The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped

mac tell you be in rolling stone has its
review article called everything is raid the biggest price-fixing fixing scandal and he’s right about this now first what
we already know about life work fester how the banks colluded to fix the interest rates and several banks that made it to that
and paid but combined billions in fines and there are billions more coming now of course the reality is they’re
affecting a five hundred trillion-dollar market so couple billion dollars in fines are
no big deal compared the money they’ve already made from it does the same story we’ve heard before
but the new twisters that looks like the federal
investigators might be looking into the london based firm high camp which is
the world’s largest broker of interest-rate swaps now these interest rates while searching
very important especially for local governments uh… and it sounds complicated but
basically it’s how local governments or oftentimes finance the projects that they’re going to the
new a new stadium in new news sources than they might do
interest rates flop now effects also huge market while have huge a market three hundred and seventy-nine trillion
dollar market that is one hundred times the size of the u_s_ federal budget so that turns out that date pics that
market they would make a significant amount of money and as
usual at our expects so tradi explains and i cap ensure interest-rate swap that’s one nine nine zero one screen which is that technical thing these were reportedly controlled by a small group of plenty or so brokers some of whom were making millions of
dollars these brokers made so much money for
themselves the unit was nicknamed treasure island i think you think they don’t know it the ally they sit around the fact that retro
island uh… week texas trillions of dollars worth of industry swamps and interest
rates through live work and we make a ton of money in fact the yen traders said about the
live more fixing it’s just amazing how live or fixing can make you that much money art supplies you could make a lot about
even think some our kids and it’s amazing that is about twenty
hours or so outlook is not often times conspiracies were twenty guys
sickness cigar filled room megawatt are let’s make up the but in banking that is the major banks keen on the top five or
six banks in america control but sixty percent of the gross domestic product that’s an amazing
number sold about twenty guys from those banks
of the problem is international banks it together they can do some serious damage uh… and and other traitor flat-out admits there was quote purer manipulation going
on now the libel or we already know about
although there’s been in my estimation that summation taxes at puny amount of lines and it hasn’t even really touched
american banks yet for international banks have to pay the
fines of courts right american excellent buck appetite box were above the law so what’s the art it developed for
whatever usually do is april third week one of them i kinda billion dollars and they’ll pay a one-and-a-half billion
dollar fine no dog that was a record five i think what else do you want me to
do but being a sense of how rediculous this was not a lot of
times the banks on the one side they fix the rates
whether it’s live or the interest-rate swaps right and on the other side they profit off of that fixes one-sided
suppose the separates another side makes train based based on those rates that’s how they make the money and so oftentimes one side of the bank
will talk to the other side in one case they fix the race for in exchange for
bollinger champagne what did you in other one found indianapolis up
against themselves the rate was even lower this was frank trader says can you put a six million dollars the
slide work in lope please making in other words
make it looks like i’m gonna trade a summer the primary submitted a guy who says the
race within the same banks is what’s it worth this was frank trader says i’ve got some
sushi rules permit yesterday okay mo six million just for you traitor were dad the awesome so apparently and that’s the price made millions a commission off that a day old sushi that surprised we got screwed for in
that particular deal now why do you want the federal
prosecutors have been do anything about it well all the way up from attorney
general eric holder all through the department of justice
they’ve had the same thing and we played it for you here on the interest in
previous shows where they always say his and there’s a
quote if we take action against the banks there might be called collateral consequences at this collateral consequences when you
