The Bank of Heaven

GLORIA: Hello everybody,
I’m Gloria Copeland and welcome to the
Believer’s Voice Of Victory, hallelujah. Pastor George is
still with us today, he comes back all the time and gives us
more good word on prosperity. So if you don’t want to be
prosperous, just go on and do something else- GEORGE: That’s
right. GLORIA: … because we’re going to be prosperous. GEORGE:
That’s right. Gloria, it is so good to be with you again.
GLORIA: Well I’m glad you’re here. GEORGE: I get so excited
coming to see you and I feel like just sitting here at the
table together having our Bible study- GLORIA: We preach to each
other. GEORGE: We do and I was telling somebody the other day,
I said I’m going to be taping with Gloria and I get so excited
about it because I look forward to what Gloria is going to say.
It’s always refreshing to me to hear the revelation- GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: … that the Lord gives to you as we talk
about these subjects of prosperity. And of course you
and Kenneth have proved over the years that walking in prosperity
is the will of God and it works and I was thinking about this
the other day Gloria, considering where you came from
and what you were experiencing, especially when you first got
married. GLORIA: Oh yeah. GEORGE: Oh, there was. GLORIA:
No moolah. GEORGE: No moolah. Things were… GLORIA: But we
made it. GEORGE: You did make it and what you did… GLORIA: I
cook potatoes in a coffee pot, but they were potatoes. GEORGE:
That’s right. And you had a little television that had a
screen that, the picture was that big. GLORIA: Then, the
picture was gone except just a little bit but… GEORGE: And
those were- GLORIA: You could hear it. See you got to look on
the bright side. GEORGE: If you look at the positive- GLORIA:
That’s it. GEORGE: … you could hear it. You could barely see
it, but you could… You could barely see the Beverly
Hillbillies but… You know your story is really much like the
Beverly Hillbillies. GLORIA: All right, George. That’s enough,
knock it off. GEORGE: They were poor mountaineers. Barely kept
their family fed. GLORIA: Yeah. I liked them but I remember when
they came on, I really liked that, I identified. No it wasn’t
quite that bad where I came from. GEORGE: It was encouraging
though to watch you and Kenneth- GLORIA: But I am a country girl.
GEORGE: You are and you still are, but you’re a wealthy
country girl which- GLORIA: Well I’m doing better now. GEORGE:
You are doing much better now. GLORIA: Since I married Kenneth
I’ve done better. Yes. GEORGE: You have done better. Well, you
and I actually began, we were talking about this before we
came on the air today that today is day 366. GLORIA: Isn’t that
amazing? GEORGE: We just finished our one year of
broadcast. Of course, we started 10 years ago doing this and so
we would do a number of broadcasts a year and as they
would accumulate and grow, we finally reached our 365th
broadcast. GLORIA: Do you know what my conclusion is to the
whole thing? GEORGE: Give us. GLORIA: No reason for anybody
not to be prosperous. GEORGE: Oh, there you go. GLORIA:
366 broadcasts under your belt. GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: You said, “Where you at?” But I was too busy. Well, I
don’t have any thing to say there’s nothing to say. You
don’t get too busy for the word of God if you’ll want to prosper
supernaturally. GEORGE: Right. Exactly. GLORIA: And that’s
really about the only way to prosper. GEORGE: Well it is. It
really is. GLORIA: Unless you’re born rich. GEORGE: All of the
notes that we’ve done since the GLORIA: Good. That’s good. GEORGE: … and all they
have to do is- GLORIA: They’re free. GEORGE: … click onto the
picture of you and me and it’ll take them to not only the video
part of this, but also all of the notes that we work from,
those are available every one, all 366- GLORIA: Praise God.
That’s awesome. GEORGE: … notes. Then by the time we get
through with this week of broadcast, there’ll be 370.
