100 thoughts on “What Sondland’s testimony could mean for President Trump

  1. Exoneration is what Sondland's testimony did. The local news here in Australia reported that Sondland was the witness the Democrats were praying for. I almost wet myself laughing.

  2. Judge Andrew Napolitano, The Hillbilly Judiciary in the comments section seems very unfair to you today, but then again, they got their law degree at Trump University…Hehehe!

  3. Dose anyone even take this bloke seriously anymore? I've watched the hole thing and the nob head has had every flame debunked

  4. Judge Nap, a very big time hater of Conservatives and President Trump and Pence.
    He is a Pro Progressive Socialist Democratic Commie Party Elite. All one must do is to look at his Court Rulings.
    He isn’t as Smart as Judge Jeanine either…

  5. I rather listen to Swalwell's on air flatulence exit his rear end on MsN than listen to Nap's usual nonsense bc it's the same product being expelled..

  6. I’m sure if trump was thrown out of office they would go after pence. They will stop at nothing for power. I’m waiting to see Adam Schiff on his knees to get what he wants.

  7. There is separation of powers. Does the president get documents and records from congress at will? Then why is the president any different. Why do people continuously try to undermine the executive?

  8. Everyone should watch Mike Turner's takedown of Sondland! He should get a standing ovation. All the Republicans are angry at this COUP like me.

  9. Well, like all the other testimony, it's Trump is innocent.
    Also you found the only nitwit at FOX that is totally unbelievable to be your guest that thinks Epstein Killed Himself.

  10. It's so damning he heard absolutely no one say if you do this you'll get this OMG same as the rest nothing burger

  11. Napolitano is as bad as the dems..heresay. Only the dems keep hearing Biden's instead of Barisma. But the Biden's were part of Barisma and no one is above the law, not even the Biden's!

  12. The whole world is so screwed up anyways. I’m just going to keep my faith in god and Christ and let the rest continue to go it’s own destructive way.

  13. Nope. 👎👎👎I don’t watch anything with nap. He’s not a patriot. He’s fake news!!!
    🇺🇸Trump 2Q2Q 🇺🇸

  14. It means re-election! His testimony was only good for some knee jerk headlines for a day or two. That will barely eclipse the previous witnesses total failure to produce anything damning.

  15. Sondaland said the President instructed him that there be NO QUID PRO QUO. The sale of weapons, not aid was held up because of the intense corruption in Ukraine and it looks patently by the Obama administration. Doing this is essential, especially with a new administration in Ukraine which pledged to the Ukrainian people that they would uncover and fight the endemic corruption in their country. Napolitano is scared of something, I think you will find out that he had his fingers in the Ukraine pie under Obama.

  16. When the only evidence Sondland can give his is own personal presumption, then the Dems have nothing. A presumption is not evidence for anything, except an overactive imagination.

  17. 300 hundred dislikes. For the judge… forget.. your notes but sonland said the PRESIDENT said that he wanted nothing no quid pro quo.
    Get a freaking life.. judge.. JESUS talked about unjust judges…. you be that guy…
    The PRESIDENT waited to after the new guy won ..to make sure we didnt give your money to another corrupt UKRAINE PRESIDENT… but I've seen where the Ukrainian government just indited the bad
    guy with many ties to some of our people…. hmmm.

  18. Sondland said he presumed and Trump told him he wanted nothing from Ukraine. You can't impeach on presumption. Napolitano must have been napping when Sondland was back pedaling his accusations.

  19. Napolitano, for a judge either has a low IQ or refuses to listen to the testimony of the witnesses.  Any normal person who carefully listened to the testimony today of Sondland heard him admit that he has never heard the President employ Quid pro quo, nor did he have any direct evidence at all, under cross examination, of any bribery conduct by Trump.  All Sondland offered was opinion and presumption.  And this guy is one of THE few people who had actually talked to Trump.  To date, NOT ONE WITNESS HAS PRESENTED ANY FIRST HAND EVIDENCE OF IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES BY TRUMP.  Gossip, hate for Trump, presumption, are not evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors.  The overwhelming weight of the evidence actually clears Trump of any and all high crimes and misdemeanors.  The Senate has no reason to even consider any case thus far against Trump.

  20. This judge is no legal expert. His expertise seems to be limited to lower divisional courts. Fox will do themselves a favour getting someone more knowledgeable and relevant an authority than this biased hack.


  22. Sounds like the Judge must be on the payroll for CNN and the left wing hate-filled intolerant and racist Democrats again. American law isn't based on hearsay and presumptions/assumptions. The American people know this and see right through this clown circus. TRUMP 2020 !!!

  23. Could have, would have, should have. Without concrete direct evidence and testimony from the whistleblower. This is all just a bunch of hearsay testimony about he said, she said. Besides, Con Man Barack Obama did worst!

  24. Sondland = Smug, Condecending, Trump Hating, Idiot ! He finally admits that he heard not one actual word by the President, but only 'Presumed' ! Another non witness, confirming a long string of maybe, possibly, and so on…….

  25. If the roles were reversed, if this same situation had happened during the Obama administration, same evidence, same witnesses, what would be your judgment call? Would you consider him guilty or not? Would you consider it an impeachable offense or not? (I for one would. It doesn't matter who the president is, an impeachable offense is an impeachable offense.)

  26. According to the comment section Foxnews reporters and commentators should never mention anything bad or contradicting about and to the president….ok Boomers

  27. Kook judges will get strung up by trees when they misbehave. A bias judge could lose their lives if they ruin another

  28. To think this judge made decisions on the bench. I think of the people that stood in front of him that had their lives changed forever. SMH!

  29. Napolitano is such a pathetic loser. The President clearly asked Ukraine to look into the situation and clearly did not state anything about them making an announcement about it. Get rid of Napolitano already, because we're tired of hearing his obvious bias against President Trump!

  30. Glad to see the judge at least being factual and honest. The other Fox personalities and Republican losers can learn a lot from him.

  31. Fed up with "secret Trump Hater" Napolitano. He'll find fault in Trump REGARDLESS of mountains of evidence to the contrary. Always, and intentionally, twisting the narrative to create a sense of Trump wrong doing.

  32. Guess they should have watched all the testimony, like when he said the president doesn't want anything. He just assumed something that was wrong. People the transcript has been out since the begining

  33. Why wasn't Obama impeached then appropriately convicted of treason for the Iran deal? He was colluding w/ a known terrorist supporter.

  34. so the failed judge failed professor is now failing to tell the truth and be honest on the new communist Democrat Fox News. these people seem to hear words that no one else hears and no one else spoke because this isn't what happened I watched that testimony. You cannot repeat you cannot believe one word this failure speaks nor Fox News broadcast triple check everything he says and everything Fox News shows this proves once a

  35. So, he is persuming what Sondland has said is true.  Give me a break.  Sondland changed his story so many times. How many times did Sondland say 'persume?"

  36. Nap should’ve never been a judge everybody knows what this guy says he don’t know what he’s talking about Fox News when you going to fired this jerk he should be a pundit on CNN

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