100 thoughts on “Watch Live: Nancy Pelosi speaks as pressure mounts over impeachment trial

  1. Ms Pelosi, you are a liar. This is not and has not been open and honest, nor has it been urgent. I have seen quite a bit in my time on this earth but I have NEVER seen such a one sided and dishonest process as that presided over by you with this "impeachment" nonsense. Send you articles to the Senate and get this process over with. You do NOT control the Senate or its procedures.

  2. I wish we had term limits for these people. They get too powerful after decades of being in office and forget their own districts need attention too. Party before the People should be the government's new motto after seeing all this fighting.

  3. This is what happens when you have an idiot in charge . you my lady make yourself show up as an idiot every time you open your mouth

  4. You'd be surprised how many WOULDNT die for their country because of their hatred for it. They're called traitors, like the dems, and need to leave if they hate it so much and WOULDNT fight for their freedom. They want others to die for their freedom. It's called being lazy and a coward. Maybe they'd hide behind a toddler to avoid dying for our freedom.


  6. Just gibberish. Literally nothing said

    Can we remove all these lifers? They have made enough money at our expense

  7. How much longer are we going to let this delusional woman drive civil war foreword. Regardless of what party you are for she is American and called killing a freaking terrorist who has killed hundreds of Americans an assassination. That should be a punishable crime in itself. Siding with a terrorist is unacceptable.


  9. You just wanted to make sure Senate would have none
    unified with each other into defending our President Trump.

  10. Nancy you and your communist buddies deserve NO briefings, no information at all, you are the danger to our national security

  11. Distractions??
    You should be demoted a long time ago.
    Congress should not allowed like you to organized crime against our sitting president.
    Its your habits.
    None supportive,and a woman of deep ambition to notoriety of power.


  13. Nancy Peloshit is crazy! Maybe I live in Belgium, but i wish we had a president like Trump here.. Even fools can see this. Trump will win 2020! im sure!

  14. Please All I can say is the days of the JFK Democrat is over, I use to be Democrat and loved the days of JFK Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, that use to be the Democrat party, today its just FREE STUFF FOR ALL, and this woman is straight crazy, We must vote RED and send a clear message that they will not destroy our country with this crap.

  15. Pelosi you just committed a seditious act. War powers act, was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. You openly admitted it is to control the President of the United States. The articles of impeachment are harasy and skulldugery. To put it in terms people might understand. A blantanty seditious and treasonous act. No crime, no evidence. This is the President of the United States. Not some congressman or citizen. Your boasts of superior knolege of the constitution. Your boasts of being a master legislature. Says to me, your aware of the crimes. And need to be centured, impeached, removed, charged, then well master legislature. You know what comes next. A shinning example for the treasonous seditious criminal left. What happens when you think your above the law.

  16. Please anyone can tell me too, what the CIA and the Embassy in Bolivia doing right now, heard a massacring indigenous there ? is tru or not, thank you..Others countries have differents belief,etc, let them doing their lives in their ways, they do not coming to USa to massacring or stealing litium,or petroleum, or gold, or silver, etc,

  17. 🤔…What our president did in Iran made us unsafe but opening our borders to illegals and giving them drivers licenses with likely forged foreign documents strengthens us……………..OK democrat logic

  18. Man its sad to see all the clowns on capital hill under a bigtop trying to throw crap at my President Trump rather than taking care of their own districts in their own States first it somehow my President Trump still manages to truck on through the crap and get his job done President Trump 2020 MAGA MAKING DEMONCRAPTS CRY FROM 2016-2024

  19. As soon as the Senate confirms that there will be an actual trial, with actual witnesses, the country can proceed.

    We applaud Nancy Pelosi's decision to wait until the American public are assured of these essential conditions.

  20. If McConnell calls Joe and Hunter Biden it ensures Trump's re-election. That is why Pelosi is hesitating until McConnell shows his hand.

  21. She a lost for America. The power to protect America is strongly rooted in the president power not the stonewalling lies she puts out or her bad behaviors.