GLORIA: The year of prosperity. GEORGE: I like that. Now, the
year of prosperity, my year of prosperity. I like that- GLORIA:
That’s good. That’s good. GEORGE: … but we do have
people Gloria that really are ministered to by what we’ve been
teaching and I’ve been asking folks for their testimonies and
let me read to you. GLORIA: Good, good. Oh I’d love to hear
it. GEORGE: Let me read a couple of them to you. First of all,
this one says, after having watched several 10 day segments
of Gloria and George on the Believer’s Voice Of Victory
programs, I did what I wanted to do for years. I paid off the
mortgage. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: Praise God. GLORIA:
Victory in the house. GEORGE: Isn’t that exciting? GLORIA:
Yeah it is. GEORGE: And you and I did a series together Gloria,
some time ago, some years ago now called 30 Days to Your Debt
Freedom. GLORIA: I remember it. GEORGE: And it’s available. All
of that is available, that information. They said trusting
God and being debt free is awesome. Thank you both- GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: … for bringing these teachings to us-
GLORIA: Doesn’t that bless you? Somebody was actually listening.
GEORGE: And I’ll read these- GLORIA: And doing. GEORGE: They
were listening and they were doing and they praise God that
they paid off their mortgage. GLORIA: Praise the Lord. That’s
awesome. GEORGE: And that is available for anyone, God is no
respecter of persons. GLORIA: That’s God. GEORGE: Anyone who
will apply their faith, totally immersed in the word of God, get
that down on the inside, speak it and confess it and receive
it, it is available to whosoever. GLORIA: And as long
as whosoever wants to prosper, they can. GEORGE: They can
prosper. GLORIA: Regardless of what’s happening around them in
the world, in the financial system. You can prosper- GEORGE:
You can prosper. GLORIA: … on the word of God. GEORGE: That’s
right. Gloria, what we’re going to talk about this week, we’re
going to be talking about our heavenly bank account. Now, this
is something that you and Kenneth both have taught on over
the years and I grabbed these on the way in this morning- GLORIA:
They look kind of old George. GEORGE: … but, there’s a whole
chapter in this one. The Laws of Prosperity, this was the first
edition of The Laws of Prosperity, and then I also was
studying from this one. This is the, God’s Will is Prosperity by
Gloria, which I actually… this is an actual signed copy from
1979 from Gloria Copeland because you and I- GLORIA:
79. GEORGE: … there was a cover that they were working on,
you didn’t like it, so you came to me, I was the art director at
the time, said George, see what you can do. So we did this
together. We did this. Look at that great picture of you and
Kenneth. We did this together- GLORIA: Who are those children?
GEORGE: But in these books that you’ve done on prosperity, you
talk about our heavenly bank account and people don’t realize
that they have a heavenly bank account. Now let’s take a look
at our scripture here in Philippians. Philippians
4:14-18, so it’s on your page Gloria if you’ll want to just
take a look at it yeah. GLORIA: Oh okay. I can read that better.
GEORGE: I have it on the amplified translation so if you
would… Would you do me the honor of reading that scripture
there? GLORIA: Okay. The first one is the amplified? GEORGE:
Mm-hmm (affirmative). GLORIA: But it was right and commendable
and noble of you to contribute for my needs and to share my
difficulties with me. So these are the people are Sowers?
GEORGE: Those are the Sowers yep. GLORIA: Okay. You want me
to keep reading? GEORGE: Keep reading. Go ahead. GLORIA: And
you Philippians yourselves will know that in the early days of
the gospel ministry, when I left Macedonia, no church… Now
that’s Paul writing. It’s just that, right? GEORGE: Yep.
GLORIA: No church or assembly entered into partnership with me
and opened up a debit and credit account in giving and receiving
except you only. GEORGE: Isn’t that an interesting statement-
GLORIA: He had a… sounds like a few partners. GEORGE: Oh, the
Philippians were his favorite, favorite partners. They were the
people who were… well, we’ll see here in a moment when we
read on. GLORIA: They stayed with him. GEORGE: They stayed
with him all that time. So go ahead verse 16. GLORIA: Verse
16, even in Thessalonica, you sent the contributions for my
needs not only once but a second time. Verse 17 not that I seek
an eager… No, not that I seek or am eager for your gift, but I
do seek and am eager for the fruit which increases to your
credit, the harvest of blessing that is accumulating in your
account. You will always want your account to be accumulating.
GEORGE: Accumulating. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and verse 18? GLORIA:
But I have your full payment and more. I have everything I need,
that’s a good report- GEORGE: It is. GLORIA: … and am amply
supplied now that I have received from Epaphroditus the
gifts you sent me. They are the fragrant older of an offering.
