100 thoughts on “Trump admin raises smoking age to combat vaping crisis

  1. All this will do is force the 18 to 20 crowd to seek black market vape cartridges and end in higher amounts of tainted deaths. This will also incentivize more theft of these products. The cure is worse than the disease… Raising the age limit will make it worse! I'm a nonsmoker and even I can see that one coming!

  2. Oh I see No drinking, smoking. But they can send our children to fight endless wars at 18…. Why don't we raise that age as well and the age to vote too

    You shouldn't be able to join the military, until your 21 and a little bit more mature/ further along with your life, where your less likely to make the decision to enlist out of desperation, or cluelessness.

  4. Massive fines on vape and cigarette usage. Explain to people they don't need any drugs to escape and that they just need reality management

  5. So you can join the military at 17 and fight and die for your country but god forbid if you have a smoke or drink and are also restricted from buying certain firearms.

  6. Our stupid legislators changed smoking age, president signed it. The president does not make laws, at least hes not supposed to. Hey what president has ever followed the constitution? The constitution is only followed when its politically useful. The constitution is used to suppress the people and when the constitution is not convenient, our "leaders" ignore the constitution to take away our rights. Democrates and Republicans are all about the same.

  7. Meanwhile, people die from stroke, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease from the food that is advertised to us every day. Also, many people die from opioid overdoses and suicide.

  8. I still think Gambling at Casino's like Atlantic City and Las Vegas should be 18. If you can be in the military putting your life on the line at 18. Why do you have to wait until 21 to gamble in those Casino's ?

  9. This helps with the staff workloads and increase of organ donors to the hospitals due to many non U.S citizens getting all kind of "free stuff" that can go toward Americans?!🇺🇸

  10. Fake news… And y'all should be doing better if you call yourselves capitalists.
    Trump is acting like an authoritarian Democrat.
    Freedom, is a joke in this country. Women can't make decisions on their own, adults can't choose to smoke or not, none of the taxes go to things WE want. And now trump is creating a nanny state. I didn't think he was like that with all the BS he's talking all the time.

    The lies just won't end… Ever.

  11. I can only assume that the administration is also raising the age to join the military to 21!! You know, because you are saying that is when you are an actual adult? If they can’t make decisions to smoke and drink yet, how can these kids possibly make a conscience decision to enlist.

    WTF AM I THINKING, they are old enough to get shot, not take a shot.

  12. I stopped smoking cigs 10 years ago because of vape , and nicotine is not what kills you , the only crisis is millions have done the same thing , they stopped smoking cigs .

  13. "Your Body Your Choice"…? This is why we make sensible laws. Because kids are not smart enough to make that choice…as this example so obviously shows.

    Tobacco has 3000 toxins and carcinogens. VAPING eliminates 98% of those. Not perfect enough for you?
    You are straining at a gnat. Complaining about a solved problem. Nicotine is addictive all but itself, but it does not promote irrational behavior like, uh, marijuana! The world is chemically ignorant. THC is used by the hemp plant to repel animals from eating it. It's a form of chemical defense. But you're fine with smoking up stupidity.


  16. This was attached to a "must pass" spending bill. It's unconstitutional for the federal government to regulate it's citizens. Only the States have the Constitutional authority to do so. I don't care how high the smoking age is, make it 50, but it is the State that gets to do that, not the federal government.

  17. This is all very funny because these same kids at 18 years old can vote in our countries elections. But now are not mature and smart enough to buy tobacco and vaper products till they are 21 years old. So that tells me our city, state and federal governments really do not think our 18-21 year old kids can make rational decisions on their own. SO WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO VOTE THEN? I will say yes they can vote if they're in our countries military because if they are willing to fight and die for America they deserve that right.

  18. The government gives billions of dollars to the military industrial complex without asking where that money is coming from, then they claim universal health coverage is too expensive. The government doesn’t even want to pay for healthy school lunches. How will raising the smoking age improve the wellbeing of Americans? It won’t. How about y’all limit the supply of soda and fast food. Obesity kills way more than vaping dumbasses.

  19. Big Tobacco sat Back and let the consumers get addicted to vapeing. It didn't put in a cent of start up money. Now that vapeing is such a big hit with consumers big tobacco is ready to take over the entire market. A monopoly. Just the way they like it. They will lobby to regulate every vape juice and pen out of the market. They will then sell their traditional and menthol vape pens over the counter along with their cigarettes. Each pen will have the same tobacco as 20 class A cigarettes. Just like the patch. One beginner patch has the equivalent of 20 class A cigarettes. Just time release on the patch. Disposable vapes for disposable consumers. Big tobacco will also dictate and own the marijuana market. No one has an ounce of leverage power over Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco didn't help get the ball rolling but they will ultimately own it all. Oh. And lets for sure not get into any meaningful discussion concerning the whys. Like why does practically everyone feel compelled to self medicate with legal and illegal products. What's gotten people so nervous and on edge that they cant fully function for an hour without being medicated. What has happened that people are sick dysfunctional shells of themselves. What happened to people's inner beauty. The faces of meth is also the faces of tobacco and the faces of alcoholics. Functioning Crack heads Pill heads. Etc. Heads without a brain. Cigarettes are gateway drugs just as surely as alcohol is a gateway drug. Big Parma. Big tobacco. Big Alcohol. We are just kids. Kids who are Stunted and crippled because we were initially vulnerable and gullible. We got high on the buffet and what a spread it is.

