Yamadonga TeluguFull Movie | Jr NTR, Priyamani, Mamata Mohandas

Sri Varahanarasimha Swamy Temple
SIMHACHALAM This child is lucky. The flower fell into the plate
from God’s head. She got his blessings. She had lost her parents in childhood. Don’t know how long l’ll be alive.
By God’s grace… What brother-in-law?
After you, we will take care of her. You can die without worrying.
We are here. Why do you talk like this?
– Did l say anything wrong? You can proceed.
– Ok. Dear! This is God’s chain.
lt’ll bring a prince for you. Grandpa! How will a prince look like? A prince will wear attractive clothes,
look handsome and majestic. The people will hail him
when he comes before them. Catch that boy.
– Stop there. He’ll come in a flying horse
and take you. He might be roaming here somewhere.
Look out. He has escaped.
We shouldn’t let him leave. We have to find and punish him. What is your name?
– Raja. My name is Mahi. What do you like? – Money.
– Money? – Then what do you like? l like ice-cream.
– Shall l get one for you? Take it.
– Wait here. 10 rupees. -10 dosas are 10 rupees?
Bring some more. Look! He is there. Catch him. He got us. You’re looking like a kid.
Are you stealing? Don’t come again in this place. Stop it man. He might die.
Come, Let’s go. Are you a thief?
– Yes. lce-cream is 11 rupees.
But l had only 10 rupees. That’s why l stole 1 rupee
the first time in my life. She is here. Mahi dear!
– Grandpa. Where were you?
– l was playing with him. Why did you inform us?
We were worried. Come, let’s go. Minimum 1000 rupees.
No bargaining. What? Do you need
1000 rupees for silver coin? Silver coin?
– Then, is this gold coin? Go away l had great expectations. l thought if l get 1000 rupees,
l’ll settle in life. l will… YAMADONGA
[Master of outwits]. Oops! Oops! …A shadow can leave
sometime it’s appearance. Even everyday a watchman
also does not do his job. lt’s making me trouble and making tired. lt’s making me roaming and torturing. Music
M.M.KEERAVANl lt’s making me irritating and itching. Don’t know from which world it belongs. Direction
– Silly guy. l put it in this box.
Give that lid. l keep it like this. Look! What is inside. Here you are.
Simla apple. Master! Taking balls from papers
and doves from kerchiefs is nothing. lf you have real magic power
turn a tiger into a man. Do you want to see
a tiger becoming a man? l’ll make it for you
Send the tiger! Don’t be scared. Nandhamuri Tharaka Ramarao. Have you seen?
– Yes. Do you want to see more?
Give me your ring. Show me your hand.
One, two. Hey tiger! Why do you laugh like NTR? Do you want to turn again to an animal? Do you think you are great
to make 2 rings from 1 ring? – Then… Can you make the rings,
watches of those who are here… …mine too, and purses into two?
l’ll accept you as a great magician. Do you have any problem
if l can make every thing into three? Spread the towel. Like that,
close your eyes all of you. Everything will become two.
The things inside will get disappeared. Tell me. – Everything will become two.
The things inside will get disappeared. You fool!
They’ve escaped with our things. Oh God! Buddy! Open this bag. Let us see
if it has gold or diamond. – Ok. Stop it. Pray before opening it. Wait. Say Profit!
– Profit! – Like that. Buddy! ls it gold or diamond?
– This is your dollar. Why do you follow me since 12 years? l don’t know whereabouts
of the girl who gave this. You don’t leave me either.
l get mad at seeing you. l will… What’re you going to do with it?
– l’ll make a permanent place for this. Get lost. Like that. Hey tiger. You can enjoy watching
a tiger from a distance. lf you want to take a photo with tiger,
You have to take little risk. Seeing the tiger’s response,
if you want to play with tiger… …it’ll hunt you.
– Let us see how it hunts. Come on boys. Tiger! Come. Don’t know how many eyes
are watching this bag. lt’s our hard work
– Come fast. lts all because of that dollar.
lt’s all fate. – Go. DHANALAKSHMl FlNANClERS There are many motor-cycles here. She is financing to keep the
people also. – lt’ll be useful me. lf necessity comes,
a token will be put on your neck too. You go ahead.
You come. Come out and take a look at our things
You can do your make-up later. Dear! l’ve come.
How am l looking like? Nice! lf you shake once, the whole state
will queue up before your house. Don’t say that.
l feel shy. All of you can go.
He has come. Go and look at that things. Dear! Come and sit here. What a big bag? Ok, Why did you come without half saree? l have lost my conscious
when l hear your voice. Jewels and money combined is Rs.3,00,210. Shall l start?
– You can. l gave you 1 lakh for hall,
1 lakh for tiger, 70 thousand for dress.. …and 50 thousand for posters. All is Rs.3,20,000.
You have to repay me Rs.20,000. Oh gosh! You are a fraud and
your calculator is also wrong. l won’t accept. l need business for a living.
l don’t know to cheat others. lt is true.
