What are the Top 4 Features of Xero Accounting Software?

With Xero having more Features than an RSL has pokies, I’ve curated my top 4 features that keep me coming back for more. Hi, I’m Chris from Empower Accounting and it’s my goal to help business owners like you make better business decisions. but not everyone is using it to its full potential. Here are my top 4 favourite features to help you save time and money. Number 4 – The Dashboard. While the Dashboard isn’t exactly a feature, having the ability to view your current overall position is priceless. One tip I recommend, is to customise your account watchlist to include GST, PAYG Withholding Payable and Super Payable. Number 3 – Invoice Reminders. Accounts Receivable Days is a critical KPI
for good cashflow. Invoice Reminders in Xero will help bring these days down as it sends out reminders as they fall overdue and not at the end of the month. Number 2 – Budget Manager. If you have watched a few of my videos, you will know that I love a good budget. The budgeting feature in Xero allows you to easily track your actual results against your budgeted figures. How good! Number 1 – Auto Super. This feature blew me away when it was first released. Having the ability to pay all of your employees super in less than 1 minute is a massive time saver. With the ATO continually cracking down on overdue Super payments, this feature is a must for all employers. So, are you impressed? Me too… and that’s why we love Xero at
Empower Accounting and Advisory. Are you interested in learning more about
whether Xero is the right software for your business? Let’s chat and I can talk you through your options. And if you are already using Xero, let me know… What are your favourite features? Feel free to comment below!

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