The gifts are fragrant odor of an offering and sacrifice which
God welcomes and in which he delights. So that tells us that
God delights in our sowing and our giving and our helping each
other. He delights. GEORGE: He delights in that. He called it
here in that verse 18- GLORIA: What happens when you delight?
Puts you in a good mood? GEORGE: Doesn’t it? GLORIA: He delights.
GEORGE: Yeah, he delights in that. He called it a fragrant
odor of an offering and a sacrifice which God welcomes so
that was their giving. GLORIA: Yes Lord. Praise God. GEORGE:
This is the foundation scripture, Gloria, to our study
on this, talking about how these people, as it says here, they
opened in verse 15 they entered into partnership with me and
open up a debit and credit account in giving and receiving.
That’s what they did by their giving, they opened up an
account. GEORGE: Now where is this account? It’s in heaven.
It’s an account, it is a heavenly account that was opened
up and that’s what these people did. And I like verse 17 I
really… The statement in verse 17, not that I seek or I’m eager
for your gift, but I do seek and I’m eager for the fruit which
increases to your credit. Now listen to this statement, the
harvest of blessing that is accumulating to your account.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: Now, that word- GLORIA: How long have
you been accumulating a harvest of blessing? GEORGE: Oh, it’s a
long, long time. GLORIA: Long time for us. GEORGE: Oh, it’s
been a long time that that has been accumulating, and we’ll be
talking about this later in the week. How do you make deposits
into your account? Well, the bank of heaven really works in
the same way that a bank on earth works except we’ll find
out that thieves cannot break in and steal. GLORIA: And the
return is much bigger. GEORGE: The return is huge. GLORIA: The
interest is much more. GEORGE: The interest is so much bigger.
GLORIA: Yes, it is. GEORGE: So look at this next portion here.
I wanted to compare this because I think Gloria that as you and I
were talking, of course I have studied this for years and
years. I learned this way back when I studied brother
Copeland’s material about opening a heavenly bank account.
Been talking about it for a long time, but this may be new.
Consider this, this may be a new revelation to somebody who’s
watching us right now. They might be saying, I have a
heavenly bank account? How can that be? How can that happen?
Well, first of all- GLORIA: By deposits. GEORGE: … by…
Yeah, deposits. He made deposits. You open up an
account- GLORIA: Yes, that’s right. GEORGE: … the account
of heaven. Now, I wanted to show this first of all, that there
are bank accounts on earth, we have accounts on earth. In
Philemon 1:18 if he has done you any wrong or in any way or owes
you anything to you, Paul said, charge that to my account. So we
see here that Paul… and in a moment we’ll talk about the
heavenly account, but let’s look at just an earthly account for
just a moment. Paul had an account, he was not poor, he was
not without. He had an account and he said, if he’s done
anything wrong to you or in any way, charge it to my account.
Think about that. GLORIA: He’s so confident he could take care
of it. GEORGE: He did. You don’t just say, “Well, I’ll cover
that, if he didn’t have an account.” Gloria, the Saint…
this just kind of popped into my mind here as I was talking to
you, the good Samaritan when he came to that person that was
beat up by robbers in the road and he took him and he took him
to the town and when that man was leaving, he said to the
owner of the inn, he said, “If he owes you anything, charge it
to my account.” That man had an account. GLORIA: And the owner
believed they could do it. GEORGE: The owner believed,
because I suspect that he went there often and who knows, he
may have been a good tipper. I don’t know, but he was familiar
enough with that man, that he could say to him, look, if…
GLORIA: Just charge it to me. GEORGE: Just charge it to my
account I’ll take care of it, and somehow some way the owner
of that inn knew that that man would take care of it. You don’t
say something like that unless you know. GLORIA: Because we’re
going to charge it to your accounts. GEORGE: He doesn’t
have to look up his bank account. Well, maybe I don’t
have enough money to do that. Paul- GLORIA: He was a
prosperity minded person. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s
exactly right. GLORIA: He knew what he had and he knew he could
get more. GEORGE: He knew he could get more. Absolutely.
