100 thoughts on “Watch Live: Iran strikes Iraqi military bases home to U.S. troops

  1. Money controls all of you . You fight for it and it will be endless …. for money minerals anything you pay for you convinience is more eternal for human kind…

  2. God bless The Troops and save our souls!Precise war fare is not to be messed with.Take away his tweets and microphone.In gods and lady liberty constitution hands.Pray to god.

  3. Has anyone notice US didn't shoot down the Iran missile's with the Patriots defence system before they hit the base's ??

  4. People open your eyes everything related to those attack are the same stage of 9/11 when our president created a false history against iraq now its the same later iran and it may not true that irak attacked us it may be the same united states(donald trump)against us and later when they respond to us united states will be selling weaponds to them.(we all a market for that puppet😞😒

  5. US must not put it's feet on the soil, destroy the terorist nation in a way that it goes back a couple of decades

  6. Another sham war in the name of power and greed Im sure the u.s is the ones firing the rockets at the u.s base then blaming iran for it We aint that stupid

  7. Noch nie soviel Scheiße und Lügen gehört wie hier 🤦🏻‍♀️… Ihr solltet euch alle schämen dieses Macht spiel überhaupt mit zu machen… Wann versteht ihr endlich alle das wir EINS sind wir bestehen alle aus Fleisch und Blut und haben das Herz am selben Fleck !!!.

  8. It comes down to this….make a choice… western society or sharia law…Iran needs to be sent back too the Middle Ages, they can take North Korea with them….

  9. The thing most amazing to me is that Iran & Iraq are calling themselves friends? One is shia one is sunni. They had a long and totally destructive and unproductive war in the 90s or was it the 80s? Anyway old enemies now united against the Great Shaitan (USA) This is the real problem – internal conflict re-directed towards an external foe like Thatcher and the Malvinas to generate internal support. It goes on and on. Then there will be a horrible war and after people will be all "o wasn't that horrid let's all be nicer to be each other." But lots of people need to be injured and killed before this new understanding comes about.

  10. As a one citizen of Iran:
    I remember when one Iranian general terrored…. In YouTube news Channel… Some of the Americans were quizzing… So i got upset but now you can see their goosebumps….
    I just want to say, people of Iran are not, American's enemy
    But around 50 years America is making war in Middle East!! For what? Making video games? Oil?

    If in Iran, people are saying: death to America, it means death to war!death to who killed our General and it doesn't mean death to American people or nation …..
    If you don't believe you can search in YouTube about Americans who traveled to Iran…..
    To know what is their idea about Iran and its people.

    Have a nice day 🌹💐

  11. Read your Bible to know Gods character and what He has planned for us. We are indeed in the beginning of the end. I pray that the Lord has mercy on all of our souls and that we may be caught up before ultimate destruction. JESUS SAVES.

  12. War activities should be stopped immediately. We must have tolerant attitudes with one another. Its consequences will be more disastrous if remedial steps are not taken soon After all, we all are human beings. ……All living beings be happy and peaceful.

  13. Why is it always women who are the “defense analysts”? They don’t know anything about missiles or accurate capabilities. Affirmative action much?

  14. I'm so glad to see many Americun killed.. nice work Iran.. Americun can make jokes.. they can't hide the truths.. Lots of videos now..

  15. All Iranian cities have underground rocket settlements. It is better to call your troops home from the Middle East. America should not be in the Middle East. The Iranian leader said it was just a firm slap in the face of US crime in Suleimani's testimony, so go out of the area sooner. Look forward to our next revenge. You have to understand what all your soldiers in the Middle East have done to the oppressed children of Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria in all these years. Your policy supports child killers like Netanyahu and Ben Salman, and Clinton says we created ISIS, what is your reaction? None. Why? Because you think only Americans have the right to live. We are all human beings, whether in Africa, the Middle East or America. You have to be afraid of Iran's rocket settlements. We are all Suleimani. The one who destroyed ISIS and did so apparently made American politicians very upset. Your politicians say they spent $ 7 trillion in the Middle East. What is the cost? What is the purpose of supporting Isis and Israel? Killing the children of Yemen, Syria and Iraq. One country in the world is literally free and fair, and it is Iran that stands against oppression.

  16. When i browse everyday i ask google for war and here the days come wow!, i like this year and thanks to united state and iran thats was a great beginning to the great end nice show ,,,, carry on brahvo!

  17. Lets pray for them both, god please guide them with the right path, not like this one😔I feel so sad knowing this kind of news, but im still hoping for a positive news sooner❤️

  18. Hey trump before you nuc iran check
    Out is there any bohemein rhodsody left …..that song is more precious than the united state millitary budget

  19. Over 100killed,more than300 injured. 224of wounded were taken to Telaviv and the rest to some hospitals in Baghdad. Mr.Trump I am sure you are all fine sir because you have nothing except lies to tell American people.they broke America`s invinsiblity.

  20. I dont see why storming or swarming whatever to us embassy is viewed as some kind of attack plan by the iran general.

  21. I used to see trump as that ungodly busy rich american dad chasing that bag.

    Now I just see him as the ungodly rich american busy chasing baghdad.

  22. The other countries like Russia and China are very quiet because they know if the do something they’ll get caught up in all this mess

  23. For everyone saying this is WW3… really? You guys need to look up a difference between a WORLD war and a REGIONAL war.

  24. First don’t want to watch the whole thing but first part you said is wrong they did not “miss” the bases they are ballistic missiles so there’s no missing right there, they aim using seconds and coordination so they can’t miss. Secondly they “missed” on purpose for trying to say we could hit you but we won’t hurt you because they are showing us that they can hold back and we can’t do they are showing they won’t hurt us but will if they will

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