  20. Firstly…where was the outrage when inn1982, the Democratic dominated government raised the legal drinking age from 18 to 21?!? It destroyed the live music industry in America which has caused most major bands to tour the world EXCEPT the USA. On the more important local level, it killed off the top notch local bands as well as most of the top clubs and bars that supported live music. And even more ridiculous, we still had a MILITARY DRAFT in effect for anyone age 18 and up. Add all this BS to the fact that most states allow kids at the age if 16 drive a lethal weapon around in the local streets and major highways. Plus all that’s obvious…buy a weapon, get married, buy a house, sign ANY legally bindings document and the ability to vote for who runs the government. I lost my income in 1982 as a working full time musician and had to figure out another way to do what I loved and make enough money to live. The bars and clubs that tried to stay in business began hiring DJs and live bands that were garbage. Where do ya think the ‘Grunge’ movement came from? Bands that couldn’t play well, or would pay to play! People have very short memories and even shorter attention spans these days because of Twitter and other similar texting crap. And what will all these kids who are so used to having everything handed to them do when this bubble breaks and it becomes everyone fighting for the same job?

  21. When will they raise voting age to 21 too. I am very happy to see that smoking age raise to 21. This means that 18 years old can’t buy for their younger teen friends.

  22. From someone that started smoking at a very early age. I’m in favor of raising the age to 21.
    A few extra years at a critical age and a few extra inconveniences will save a few extra thousand lives per year or perhaps per month in the future.

  23. There's nothing better than lighting up your first Camel cigarette of the day, and drawing that pure draft from you Camel. Camel cigarettes, now with filters, for that pure draft real men love. All the benefits of a regula cigarette without any of that nasty tar. Mmm-mmm.

  24. Brilliant: that will just lead to millions of young adults with criminal records. Constitutionally all age limits over 18 are illegal.

  25. i think we should raise the voting age to 30 AND require a minimum iq of 100 and not only require id but also your birth certificate to combat the illegal aliens being given drivers licenses

  26. It's easy to understand what rebellion is when you see and taste when your own plan to ditch you take your place.
    Very educative educated society lifestyle's living cultures.

  27. why dont he raise the age you are legal to join the military. You can be a killer for government or get killed in unconstitutional wars worldwide but dont buy cigarettes no no no. Government still needs cannon fodder.

  28. Smoked ng and vaping are unhealthy addictions, we are all capable of getting into unhealthy habits, this just prolongs a possible addiction. Plus you all seem to be missing this. The CRAP they are inhaling is going to effect them negatively. BIGLY.

  29. Their is no "vaping crisis". Just a statistically small number of people who have been injured by black market vapes. More government meddling and nannying.

  30. They don't care about the BS their sprueing … When you take away something or a right , they make a cashcow revenue of it in court co$ts,fine$,fee$, program$!!!

  31. Not mature enough to smoke or drink then you’re not mature enough to vote or join the military. End the draft cards for 18 year old males.

  32. This is stupid, we do not want an authoritarian nanny state. I'm so sick of conservatives supporting swamp dictator democrat ideas, wake up. Dangerous freedom is better then safe slavery, this bill is stupid.

  33. What a joke. Government wants people hooked on opioids so it can sell it to them and make a profit.
    Why do you think we were in Afghanistan. Wake up morons.

  34. Talk about overreaction…but why the hell WASN’T it 21 or above yet? What’s the deal with that? You can’t trust 18 yrs old to make choices for their body like that!

  35. So basically I have to pay taxes,go to work,and I can go die for my country but I can't smoke or drink.can someone help me with this logic.

  36. If anyone under the age wants to smoke they'll just have someone get it for them and it's our own body not there's to say what we can and can not put in it.

  37. So underage persons illegally procure & consume tobacco,& the fix is to make it illegal for longer? We should ban war, crystal meth ,& heroin too then! Oh wait..

  38. How many milligrams is equivalent to a pack of cigs?? Do your research. So, are flavored e juices the cause of all the deaths? No!!! It’s vitamin e acetate. More excuses to drive people back to smoking again

  39. By far this is absolutely ridiculous.
    The age to buy tobacco is now 21. That’s completely ridiculous! They do this to protect our future generation of kids, despite age not being really much of an issue. They assumed those who are 18 were buying minors tobacco, and that is just based off of assumption. To me that’s just a lot of money wasted being put into a new bill because minors are still going to have ways of finding tobacco and ecig products. Minors also obtain alcohol just as easy too without being 21 and this isn’t a problem though unlike tobacco? Now a vape flavor ban is trying to be introduced all because it attracts children. That’s insane. Crack down on the ones who’re actually selling to the minors because they should be held responsible for allowing a minor to have their hands on tobacco products. The youth is okay for going to war and stressing their hearts out but now can’t even put a cigarette or alcoholic beverage to their mouth? That seems quite unfair. I say reverse the age change in the bill and figure out how the real problem of youth vaping is happening.

  40. Does our County not realize that if teens want it they WILL find a way to get it! Then if they ban vapeing they will get stuff off the black market and then there is going to be more people getting sick.

  41. At least 18 has some significance. That’s about the age when you’re fully developed physically. 21 has no significance whatsover, your brain doesn’t complete development until 25. So why 21? It seems like they used the first number they pulled out of a hat. It’s just random af.

  42. Its not a crisis. The more the news talks about it, the more that people are going to want to use them. Vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes and this is just ridiculous. I supported you trump, but taking away my freedom as an adult myself (I am 18 btw). You are not getting my vote, and none of my friends will vote for you either

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