Salary Finance Case Study: interviews with NHS employees

There is a massive evidence base in the NHS
that says if you’ve got engaged staff, the experiences that your patients
have are more positive. They actually get better outcomes,
so it reduces mortality rates. When staff are under pressure,
they’re more likely to make mistakes. We’ve tried to use Salary Finance
as the opportunity to talk openly about financial health being
part of mental wellbeing. Staff are experiencing financial distress
on a continuous basis. Stress is a part of our everyday job, and worrying about money, on top of that, makes it a bit more stressful. Since they’ve started the Salary Finance
scheme, within our team, I think it has helped a lot of people. Yeah, it just means that I’m debt free now.
It’s got me out of a situation that I still would have been in today,
but for the fact the work are offering it. I was in such financial difficulty,
I had no money left at the end of the month. We just thought that was the way it was,
and that was the way it was gonna be. I could manage it, but it wasn’t a good life
to manage it, to manage debt. They’ve got me back on track. The partnership that we have with
Salary Finance really provides the opportunity for everybody to gain some support. We’ve had about 9% of our staff so far,
within the space of a short period of time, only a few months, who have accessed the site and we’ve certainly had a good take-up
from our perspective. Implementation was really easy to be honest. Whilst it is a little thing for the organisation to do, it is huge for the people who are
experiencing those problems. For staff wellbeing, how I feel every day, how I I feel every time I get paid,
every time I come to work, it has helped! I was negative. I could never do anything,
I couldn’t move, cause… money! My well-being is so much better now,
I’m not stressed and I haven’t got any anxiety. I’m a lot better with my money now,
I do have a savings account. You feel like you can give 110% to your patients knowing that that added stress has just vanished. We have had members of staff who haven’t
been successful in obtaining those loans, but the important thing there is that
they have been supported, so they’re signposted to information and advice. I can’t tell you how good it is to know
that we’re doing something positive. It’s like a weight off your shoulders.
I think they’ve really hit the mark here.

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