100 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren slams Hollywood elites: They don’t represent average voters

  1. “I think celebrities should basically shut their pie holes and do what they do best — act, sing, tap dance, juggle balls, and all that kind of stuff,” Gene Simmons.

  2. Robert De Niro’s Net Worth
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  3. They don’t support President Trump because they are lost souls whom don’t believe in God and savior Jesus Christ, I will pray for them.

  4. The only thing I like about DeNiro is that his character had his brains blown out in Joker. I can't stand these people. They do NOT speak for me.

  5. Hollywood elites, like musicians, and athletes do not represent average anything. They live a fantasy life, whether good or bad, it's fantasy.

  6. i got rid of my cable tv and found i don't miss it. but it got rid of it because of people like robert D. aka hollywood as'swipeys

  7. Hollywood is part of the swamp. We really don’t care what you think and we don’t want to see the dreadful movies you make either. Enough is enough. Trump 2020. 🇺🇸👍🏼

  8. The majority of celebrities are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled rotten idiots; who have wrapped themselves up in a bubble filled with fantasy and a grasp of reality.

  9. They don't know when to keep their pedophile mouths shut we the people made rich and we can make them poor, open criminal investigations on them for threats against a sitting PRESIDENT.

  10. Hollywood is a plethora of facists, socialists, globalists, environmentalists, borderline communists and radical one-worlders who are filled with hypocrisy, arrogance, self importance and ignorance of the real world. Hollywood is truly shameless and an embarassment unto themselves. They use their celebrity status as a platform to dictate to the rest of us who to vote for and what to think. Mainstream America doesn't give a dam what these Hollyweird dimwits think. They can kiss my you-know-what.

    Just remember…the Hollywood left hates middle America, America in general, the Constitution, Donald Trump, Conservatives, Christians, the regular working man, traditional family values and most importantly YOU!

    I can't wait to see their reaction when Trump is re-elected in November.

  11. Voters in the battleground state of Florida are continuing to show their support for President Trump amid the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, with one voter warning that history will remember “this House” and “this speaker” for “the travesty they’ve done to this country.”

  12. We the people really don't care what Hollywood says, we only care about them making good movies, yet everyone in spotlight has always had negative and maybe misleading press, like did Bob have links to child porn with other Hollywood celebrities and industry members??why divorce??

  13. Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris are the kind of Hollywood Americans like. De naro and baldwig are the true kinda Hollywood dirtbags they care nothing about, how dumb for celebrities like that to think they have real Americans support!!!

  14. Hollyweird elites LOVE talking down to the average man from their high-horses while making more from one film than we would ever make in a lifetime of hard work … these scumbags have no ground to stand on .

  15. I like this tomi laren!!! 👍👍👍where did she come from? Sounds like me if i had a voice !!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😂

  16. Yep. Thanks for speaking up.
    The left creates a totalitarian
    Ideology of no compromise and no freedom of thought.

  17. Don’t worry it won’t be long until they fall of the face off the fuckin map and I do t mean them I mean California as a whole will slide into the ocean and disappear just like it should

  18. Hollywood doesnt represent real people. They are far overpaid life failures. They dont "work". They cant hack reality like normal folks. Look what happens to em when they cant find acting "work".

  19. first, if Hollywood celebrities represented the American, they wouldn't be in Hollywood, they would be working their butt off trying to provide for their family or themselves. They wouldn't be taking lavish vacations and trips to Europe to talk about everybody else's carbon footprint, they wouldn't be buying million dollar homes while people struggle to keep the electricity, heat, and water on in a trailer park. I refuse to accept a Hollywood celebrity's opinion on bettering someone's life.

  20. De Niro and Hollywood SUCK! He has destroyed the rest of his life. When I see a movie with him in it I SHUT IT OFF! Hollywood YOU SUCK!

  21. Most of America is not sexually perverted drug addicted pedophiles. Boycott Hollywood. Perverts need big money to keep up their morally bankrupt lifestyles.

  22. Get over it, you have lost. you all think that you are all knowing. why don't you just try and run your life. do you think that we need your IDIOTS input.

  23. O, the small bitter little man is back…lol.
    4% is the number of Americans that believe anything that comes out of Hollywood's mouth.

    President Trump 2020

  24. So called movie stars or actors from Hollywood have no given right to try and tell Americans how to vote under any circumstances.

  25. Actually the 'left' is now using BROWN SHIRT tactics. It was evident in the 2016 election. Pure intimidation. Wont work in America. Nope.

  26. When you come right down to it an actor is someone who can pretend to be someone else for entertainment purposes. So they are good at pretending… and lying. How does that qualify them to have an opinion that matters to anyone? If they would just keep their opinions to themselves and do their job, entertain people by making believe, people would love them again for their talents, nobody should love them for their opinions.

  27. You know I'm sadden that Hollywood has gone woke..Many of these actors have a jard time climbing the ladder..Now that they have a platform there using it for political speeches..All the roles that representated dreams and freewill gave us confidence to try our best..Socialism squashes pursiit of dreams and choices in life and divides the rich and poor with no ladder…I wonder who's paying or strong arming them to say such things..A lot of actors have had mishaps in last 10 years.Robin Williams hard to believe that wasn't a setup..or how sheltered of a life does hollywooders have in their gated communities…

  28. Denada, A. Baldwin, Cusack, Streep, G. Lopez, and the rest of the Hoolywood, Hippocrates who I once admired, no longer, they can SHOVE their Political views.

  29. I like actors but they make their living in a world of make believe so very few of them seem to maintain a good grasp of what reality is like for average people. I prefer to listen to peoples opinions and discern if I agree or not for myself that applies to all classes of people. Just because someone is a Hollywood star does not automatically make them an expert on other topics and it doesn't make them a total idiot either. When Clint Eastwood talks politics for instance my ears perk up because he obviously takes an interest in the subject.

  30. Send Hollywood Elites to Guantanamo for a Prisoner exchange. These rich ignorant bastards are WORSE than ISIS and the Taliban

  31. Hollywood needs us we don’t need them if there were no more movies or tv shows life would go on they would have to work at McDonald’s or a car wash LOL !

  32. Tell him that if this country goes socialist there will be no Hollywood movies, ball games or anything that these millionaire celebrities got their money from.

  33. Trump uses his platform to bash people and news flash christian conservatives and evangelicals don't represent mainstream America. Trump supporters hate any criticism of him and seek to silence anyone that speaks out. As for the Hollywood christians they got called out by Ricky Gervais an Atheist.

  34. Tomi pretends to be smart about what she's talking about. She lives in California. If she doesn't like it she should leave just like how she tells people to leave America if they dont like it.

  35. Tomi speaking of sounding intelligent… Every video I see of you, you sound less intelligent you only talk one side of issues never explore full issues and just spread obvious propaganda to people that only watch Fox the rest of us understand you are incredibly stupid

  36. You know why you have no prowess it's because u think you are smart but you have nothing to base the truth on that's why you follow fools like TRUMP

  37. I hate Christianity I hate dotards lol people who follow religion like ayatollahs are idiots like Christianity you are dumb good luck

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