Simontive 6 Episode 83: A Tank Upgrades Now

Title: Simontive 6 Episode 83: A Tank Upgrades Now Title: White Seat, Sofa Territory Yi’s Twin: I see that Clyde Martin is back. We have some bad news for all of us right now since Yi has lost his actions. Yi: I can explain. Just give me a second. Please forgive me. Clyde Martin: You have no idea how much I want to punish you with the power that I have, Clyde Martin: but Clyde Martin: I guess I’ll hear you out just this once. Yi: Well, Simon found out about my anti-dog policy, and there is a protest outside my land. Yi: This means that I had to do something about this, and Simon sent a duck without a name to punish me and beat me. Yi: Then those evil dog supporters ran me over. They must be extreme capitalist; I was wondering if I was becoming duck meat. Clyde Martin: That seems about right. Clyde Martin: I actually agree with you. We need to take action. Yi’s Twin: It seems like a good idea to get upgrades for the tank. Yi: That seems like a waste of money, but I do not care since I can just order more money to be printed. We have over a thousand-dollar bills. Here is an example. Title: (Film Prop – Not Real) One Hundred Trillion Dollars for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Clyde Martin: Ugh! Clyde Martin: That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Clyde Martin: I guess we can use in case of emergencies. Yi: Time to upgrade the tank. Time to use animation and invisible powers. Now it is done. This tank can take 200% damage now. Title: Simon’s Island, Budland Kimon: I see there must be a horse in jail right now. I must hear the horse making sounds right now. *horse sounds* *horse sound* *horse sound* *horse sounds* Kimon: That seems better. I like to make horse based hot dogs! I’ll eat you like hot dogs. Kimon: I must be able to take a rest right now. I must tell Simon to come back.

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