Xero accounting software — connecting accountants to small business

Hands up if you call yourself an accountant. Yeah? Good. Now, I bet you became an accountant because
you’re smart with business and you’re smart with numbers. But instead of helping clients with their
business you spend most of your time cleaning up their mess. It’s not the way you want it. And it’s not
the way your clients want it either. What you want is Xero. Xero is beautiful accounting software that
lives in the cloud. You know what that means, “in the cloud”?
That means you and your clients have access to the same numbers at the same time, whenever
you need it. Just log in. No downloads, nothing to install, no conflicting
files. You see, the cloud changes everything. Let me introduce you to a friend. I’m Charles Green. Charles uses Xero to work with his clients.
Right now, he’s checking on the Cash Summary and doing a little reconciling with the bank.
Before he’s even left the house. It’s all in the cloud. It’s all in the cloud. Let’s take a walk. I’m about to show you how Xero can change
your game, and make you into the accountant you’re destined to be. Take a look. Pardon me would you? Xero is so good at crunching numbers behind
the scenes, I finally have time to focus on the part of work I really enjoy, like building
relationships, advising my clients, helping them reach new levels. It’s good for me, it’s
good for my firm, it’s great for my clients. See that? He’s the accountant he always wanted
to be, and Xero helped him get there. Ummmm… Having my whole team connected through Xero
has changed everything for me, my firm and my clients. My staff has everything they need
to get work done, at their fingertips. Wow. We can review our clients’ data, produce management
reports, and build financial statements in no time at all. With Xero, your clients and their books are
never far. Keep on walking. So I’m going over the reports and looks like
it’s going to be a great year. What…the… Oh, hey there. With the help of Xero, I can work from home,
and balance my life a little better, even during tax time, which is always crazy. On top of that, I’ve transitioned over to
value-based billing, where I can bundle my services monthly. I can take on more clients
and just keep growing. Right on, man. Are you getting what this means for you guys?
This is very exciting. By switching to Xero, you can run your business
like you’ve always wanted to, work collaboratively, build relationships with clients to grow their
business, and bill not for your hours, but for your skills. You’re accountants. Now get out
there and make it happen with Xero.

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  1. Our focus is firmly on small to medium businesses globally and how we can help them to better connect with their financial advisors and make better business decisions. No plans to make enterprise apps at this stage! ^OG

  2. Thanks for writing, I very much liked your video post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!

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