  22. Trump lowered health care and sighn a bill for inferstructe today you got wind I see your takeing credit for all that trump's doing. This lady's a joke.

  23. You can't even tell who was killed you brain dead circus money. Babble babble. Dismiss means getting rid of the lie you are trying to peddle. And shame on you for even mentioning the constitution. You are trying to dismantle it and totally make it something you can use as your talking points. Everything you say is a lie. The country is suffering from your lies and deception about every bill we have waited for you to finally get to the Senate. Puerto Rico's problems are the corruption in their government.

  24. Be careful Nancy, don't speak too fast, your teeth may full out, nobody wants to listen to you talking anyway.

  25. If that Iranian general wasn't assassinated by the President, I don't think Ukrainian flight PS752 would have been shot down. Tensions were high in iran because of the chaos that Trump started.

  26. Nancy the rules of engagement are simple. Once the articles are passed to the Senate you can go away because you are done. You have nothing to say about anything anymore. Your legacy of Soviet control will be your reward. You disgusting babbling idiot. Queen of deception and lies.

  27. What does Nancy have to say about Shifty holding a closed-door impeachment hearing without Republicans, what is her excuse, that's obvious to idiots, let alone to intelligent Americans who understand her BS.

  28. What Would We Think If A High-Ranking General Were Killed Here? – 22:40 – We'd Consider It An Act of War. All Roads from Trump Lead to Russia.

    Doing what's right for the well-being of our country, and the world. Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  29. She's like a senile ageing aunt describing the internals of a computer.. Not in the slightest bit convincing!! She is just reading the script and it is not coherent.

  30. Why is it so hard for her to make up all those lies? And why does she hate our President Donald J. Trump so much?

  31. I'm sure this makes sense to Pelosi but to everyone else who hasn't yet entered the world of senility this is gobbledygook of the highest order.

  32. what does she want to prove by wearing these ridiculous pins? America definitely can't afford any war as well as spending our money for this impeachment + circus

  33. How can she stand there and even speak of peace and working together when since day 1 she has been on a witch-hunt with the President. Impeachment??? For what??? I think the house and senate need to have a $40,000 income maximum. Maybe then they will appreciate what they have and be able to understand how Americans feel. They have wasted tax payers money 💰 accomplishing what??? She has done nothing to encourage Americans to get along, but rather encourage the continued efforts to divide the republicans/democrats. I’m so sick of hearing her hatred, it’s disturbing.

  34. She just doesn't care if Americans get killed!! The democrats are causing our veterans to suffer and more and more are committing suicide and they just sit there and let it happen!!

  35. i really don't even know why I turned this on I can't listen to people who hate America and abuse our constitution

  36. Is she a drinker? How does someone who can't string two sentences together become speaker of the house? She's as crazy as she looks.

  37. We have been praying for peace for 3 years !! Where has Nancy and the rest of her squad been!!!!?? Trying to turn our nation into a socialist country!!

  38. It is very sad that this women is in charge of the house she can’t even talk she’s to old to be their.Its amazing how much she hates Trump that she can’t talk about anything without blaming Trump for something

  39. If this something that Obama did she would be licking his balls and telling people that was only second to god and she is so willing to die for country and wants all these gun laws why not get rid of her secret service people

  40. Trump didn't start a war, he authorized the killing of a terrorist, deemed as such, by the Obama Administration and it was done With no civilization casualties. If you want the power and authority he has, run for President.

  41. I'm wondering if it's snow up the nose or alcohol… probably both because that idiot has no idea what she is saying

  42. She is the major reason I prefer women leaders over men.
    In one speech she shows affection for people she doesn't know, 3 times.
    Men haven't done a great job so far. Let's give women the steering wheel and see if it will worse or betetr?
    I would bet my life on it getting better.

  43. She needs to retire! The Democrats bent over backwards claiming the 2018 was not about impeachment. Guess what this session of Congress will be remembered for? Yep, the impeachment of President Trump. Nancy you are a liar!

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