100 thoughts on “Trump lambasts Schiff: He defrauded Congress, himself, his family

  1. enough about Trump. Let's talk about TERM LIMITS, the UN Patriot Act, endless war, lies, bribes, interest on the "national" (Washington D..C.s' ) debt, exactly who owns the federal reserve, project Mockingbird.

  2. Vladimir Putin must have ordered his gopher Trump to keep the truth secret. Putin does not want to lose his investment in Trump.


  4. Because the Dems are so full of negativity they will loose this next election and most every seat 🇺🇸 All Dems SUCK S—

  5. Trump: "Radical left, deep state, whatever you want to call them…." How about Democrats?
    Watters: "They won't release the full transcripts………" What utter nonsense. Trump released a redacted version of the telephone call transcript. The original, which only the Whitehouse has seen, is locked away under some special security blanket. Watters, please just stick to denying climate change, where you know your talking points.

  6. "Yes, we want to overthrow the government by any means necessary"
    "Yes, we want to impeach the president elected for no reason other than, we want the presidency"
    "Yes, we don't like the constitution because it is a obstacle on our lust for complete power"
    "Yes, we're socialist and we don't care about free speech and any other freedom".

  7. 10 million dollars from the Ukraine TO the Clinton Foundation… Yeah no quid-pro-quo or pay to play involved there right Hillary!

  8. Why should the White House follow procedure about submitting documents for the impeachment inquiry when Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff don't follow procedure by initiating an impeachment inquiry without the approval of the entire House.

  9. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff (her attack dog) are wholey responsible for this witch hunt. And it would a smart thing for Democratic Senate and House members to distance themselves from the witch hunt, if they have any hope of holding on to their House majority.

  10. I can still picture Maxine practically being escorted off the House floor in restraints by security after her tirade. 1993? She was unbalanced then and it's been all downhill ever since. How does she continue to get elected? Who in the hell votes for this sitcom character (Aunt Esther in The Jeffersons comes to mind).

  11. It seems like it's all falling apart for the Democrats it's the same story from the same people Trump's doing illegal things and ruining our democracy it's becoming very evident they've been doing it and it's falling apart for them

  12. Already Trump is moving from "It was a Perfect call" to "It was a very good call".
    Next will come "Yeah, I withheld the aid to make them investigate
    Biden, but there was nothing wrong with that."

  13. ???.. Oh' that's juanita.. just another jerk' democrat.. and maxipad water for brains.. and brennen has the look of an evil villian..

  14. so Winebanks…the democrats are the "proper" party now ??? Come on Juan, you do not have an issue ?? Of course you don't !!! Oh he did have an issue, red pilling Juan at last..well I can hope

  15. President Trump is being completely censored , I new they would do this by changing the law about HATE SPEECH ;, and yet this all you can find when you google Trump,, all completely negative , Thump should change the law to make Internet free speech for every one , as long as you do not threaten to hurt someone your speech should be allowed , Period, Your speech should be along side of anyone no matter who they support , Alex Jones was right , just like he warned , people did nothing for Alex now look whats happening its hate speech if you support President Trump , Its got to change , God bless president Trump, you will win i know you will , But you will have to tackle this lot YouTube Google, etc.

  16. Maxine 'Pugface' Waters has a lot of nerve even mentioning the word "disgusting". She's so fn ugly….she'd scare sand out of a diamond.

  17. Go Trump from the UK – we love you & we KNOW the truth – shame on the deep state fake liar scum – go TRUMP – go BREXIT!!!

  18. I really do disagree with my president but but oleski Fancy Nancy pants see you know she made a fool of herself long ago she's in the dance with Shifty shafts he's Shifty and you know they're in a trance and soon they're both going to be lanced and they should be sent to France

  19. I'm going to have to teach I'm going to have to breach cuz you blood sucking leech you can't reach and so you can't peel the peach so you need the week accept your defeat because soon you're going to lose your congressional seat

  20. Why was Trump investigating the Bidens in private?By the way Trump was a lifelong supporter of the democratic party and Clinton donor for years.this is a self inflicted wound that Trump created,reopening a investigation that has already been established,13 months before the election against the FrontRunner of the opposition party and get caught in the process. Just my opinion but he's too stupid to be the president

  21. The proper party can remain in power god these people are delusional the democratic party is lost the president will bring all this corruption to light juan your nuts

  22. How much ambien did Ms. msnpc guest consume before appearing on that panel to deliver information that Pelosi can be the US President….. you know, if we manipulate it just right. What in the heck??

  23. Everytime I here them talk about whistleblower, it's weird, I get that FloRida song in my head. I think that is the kind of whistle they blow!

  24. Don't you know there are ENDLESS so-called whistleblowers'? As quickly as one FABRICATED 'rough draft' has been destroyed amazingly some new story displaying 'tons of evidence' is just more nonsenseLet's take a pole and wonder what the Country would be like with Pelosi as President? OPEN BORDERS, FREE DRUGS AND TENTS TO ALL CA. RESIDENTS, ETCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCMaxine, you better take care of your filthy rat and drug infested district before you call people useless and spineless, what have YOU done in the last 30 years except being a multi-millionaire like Pelosi, etccc

  25. If u read impeachment rules Any government official can be impeached in the checks and balances that includes Congress

  26. Ahh Juan, yes pelosi and schiff can be impeached; Expulsion and Censure. Article I, Section 5, of the United States Constitution provides that "Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member." Sorry for destroying your leftest delusion. NOT

  27. Biden son Hunter made millions from Mikola to have vicepresident biden get the prosecutor of Burisma corruption.fired. The corruption in the dnc and bidens is shinning like neon lights

  28. Juan's face says it all lol. We all know what the President said so who Cares about what the second snitch Is saying lol

  29. Are president is so trueful and honest . He is morally great i hope my sons treat there wifes the same way trump has treated his wife's.

  30. Question: If Juan Williams and Maxine Waters both attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, which one gets eaten by sharks or drowns first?

    Answer: Who cares.

  31. 1st whistleblower didnt work out too well for them. And suprise, suprise what do you know all of the sudden theres a 2nd whistleblower now. And this one has 1st hand knowledge! I'm curious to see how this one will work out for them. The dirty dems just keep digging themselves a deeper hole to fall into. The more they keep this up, the worse they look. They must think the American People are really that dumb. TRUMP2020!!!

  32. These illegal moves based on their dislike of the president is so disgraceful, and it’s a shame they don’t feel or see it

  33. Juan Juan Juan – what else can you come up with – you do not realize how ignorant you sound.

  34. The Democrats' corruption and former administrations' treasonous activities are going to explode all over them shortly. They are really running scared as tons of evidence of their massive corruption is about to appeaar.

  35. The Dems are going to continue this disinformation campaign until election next year until they get rid of our duly elected President I think this will continue until after election

  36. Lefties lie so much they forget they are lying and when caught they act like nothing happened. Why can't these people be held accountable for their lies?

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