100 thoughts on “What’s Greater Than Happiness? | NAC NJ Keynote in 5

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  2. I'm struggling financially. In that regard, I'm an absolute loser.
    But I still have my health and so do my wife and kids.
    Sure I'd like more, but we got 4 walls and a roof and full bellies.
    We're gonna be alright.

  3. After watching this video more guys are learning how to suck better ?. No wonder there's so many weirdos out there today.

  4. Your core message is right on point, but It be cooler to hear if you didn’t act like you thought of it all by yourself, like when you say nobody’s talking about it???? yeah, lots of people are talking about it and have been for centuries. ? so this goes out to anybody that happens to read this and can’t quite find rapport with Gary’s method of delivery.. Keep looking because there are plenty of other motivators talking about this and there are plenty of old school books as well ☮️?

  5. "we all need money to survive but once you are living reasonably". Gary wrote this in the description above. He's right and I like the idea but the problem is that most of us aren't at this point and never will be so we remain obsessed with money all our life. However, I also agree with Gary that mindset, attitude, and the mental game is the key to everything. That's why most of us need to be in therapy every week for the rest of our lives in order to think clearly. But therapy costs money. It takes money to make money. So we get caught in this endless cycle of chasing money, not happiness.  

    Basically we need free mental health care for the entire world. Everyone needs free access to a psychologist for their entire life. Then maybe we can all make just enough money to survive and be happy. To make this happen…we need money. And lots of it. It's doable because we spend a lot of money on nuclear weapons and military defence in general. We probably wouldn't need to spend so much on defence if everyone was mentally healthy.

    Does Gary Vee represent a kind of free psychologist who's trying to address mental health on a global level. Perhaps. He's in the ball park but most people need to talk to a therapist personally over a long period of time because we all have unique problems that require unique solutions. Gary gets a lot of people going to his keynotes for this reason. They want the personal access.  

    This mental health problem could all be solved if we had good parents and good families and good communities who support us all our lives. It's doable but it takes time to implement large social changes and make sure that no one gets left behind. And it will cost a lot of money.

  6. I am copying and pasting my own comment in response to someone else on this comments thread.

    The problem is in your definition of success. Success is not necessarily the opposite of happiness. It is also not purely financial. It is too encompassing to be just that. Success is the achievement of your goals, whether that is making a million dollars next year or being able to travel the world, or even both. It is always about the goals you set for yourself.

    When you find your success is making you unhappy, it means your priorities were wrong to begin with or your life has changed so much from when you started and your priorities and goals need to change with it.

    The first thing you need to do is deeply interrogate yourself and determine everything you need to succeed at in order to be fulfilled. Then devote yourself to the pursuit of those things. You can have wealth, health and happiness. You just have to plan very consciously to get them.

  7. Gotta love this guy yo! The emotion in his voice from 4:19 onwards….Much respect coming from The Bronx! ✊?

    P.S I'm the 555th person to like this video ?

  8. Hi – I hear you on this – just remember please don’t discourage people who are older. A 65-year-old who is healthy and sharp, has 20+ years to contribute and to be the person he was meant to be. Encourage people who aren’t just 30-year-olds and you’ll be even more popular! Thank you.

  9. I am an aspiring film composer from israel, done a lot of work here, have a dagree, and got an intership at LA in film scoring.

    this is my dream, but ever since i've got the offer i had really bad anxity attacks…

    i need to move from israel to LA in order to live my dream and be a film composer…

    but i find it incradibly difficult to move from israel to LA, with my wife and kids, and leave all my famely behind….

  10. The greatest thing is that yoy write the words in your vedio your vedios are very great and make us really go ahead to our dreams

  11. Great stuff Gary. I want to say something negative to you because I know that it motivates you but I can't. I will only say this: be afraid cause I am coming to play with the English YouTube

  12. I believe you are the opposite of the normal way of doing. When you do, it's like you are pulled by your core and your values. Motivation is a push, I started out with a push and it tore me apart. But I've learned to rely on the pull from my core, like the bottom of a deep river. It's not pretty and might be uncomfortable, but it's the strongest and most reliable current.

    Thank you for showing your honesty and your current,
    It's certainly changed my life.

  13. This is crazy everything you talk about in this video I’ve been talking to myself and being more real with myself and not trying to be attached to anything but open to everything. I’m currently unemployed and wake up everyday and workout and I honestly doubt myself a lot but I don’t even want to get a job because I know that’s not what I want to do for the rest of my life ! Sucks feeling stuck thanks Gary for this video and just makes me want to just be happy and say fuck everything else !

  14. Insecurity and social media can make you sad. Go research it. FACTS as you say. Let's be transparent here. There is good and bad to social media. It's a fantasy world. Practice what you preach.

  15. Gary Vee: do things that make you happy
    Other business mans:*show people how to make a lot of money to have a fulfilled life*
    …I watched both and my head got fucked up

  16. I was listening to the podcast and after I heard him passionately say “I LOVE YOU GUYS ON SOME REAL SHIT” I teared up and had to come watch the video. I love you gary?❤️?

