UWA Business School: Accounting and Finance Department

Accounting is really important to a business
because having an understanding of the financial operations of the business is crucial. I was involved in a young business and I kind
of discovered a different area that I was passionate in so I chose to do a Master of
Professional Accounting at UWA. The University of Western Australia has a
quite high quality and reputation of teaching and also because of the beautiful campus. We have large undergraduate lectures, smaller
postgraduate classes that are based around seminars or workshops and then we also have
research supervision for our honours program and PhD program. Students also have an opportunity to join
a number of student clubs in the Business School. They take what they learn in the lectures
and tutorials but they go beyond that and they really develop skills that are going
to be sought after by their future employers. I quite enjoy living in Perth because this
is a quite peaceful and beautiful place and I think this is a place which is a proper
aid for study and doing some research work. If you’re looking to study Accounting at
UWA I would highly recommend it. Your unit coordinators, they’re either very
heavily into research or they have been practicing accountants or auditors and they’re currently
still doing research so you get to learn about kind of, the forefront of that so I would
highly recommend it.

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