GLORIA: That’s right. That’s right. GEORGE: So this account
that that Paul was talking about here, charge that to my account
in John 12:6 in the amplified, Judas had the bag, the money
box, the purse of the 12. Judas was the, over the financial part
of Jesus’ ministry. GLORIA: Yeah, he was. GEORGE: And I
suspect- GLORIA: He was the accountant. GEORGE: He was the
accountant. He was the CFO, in charge of the finances. And so
Jesus had that but Jesus had an account. He actually had an
account where he would give to others. Here’s one in 2
Chronicles 31:11 Hezekiah commanded the people to prepare
chambers. Now Gloria, the word chambers in the Hebrew is the
word store houses. Store houses. GLORIA: In other words, get
ready, get ready, get ready. GEORGE: Get ready. Get ready.
Get ready. GLORIA: That’s right. You’re going to need it. GEORGE:
So they had store houses in the house of the Lord. GLORIA:
That’s right. That’s true. GEORGE: They had an account
where they would keep it. And I wrote off to the side there of
the column, a scripture that the Lord quickened to me early this
morning. Deuteronomy 28:8, the Lord shall command the blessing
upon thee in thy storehouses. GLORIA: Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
GEORGE: Store houses. GLORIA: Well, what if I don’t have a
storehouse? GEORGE: Well, what… GLORIA: What happened?
GEORGE: What happened? GLORIA: You had no place for the
blessing. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s right. GLORIA: I got to
have a storehouse. GEORGE: So it is the will of God for us to
have store houses for God to bless. And not just one, and
this- GLORIA: Houses. GEORGE: Houses. And this includes having
bank accounts, having whatever it is that you have, whether
it’s investments or places. A storehouse is where goods are
stored. GLORIA: And where it’s extra, extra. GEORGE: Extra.
GLORIA: Not native for day to day existence. GEORGE: Exactly.
GLORIA: We have this much over. It’s over. Over and above.
GEORGE: Over, over and above. Exactly. Exactly. And I as your
chief executive officer here at the ministry, we were talking
before we went on the air today and I watch our finances very
carefully. I watch them like I watch my own personal finances
and I get reports and I keep those reports in my book. I
should show you my book. I need to show you my book. GLORIA: I
need to see that book. GEORGE: I call it my book of everything.
It’s about that thick, and it’s- GLORIA: I was thinking the other
day. I’d like to know where we are now. GEORGE: Well, I need to
tell you, but the Lord has blessed this ministry Gloria-
GLORIA: Yes He has. GEORGE: … and we have a number of
accounts. There are a number of accounts, in the ministry, so
the ministry is prospering. GLORIA: There’s a number of
people working here. GEORGE: There are a number of people
working here as well. GLORIA: So we have to have. GEORGE: So we
have to have those accounts- GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
… but it’s- GLORIA: How many people are on staff George?
GEORGE: We’ve got 495 on staff. GLORIA: That’s awesome. GEORGE:
Yeah. Now, that doesn’t count all of the other people. GLORIA:
495. So right at 500 people. GEORGE: Right outside 500
people. Yeah. I keep an eye on… I watch it carefully.
GLORIA: And they expect to be paid. GEORGE: They expect to be
paid. GLORIA: For they are employees. GEORGE: Yes they are.
GLORIA: And they get paid. GEORGE: They get paid. GLORIA:
Glory be to God. GEORGE: But you know what? I do that Gloria. I
study our store houses. I’m also a field inspector, I look at all
of the places where we sow seed. GLORIA: That’s good. GEORGE: And
I keep a running list of how much seed is sown into this
ministry every year because we’re responsible for calling in
the harvest event. So all that to say we have received this
scripture from Deuteronomy 28:8, that the Lord has commanded the
blessing upon us in our store houses in this ministry. And I
so appreciate it. GLORIA: And we’re also tithers. GEORGE: Yes
we are. We are tithers. GLORIA: We’re tithers personally, but
the ministry tithes. GEORGE: The Ministry tithes, the ministry
sows. It’s amazing how much this GLORIA: And the blessing is
here. GEORGE: And the blessing is
here. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: So we have bank accounts
on earth. But listen, there are bank accounts in heaven and
Matthew 6:20 that’s point C on your notes. Matthew 6:20, their
bank accounts in heaven. It says in verse 20 in the NIV, but
store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth
and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in
and steal. GLORIA: I think that’s interesting that’s all
stored up for you. GEORGE: Mm-hmm (affirmative). GLORIA:
For yourself. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: You store it up.
