USA vs Iran | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Hello friends Come, let us talk about the conflict ongoing between America and Iran What happened? Why did it happen? How does it affect India? And is this the beginning of the World War 3? This last question was mere jest Don’t worry, things haven’t escalated to that level. This is only done by some media houses to scare you Come, let us understand the entire situation First, I will give you some background information Basically, there are two main regional powers in the middle east One is Saudi Arabia and the other is Iran These two countries are rival countries and enmity brews in between them Although, these two countries haven’t directly been in a war, but in all the other conflicts in the middle east amongst the rest of the countries, These two countries use them to indulge in a proxy war Proxy war means that two countries are not fighting directly with each other but are fighting indirectly in a third country For example, proxy wars are ongoing in Yemen, Syria and Iraq -amongst Saudi Arabia and Iran What basically happens in these is that there is a government and then there are rebels that oppose it So on one hand, Saudi Arabia would support the government by funding weapons Iran, on the other hand, would support the rebels and supple weapons to them And the battle among them would continue Iran has a majority of Shia Muslims and Saudi has a majority of Sunni Muslims So you could also call it a religious divide between the two countries (which) further stokes the conflict in between these two countries The matter of fact here is that USA is a good ally of Saudi Arabia And Saudi Arabia is a rival country of Iran. So basically, there is enmity between USA and Iran too There have been anti- government protests in Iraq in huge numbers in the past few years because the people there are upset with the rising corruption and unemployment as well as other issues The establishment- the government is supported by Iran So basically, the governments of Iran and Iraq are against the protesters And the countries of Saudi Arabia and the USA indirectly support the protesters Recently, what was happening was that a lot of protesters were being killed The Iranian government and the government of Iraq were shooting the protesters More than 20 protesters have been killed Relations between USA and Iran have been sour for the past 40 years But the present conflict can be traced back to the time since Donald Trump got elected In 2015, when Obama was the President, then USA signed a nuclear deal with Iran “After two years of negotiations, the United States.. together with our international partners has achieved something that decades of animosity has not a comprehensive, long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. This deal demonstrates that American diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change.” On 8th May, 2018, Donald Trump backed out of this nuclear deal suddenly and said that now USA will not participate in the nuclear deal “I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction Today’s action sends a critical message” Donald Trump alleged that the government of Iran supports terrorism, exports violence and the widespread chaos and bloodshed rampant in the Middle East- Iran is responsible for that A lot of people that criticize Donald Trump say that Donald Trump backed off from the nuclear deal due to one reason- because Obama had signed that nuclear deal Trump envied this fact and he had to upturn whatever Obama had done Therefore, Trump restarted the enmity with Iran and declared economic sanctions After that, there was constant escalation of tensions between the two countries For example, in one instance there was a drone attack on the oil tankers of Saudi Arabia USA alleged that Iran had orchestrated it For example on 20th June, 2019, a US drone was shot down by Iran on charges of it flying through Iranian territory USA claimed that it was flying through international territory On 8th April, 2019, Donald Trump took a decision that has never been taken in American history till date There is a branch of the Iranian Military which is called Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps (They) declared it a foreign terrorist organisation This was for the first time that another country’s military was labelled as a terrorist organization After that, on 28th December, 2019, a rocket attack was launched on a US military base present in Iraq in which an American contractor was killed The US held the Iranian military and the general of Iranian military- Soleiman- responsible for this The US retaliated on 29th December 2019 by conducting air strikes on a weapon center of the Iranian militia organization in which more than 25 people were killed In retaliation to this, a pro Iranian mob attacked the US embassy in Iraq on 31st December, 2019 Although no one was killed and neither did anyone sustain serious injuries, but Donald Trump tweeted after this attack saying, Iran will have to pay a very big price This is not a warning, it is a threat And this threat was witnessed when on 3rd January, 2020, America killed one of the top most Iranian generals- Soleiman by conducting drone strikes General Soleiman was the major General of the Quds force in Iran He was one of the people belonging to the top most level in Iran In India, you can compare him to the Indian Air Force general or the Indian Army General The Quds force is the elitest of the elite force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Force