
email utility is going to be used so I’ll show you first thing like how to
read an email and how to download the attached so what would be the pretty
pussy for this if you think if you want to read it read some email from your
outlook there will be some specific subject line that we need to pass
because you know like if I want to read every email it’s not the feasible thing
because you have some certain amount of email you want to read and the second
thing is that you have two filters with some subject line some specific subject
line and that email matches with this specific subject line then we have to
download the attachments of this so this is the basic workflow that I want to
show you and I want to demonstrate this first part the open way path let me
create one more sequence here so as of now I am showing you all the things in
the sequence and later on while showing the flowchart and basic difference while
sequence and why not flowchart and why flowchart why not sequence so this is a
basic difference between the sequence and flowchart sequence is nothing but as
a name suggest if you want to do some operations sequentially let’s suppose
you are opening a web web browser you are login to the web browser you are
clicking somewhere in some button in the web browser and then you are going to
log out your browser so these are the sequence things sequentially you can
perform this but it is not mandatory you should always use a sequence so
basically the flowchart is if suppose if you need some calculation some logical
decision let’s say for example you want to log in your web page once you log in
the main home pages loading right suppose it is loading so
in this case how your BOTS get to know that your web page has been completely
loaded so in this case you can identify from the from your home browser so in
the home browser there will be some element some button or something
you can wait for that animal to appear once it appears in the in the home page
then your purported to know okay the page has been loaded properly so in this
we have to take some decision to check the elements which are appearing or not
so in this case you have to do some retry option retry mechanism real-time
mechanism is nothing but like you have to give the rig retry let’s suppose ten
times it will retry to the ten times and and watch the whether the element is
appear or not so this is something like operation some logical operation so in
this logical operation you can perform flowchart even though you can also
perform the logical operation in sequence also but you know like if you
perform complex logical thing in the sequence itself then there will be some
code would not going to be readable range so it’s for the maintenance
purpose and it the costing and all the things going to be high if you deal with
the huge large process and with a complex logical thing and you
implemented in the single sequences so you know like it’s not recommended to
use the logical thing in the sequence it’s not recommended but even you can
perform this before this operation with the help of sequence also but a better
option is a flowchart if you want to pick somebody season if you want to take
some logical operation then you can perform the flowchart so and also inside
the sequence you can also create a flow chart also and inside the flow chart you
can create sequence also vice versa so later on like I’ll go with the flow
chart let me complete this email read operation with the help of the sequence
it so I’m I’m going to create one sequence in and I am going to create a
new process over and I’m working the RTA or like the
people are talking about the reusable component so what exactly the reusable
component is so reusable comprehend is nothing but like if you got a modern
project right so in that project first of all the developers are finding out
will find the opportunity of the reusable conference so once they got the
opportunity of reasonable competent a develop the reusable component and later
on in the development part they can hand over the reasonable compact and anyone
can use that particular reusable content for example email if you want to read
email write and download attachment so this is the process so this grommet
process is going to be reusable component why it is reusable component
because you know like if you are doing some project I am also doing some other
project in our project in the both project the common thing is read email
and download attack is not feasible that you are also going to develop the same
code so better is like 1% end developers reusable component and and anyone can
use that particular content so this is the very common concept everywhere the
reusable concept or library you can say in in.net if you see there dll file in
java it is a jar file so these are all the reusable conferencing similarly we
can develop our reusable component in UI part 2 and also there one more thing
like there is a custom reusable content so let’s suppose you are dealing with
uipath activities there’s a lot of activities in the UI path let’s suppose
there is some scenario in which scenario you are not able to perform particular
operation with the help of while path in build activities so in this case you
have to go you have to take a support from dotnet so they have
in darkness like you can develop your poor write and publish and create your
package even though like this is the advanced thing and later on I will
definitely show you how to create a package and how to write a code in
dotnet also if you do some certain amount of operation so after after
publishing the package you can import a package in the UI path and that become
automatically become the activities this RC it is reusable content really me
so the once you publish a package and you can import a package into into the
UI path and once you import the UI part that package become activities same
activities like the inbuilt activities in the UI but
similar activities you can develop your own like this is nothing but known as
