Trudeau Liberals invading privacy of Canadians banking info

Madam Speaker another day has gone by
with the Liberals refusing to actually listen to Canadians,
putting aside the hundreds of pages of privacy breaches by the government. The
state does not have the right to monitor law-abiding citizens going about their
daily lives. FULL STOP, Madam Speaker. Will the Liberals accept
that people are rightfully concerned and end this unprecedented surveillance
scheme? LAMETTI: We understand that privacy is important to Canadians that’s why we
have taken measures to protect Canadians privacy in this matter and in a number
of different places. Nobody, Madam Speaker, will have access to the personal nominative information that Canadians gives us to Statistics Canada
indeed, Madam Speaker, Statistics Canada cannot even be compelled to give that
information to a court of law. It is protected in their hands. Madam
Speaker Statistics Canada has policies and procedures in place to
protect the privacy of Canadians and we need all Canadians………. ALBAS: Madam Speaker,
speaking about privacy, we’re talking about millions of records that could
potentially impact millions of Canadians and the Privacy Commissioner is
concerned. And speaking about the Privacy Commissioner, yesterday he said I quote
“Privacy is not a right to be traded off in exchange for innovation.” He also said
the current law allows the government to seek this information without anyone’s
consent. The information in Canadians banks accounts, Madam Speaker, belongs to them not the Liberals! Will the government finally listen to Canadians
and end this Orwellian program?
LAMETTI: Let me correct something Honourable Member is saying. The
government is not accessing the nominative data of Canadians, Statistics
Canada is for all Canadians to be able to use. The personal information gets
protected and once the information gets processed by Statistics Canada it is
available for use of municipal governments, it’s
available for the use of provincial governments, the federal government, small businesses, Madam Speaker, individual Canadians, the Bank of Canada other
institutions, and other individuals that have to make decisions in their lives,
economic decisions, based on the best available information.

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