The Mitigation Banking Group Meet Victoria

Hi I’m Victoria Colangelo with the
Mitigation Banking Group. I’m the founder and the CEO of a firm that was started
just in 2017. I started The Mitigation Banking Group because I wanted to apply
everything that I learned over the past 12 years with selling mitigation credits
and create a new vision. I learned a lot along the way. The good, the bad, and the
ugly. I want to help people within the
mitigation banking industry and the developmental community streamline the
mitigation process. I’m a one-stop-shop. Any mitigation needs you may have in the
state of Florida, I would like to help you with. So when you buy mitigation Bank credits, you are transferring all the liability of that wetland’s future into
the mitigation banking hands. If you have a project with adverse wetland impacts
or endangered species on your property and you need to mitigate in the state of
Florida, please call me. I welcome the opportunity. hmm

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