custom custom reusable component you can see so
either to way we can develop the reusable content first is with the help
of this sam’l files ml file is nothing but a code what we are doing here what I
am going to develop the reusable component and the second thing is
your custom package right if you go here you see here the managed package once
you click on the manage package so these are the packages this is the employee
packages this package is published by uipath itself and if you want to install
some packages nothing but the activities if you want to install some extra
activities you can also perform that that’s the suppose the uipath system
activity there is the description over there
once you install you can easily use the all the functionality of this similarly
if you want to create your own custom utility and you can also input from here
I’ll also show this this is something advanced topic so let me go for the
activities and we’ll going to will try to develop a reusable component of of
email so I have a Outlook email installed in my machine
so for creating a food I am going to create a pencil sequence yes so the the
reusable component must be in dotnet environment not can we not use in Java
no we can use Java also Python also but only we can develop our we can create
our package ragged package in dotnet all dot and only because you know like this
UI path is built on dotted platform so we can create our own package in dotnet
itself but for the Java we can write a code in the UI path and then we can
invoke this but we are not able to use the jar file and all the things in the
UI path oh you’ve been the activities I mean just like our lab
to answer waterflow cherry can create and then you can use okay
so I’m developing this a reasonable competent and after developing this
reasonable complaint I will hand over to you and all you and you have to call
that so let me first create readable functionality here I am creating the
sequence and just remaining here I really need the practice to rename the
your sequence and all the leads right so right like in the troubleshooting you
are able easily able to find the root cause and all the theme so here I have
created one sequence and inside the sequence there’s one tivities in the out
loop which is known as it out group mail message so this is the get Outlook mail
mess so this get Outlook mail message will
get your all messages email messages email into the output file output object
I’ll show you how to configure the vector outlook be here in the right side
the property pan if you see here the time out section so default timeout is
around 30 so it is 30-second right so what does it
mean you know like once the get Outlook mail message invoke it will contact to
the Outlook server so that it will get the email or download the email from the
outlook server so the timeout section is so like it will wait for 30 seconds
the outlook get Outlook message is unable to pick the data from your
Outlook server within the 30 second then it will give you error so this is the
maximum timeout section before timeout section is 30 seconds even though we can
write our own time of section here always in the middle second it straight
so if I select this 5000 that means column that means it is 50 second so so likewise you can your own a more
section or you can make it before it as of now I’m or 30 seconds and the account
name so a calm name is nothing but the account which you configured even though
like if you are not configured if you’re not writing here the account me let’s
suppose economies you so during your account name it by
default will pick your account so as of now I am not giving anything in that
home so the default account is going to be
and the inbox is a mail folder it is a default one if you have some shared
middle box then you and you can also write here the shade mailbox name so as
of now now to petition in default nickname is in boxes same default name
in box over there it’s a mail folder now private thing I’ll what exactly the
private things so private is nothing but like you know
like click on this that means your own information is going to be log into the
database database like sequel database if the sequel database is integrated
with your you will / then it automatically locks
your this activities information to this so
it is recommended your data is not secure then you can
lock that information into the database if it is secure then you should not
check this option so and this is the filter so filter is nothing but like if
you want to filter if you want to get the email because email received time
let’s say suppose I want to get the email from date well December 2 14
December then only I will get the email between this filter in the filter you
can apply the filter if you have anything and mark is red that means once
your data is downloaded data is downloaded that means your message is
downloaded then you can make it read or unread like if I click on the red that
means like if your if your message easy and read it automatically read so you’re
what are you going to be ready so you can also select this option this is up
to you like depend upon the projects and and only the unread message so that
means if I click on this then definitely it will pick the email which is only
unread and this is the top 30 it will take the top 30 and even change it to
talk and not talk anything and and whatever the message we’ll going to be saved in this outlook
you have to create the output here let’s it suppose all message I’m entering here and in the variable’
you will see a list of mail message that means it is a collection right because
there will be lot of email and that email is going to be stored in somewhere
somewhere that means it should not be in the variable in variable it is not
possible because if you have 50 email messages then how you store the 50
message in the variable so it is going to be stayed in the
collection and I’ll show you so it here I have given the get Outlook