do it rose fracas civilians like kids like that’s why doesn’t flap ads in price the bankers who are guilty the collado consequences might be to the
bank might not do as well although no no no weekend those collado consequences it
could affect the economy overall it could affect how you view politicians
that are currently in government because i care donors in the lobby is there could be collateral consequences and we can have those kinda collado
consequences when yes michael greenberg he’s a former
director commodity futures trading from that commodities futures trading commission a
guy who would know he says quote there’s no therapy like sending those who are
used to wearing gucci shoes to jail but when the attorney general says i don’t want to indict people it’s the wild west there’s no law that’s so true now fine a little rubbing it in for you
get eg eyes driver once represents the banks and he was in the court immediate arguments they should not be
held responsible for the uh… fixing the rates the interest
rates that affect all of us with your buying a house you’re getting a loan
your savings effects all of us they were in civil litigation over
compromise represents the bankers and he says quote is essential to our argument that this
is not competitive process the banks do not compete with one
another in the submission of libel now the reason why he says that is even on the banks have the solution of
competition in the allusion of a free market when they go to court they say a pump if
you think we are competing this is not anti-competitive action this is not an oligopoly does not break
the law because are many others of you we’d never compete in the first place gidget we’re coming out of court i’ve been
reading were all getting together destroy you kantor we never compete concern is what happened here free
market his attorney for the bags containing feel free market l respects and that’s a good friends he should have expected a free market
the birthplace is the best is stephen’s slightly more absurd an
amusing he also says the plaintiffs i’d believe it are confusing a claim of being perhaps the seed with a claim for harm to competition another words none of their suing our space on the
fact that there was no real competition we colluded one i told you print you can pick we
never had any doubt in begin with there were two you meet you’re confusing the fact that
we like to you and we’re arguing with the fact that we should be having a competition he’s saying it like it are confusing couldn’t offer kept being
busy announced alcoa preconceived contracts that went to bat for you up it’s your fault for ever expecting that
we were any degree of competition they have destroyed the free market if your level you’re survey yogurt
libertarian american t_v_ actually care about our system of government an
article economic system you should be blended over this and it takes an interest rates that
interest rates wants more kids what about maybe also explains when it comes to fixing that includes
the market’s four gold where prices are set by five banks analy bridge teleconferencing process
that by radically was created in part by and and brought to trial and sons of uh… epc at god’s alex jones right and cellmark
whose prices set by just three banks as well as a benchmark rates in numerous
other commodities jet fuel diesel electric power cole you name it so it turns out almost all of these different markets are fixed they’re fixed the game amend its billions of dollars of
advantages to the leads to run them and screw the rest of us it’s built into the system so this is uh… conspiracy that’s out
on the whole picture you see it with your own eyes a prize
winners hit with their own eyes and refused to prosecute on it now we can fix the system this is it like those twenty guys are
somehow control in the university of you go and do something that dealt all
they’re going to you know killed ninety percent of people on the
planet there actually was that the lord of the raising kids visitors well this is the conspiracy and he said right acu and pretty much
static and there is something we can do about
it we can fight back first step is get money out of politics so that they can’t easing by our
politicians and our turney general and our justice
department and fix the laws on to their side if we had a real justice department and we do these guys in jail all the
sudden uh… middleware lester you know willing to take some our kids and two carry out this conspiracy there’s got to be real consequences fixing government first and then we’ll yet to these guys second and believe me we better hurry ’cause
we’ve got to get to import before they were all everything we’ve

