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Hey everyone welcome to the session by Intellipaat,
In a world driven by information technology and data there are thousands of jobs up for
grabs guys. And in today’s session we’re going to be checking
out the top 10 jobs that every company will be hiring for in the year 2020. Everything from SAP to big data all the way
to the data science. We’re going to be covering a lot of technologies
and developer roles in this particular video guys. And then if you have any Queries on this make
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coming to the first job on the list is the SAP developers guys and these guys as SAP
developers are on a roll because their job is something really cool and then everyone
around the world requires SAP developer as well so you might be wondering what they do. Well these guys pretty much most of the SAP
developers actually work as consultants to any startup or like really big firms. At the same time as well so coming to the
two types of consultancies that these guys do. One is the functional consultant and one is
a technical consultant. As a functional consultant these guys pretty
much you know go on to handle the business aspect of pretty much you know whatever technology
SAP offers and then with respect to the technical concept and these guys are the ones who gets
their hands messy with code data. So here are some of the responsibilities of
a sap developer. They begin by defining and developing technical
standards or for any technological requirements of a company. The assistant you know testing to basically
validate and provide very good operational controls and this ensures that you know development
requirements at all satisfied and are all in very good picture guys. And then after this you know they’ve pretty
much gone to ensure that the companies are lean organizations commitment is held together
and they are in accordance with that. And this basically will help the process of
the company. And then they will be responsible for analyzing
high level business processes and requirements as well. Participation in a very good quality project
management task you know that can be Pure review, Quality reviews, Review specifications
design documents and Code reviews and much much more so the companies which are hiring
for SAP developers are the following everyone from Coca-Cola we have NTT DATA WE HAVE Sabre
we have Deloitte Philips and we have Accenture guys. So where do you think about SAP developers
head to the comments section and let us know. And then this brings us to the ninth job that
every company would be hiring for in 2020 which is a full stack developer a full
stack deverloper is a person is a programmer basically. And this person is literally cleared the way
you will experience the Internet you will experience a Web site. So these guys develop everything from the
beautiful looking visuals on screen you see on a website all the way to managing the backend
storage database technologies and much much more. So again they’re divided into frontier developers
and back end developers and respectively front end developers. Make sure your website looks beautiful and
the back end developers make sure your Web site is functional and they take care of all
your data storage and much much more guys. The responsibilities of full stack developers are as follows. They are responsible for developing Front end
Web site architecture designing user interactions on websites you know developing very good
back end website applications creating servers creating databases. Again this is a backend activity and then
ensuring cost platform optimization for mobile phones because at the end of the day
there are millions of people who are using mobile phones around the world you know for
billions. And to get these billions on a mobile platform
is very important as well. And then ensuring that their application their
website is responsive and not really slow and lagging is again a very good responsibility
and the task for a full stack developer so coming to who’s hiring everyone from Oracle
Apple Cognizant and Google Dell Accenture all of the big guys all of the big Fortune 500
are always on a hire offer for the full stack developers guys. So again what do you think about the full stack
developers head to the comment section and it would be amazing to know your views on
these as well guys. And then this brings us to the next one which
is a big data engineer. People are on a roll again when they want
to hire a big data engineer because these guys are really technically sound and these
guys are the reason why terabytes worth of data is handled every single hour in this
particular world. And that these guys know their data in and
out thoroughly and they are the reason you know why a data driven business can be pretty
much on their way to success as well. So he doesn’t have the responsibilities of
a big data engineer. They’re responsible for Hadoop development
implementation including you know loading multiple data sets pre-processing these using
technology such as high even big These are from apache. And then you know our ability to design solutions
independently based on a high level architecture managing the technical communications basically
between the internal systems and the survey vendors you know maintaining the production
system something like Kafka Hadoop Cassandra etc much much more guys
