The Sound of Mobile Banking feat. DJ Tim Exile & Danske Bank

Tim Exile: Secure mobile banking transactions
– sounds geographically highly distributed. It’s very pleasing to the ear. Tim / Henrik: This is the sound of secure
mobile banking transactions. Henrik Jensen:  Danske Bank is the largest
Danish bank operating in Denmark. Currently, we are having 3.5 million customers
and 2.2 of those customers are using e-bank or online solutions From an IT perspective, the change has been
dramatic the last 15 or 20 years. Customers expect more on-demand services and
we as a bank have to be ready. Customers expect that they can carry out their
transactions when they have the time, preferably by the swipe of a finger. Tim Exile:  So the sound I made for Danske
is basically it’s kind of an audio transaction machine. So I started by making modeling a
kind of single transaction. You can almost hear the talking going on in the background And then I multiplied the number of little
transaction things into the hundreds; so I’ve got hundreds of these little kind of audio
transactions going on. So with mobile transactions technically, what’s
actually happening is that they’re all going through this central server but then I don’t
actually want to feel like I’m going through a server. That’s like a little bit of magic
that’s happening in the background… Henrik Jensen: Today, we see customers using
web or mobile to access their data 24/7. The IT infrastructure is the backbone in supporting
all new initiatives, keeping up with new platforms, new channels, new ways of accessing data. This has all been made possible by reusing
existing co-functionality running on z Systems, enabling this by APIs, mobile or browser interfaces. In Danske, we are on a journey towards continuous
testing and continuous integration, creating more awareness about DevOps in our teams.
This integration of services provides the fastest way going from business requirement
to a production solution.

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