mail message and in filter L this is again there’s something some small
advanced topic and once a once I perform this operation I will also show show you
how to apply the filter it is some query part and for that particular theory part
I’ll also share you how to write a query and all that because you know like query
is something like that it’s a whole world and there’s a lot of possibilities
in that way so I will also explain you how to write the query over there and
okay so as of now I have selected the mail filtering box 100 only the unread
mail right and the top 50 so once I silently execute it right but exhibit it
but it is storing the all messages now we are going to loop it out and find out
the email subject line so matching email subject line so let me go over there
here now I perform the get out to mail message operation now for the for each
control okay so now for each item in which in my output all messages right so
I have to write here all messages now I need to apply a filter or condition
you can see the subject line which is which contains some
matching subject line so let’s suppose I want to fetch the data which having the
subject line test so here I am going to give a if condition and one more thing
here it’s important to notice here like in all message once I click on this all
message here this box there is a type argument so always remember the type
argument you have to change the type of the argument so here we are going to
read a subject rights email subject that means we need to change it and go to the
Browse and then type the system dot red dot net mail right
now you have to select the mail message because we are going to deal with the
mail message so there could be the one more thing like attachments if you want
to download attachments you have to select this one otherwise if you want to
deal with the mail messages then you have to select on this mail message
right I am going to click on the mail message over there
now I have selected the mail message now in the if condition I am going to
give the if condition the subject line which will contains the name of the
subject so in the if condition I’ll go for the item item the first item item
once you click on the dot there is a lot of properties of the email right because
we have selected the object types system dot light dot mil dot message in this
part right so it will show me all the properties of your email so item if you
click the attachments BCC body everything so we are going to select the
subject subject part and things although you can even implement equal
also because and if you equals it means your subject line should be
is sensitive in context like not important here if you see the function
string con dot contains value as string as boolean that means inside the
parameter I have to give a string value and the return type would be the boolean
because in the if condition we always remove a boolean right if it is true
then do this operation otherwise if it is fault then so this is the idle
function because we have to get the output as a boolean and here I am going
to if string name so let us suppose and I’m not going to eat provide any poor
thing right so let me create a variable in the argument section because I am
going to cut this reusable core argument section I’ll provide input naming of
variable and all the things for the UL pass standard coding
guidelines so if I you want to be input so I have to write it start from the in
underscore and then amble casing the tip line so this is the ml is and the
argument I could in the string now as of now I’m going to give a
default value here now if try to possible value to this you
have to remove this as of now I am giving the default value here okay and I need to select the input in
underscore subject line let me copy this now it is okay now the subject line
which match if the subject line matches then what to do if subject line match
then we need to download the attachment of that particular subject line right so
in if in the ten condition if it is true then again find to give a for loop to
find out the attachments right so let me get the for loop here you okay fine so in for loop try to change
this item as attachment you can also change right this is up to you you can
write over the attachment now in attachment how to do like a damn door
item dot these attachments here the attachment comes in so now I am going to
iterate for that attach my stone so it will it tricks for attachment of
this subject line now I need to find out the extension of the attachment because
you know like that actually could be XLS file or txt file I only read the h1 which is Excellus
final so in this case you have to again give the if condition if condition you
can write there if parties in brief function path but
extension of what attachment of attachment like this that I copy attachment or name okay let me check why
it is not giving me item thought okay path thought to get extension attachment
okay so when I iterate with this for loop once I click on this in the for
loop here if we see that the type of argument is object but if we need to
select system dot net dot attachments right because we are dealing with
attachments so that’s why it is not giving the property of the attachment
name right so let me change it from the grounds for the types right and then fix
the power here you need to select a cleanse let
all the attachments here now Gordon it will give now it is showing me
name right name so forget extension extension that means
extension of the attachment and the name of the attachment he is equal to
something like dot XLS so now this is my input parameter so I am NOT going to eat
a hard coat over there I need to create argument in that input like in attack
form selector so once we found this attachment email
attachment then we need to download we need to save the attachments right so in
that case we have to save in some folder in some folder location we have to give
to write some command like Bob it’s it’s the complete on the path exist that