100 thoughts on “The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped

  1. This is true, they even make very similar drugs like novocaine benzocaine, basically anything ending in caine is either coke based, or molecularly similar to coke.

  2. ahem starbucks, ahem amazon, google, all you other monstrously huge web based companies! what'd they pay last year? less than 0.1% of their total profits?

  3. Alex jones has the largest tinfoil hat out of everyone. There may be some truth in some of his conspiracies, but it is always small and insignificant (99.99% of the time). Quote miner extraordinaire

  4. LOVE strawmen, way to go asshat, making this an all or nothing proposition. No i'm not suggesting that because some liberal bozo on tv FINALLY gets confronted with such overwhelming evidence of malfeasance that even HE has to admit it, that it means every wacky idea out there MUST be true.

    FFS, pull your heads out of your arses and read some books, watch some more documentaries and RESEARCH the sources, find out for yourself how much is true or not.

    STOP believing all the crapaganda on tv.

  5. Cenk is not naive, he's paid to appear that way, but he doesn't have good enough script-writer propagandists to write a believable enough cover up for this, so he has to admit it, but then still trashes all the other CRAZY conspiracy theories.

    LOL at my comment getting too many negative votes, ima guess the JIDF is workin overtime lately spamming the thumbs down buttons on legitimate and spiky commmentary. We all know who's one of the major forces behind the scenes at the banks etc by now yes?

  6. I just can't wait for the next big scandal that Cenk has to admit to, then he'll be like…..

    'Ohh no another massive conspiracy! That makes 2 I couldn't help to cover up! Rarrgghh!…. but all those OTHER conspiracies people talk about? They're all still batshit crazy wucka wucka wucka wucka'

    When are all you tv head people going to get a clue? Evan if some asshat on MAINSTREAM tv is telling SOME truth, he's still being very well paid to cover up most of the rest of it. Fools!

  7. How fucking ridiculous is it of him to suggest that we need to get money out of politics before we can fix the chronic corruption problem in the same breath that he says we need to fix the problem really really fast before it ruins us all? He contradicts himself monstrously IN THE SAME SENTENCE without losing his stride and without cracking a smile.

    Doublethink catch22 confusing crapaganda almost at it's finest, but I've seen better.

  8. Obviously, I don't believe all the crapaganda on tv. (If I did, I would believe the dumb conspiracy I mentioned.) Where the hell did you draw that conclusion? Learn some logic dumbass.

    Are you suggesting these certain banks aren't corrupted or that they don't have the power to lobby the government into submission?

    B*tch please.

  9. Problem bitch? Can't handle a profile picture?

    Look at who's the tough guy, getting all worked up that he has to leave a comment about some dumb faggot brony.

  10. I think the only way he could have been any more blunt is by just outright saying that America is a corporate oligarchy.

  11. I think that he's trolling, but considering the frightening levels of stupidity that is present in our species, he might not be.
    Also, +1 on the chibi Gilda avatar.

  12. When we had a small government of elected officials.Not a huge government of corporate paid officials.Before we had militarized police.Before our dollar was backed by nothing.Before our jobs were shipped overseas.Back when mainstreet ruled the Whitehouse,not Wallstreet.Before the judicial branch became a mafia.When a president did wrong,he was impeached.When the government feared the people,not the other way around.I was born in the 50's,and this country died in the 70's.That's when.

  13. The banks colluding together can barely change the interest rate. The Fed does this every day. That is the biggest scandal.

  14. Oddly enough, yes. We need gov. regulation, but as cenk says, we have to get the money out of politics before we can bring the white collars to justice.

  15. Yes you can, take money out of politics, and ban lobbying. Boom, you have a government working for the people.

    But you will need sane majority, not bunch of retards to change the system.

  16. Heres the reality…Get money out of politics? Cant be done you poor naive man. You make it so there is public funding of elections etc? It'll help, in the short term. Guess what that wont affect in the long term…the ability of sociopaths to enter the sociopaths play ground of politics, and labour for under the table rewards, or perfectly legal rewards once they leave office(see Tony Blair)…

  17. …This isn't going to end folks… ever…not as long as centralized power and psychopathy coexist in the same universe. The Irony is that centralized power IS psychopathy…the willing serfs just dont see it. Humans negotiate, psychopaths dominate through force. But you keep hoping someday threatening peaceful people with guns will magically lead to flowers and rainbows

  18. How are you going to ban people taking money illegally or being promised the corner office on the top floor when they finish their terms? ala Tony blair. Ill bet you $10,000 Obama heads straight to a multi million $ job on wall street in three years.

  19. u're right. i really got shocked when i receive my ipad3 without paying a dime @ my home yesterday. Listen, email and your address is enough to get your iphone 5. its worth a try here =>

  20. I feel helpless in regards to this. There is nothing we can do. We can't change the government because they get their money from these banks. We can't fight the money.

  21. Cenk should produce a special TYT show with Matt Taibbi to discuss this ripoff using simple graphics that common people can understand. No serious movement to stop the banksters will succeed until enough people get enraged & engaged to demand justice.

