Take your Career to the Next Level at Navy Federal Credit Union

[MUSIC PLAYING] RENNIE: I love working
at Navy Federal. When I come to work,
I get super-excited. I think it’s a great place
for a young professional to start their
career because you have so many different
opportunities here. Even if you’re not sure
what you want to do, there’s so many
valuable resources, so many important people you
can meet, introduce yourself to. There’s a lot of
mentors here that are willing to help you
progress your career and at least give you advice. So as a young
professional, I highly recommend if you
can get your foot in the door at Navy Federal,
the opportunities are endless. HALEY: Just thinking about
being able to already have my career started and
seeing how much I can actually grow here, that is exciting. GENTRY: I started entry-level
position, Recruiter 1. And I am currently an
IT resource manager for the database team. Navy Federal invests in
each and every one of us. Any kind of training
I find out there, whether it’s
in-house or outside, as long as we have
it in the budget– and 90% of the time we do– I am encouraged to
take that training. Navy Federal is a place
where you can carve out your own career path. BILL: Many of our
senior leaders right now have worked in
multiple departments throughout the credit union. So I think there’s
always opportunity to stretch your skills. We have such a great
job-shadowing program here at Navy Federal Credit Union. We have a pathfinder
program internally that our wonderful
learning and development program has established in
order to enhance your skills and learn new skills about new
career paths at Navy Federal. We have a secret sauce
as our culture here. Our culture is vibrant. Our culture is wonderful. And again, it all goes
back to who we serve. When we put everything
in perspective, knowing that it’s
the men and women who volunteer their time, their
talent, and truly their lives– put their lives on the
line each and every day– this is the membership base
that we serve on a daily basis. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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