means in the folder let’s suppose I am going to give a path hardcore path so
path exists that means if you know like if this path is not exist in that case
now the output of path exists is exists here if you see here exist so I am going
to create a variable these exist is our midst
now it will give me a true or false result if we see here in a variable so
it is a boolean so if the path is not exist in that case it will give you
false otherwise it will give you true because you know like we have to know
whether the particular criteria is matching or not right so I am giving the
path exists or not so now I am going to give
if condition the if condition here if earth is exist that means if these paths
exist that means it will give you true or false if it is true then save the
documents say but I think you although you know like everything all the
activities are there in the way path so path will be like this item right then
the attachment path location so so now again this is my input parameter right
this is the path so again I am going to give an argument here input attachment
for patient so this is my input and I am going to the string so here I am going
to replace this with location and the path question will be and the same thing
like the item is nothing but the item this is the item right so item dot so it
will download the attachment right the way to download the attachments inside
the in attachment path location let’s say suppose if earth is not exist in
this case we are going to throw an exception and estimate estimate section
it was we more why we are using a system conception because we we know the may be
the path could be change right maybe the gorge if you are mapped the
share Drive and this and that particular share Drive is not available there could
be happen right that was you know situation can be happen so in this case
we have to throw the exception right if you click on the drag and drop the throw
and in this so like you know like there could be the two exception for state
system accession and second is a business exception for me this is the
business execution because the path is not formed right I’m going to create a
business exit exception for how to create the business that you can simply
write the new and then the business rule exception try to your exception path not
oh ok so that means we need to encapsulate because you know like if you
are going to throw anything you have to first interpolate your old code in the
trycatch without right edge you are not able to throw anything
okay so I am giving the here the system exception and selecting now I am I just
want to give a message box or even detect in a write a log the exception
logs right so here I am just writing the exception dot message to 3 R it will
prompt you if any exception comes in okay now let’s go to the business rule
encryption of you Frank so our code has been developed and in
the argument section there could be the 3r input types subject line attachment
format and attachment path location so now I just want to create a message
email message let me create your test attach attach file anything XLS then I do sending in it if we send okay fine no and got here
okay so I’m I’m going to change some configuration okay fine
so here the configuration is marvelous and the red
successfully get the email then it will mark as a red and only the unread mail
and top 50 so let me try to execute and let’s observe what exactly the output
would be done this fine it is unable to get the record and the get Outlook mail
message unable to find the subject line which is start with an
input subject line okay the test let me check let me analyse what exactly
that wrong here put dot subject okay line okay fine okay let me try some
because you know like I just simply write get sub tip thought would scream
dot things subject line fine so let me try this in okay let me check okay so what’s wrong here why it is not
able to find the attachments okay so let’s investigate if item not subject
contains subject lying let me debug this what exactly the
debugger in the debug output let’s analyze what exactly okay so main main
executing sequence try catch okay read email executing so get out of mail
executed for each exhibited read email code so everything is executed but you
know like it unable to find the the subject line so that’s why I eat
skin you okay let me again change it to contains
and let me do for the hard-code let me try this okay let me try one more thing
here the get Outlook mail let me give the column name the specific folder does
not exist see the message box over there what we have written I guess it is
successfully now successfully no it is not or main message faulted here so the
specified folder does not exist see the this kind of similar exception you are
going to definitely encounter so this is the common issue why it is showing me
the specific folder does not exist so what so what is this face right folder
over there so you know like this outer loop this outer loop mail message is
talking about your accompany so it is unable to identify the account name so
that’s why it is given me error so let me do one thing let me remove my account
name here and I am going to close this outlook now let’s try it download it or
not example to download you open the hope I mean tell you it is okay it is X
selects okay fine let each into X Alexis file the test is fine
let me check your the subject contains test okay okay fine that makes you happy here the my subject line is in all in
the polychaetes hope that means subscribe try to pick out exactly the
content so let me figure out I’m going to give a
message box over there and try to figure out what are the subject it is packing
item dot subject thought to three it is not getting any message in in the all
message in the output in the gate outer loop message it is not fetching anything
the all message because of this it is not going inside this loop so for this
I’ll show you a proof why it is let me go to the message box now I am I try to
