TRADE DEAL INKED: Dollar Sell-off – THIS COMMODITY Could Go NUTS! (Max Porterfield, Callinex CEO)

TRADE DEAL INKED: Dollar Sell-off – THIS COMMODITY Could Go NUTS! (Max Porterfield, Callinex CEO) — Looking at the Markets with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell I’ve got an expert guest today just a wealth of
knowledge in the commodity space I am so excited about commodities man it has not
been easy for gold investors you know since 2011 there have been some tough
years in there but I believe that a huge turning point a pivot is underway today
we’ve got gold well above $1,500 an ounce not that long ago it was 13
something an ounce this is the beginning of a bull market I believe and it’s time
to talk about it and talk about how we can make some money how can we maximize
our profits and so I’ve got a definite expert today mr. max Porterfield
president and CEO of Callan axe mines mr. Porterfield
welcome to looking at the market sir thanks so much for having me yeah I
appreciate it so the fourth quarter of 2019 was
fantastic for commodities but specifically for gold and we’re seeing
it hold key levels here you know I believe that this is the beginning of
the big turnaround we’re talking secular multi-year timeline is this realistic
yeah I definitely think for the gold and precious metal space in particular it is
realistic and that’ll also be driving in the base metal space as well moving
forward I think the baseball story is more of a supply-side story couple with
global growth in the civil future so you most definitely I think we’re at a
turning point for the metals overall I mean if you look at gold in particular
it is about 50% off we’re based out at the bottom of you know the kind of last
bear market here were around $1000 an ounce for a while there and I think it
is it’s had a healthy move move I don’t think it’s been too quickly
and it has been underpinned by obviously negative religious rates globally as
well as the geopolitical factors whether it be the u.s. Chinese trade war the
issues with North Korea or more recently the kind of military conflict between
the u.s. and Iran so most definitely I do see a bright future for the metal
space yeah this is so huge for commodities and you know what else is
going to be huge in my estimation is the US dollar the US dollar had a very
unusual bull market for a while but now it is turning around to the downside
you’ve got the death cross happening right now it just started in the US
dollar meaning that the 50-day moving average crossed below the 200-day moving
average in the US dollar so how is the gradual decline in the dollars relative
value going to benefit gold and miners as well
well gold as well as all commodities or price in US dollars so weaker dollar is
going to be bullish for commodity prices and you know if you look at calories for
example we’re an exploration company over 75% of capital raised for
exploration goes to gold exploration so healthy gold prices are going to be
great for the exploration business are they often say you know all ships rise
and a rising tide so you know again strong precious metals is going to be a
key driver for medals overall greatly for the exploration business which we’re
focused and on it was a tremendous opportunity moving forward irrespective
of kind of the other head ones that you kind of looking out for the future for
absolutely and in a one huge opportunity I want to talk about is karellen x mines
and in case people don’t know about it they can learn more at Cal and XC a
ticker symbol on the tsx V exchange is C and X and on the American OTC exchange
it is CLL X F want to talk about the company
Kalen X mind has minds has been around for years in terms of market cap we’re
talking to still a small company only around four point three million dollars
Canadian and market cap 2.6 million dollars Canadian is in cash so the
enterprise value is only one point seven million dollars Canadian so in other
words your portfolio of assets that are base metal centered with a key component
of precious metals in them along with intangibles with your expertise level
and your report with rapport with shareholders and institutions I believe
this is not properly justifiably so low in price and in market cap would you
agree with that yeah I would absolutely agree with that I you know we have
actually more recently performed quite strongly so you know in terms of market
capitalization you know roughly around a nine million dollar market cap today but
again relative to historical trading pattern last time we talked for example
just about a movie a year and a half ago it was we were trading around the thirty
thirty five million dollar valuation at that time so we have come down rather
dramatically that was spurred on by the u.s. Chinese trade war that kind of
underwent and really kind of took the wind out of the base metal space
particularly the zinc space which were known to have large exposure to the zinc
space with our national rate deposit in in New Brunswick so with that being said
where we were in Canada where we were trading and where we’re trading now has
been a tremendous buying opportunity over the past year I was I’ve been a big
buyer myself for the of the the company now owned personally you know just under
4% and again you know oftentimes you know geopolitical factors and government
policy out there as a precursor and has big impacts on our business and you know
that had a big impact for us and in any name that was you know had exposure to
the base metal space when the US Chinese trade war commenced now the fast forward
in time that really hasn’t shown us slowed things down so much in you know
the kind of cause and concern for the impact on global growth is easing as
they’re kind of going through round one of you know kind of coming to terms and
a resolution to that trade dispute which I think longer generally beneficial for
Cal and X and then that coupled with our focus on exploration and really
the key mining camps and mining jurisdictions within Canada that are in
close proximity infrastructure that are an absolute need of a new discovery
particularly in the Flin Flon camp with Manitoba but also where you have very
high unemployment rates right now in the bathroom for the New Brunswick creates a
compelling opportunity for myself and the shareholders and prospective
investors out there looking for opportunities yeah and what I like about
Callan X mines is that your projects are particularly de-risked that’s important
to me yes I’m looking for gains and growth but I also want to stay cautious
with my investments and I always recommend that to my listeners and
viewers so how is Callan axes projects and just generally how are you dearest
in particular well I mean that the valuation the company we’ve got a
tremendous amount of assets in particularly we’ve got a PE a stage