in Iran Donald Trump said that they had killed the general to prevent future attacks from taking place and they had got news that General Soleiman was planning an attack against Americans “Soleiman was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats and military personnel But we caught him in the act and terminated him Under my leadership , America’s policy is unambiguous to terrorists who harm or intend to harm any American” US officials believe that while there was a war ongoing in Iraq, then General Soleiman was supplying weapons to the terrorists present there But Iran denies anything of that sort In fact General Soleiman was considered a national hero in Iran because he had helped fight against the ISIS and to secure the Iranian borders So the interesting thing here is how one country considers a person a national hero and a freedom fighter while another country, on the other hand, considers him a terrorist This happens very often, by the way Wherever there are conflicts and fights in the world, if often happens that one section of the population considers someone to be their freedom fighter and the other section of the population considers him to be a terrorist So, there’s one thing I’d like to say here – whenever you read about such complex geopolitical issues, then do not try to fit someone in a good or a bad category Nothing’s black and white here that one person is 100% good and that person is 100% bad- it isn’t so Judge people by their actions A lot of people accuse Donald Trump of wanting to go on a war with Iran deliberately in order to boost his popularity before elections Elections are upcoming in 9 months so people believe that Donald Trump is doing this for publicity Also, Donald Trump’s own hypocrisy is evident here because back in 2013, he tweeted that “I predict that President Obama will,at some point, attack Iran in order to save face.” Then he tweeted in 2013 again: “Remember what I previously said? Obama will someday attack Iran in order to show how tough he is.” Now people are accusing Donald Trump of the same thing that Donald Trump is attacking Iran to save his own image This is a very similar thing which happened in US, 17 years prior to today when President Bush had declared War on Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein Then, a lot of people had noticed that USA did not have a huge reason to go to war but USA went to war, nevertheless. And it was due to this one decision that the image of USA is still tainted all across the world that the USA goes on deliberate wars for oil, and goes to war in order to maintain peace in the middle East It encourages wars all about the world in order to reap benefits for itself The Iranian government has said that its going to retaliate fully after this air strike but it does not consider a common American responsible for this The Iranian government puts the sole blame on Donald Trump In fact, the Iranian government has also placed a bounty on Donald Trump and they have said that an average American need not worry because they have no enmity with them They are only against Donald Trump Due to this, The Iranian presidential advisor listed down the business properties of Trump all across the world in order to attack Trump’s real estate empire In response to this Donald Trump issued threat that he would launched an attack on the Iranian cultural sites -the world heritage sites and due to this, Donald Trump received a lot of flak that he was talking of deliberately attacking the heritage and cultural sites in a fight On the other hand the parliament of Iraq has voted to root out all the American troops from the Iraqi soil and the Iranian Parliament has passed motion designating the US Army as terrorists Donald Trump has also said that if Iraq indeed wants all the American troops to leave the country then Iraq will have to pay for the Air Force base which cost billions of dollars to construct And if Iraq does not agree to pay, then huge economic sanctions will be levied on Iraq And if this happens, then its worst effect will befall India The reason for this is that most of the crude oil imported by India comes from Iraq as of 2019, Iraq is India’s number one oil supplier if US imposes sanctions against Iraq then US will force its allies like India to stop importing oil from Iraq If it so happens, then India will have to import oil from elsewhere- which is going to be many times costlier This will have a very bad effect upon the Indian economy Infant its effect is already perceptible- the day general Soleimani was killed the Indian markets crashed so drastically the very next day that investors had to suffer a loss of total 3 lakh crore rupees Another detrimental effect was that when Donald Trump escalated his enemy with Iran, then he obviously had to incline towards some country- so he started getting close to Pakistan In 2018, Donald Trump had said that they had stopped providing training to the Pakistani military because Pakistan supports terrorism Now they have resumed imparting the training because they are in need of more friends and allies I hope you would have got to learn a lot from this video If you like this video then you can support me on or there is a new option of Youtube memberships You can support me on Youtube itself. 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  1. 0:25 Geopolitics of Middle East
    2:15 US-Iran Relations
    5:17 The Big Attack
    7:19 Did Trump do it for Elections?
    8:28 Aftermath of Attack
    9:56 Effect on India