and in collaboration with other development and research teams at the same time as well. So people are hiring for data. Engineers are the following people. We have JP Morgan we have Qualcomm we have
Adobe and Apple. We have G.E. and we have people at Salesforce
who are wanting big data engineers as well. So do you think you’ve got the skills to become
a data engineer. Again head to the comment section and do let
us know what you think about the world of big data and how you know the world is handling
the big data requirements today. And then this quickly brings us to devops
architect well Devops architects are the people are the team who pretty much you know bring
development and operations to sale on the same boat everything from coding planning
building testing which forms the development part of it you know operating monitoring and
Releasing deploying and all of these operations and bringing these development operations
are the main tasks of a devops architect and some of the responsibilities include analyzing
executing and streamlining very good Devops practices automating the process using
the perfect tools meant for facilitating very good development processes very good operational
methodologies and then you know pretty much at the same time establishing a very good
devops channel across the entire organizations setting up a good continuous built environment. And this at the end of the day will speed
up software development and process deployment as well. And after this you will be architecting the
entire comprehensive and efficient practices for that particular company as well. And then there are so many people hiring
for the devops architect as well anyone from Dell IBM Accenture Capgemini SAP Labs are
Oracle and then much much more people guys. So this quickly brings us to the next one
which is Salesforce Developers sales force developers again are required around the world
and for the job number six this pretty much gains a lot of traction in the world of information
technology as well because our salesforce is a very good customer resource platform and
then these guys actually are the reasons why good analytics can be done and it can be done
from anywhere. And at the end of the day it doesn’t just
have to be sales force you know they’re very good at statistics in general very good at
math and at the end of the day they know how customer resource management works as well. So coming to the responsibilities administering
and creating the business portal is very important because at the end of the day there are so
many things like Page layouts, Recordings Salesforce incorporation with respect to having
a sustained platform is important. And then you know they’ll be creating and
executing visualforce, Apex codes Salesforce incorporation again. And at the end of the day basically you know
they’ll be working hand-in-hand with all of these other branches as well to collect all
the businesses that is from that particular branch and identify business procedures give
them methodologies and much more. And this will lead them to interpret what
the actual end user needs. And then they’ll interpret all of these things
and implement it through their salesforce software as well. And you know pretty much they should have
very good knowledge and visual force as well because at the end of the day visualforce UI
basics and Java script are something which would be in the arsenal office was developer. Again many people hiring everyone from Intel
emphasis TCS Deloitte Tech Mahindra and collaborate and many many many other people that are thousands
of jobs are for Salesforce developers guys and then this brings us to number five which
is a cyber security engineer where do you think cybersecurity engineers do. Well these are the people who design who develop
and maintain security measures at all of the corporations. They make sure that your data is protected
from unwarranted access Unprotected access or even unauthorized access and mis usage
of your data as well guys. So some of the responsibilities of cybersecurity
engineers are they pretty much gone to planning implementing managing monitoring and upgrading
security measures for the protection of You know your networks your systems your data
and much much more at the same time. And after this they are required to troubleshoot
you know security and network problems they will be responding to all the systems and network
security breaches in case one occurs and then they’ll make sure that you know the data of
the organization and the and that infrastructure are always protected by putting in very good
firewalls by putting in very good security controls and much much more. They will be actively participating in change
management process as well because at the end of the day if any change is implemented
in the company and an information technology company especially they need to make sure
that the entire process is secured and encrypted as well. And then again there are people always on
the roll that are thousands and thousands of jobs. Anyone from Bosch Amazon Mindtree Google Infosis
Accenture. All of these guys are always on a roll when
it comes to hiring cybersecurity engineers. And this brings us to the next job which is
a python developer and now we really get into the jobs so that people are constantly hiring
on an hourly basis in fact rather than new jobs being posted on multiple job portals
throughout the world. Well where do Python developers do well basically
in my opinion Python is a beautiful language to work with and write code and these guys make