projects in both Nash Creek and super Jack and the Bathurst camp of New
Brunswick again Nash creeks a very unique resource and it’s a flat lying
near surface zinc led silver deposit that be amenable to an open pit
operation which is about 1/3 the mining costs of an underground operation and
more importantly what makes it very unique is it just lies just off of
provincial highway and about 25 kilometers away from a power station a
rail line to zinc smelting operations in Quebec as well as a deep water port and
those are tremendous you know value adds for deposit where a lot of these
deposits out there a lot of these exploration projects that are actively
being explored or very remote and very difficult and challenging to get to and
that all leads to higher upfront capital costs that can really kind of handicap
or really make a project very challenging to move forward and so right
now again at Nash Creek which is in the town of Lorne you’ve got over 20 percent
unemployment in the town of Belle Doon which I mentioned where that
infrastructure is you’ve got over 20 percent unemployment rate and there’s
actually a lead smelter there that more recently about a month and a half ago
was gonna be shuttered which accounted for over 80 percent of the jobs in in
Belle Doon so it makes it even more critical for us to have success through
the drill but and exploring to grow the soare space at match creek which we have
currently underway and as well as if you looking Flin Flon in northern Manitoba
that’s an area that’s got over 95 years of continuous production in 32 mines but
unfortunately there is the current flagship mine the triple seven mine
that’s operated by hud Bay in the town of Flin Flon is been slated to shut down
April 2022 and there is no feed our new mind kind of waiting to go into
production to fill that void so again that puts in jeopardy the long and rich
history of mining but more importantly what’s going to happen in the community
of Clinton flawed so our technical team again has been discovered so ceated with
the discovery of three of the four largest mines in that area’s history
we’ve got a consolidated land package that’s an advanced permanent and we’re
taking a new approach for exploration with it hasn’t been done and they can’t
historically and again thinking different to have a different outcome
make a discovery at a time when that community is indeed mean and really were
lining our shareholders interests with interests of local communities that were
exploring it and I think that’s the recipe for success moving forward as we
we drill out our targets that we’ve identified over the past year as well as
we have exposure to gold prices as well and in a project called point Leamington
which is locating the buckins camp of newfoundland that’s a historical sizable
zinc gold copper as well as lead resource that we’re generating drill
targets and proximity to that to drill tests later and this year so 2020 is
gonna be a very aggressive year I think it’s also gonna be underpinned by strong
macro factors that are we driving metal prices higher which is always gonna be
great for our sector and so very very excited about what’s to come in in a
year yeah I’m excited about it as well and if you believe in metals in 2020
which I certainly do I’ve made so many videos recommending that people
seriously consider gold coppers well if you want to really pure metals play
Kellen X mines is the way to go and I hate to get personal on you but I
do want to I like to know that people that the insiders the corporate insiders
actually own shares their own company that is what I call a
vote of confidence people talk in the talk and not just you know not just walk
and not just talking they’re actually you know walking the walk so not that
not to get personal but do you own shares of this company yeah absolutely I
mean I’ve always been a shoulder the company and then after you know the
equity valuation had a tremendous kind of hit to it with the US Chinese trade
were in 2018 really last year 2019 was a huge a
buying opportunity has been a aggressive buyer that market call is participated
in the recent financing that we did to recapitalize the company to drill out
the the targets across the portfolio that would have ongoing right now and so
is a big opportunity family has also been a big supporter and invested in
what we believe in what we’re doing as well as the rest of our team so it’s you
know not often do you know the overall value of the company hasn’t changed in
terms of its prospects but in factors that have nothing to do with the company
or the decisions that companies made have such a dramatic impact on the
valuation and it was a tremendous buying opportunity and I like to put my money
where my mouth is and I do believe in the projects of leaving the assets in
blue what we’re doing moving forward and so today I run just under four percent
of the company myself I didn’t mention that a moment ago so absolutely very
excited about what’s to come yeah that that is a huge huge benefit
just a de-risked company you’ve got the CEO owning shares so you know he
believes in it this is huge I know that you’re passionate about cowl-necks minds
again people if they want to get involved they need to go to Cal and X
dot CA I’ll put a link in the description below this video and also
look at the ticker symbols for yourself do your own research check the charts on
the TSX V Canadian exchange ticker symbol CNX in America on the OTC markets
CLL X F whatever your broker is you can probably get this one and if people want
more information if they want to learn about Callan X besides doing their own
due diligence you know how can they get more information how can
they learn about this exciting company website at Calvin xc8 again and you
mentioned that and they’re gonna post that link in and also we have our
contact detail their details there so you can feel free to give us a call or
send us an email either myself or one of my colleagues would be happy to discuss
you know our operations in or out looking more up tip yeah and I do want
people to get more information yeah that’s one of the great things
about the fact that I get to speak to CEOs of the best companies in the
commodity space you know I’ve called you guys up a number at times and just a
great staff a great group of people an expert a great board by the way just you
know the best in the business and I don’t invest in just anybody and I don’t
recommend just anybody but I’m really like in Kalin ex mines especially at the
current price point I see it going up from here no guarantees but this is huge
so thank you for your outlook on gold on miners and on cowl-necks mines mr. max
Porterfield we’re gonna have to have you back here sometime soon but thank you
for coming out to the markets I really appreciate it thanks for having me

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