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  2. Nice story. But major international events don't happen because Trump is "envious" of Obama. It happens because of special interests and plans of the elite. If Donald Trump made decisions on his own he'd be dead now just like JFK. Soleimani is a hero who defeated ISIS, allegations against Iran are made up just like Assad gas attacks were made up by US as we know now from whistleblowers, just like they made up allegations against Iraq which paved the way for the Iraq war, Just like they accused Vietnam of attacking their ship decades ago which we know now Vietnam never did etc.. USA will push for war no matter who is president. US citizens are sheep.

  3. Dhruv Rathee is a fear monger “He says oil price will increase several times if USA forces India to stop purchasing oil from Iraq”. Oil prices are governed by demand/supply and the market is oversupplied, which means that oil price will not increase by more than 10% max. mainly due to reorientation of supply logistics.

  4. Dhruv Rathee’s research is quite shallow. Looks like he has not read the Iran nuclear deal, which is temporary and where Iran has diverted the $1.6 billion it received towards militancy/insurgency operations.

  5. Hey Dhruv you claim yourself to be unbiased right if You are unbiasef then why not make a video
    In which recently Kejriwal gave a scripted Interview
    Everyone who is asking him the question was an AAP worker

  6. न उसने मोदी कहा न उसने राहुल कहा फिर 10हज़ार unlike kis bat ke bhai?

  7. Rubbish
    It's nothing to do with Shia sunni brothers, it's USA and their NATO crooks who have for long time oppressed the world and are stealing wealth of Nations and deception is their TOOL.

  8. राठी भाई युवा दिवस की आपको हार्दिक बधाई
    युवा कौन है?
    क्या युवा व्हाट्सएप है ?
    क्या युवा फेसबुक है ?
    क्या युवा पब्जी है?
    क्या युवा पत्थरबाज है?
    क्या युवा टुकड़े-टुकड़े गैग हैं ?
    क्या युवा अंधभक्त हैं ?
    क्या युवा कट्टर है ?
    क्या युवा अनपढ़ है ?
    क्या युवा असहाय है?
    क्या युवा चोर है ?
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    क्या युवा बेरोजगार है
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    युवा सत्य भी, असत्य भी!

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    युवा तुम भी , युवा हम भी!

    हेमंत कुमार गड़े

  9. Brother, Are you joking – one of the two main regional powers is Saudi Arab.Israel is the real deal of the middle east supported by Zionists just another name for jerusalem but it is Hindutva(akhanda bharata) like a movement by Extreme jews for building greater israel – hoook or by crook and USA – Ariel Sharon(former prime minister of israel) to Peres said – "Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." Saudi Arab and Iran maintains their distance its only because of old religious sectist differences – shia & sunni. Proxy war – This is again BIG LIE shown in your video which americans has done to brainwash the masses and to defame Islam and muslim community.Have you heard of False flag operations done by Americans and Israeli Intelligencies I am sure – 9/11 – Osama like Saddam Hussain had worked for USA back in the 80's against USSR(Osama) which now u can use the term in a proxy war against ussr and Iran for Saddam Hussain during Iraq-Iran war(early 90's). As for wars among muslim countries – I dont blame you but I will ask my muslim brothers that they really believe muslims will fight against each other in yemen and syria using deadly weapons when they dont even have access to basic amenities for survival . It is USA and Israel who is doing it dear by making the deadly weapons and sending their soldiers there – Your knowledge on this topic is too poor.

  10. Like you are the priest of truth and all
    Bro your indian government 's plan to eat whole nepal is busted
    Please go search micheal kobold instagram
    If u really wish to see the truth being exposed expose your government see his stories

  11. Can you make a video on the data protection bill? Showing it's merits and demerits, because clearly it has both. And which side will be more beneficial for our country?

  12. And so USA and Saudi Arabia are supporting each other. That's why Saudi Arabia are not helping Iran due to Sunnih and Shia conflict.🤔
    Isn't it Iran is supported by Russia due to USA-Russia conflict ?

  13. He missed how Iran killed 176 innocent also many other facts and presented in a way this look anti America
    But remember America can help India not Iran

  14. Hi Dhruv! Need a little help from you and Akash and soch too in analysing the feasibility of the Manifest of uttama prajakeeya party from Karnataka. It's a new party. I want to know if what they are saying is possible to implement? Thank you, you are doing a great job👍 love your videos ♥️

  15. बहोत दिन बाद दिखा रे ध्रुव, माने हमारे मोबाइल पर तेरा चॅनल बडी दिन बाद झलका, 2019 लोकसभा के बाद बहोत बदल चुका हे रे, किसकी तरफ झुकाव नही दीखता अब तेरा, चलो अच्छा हे, ऐसे ही बना रेह।

  16. Israel is behind it to wage a war against Iran with its allies Usa ,Saudi Arabia.USA here making itself foool by doing this all let Israeli n Saudi do this if they have guts to do that directly against braveheart Iran .