find out whether this output list or collection having zero and one zero
value so let me click the Select a.com dot two string will I do email ease
scoring this or not so let me execute if it is zero that means it is unable to
fetch see this is the zero let me it is not fetching the record email from the
server that’s why it is not going inside the for loop but the reason is why it is
not fetching because this all configuration is correct top 50 mambas
read because we have lot of unread message also created
process similar to this and now you have to write you create a sequence and you
just need to invoke a flag well over file right so I already explained how to
invoke again I’m going to show you so of time right and you need to point a
reusable component or location so for this I just going to click on this
our cereal meal either selecting on this thermal fire now I ready to invoke so
before this we have to import we have to like by clicking on the import argument
or to mitigate imports arguments right so that same R won’t be configured in
the our C code reasonable code so now from here you can write that you can
pass a message it is the code test attachment or neck guard excellence and
application if you want let me think so and let me delete the default values of
the older one so once you get this this really a readable you can remove the
value from the arguments read what I did in the our C code so let me execute so
now this this code has been reasonable anyone can call anyone can consume the
operation and can perform the operation without redeveloping the code okay so
now about next part is I am going to show you how to record and how to log in
screen how to log in a web application how to record available web application
is very interesting and very simple thing in in RPA book and believe me
seventy percent parties is only for this like or web automation and text official
kind of thing so it’s very simple and very interesting so I let me create a
one process logging application so now I’m going to do some flow third
operation over there even though you can write it you can select the sickness and
inside the sequence you can create a flow tart or inside the floater you can
create the sequence if you select the sequence here now in the flow chart the
flow chart once you once I double-click on this is automatically giving the
start right so this is something like kind of flow chart thing so that’s why
it is by default giving me a start now I want to login I am going to log in
an application web application this is my verification let me open this
application it is okay now I’m going to log in this application and after login
I have to click in some some button on the home page right so how to first of
all how to launch the browser so in the the flow chart you can write Oh
browser to the combine you have to join this in the open
browser once a double-click on this okay so the URL you have to paste so again I
am doing this hard code and you can also give if it is going to be if it is if
you suppose this is going to be reusable even providing the arguments right so in
the open browser even open with a URL and do some operation so what exactly I
am going to do here I am NOT going to anything I just back to the flowchart
once I open this I need to login the web page so for blogging I am going to
create the sequence if his name is login login now I will click on the login
inside the login this is a two way to record your web application I’ll show
you it’s automatically recording in the design if you go the recording part
right if you select on the recording there is a lot of recording types if you
want to record the web application you have to select the web application if
you want to the quadrille desktop then you have to they’ve got the desktop
right so as of now I am going to create a recording of the web application is
letting on this now and then press on the record button and with altered tap
button I am going to select because I inner I need to record the login name
and the password and the login button so I’m going to record here with the help
of every recording click on the record button ok so it is you know like if you
if you hover your mouse then you are able to see that image and there in the
left side if you see the cursor position and the dimension on all the things
right so once you click on this because I need to record here the user name once
I click on this so it will ask me something right whether it is our type
password or a simple user name so if you giving here the username you have to
write like this people calm now hit enter they see this
department iterating right if you want to read the password you can simply
click on this and this is the password so we want the mask faith so we have to
select the type password select the password protected okay
if you want to save an exist so you can click on the same so it automatically
records see this is the automatic recording way right if you go down the
reproduce it is automatically it will record the username and the password
it automatically get the password right and then record rate so this is the auto
auto recording but the alternative way of this you can also do this the same
operation with the help of liquid delete this or let me disable this activity and
I’ll show you manually how can we can how can we perform sequence is nothing but like you have to
protect a grace said the floater I wasn’t loving but
today in the login because you know like we were going eat something so you have
to sit if you want to if you if you are going to take anything in the webpage
and in this case you have to select the drag-and-drop the type in to and this is
the new link which which shows that indicate of the screen that means we
have to indicate which part we need to automate so once I click on the indicate
of the screen so it is I want to like you know like automate this I want to
capture I want to spy I want to record this so once I click on this the button
it automatically captures right and here the type name you have to write your