  17. What happened to teaching each other that we need all life, nature and animals…not job titles money and definitions! Those dinner table hypocrite conversations has to stop and parents have to get on board!!

  18. My friend just said to me “I’m trying to be a perfect wife teacher and mother …and I’m miserable!” I said what the heck did you expect! Wtf if perfect ?!?!

  19. I jus want money to sustain my life tho. Is that too much to ask? I jus want regular things like a job car and house. I dnt need extravagant things. But how do i get the things i need? My job jus dnt fulfill me or pay enough.

  20. Why are there so many people who think Gary is harsh and unpolite? Being sincere and truthful these days isn’t appreciated anymore

  21. I hear you Vee, but I think it's important to realize that meaning > happiness. Emily Smith did a great job of explaining the psychology behind it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9Trdafp83U

  22. 3:20 Gary said "You want to build something?" but the closed caption just said "You want to something?"

    I hate to be that guy, but I'm sure Gary's team is always looking for ways to improve.

  23. Well, i spit my bile and mayby it have nothings to do with the video but i am very confused of the banks why they are thinking in short therms. They put the past on a pedestal and NOT the future. So if i have problems in the past they judge me on that > and they will not follow the pad that i have great future perspective. Why i am telling this? Eveybody can have bad things happened, but i still dont understad why banks keep judgement me on numbers off the past while in the present everything is different. So, it is indeed the point that you Gary always make >(most) people put the past on a pedestal. But thats ok for me, that rarara from the banks, i know now how to play their fuckface "numbers game." And Gary, i am deeply respecting you, that in those days of "guru blablabla" you giving all that valuable information for free. I bow to you. Respect from Werner.

  24. Gary man. Im 22 years old. I dont know what I want to do with my life. I am in University and I dont like the program I am in. I am still figuring out what I do enjoy so I am trying as many different options as I can. I feel like its a patience game at this stage in my life and just being honest and real with what I like and what I dont like and if anyone (even my single mom, older brother or friends) thinks otherwise I just respect their opinion and move forward with my decision. This biggest thing I fear is the regret of not trying what I wanted to do because of how other people who think about my choice. From the age of 12 I never grew up with a dad so I have always second guessed if the choices I make are good or bad. It is only now that I understand that the choices were only as good or as bad as I perceived them to be. Its hard man but I am documenting this journey so that one day I can have a podcast discussion with you about this all and we can sip on Rosé from empathy wines!
    Much love Gary and Thank you for all your hard work

  25. Leaving my senior level role at a huge company for a leadership role at a growing company where they’re looking to me to take them to the next step. The reason they made me an offer is because I stressed the importance of happy employees and gauging employee happiness. I can’t wait. Oh, and it’s less money but I don’t care. I get to be vulnerable and open myself up to do what I love and feel like I’m winning every day because I get to go work hard for my team; and even if I fail, I’ll be failing doing something I love.

  26. Am from Algeria its in north africa and i love u so much gary u shaped my perspective and liberated me from all the bullshit ❤ .

  27. GARYVEE is the man who inspired me I just want to say keep Pushing!keep CREATING!Never stop!Never SETTLE!and you know someday I want to be a like you someday,so I have started a YOUTUBE channel,PLZ HELP FOR GETTING MORE SUBSCRIBERS,You are smart and YOU ARE MY HERO

  28. If it wasn't for Gary, we have never been able to start our film company, now we are growing slow but we are happy by making films
    You are gonna know us when we won an Oscar for best picture.

    Love you all❤

  29. The content is finally resonating and I’m a cub ready to take the position of the lion I am. I’m in the perfect position right now. All that’s my duty is to learn learn learn

  30. I don't want some dumbass Ferrari, I want a good time with good friends and more progress toward a goal that I've been consistently working hard for.
    Gimme that fucking cheap ass 1997 Toyota and a happy life.

  31. I love creating. Creating for the enjoyment of others. The process I love, and I will bring value to people through that process. My Ambitions are limitless which is distracting, and librating, and painful, and fun. The reality Is I know its impractical but now is not my time to be practical. I've been impatient because I feel like I need to show people that I am worthy. but why shouldn't I poor every moment of my free time into trying to do something exceptional. Win or lose, got to show up to the game and play as a victor.

  32. I’m gonna post this here. And Gary won’t get it cause he’s not wired this way, but I realized something Yesterday.
    I thought I was solid on being truthful to myself. On not bad mouthing myself inside my own head.
    But here’s something new. When I have conversations in my head, imagined bullshit, between me and someone I know, I put myself down with their words. In my head. Their words that I’m imagining. Their perceptions that I’m imagining. Don’t disguise you beating yourself up as someone else’s PERCEIVED opinion of you. And then take it another step and don’t beat yourself up.

    This is what’s blocked me from not giving a fuck about what other people think. Stop imagining what other people think. Focus on what you think. Switch your inner dialogue to you talking to you. And cut everyone else out.

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