GEORGE: That’s exactly right. GLORIA: There’s nothing wrong
with having money in the bank or your shoe box or wherever you
want it- GEORGE: That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with that.
Yep. In verse 20. GLORIA: This scripture. GEORGE: We just saw
store up for yourselves treasures in heaven in Luke
12:33 it is a treasure in heaven that fails not. GLORIA: Safe. It
is a guaranteed return. GEORGE: Oh, I like that. GLORIA:
Guaranteed by what? By the word of God. GEORGE: Guaranteed by
the word of God. GLORIA: Oh George, I like that. GEORGE: And
the return, the return, the hundred fold return Gloria,
that’s- GLORIA: That grows fast. GEORGE: That’s amazing. The bank
of heaven is not subject to theft, ruin, corruption or
economic conditions. GLORIA: Thieves can’t break through.
GEORGE: Thieves can’t break through, or economic conditions.
No matter what’s going on in the economy, the bank of heaven is
not affected by that. GLORIA: No. Recession, depression, the
bank of heavens’ untouched. Okay. I just wrote on mine.
GEORGE: All right. GLORIA: Return guaranteed in my account.
The word said it. GEORGE: Returned- GLORIA: It’s a
contract. It’s a commitment. There it is. GEORGE: Yep. There
it is. The return is guaranteed. It’s guaranteed. GLORIA: In my
account. GEORGE: It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the
economy. GLORIA: No, it’s a heaven’s economy. It operates on
heaven’s economists. GEORGE: That’s right, heaven’s economy.
That’s perfect. That’s perfect. Well, the Philippians opened
such an account, with Paul in his ministry in Philippians 4:15
this is interesting, Gloria. This is the good speed
translation, it says, no church but yours went into partnership
and open an account with us ah. GLORIA: No church but yours.
GEORGE: How do you open an account in heaven? Well, it
shows us here- GLORIA: Invest. To invest. GEORGE: You invest in
the gospel. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: You invest in the
gospel. GLORIA: No church, but yours went into partnership and
opened an account with us. So no church but yours is going to get
the interest and the increase and the miracle. GEORGE: That’s
a good way to put it. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: No church
but yours. Wohooo. GLORIA: So if yours was the only church, you’d
get it all. GEORGE: You’re doing good.
You’re doing really good. The Williams translation says, no
church, but yours went into partnership with me to open an
account of credit and debits. GLORIA: That means you make
withdrawals if I understand the banking system. GEORGE: That’s
exactly right. GLORIA: You can make withdrawals. GEORGE: Yeah,
you can. You can. And that’s one of the things Gloria, that you
and I will be talking about later on in the week. We are
going to go through, and I call it- GLORIA: I’m already excited-
GEORGE: … a seven point withdrawal slip. That’s the step
by step that you take, and in the books that you and Kenneth
have taught us about how do you make withdrawals from your
heavenly account and then… but tomorrow we’re going to start
going into how to make deposits. How do you make deposits into
the bank of heaven? GLORIA: We’re going to be discussing the
heavenly banking system. GEORGE: The heavenly banking system, and
I’ll just read this, our foundation scripture. I just
thought of this Gloria, our foundation scripture is this in
Philippians, but I didn’t include on this page Philippians
4:19 that says, my God- GLORIA: Shall supply all. GEORGE: …
shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory
by Christ Jesus. GLORIA: Okay. So this system, is underwritten
by heaven, not earth, not the bank over here on the street-
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: … but it’s heaven, underwrites
it? GEORGE: Heaven underwrites it. GLORIA: Guarantees it.
Fulfills it. GEORGE: That’s So good Gloria. GLORIA: I’m already
happy George which is great. GEORGE: That’s awesome, praise
God. So we’ll pick this back up tomorrow. GLORIA: Is it already
time to quit? GEORGE: Well, almost we- GLORIA: He’s just
doing this to me all the time. George and I will be
right back. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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