use of this beautiful programming language and the output extremely good products are
with the help of the programming language as well. And some of the responsibilities include writing
very good code at the end of the day the court has to be effective scalable and efficient. They will be developing back end Components
as well. This basically will help improve responsiveness
and overall performance of a website and application much much more. They’ll be integrating the user facing elements
into applications they’ll be testing and debugging programs. They’ll be improving functionality of any
existing system as well. And at the end of the day they will be implementing
some sort of security measures data protection solutions and a much much more. And there are again if not thousands over
10 millions of people hiring Python Developers hiring from Intel Facebook NetApp and
Morgan Stanley Amazon Google to all of these giants are on a roll again when it comes to
hiring Python developers to make full use of this in the year 2020. And this brings us to a business analyst. This is the number three job on our list and
these people basically are responsible for planning and making business decisions giving
trend predictions doing analytics for the future when it comes to our company’s perspective
as well as some of the responsibilities include you know experience to be working with a senior
decision makers whether they’ll be actually coordinating with the decision makers by showing
them some analytics and having really good communication interpersonal skills advanced
excel skills you know in fact even business intelligence skills are plus here. they will be creating a very detailed business
analysis outlining the problems opportunities and giving solutions for this particular problems
that they might find as well. And they also be handling and taking care of you know budgeting and forecasting planning and monitoring of how the company’s
performance is going on. And much much more so if people from McKinsey
and Company MasterCard Netflix Amazon Facebook Apple all of these guys are always on the
roll when it comes to pretty much hiring business analysts guys. So again what do you think about business
analysts had to the comments section and do let me know. And then coming to the next set of jobs
which are in extreme abundance and people looking for it as a cloud solutions architects
job and these guys basically help design develop and maintain a solutions and taking all
of these entire solutions and scaling it to the cloud and digging a product from just
one organization and moving it to the cloud is again a very big task a very interesting
task in fact for cloud developers and pretty much you know they’ll be creating a well-informed
cloud strategy to manage how the entire platform can be moved to the cloud. They’ll be regularly evaluating cloud applications
evaluating hardware evaluating software and much much more. And they are responsible to develop and organize
cloud systems as well. And at the end of today there will actually
be working in together hand-in-hand with that I.T. security team to check what the company’s
cloud privacy is like. They’ll be responding to technical issues
in a very professional and timely manner. And they’ll also offer guidance when it comes
to infrastructure management techniques basically which includes all of the bulk application
transfers into the cloud as well. So again there are thousands and thousands
of jobs every everyday being posted everyone from Microsoft Amazon Oracle Wipro IBM Salesforce
and much much more. So all of these guys again as I’m seeing are
on a constant roll to make sure to jump on the brain drain in the year 2020 and then
get your dream job and the number one rule that every company will be paying for in the
year 2020 is a data scientist. So these guys are responsible to take a Raw
and unruly entity like data and make it a friendlier thing for throughout the world. And then at the end of the day use those data
to achieve some artificial intelligence that as well a data scientist on is one of the
number one trending jobs for this decade last decade and it has been said that it’s going
to be the number one job for the next decade as well to make sure you job on the train
here again. So some of the responsibilities of a data
scientist include you know using very good data mining skills they’ll be extending companies
data pretty much by using third party sources of information they’ll be enhancing data collection
procedures. And this is actually helpful for building
very good analytics system. They’ll be processing cleaning and ratifying
the integrity of data which is used for analysis. They’ll be creating very good anomaly detection
systems at the end of the day. These are automated as well and they’ll be
using to constantly track the performance of their data that it is behaving they’ll
be collaborating with data engineers data analysts throughout the entire process. And this forms the number one job for the
year 2020 as well. Everyone from Walmart Labs Volvo Microsoft
Genpact Ericsson KPMG and thousands of other companies are hiring. So what do you guys think about the data scientists
role are going to head to the comment section and do let us know. Hope you guys took a lot from this particular
video. If you can think of any more jobs or any more
technologies that you would think should be added. The list went head to the comments section
and let us know. And on that note have a nice day.

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