Why study a Master of Accounting at Monash?

The Master of Accounting is a degree that
is aimed at students who already have an undergraduate accounting degree. It’s to give them a greater
understanding of accounting and more in-depth, specialised knowledge. Our Master of Accounting has various options
open to students. They have the option of doing a research pathway. The students also
have options to do work integrated learning, study abroad or to do units which will offer
credit towards some of the professional bodies. Monash allowed me to mix and match different
units and I was not restricted to accounting units. I could mix and match various finance
and economics units as a result of which I had a very diverse résumé. At this point in my career, I’ve just
come to a point where my degree is really now too old. Lots of things have changed in
accounting standards. People change. The world has changed and the way we look at accounting.
And I just felt that needed to get that edge. I needed to come back and to do a great degree
with a great university to give me that little bit of extra knowledge. Postgraduate classes are much smaller than
undergraduate classes. Typical postgraduate classes will be forty to sixty students, will
be extremely interactive, will give students exercises to do in class, they’ll work in
groups solving problems, they’ll do presentations in class. Innovation is really putting us at the leading
edge of the field and what it means, once they’ve completed their studies and gone into
industry. They not only come with the best of knowledge but can lead others in the job.

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