VLOG | Seeing The New Gringotts Bank at Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour! 2019

Hey guys you know where we are today.
– Hello. Harry Potter studios for our annual
trip. I can’t believe it’s come round again. So we are here an hour and
45 minutes early but we think we’re actually gonna do it in a bit of a
different order this time. If you’ve watched our previous vlogs you’ll know
we normally arrive, we normally get like a little hot drink don’t we and then we
go round but we think today because we’re here so early we’re gonna
get some food from the cafe so we’ll show you what that’s
like and then we also thought we’d go round the shop first and then head into
the tour so yeah, very excited. There’s a new entrance. They were
building that last time. And we’ve seen everything bar Gringotts
Bank before. So we’re very excited to see the new Gringotts Bank. I’ve cleared
loads of memory on my phone so if you’re not following us on Instagram make sure
that the links are in the description box if you want to see what photos we take.
– Shall we go and take a look. [Hum Harry Potter Theme] Oh if you watched the last vlog, sorry. You’ll know
about the new jumper but it’s Harry’s Christmas jumper and I got it from Primark yesterday
actually and then I’m also wearing this amazing skirt from M&S but ages ago and it’s
all like magical and mystical so I feel very very Harry Potter today.
– I’m just wearing a muggles clothes. You’re wearing a Sesame Street aren’t you?
– Yep. Don’t worry, you’re still allowed in.
– Okay. [MUSIC] Martyn – So we’re going to use this to collect
our tickets.
– Look at the queue. Martyn – Yeah the queue is quite long to
pick up from the actual desk so we’re gonna, in your email, should have a
barcode and just scan the barcode using this. Okay, so we couldn’t get it to scan
so we’ve gone for the old fashioned way of putting in the confirmation number.
Helena just done a practical joke saying that it’s not today. I got worried then.
– Who did we get? Buckbeak and Dumbledore’s office. Helena – Which one do you want? You have
Dumbledore cause I want Buckbeak. So we came in just here and then this is
the brand new…wow! There’s just so much more room than there used to be.
– Used to be so cramped in here didn’t it. So that’s like kind of like the Starbucks
but not Starbucks, food hall. This is huge, there’s loads of places
to eat, good job we came early to eat. Martyn – Look at this as well. Helena – Wow, this is actually huge in real life. It
looks smaller on the camera but is absolutely massive. So Helena just noticed it’s
like a huge chocolate frog this food place. Look at the Marauders Map.
– I’m so glad we came early to eat. Martyn – This is incredible. Goes all the way down there, it’s all
different places. So this is desserts and then the main food halls down here.
Floating candles. [MUSIC] Helena’s just saying yeah,
so when you come there’s free Warner Brothers Wi-Fi which is great because
they encourage you to take your photos. And the hashtag is WBTourLondon.
– Fantastique. And then it’s been seamless so far. We’ve
got our foods, well got to the checkout so quick. This is a tracker so you just
place this on your table and they can find you with the food. So Helena has
gone for the Yorkshire pudding. I’ve gone full out Frances.
– Full out Frances? What’s that phrase? And I’ve gone for the food burger. This looks great.
Someone’s happy with that. Honestly, one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.
No exaggeration. It sounds like I’m exaggerating. We thought it would be more like theme park food.
– Yeah I thought I was gonna be disappointed by the food but that
burger was delicious.
– It was huge, portions were huge. I’d say it’s worth the money.
– I think it’s definitely worth the money. And come early.
– Yeah, come early and eat in the new food hall. And just look up there. Floating candles.
– Gonna have a quick look in the shop. Looks bigger doesn’t it?
– Yeah. [MUSIC] He’s so cute. I really want him.
– You want Dobby. Hedwig mug. That’s cool, the face is like
coming out of a cup and a what? A rucksack. [MUSIC] Helena – So if you watch our channel you know
that we kept these Jim Kay Illustrated and we found the Goblet of Fire, the next one.
– Look at these handbags. [MUSIC] So we’re in. Queueing up to start the tour. [MUSIC] Welcome to Hogwarts. Give the doors a
gentle push. Martyn – Look at all the pumpkins.
Wow! There’s so many. [MUSIC] It’s so cool in here with all the
pumpkins. All in the background. We managed to get our photo straight away in front
of the doors at the back everybody just moved through and out the way. So that was actually like all new. All the build-up to
going in the studio tour was all new. There is like a new line that you went round.
Good photo opportunities. A lot better. And they’ve updated the film before you go
in but they’ve kept the classic one. Also JK Rowling, she like introduces you to the studio.
– Yeah, to the tour. Martyn – So you learn something new every day.
All the ice sculptures in the middle, they’re inspired by the architecture of Brighton
Pavillion which we’ve seen. Did not know that. Helena – Why though?
– Somebody probably saw it and though they look good. [MUSIC] Martyn – So each portrait depicts one of the
former Gryffindor heads of the house and this is McGonagall. Never knew that. [MUSIC] Martyn – So you can get an interactive
guide to take around with you as well. [MUSIC] Martyn – We always find something new in
Dumbledore’s office. You can see through to the back area, here at the sides.
And then something we spotted last time is lurking behind Michael Gambon’s
Dumbledore, there’s Richard Harris. [MUSIC] Martyn – So this costume is from Order of the
Phoenix and it fits the frame of a six foot ten inch double. So all of these
portraits are, well some of them are people that were in the actual team
and I’ve always wondered, oh which ones are they? Well if you walk a bit further
along the rail, this actually tells you and then you can figure it out.
So David Heyman, producer is that one. Let’s go find him. It’s this one.
Oh yeah, you can tell from the face. Martyn – This is the cart in Gringotts Bank.
– Makes me excited for the ride. Martyn – Oh not the ride here, the ride at universal.
– When we go back one day. Martyn – Yeah inside Gringotts Bank, that’s cool. [MUSIC] Martyn – So we get this photo every single time.
Forced perspective table. Aw look at this. So I’ve never seen this before. So
you’ve got prophecy orbs here and then if you look around the corner. Look at this. Built
into the set. More than 15,000 glowing orbs were created to fill the hall of
prophecies before David Yates ultimately decided to recreate the
entire set as a computer-generated environment. What do I do with all these orbs! [MUSIC] Are you scared?
– Of that one. Aragog. [MUSIC] So we’re now on platform 9 3/4.
– Gotta get our favourite picture. Everyone’s favourite picture.
– Yeah, one of our tips was to get a photo
at Hogwarts platform. [MUSIC] So we’re just about to go into the
halfway point which is the cafe so Gringotts, I thought it was going to be
before but it’s gonna be after. Have a little break. A little snack.
A little smackeral. A latte, a tea and a chocolate mousse. Martyn – I’ve never heard this before. You0
can beep the horn on the Knight Bus. So this is the bit that’s outside, this is why
in our tips we said to wrap up a bit. So when it shrinks.
[Shrinking sound effect] Here’s another one.
Stan – “Muggles, they don’t see nothing do they.” We’ve never done these. There’s some more around her.e
These are like some hidden gems aren’t they. Knight bus music. I think we’ve done them all if we
do this one. Head – “Ernie, they’re right on top of us.”
Martyn – And he’s in there isn’t he, Shrunken head. [MUSIC] We’re in the next studio. [MUSIC] Martyn – So this is different, this would be
the link into Diagon Alley. Helena – I feel like we’re getting close to Gringotts.
– There’s Buckbeak again. Martyn – # It’s all about the goblins, goblins, goblins.
It’s all about the goblins, goblins, goblins. # I didn’t mean to do that. [MUSIC] I didn’t know you were in Harry Potter. Martyn – The many faces of Warrick Davis.
All of his characters. I think my favourite character…I like Flitwick. We’re getting
close because we got models now. Martyn – Shall we go in?
– Let’s do it. It’s bigger than the one in Orlando.
– Blimey, no it makes me feel like I’m in the line for the ride. This is just amazing.
– It really feels like I’m queuing
Up for the Gringotts ride. Feels like I’m at Universal. The chandeliers.
– That window looks real. Martyn – Looks like there’s something outside.
The details always incredible. Oh here’s the goblins. We just asked this goblin here.
The Goblin teller, we asked him for some money. We weren’t successful.
Here he is. The main man. Can I get into my vault please?
– No. I don’t remember you sounding like that. [MUSIC] There’s the stairs down to the vault or
to the ride. We’re going to go into the labyrinth below. This is amazing, look at that.