  17. Sir plzz ek video jo sabhi news channel pe aate h BJP Aor other party k neta aate h unke baare me ki wo kitna padh k aate h kaise prepration kr k ate aor bahut sari chezz ..specially sambit k baare me jarur btaye..unhone muslims ko live bahut bura bhala kaha hai aor unpe koi karwaie nhi hui…debut k kya rule hota sbi chezz sir…plzz…

  18. Iranse dushmani karne ki wajah Oil hai…
    Oil par kabza karne ka iradaa hai America ka…
    Future attact bole toa America ka Market value kam ho rha hai…
    Aur uski power khatam ho rhi hai isi liye ushe power chaiye…
    Power Oil hai..ise liye woh khadi me dakhal andazi kar rha hai…

  19. Ur information or news is incomplete you had miss the news that Iran has attract to American base so pls give full news make video with complete news

  20. Trump n Iran ki nuclear deal eslia cancel ki thi qki Iran phle s nuclear bom bnane m lga tha , Israel ki mossad intelligence n Iran k saare nuclear documents ki jankari American ko d di thi , eslia Trump n deal cancel kri , Iran k pas agr nuclear bom ajate to isis k pas vo phchne m der nhi lgti.,. These things r nt that simple how you tell them with confidence.

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    Big respect and hello join my journey i m going to start a vlog of nepal country near to our country so keep in touch guys make sure u hit tht subscribe thankyou for visiting 💕💕💕

  22. IRGC Ko Saudi Arabia aur bahrain ne paihle hi terrorists group announce kiya hai
    Ye nhi bataya Aap ne
    IRGC aakhir karta kya hai

  23. Great video
    But I need answer for only one question
    Can we assume that Indian government or oil company will take a benefit of this situation to rise fuel tax?

  24. I appreciate your work. I find your video unbiased and stating facts. So I have a video request.
    We all hear about one country having problem with another, declaring war on each other, boycotting products from rival country and so on. How did it all get started ? What began all the fights in the name of land?

  25. Pak is with iran. Trump has just a religious issue with iran. Lame excuses were there for the killing of sulaimani. Iran woule be developing alot if America had not banned trade of countries with it. America has always targetted muslim countries. They can't see others developing. Just listen to sulaimani's words. He was a gem

  26. Iran shoot down a commercial plane which lead to death of 176 innocent passengers from different countries including Canada usa on 8th January 2020.
    Firstly Iran denied it but later they accept it because some get proof against them.
    One request- when will you became neutaral. You should stop judging black and white politics it's not that simple it's a little complicated.

  27. भाई एक वीडियो jnu विवाद को लेकर भी बनाओ plz ।लोगो को पता चले कि फेक्ट क्या है
    वेसे भी अपने देश मे पढे लिखे गंवार ज्यादा है जो समझ नि पाते कि क्या सच क्या झूट

  28. एक अमेरिकी वेबसाइट पर अमेरिका से नफरत
    दुनिया को बोलने देने के लिए बनाई गई वेबसाइट
    दूसरा देश दुनिया को क्या देता है
    ईरान नहीं

  29. Insbke pichey Israeli Zionist h jo gulf men greater Israel bana na chahte h puri dunya men bechaini ki wjh yehi Zionist h isliye iran ko use kr rhe h

  30. I naver bin out sid the usa and i all hope to go to Judah and now i not abel to go. For the usa has damaged my soul and desived the pople and the king tha have sinet me things in rhe past i naver got a thing form aney of the kings and queens and the 🇺🇸 govemet has rubed me

  31. One fact which is not mentioned here is that US and allied forces intervened into Iraq coz Iraq had openly went to war with Kuwait. Although the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait was going on for some time, and most likely backed by some of the more developed countries, but when Iraq did not recall it's troops after UN's decision, US and UK intervened. One perspective is that the allied forces kept shush for a long time to Saddam's blasphemy, another is that US being the world leader had to intervene to restore order at some point. It's not black and white, never is, but just wanted to share this piece of info coz it's relevant to the discussion.

  32. It has little to do with nuclear weapons – its all about stopping oil producing countries from ditching the Petro Dollar.
    Without this fake support for the US $, the dollar will plument in value and the USA cannot compete….. and its debts become un-repayable.

  33. Real world ka , game of thrones …
    I am not "john snow" , but I am preparing myself to bring peace to the whole world .

  34. Shame on your Amit and Delhi Police. Remember these words "What goes around, comes around 10 folds only to be bourne by you & your famiy.

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