32 thoughts on “Two Associates Of Rudy Giuliani Arrested For Campaign Finance Violations | NBC Nightly News

  1. Arrested for GIVING too much money away … Shouldn't the police be doing something more important than arresting people for being too charitable ?

  2. Throw every last motherfcukin' Trump Cabinet member/family member/associate/coffee boy into jail. They are all fcuking criminals. God dman them. God dman all of their supporters too.

  3. Wire Taps? My bet is the Feds have these foreign criminals on tape and anyone (Rudy G) they may have been in communication with.

  4. Just silencing political opponents. All it is. They have info on Ukraine connecting them to key democrats. That’s all it is. Targeted arrests.

    This is worse than what China is doing.

  5. in other news… the Wayne Corporation releases record Q3 earnings… the bus manufacturer cites the drumpf administration as key to their success.

  6. Both of these according to the US media “ Soviet born “ individuals are US citizens They left on Round trip tickets ( fully refundable) and obviously MSNBC do not think Eastern European or European ethnic background US citizens are worthy humans and are more like SLAVES But these individuals ARE US Citizens and this Corrupt comically incompetent NY prosecutors “ office “ simply openly advertises the scale of incompetence and CORRUPTION they engage in MSNBC are fully in line with hard core NAZI ideologies in their hate and propaganda absurdities targeting specific ethnic groups and look vial even perverse attacking fellow countrymen

  7. Wow this is the highest corruption I’ve seen in my lifetime. The DNC, FBI and DOJ all colluding to take down a duly elected President of the United States.

  8. RG is not only making a national fool of himself but he might land himself in prison. It’s really sad, he was and is credited in cleaning up of NYC and WAS very respected at one point.

  9. Wow not like we have not seen this before. Did they arrest the Chinese Monks funneling Chinese military money to Al Gore.

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