login name the important part is in the right side if you see inside the target
there is a selector this is you know like this very important part how your
uipath able to identify the object because this is nothing but an object
this is you know like your username your any Beverly means write any text of
elements are treated as fitted as object so how it identify the object see the
object there is some mandatory properties of the object the magnetic
properties is nothing is like ID name name of the object ID of the object and
labeling and the tag so this I’ll show you how it how the UI path is fetching
this elements this is nothing but a extremal file right so if you want to
investigate manually you can go to the your web browser right and right click
on this now or press f12 press f2 l right and if you see this is the bracket
small bracket in the corner you can simply click on this and you can
target the element let me show you what exactly I’m trying to explain you open a
gate okay now I’m going to right-click on
this you can also select the inspect element once you click on the inspect
element or f12 you can select on this part of it
okay fine so now you know like it is capturing right same similar way like
you wearing anyway pathos also doing the same thing
once I highlight this email address once I click on this if you see here maximize
this window okay so it is highlighted over there this is your
of you of your elements right so the what is a property the first is input is
tag name of the input is tag this is input this is nothing but a tag name of
your screen is a username right and if you
see the ID also show you okay it is input email same king hi this UI path is
captured here IIT is input email tag is input even
though you can you can also select multiple properties also because you
know like if you get successfully IIT then you are you are done you are able
to capture it right because ID is it’s very important in mandatory properties
if your UI path unable to find the ID because of some reason then you can go
over the your name and other things and even though like even you can select the
additional tag also right how to select the additional attack even’s click on
the open and UI explorer once you open this because you know like this is the
core part of your web app automation if you are not able to identify the
elements then your code is going to be filled it unable to camp recognize your
object in the right side if you see the AAA name is email address EA name is
something but a label this is the email address this is then which is identifies
it as a a name now the fuse so even though like if you have a ID it’s enough
no need to select this one this all the dependent properties and as of now I
just want to show you the demo so that’s why I have selected this a name and user
name or other things right so let me copy this this form X 1 this is nothing
but X path right and going on paste this right so now you have ID a name and all
the things and this is the title of your web browser name of the title right
cause browser testing app called called testing a friend and I am going to
select similarly if you want to type a password Arabic then we have to select
this type seeker password and similarly you can also perform that the password the seeker text input an
input even write the password okay let me check okay it is not able to
convert okay let me do you try this again input into this time I am going to
let then you they’ll talk input into now I am going to okay fine now it is space
over okay now I have to click on a button login button so same thing like
you have to go to big mouse click and indicate on the screen and I am going to
capture this login button all say capture let’s observe in that in the
sector what exactly we got so okay fine so we got ID so we are good to go
because it because ID is nothing but a kind of primary if you go to the ID it’s
it’s easy to automate right so this is now I just created a flow a sequence
inside the sequence I have created the flow chart in the flow chart I am giving
the open browser login browser you know like if login fails then you have to
retrain some retry option and all the things I’ll show in the later section
why am I have chosen the flow chart because you know like I once I log in
then I have to click on the home page but how how my board like to know that
the low home page has been loaded properly or not so in this case I have
to capture some element from the home page and will will retry this option
whether this element is existent or not so this kind of looping thing we have to
perform in the inside a flowchart so let me try to execute this and I’m
going to okay let me close this props it to debug mode it’s loading rate taking more than
burden this is loading right so in between if suppose after this after
logging you have to capture some some element in the homepage and it still it
is loading so in this in this case your food is going to be filled so for this
we have to do some something like to retry this and wait for the element to
appear once elements separated that means like we get to note that the pages
will load properly so this place is loaded properly and going forward like
we will going to click on this some elements and all the things and I’ll
show you how to handle all the situation in the flowchart itself as well as we
are going to use the sequence also if you see here inside the sequence we have
embedded the flowchart and inside the flowchart we have added the sequence too
so this is the vice-versa just a quick info guys in telly pad does provide
end-to-end training on our PA tools like uipath an automation anywhere so if you
are interested you can check out the course details given in the description
below so this brings us to the end of this session if you have any queries
please leave a comment down below and we will reach out to you immediately thanks
for watching guys

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