  22. oh yeah, we totally owe an apology to people who think that the Illuminati rules the world, or the the moon landing was fake, or that 9/11 was carried out by the government.

  23. Conspiracy Theory is just that…Theories. There's always some truth to any theories. Be it science or politics. Be open minded. The truth always surfaced in the end. Good day.

  24. Just because I say there is some truth in conspiracy theories, doesn't mean you have to believe every and all conspiracies. Just like anything else, you need to have a healthy degree of skepticism. Research and find out for yourself what is true and what is not. Whatever you believe, that's up to you. I don't force people to believe things that I believe, all I ask is for people to keep an open mind. That is all.

  25. terriesmith1981 SAID and I quote… "THERE IS ALWAYS SOME TRUTH TO ANYT THEORIES"… my theory is that terriesmith1981 is a faggot tool bag fucktard with no fucking point tyo anything he says or posts and has two things on his hands…too much time and his wanker wanking off to gay porn on the net….fuckin faggot.

  26. Too much time on hand and wanking off, eh? Hmm..that sounds like something you would know about. Stop describing your daily routine to me. I'm not interested. You are such a dumb fuck. You can't beat someone by having an honest and lively debate so you resort to name calling. That's a sign of a troll. SMH. I feel sorry for you. Like anything else, do your research before you point out their point is wrong. Because that only makes You look stupid. Stop while you're ahead. You've dug deep enough.

  27. It's a wondrous ability you have Johnboy1978222. I applaud the ability you have to so freely languorous in your own ignorance. How happy and care free you must be to have no concerns for logic or fact. How un-burdensome that must feel, to just state whatever the hell you want and call it fact. It must be awesome to be you. I'm sure your life is just as equally awesome. Now, do be careful and wear your helmet and knee pads when you go for that weekly walk.

  28. shameful, some black kid robs 7 11 and gets 20 years and this corporate criminal causes billions in losses and get 2-3 years, truly shameful

  29. Listen up. Get your heads out of your asses. Voting or protesting on your sidewalk isn't going to change anything. There's about 330,000,000 of us and about 10,000 of them. Let's string 'em up and feed 'em to the vultures…

  30. ..So that they get replaced by some other guys afterwards?
    How would killing them be any different from voting them out?
    We have to get rid of the system that is creating those biggoted leaders, and giving them the power they have.

  31. Only if we're divided & they are not! Oligarchs must be exposed to a wide swath of the public; we need to know who they are, how they operate & how they're connected. Even vampires cannot handle sunlight.

  32. "you keep hoping someday threatening peaceful people w/ guns will magically lead to flowers.."? I don't understand that statement. Who is peaceful? Bankers? How is economic sabotage peaceful? Who is threatening violence w/guns? Who thinks that would lead 2 peace? 1st U say "psychopaths" dominate." I assume the psychopaths R the bankers? Isn't the lack of real consequences what allows this 2 continue? Do U think this would continue if people stood-up? RU saying we need 2B more aggressive or less?

  33. That's right! We the people should be doing everything within the law to shine shame upon these people like the Koch brothers, who're buying the legislation that's designed to cut un-employment benefits, destroy or privatize SS & gut Medicare & Medicaid. They just slashed food stamps! A bunch of them live @ 740 Park Ave, NY. They R holding the economy hostage, pushing Congress N2 passing cuts that hurt the most vulnerable among us! The elites want profits privatized & their debts nationalized.

  34. The whole casino is intentionally rigged and has been hiding in plain sight for decades! I'm guessing only about 10% of the public is aware of the facts since only about that percent are educated, curious or able to know.
    Politics is part of the rigged game too based on a quote from the original JP Morgan who said: "By dividing the people, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us."

  35. Why doesn't a cop get an arrest warrant, walk up to these bankers' doors and arrest them, like they would any other criminal? It should be that simple. These are crimes being committed, as sure as if they were sticking a gun in your face and taking your wallet, only on a much bigger scale and hurting a LOT more people. Arrest. Prosecute. Jail time. Real prison. The kind where people get shanked and butt-raped.

