The Rise of Digital Finance with Artificial Intelligence

The digital transformation presents new challenges to the office of finance. You have to master ever-growing mountains
of data from various sources and analyse it all, with high speed. Artificial intelligence is your ideal partner
here. It can help you work through massive amounts
of data and discover new insights, and all with highly scalable cloud computing
power. Meet ‘AIssisted Planning’, the AI engine for smart enterprise performance
management from Jedox. Financial planning and analysis becomes faster and goes further, through the power of AI. The Jedox AI-engine analyses data from all kinds of sources in real time. For planning, budgeting and forecasting you’ll recieve smart guidance and recommendations. Here is how you can improve the quality of
your forecast. Jedox’s AI automatically selects the best
methods for reliably predicting revenue, sales and
other KPIs. It also detects outliers and seasonality in
data from previous periods. You’ll get smart recommendations for planning and a plausibility check for financial controlling. Plus with the help of upper and lower limits you’ll immediately spot risks. In many organisations the role of finance goes beyond budgeting
and financial controlling. You are also an expert at analytics. With the power of AI, Jedox helps you discover
new insights, that can have a huge impact on business outcomes. For example: An AI-driven costumer analysis shows you which factors influence profitability
and costumer loyality. Now Jedox makes it fast and simple to share this information with others and
take action. The Jedox AI-engine helps you answer many
different business questions. This means finance can truly partner with the business for real
impact. Go the next mile, in enterprise performance
management. With Jedox AIssisted Planning, you become a strategic partner for the business all the way up to the CEO. Help shape the future of your organisation

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