Why China is looking to get rid of Carrie Lam | Understanding Hong Kong

The Chinese government
is drawing up a plan to replace Carrie
Lam, Hong Kong’s leader, with an interim
successor, according to an exclusive report in
today’s Financial Times. If Xi Jinping,
China’s president, decides to implement
this plan it would mean that Carrie
Lam’s successor is installed by March next year. That, in turn, would
mean that Ms Lam ends her tenure long before
the scheduled departure date of 2022. However, Chinese officials
want the situation in Hong Kong to stabilise before taking
any final decision on Ms Lam’s future. They don’t want to
be seen to be giving in to the sometimes
violent protests that have been seen on Hong
Kong streets for at least four months. But from the perspective
of the Hong Kong protesters such a move is likely to
be seen as a concession. Carrie Lam has been
deeply unpopular for the duration of the
Hong Kong demonstrations.

49 thoughts on “Why China is looking to get rid of Carrie Lam | Understanding Hong Kong

  1. 杀人犯都可以逍遥法外,整个世界只有香港最自由。yeah bitches. You can kill whoever you want and just walk away from it. Hong Kong is indeed the world’s most free and democratic place.

  2. Financial terms is the source of much fake news. British media now purchased by a Japanese media company has no morals as a journalist.

  3. What does this say abt the state of the world ( especially democratic nations) that support China as they carry out their communist agenda in oppressing the ppl from Hong Kong? I am horrified as I watch this unfold, disgusted that it is business as usual amongst our world leaders. DISGUSTED

  4. Absolutely no one is shocked or surprised or saddened. Lam was/is a tool of the PRC. What happens when a tool is no longer useful to its owner? Why, it’s discarded of course.

  5. To be honest, she is an incompetent person. There are countless cancer protestors in Hong Kong. She has an unshirkable responsibility.

  6. hey FT, as a reputational media, will u guys really verify the source of news before releasing?
    BTW, Carrie Lam is elected instead of decided internally by PRC. please stop ur evil reports full of disgusting purpose

  7. fake news agency! China said its your political rumor. before ask why you should check if it is!!! tell a liar first , then use that liar as evidence, typical western propaganda! shameless!

  8. 英国人从不会报道关于中国,关于香港的事实。大陆不可能干涉香港,更不可能让林下台,因为大陆没有权利让林下台。英国无良媒体不是报道而是摸黑!其目的是“证明”林是共产党的傀儡,因为英国政府知道林大几率会迫于压力下台,所以这一抹黑手段极为可能成功!可耻的英国政府!可耻的英国媒体!希望英国人民不要被可耻的蒙骗!

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  10. Carrie lambs is unpopular to hong konger but why the women rights are so powerful according in the western worlds so that's why the chinese comunist are using woman to stands for the hong kong bet they are smarter then everyone else of the worlds women rights are always stronger then men now

  11. I like utube utiber makes the worlds smarter love u guys who created the utuber chanels with many many thanks in the smartway of learnning a lots to the worlds

  12. China is preparing to ditch Carrie Lam because deportation order to all the families and relatives of government officials in power have already been issued.

  13. Ditch Carrie Lam and replace with the top military commander to handle the protesters ! You have to carry bombs to do business in Hong Kong !

  14. So they want them to back down because the Chinese leader too stock up to accepting that he lost or does he want them to back down so he can run in and take it all from them 😒

  15. Keep hearing “waiting for the situation in Hong Kong to settle” and it confuses me. These aren’t your average protesters who make big signs and complain in streets for a couple of hours about University fees, the sugar tax etc. These are people putting their lives on the line everyday to fight against a tyrannical government who is trying to take their most basic freedoms. I don’t even think these people should be considered protesters. They are soldiers fighting on the front lines for a free hong kong. Thinking any-day now there just gonna wrap it up and let China dictate them is stupid.

  16. Xi Jinping is already wetting his bed at night in terror of the brave HK protesters. There is a extra small sized panty shortage in China thanks to Xi.

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  21. Carri lam might have wanted to leave but ft love her so much …the report just forced her to stay on….Hong Kong people should thank ft for their continued suffering under lam. Ironic.

  22. Hong Kong needs a firm decisive hand. It's better to suffer the sharp adjustment to the economy rather than a prolonged slowdown.

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