  36. There is no concern that Judges "Who have taken an oath" elect to implement corporate law in the very courts they were employed to implement common law in….Thats like me working as a fireman, but choosing to sell coffee instead of being ready to fight fires….How is this possible….? How do they get away with this….?

  37. Are people really waking up to this and if so what are they doing? We all need to start telling the banks how We want to do business. Recently received a letter from my bank telling me about new disclosure rules allowing them to supply information to other institutions as well as the USA and I am Canadian. Demanded an OPT OUT form and refused to allow them to proceed. You need to take control of your money because that's how they live. We hold the power and we need to take this system back.

  38. The Rothchilds don't just control the US; they control practically the vast majority of the planet through global money flow.

  39. Banksters are parasites.  The problem with parasites is that their host may be discomforted without acknowledging the threat until its too late.  By ignoring the slight inconvenience of a few bucks being robbed from each individual, the collective effect is concentration of wealth & power for those who can eventually take over everyone.  This problem should be put into perspective, and taken very seriously as we head toward a new feudalism in which the vast majority of us becomes complete slaves.  Unethical banking practices have become a fatal disease that deserves to be shut down ASAP!  

  40. Cenk needs to make more videos about our corrupt banking system. Literally everything else is just a distraction. 

  41. If bankers did feel threatened, do you think they would collapse the financial market in their final moments? Like a nuclear power unleashing their WMD's when faced with imminent defeat.

  42. The banks and the Vatican get most of the money we pay to the IRS. Our politicians are puppets for them. They got together to form a worldwide mafia.

  43. For sure, OBAMA and BUSH SR and JR are all EVIL SERPENT spawn CIA predator-killers. But, a person must do their research, check CHIP TATUM and what he reveals. Check Barry Seal and what he has to say. Read THE FRANKLIN COVERUP to see the darkness, covered up at the highest levels in State, Federal and local Law enforcement. Read Stewart Webbs' material. Check on Lt Col Michael Aquino and MIND-CONTROL using trauma-child rape CIA NAZI techniques. Just a few suggestions for research.

  44. Who better fix the government? Its own should "fix" it again? And wash themselves clean? Again? Us the people should start a campaign with honest congressman senators and politicians.please save the great USA.

  45. Hidden Symbols, are not always hidden. Sometimes it's obvious. We're just a piece of commercial material.

    The Judge sits on the bench for the bank. Banks are on both sides of a river. A river bank directs the flow of the current/sea – the currency, the cash flow. The current-sea is “deposited” from bank to bank down the river.

  46. If it is the Wild West and No Law, Then one  or Millions of Taxpayers wouldn't get in Trouble if these bankers suddenly disappeared and the Banks Had to Close !     Too Bad Banks, So Sad !

  47. i put all my money in a state bank if your state has one do the same. ours is an agricultural bank i know it is not the cure but it is a step in the right direction. better a state bank than fed

  48. How can the people be so stupid to not see this?
    Is it up to bus drivers and kindergarden teachers to understand this and do something about it?
    I can hardly belive how the world is right now.

  49. Internet will help the average people in defeating the conspiracy . Internet gave rise to proper information and made many aware of the conspiracies in the first place all around the world.

  50. The top 1% has 50% implies the top person has at least 300 quintillion times as much as the person in the middle of the Wealth distribution.

  51. The system is shit it doesn't work for us it only works for it. These are some of the lyrics from the Tripzville Godz song "Itchy trigger finger" . Check it out here on youtube.

  52. Hmmm… Maybe it was the Swiss who attacked on nine eleven. They are the nation known for their dark money bank accounts.

  53. Why do rich people and those with money and power think we are stupid? Why invest when they are just going to steal it all! My grandfather did well investing in the stock market, until the crash of '86 I think it was? Lost a LOT. It's not worth it unless you work in the industry or invest in safer alternatives for the long haul. They just crash it when it suits their needs.

  54. JFK got his head blown off for trying to do the right thing and print our own money without have to pay interest on it. Executive order 11110

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