[MUSIC] Martyn – Look at the detail around this,
this is brilliant. I think this has just become my favourite bit.
– Oh my gosh look. Martyn – Different vaults. [MUSIC] There’s a warning. Loud sudden noises, flashing lights
wind, mist and shaking in the walls and the floor. Then you come in to Diagon Alley, the
other way to the way you used to come in. So on the other side of Gringotts. [MUSIC] So we’re heading to one of our favourite
bits where we get to see the model. We get to go and see Hogwarts. So you gotta remember take a moment and then go in.
It’s the music and everything. [MUSIC] Martyn – You gotta do it, we said. Construction.
There we go. [MUSIC] So here we are, this is at the end. This
is where we have all of the wands to all the different crew members. So let’s find
the main three. There’s Rupert Grint, there’s Daniel Radcliffe
and there’s Emma Watson. Somebody helped us find Daniel Radcliffe. [MUSIC] Helena – Bye for another year.
– Bye. And it’s dark because we spent four hours again.
– How come it never gets any less even though we’ve been that many times.
– We were chatting to a really lovely tour guide at the end.
– Yeah I couldn’t make out her name badge, I think was that Marion or something.
– Yeah, she said she met someone who’d been twenty-five times. But we
loved it as per. Gringotts Bank was incredible. It’s definitely my best, the best bit. So
we did a bit more like montagey bits of the stuff that we’d film before so
we’ll pop in the description box the link to all our old Harry Potter studios vlogs. So thanks so much for watching as always
guys and we will see you in our next video. Bye guys.

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  1. We loved our visit here too and the dark arts stuff was so much fun too.
    We hope you are having an amazing time in Disney xx

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