– She is swearing on me. My dad used to say that
l am too innocent to bite a finger. lf you put your finger into her mouth
you will lose your finger. Has this small box
swallowed that big bundle? Oh gosh! They are talking too much. lf they want money they’ll obey me
but while repaying they won’t. l’ll tell if anybody come
to my home for finance. What’s wrong in his asking?
You cheated us to keep more interest. My calculation is always perfect.
– l’ve a doubt in the calculation. My box never shows a wrong calculation.
– l won’t believe. There is a big trouble going inside. Whether it is right or wrong,
l’ve to see my calculation myself. Then ok.
– l don’t have any problem. Why did you put your hand in that place? l thought only the box was there.
– You are talking like a kid. l swear on my mom!
l am new to that location. Anyhow, You did a mistake.
– l am very sorry. lf anybody knows this matter,
how can l live? Will l tell this to anyone?
You keep your box yourself. lf you touch me, l’ll bear you.
lf you hold me, l’ll hug you. lf you provoke me,
l’ll keep my beauty to you. lf you pinch me, l’ll blossom for you. lf you share with me,
l’ll make me hot for you. lf you behave softly,
l’ll make me as a bed for you. lf l put my hand,
she will make trouble. The beauty is mine looking so cool. The beauty said ok to do something her. Jasmine of the jungle! lf you pull my hand without inform to me,
l’ll hit you cheek to cheek. lf you ask my beauty,
l’ll turn as a papad for you. lf you come mesmerizing,
anyone will follow you. l’ll make you to jerk with my glance. lf you put your hand on me,
l’ll make trouble. Your beauty is looking so cool. lf you come with turmeric,
l’ll become yours in bathing time. lf you touch me softly,
you’ll get full of my beauty. lf you scare me, l’ll make you mine. l won’t listen if you make sound. You are so small. How can you save me? Mahi! Where are you?
Get me a cup of coffee. l am coming aunt. Do you know you are so beautiful? Are you feeling shy? You are going as you’re scared of mother.
Don’t you like me? Tell me.
– Yes. Come fast. We prefer the same
as my brother’s family likes. lt’s selfishness.
Can we take this after death? Brother! Already we have decided
to divide equally, this property. We have to share every
small thing in that house. Stop talking. Don’t you have
any other varieties? l’ve showed all of them.
– Don’t you have any kind of nose rings? Yes. lt’s with diamonds.
Show me what is inside that suit-case. Ok madam. lt is a precious diamond. Land lord said once
when he was alive…. …to get a diamond like this
for his grand daughter. Call once madam.
l’ve other works to do. Hey girl! Ask madam to come. Many times l’ve told you not
to spill coffee in the saucer. l don’t care whether you’re
the Landlord’s grand daughter. Everyone in this house
should obey me. Go away. l am living with hopes that
you would come to save me. With so many pretty maids at home,
l won’t miss my wife forever. Sir! Madam is calling from Delhi. What? Are you enjoying with maids? No, Only male servants.
When did you start this new habit? Leave that. l am leaving here,
day after tomorrow. Have my gown ready which l got
from Paris. There’s a party at night. What happened sir? Heart attack?
– No, Gown pain. Gown pain? What is it? There is a sad story about the gown. Day before yesterday l gifted my wife’s
gown to a beauty at Taj Banjara. She took that gown and said good bye. Now, lf l don’t get that gown,
my wife will kill me. Sir! We’ll make a new one.
– No use, she will find very easily. There is a man who can steal
that gown from that beauty. But he will demand heavily. l don’t mind even if it
costs 10 lakhs. l need that man. That is a problem. You’ll get 10 lakhs only if you deliver
that gown by day after tomorrow at 6am. The deal will cancel if you take
5 minutes more or tear that gown. This is her photo.
– The advance… Advance is cancelled. You’ll get full
payment only after completion of job. Why do you have this silly style? Now we need 1 lakh to trap this girl.
Who’ll give that amount? Don’t we have Dhanalakshmi?
– Will she give when we ask her? She said that we must repay
her balance for her to give us 1 lakh. We should do some trick
and get money from her. Now, what should we do? What? A gift for me?
Will you adjust it in your repayment? Money is not everything in this world. l brought it out of affection for you. Look there! lt is nice. What will l do with this doll?
lt is for your security. Why do you talk so? You have lots of articles here. What will you do if
anyone tries to steal that? What would this doll do
if a thief comes? Wait, l’ll show you. Oh God! lf anyone tries to steal,
it’ll hit him like this. lt’ll take care of your things. lf you want, see yourself. Here it is. Show your finger. Like that.
– lt’s superb. Leave me.
– Oh God! lf anyone keeps his hand on you,
he’ll thrash them like this. Not only that.
He will do your personal works also. Hey doll! Pick out lice
from your boss’s head. Oh gosh! Hey doll! Make plait for her. l’ve brought a nice doll for you.
– Why do you have keys? Hey doll! Hit him. Sathi! ls it you?
– Yes. Buddy! Come, we will open that box. Hey don’t!
– Open it fast. lf we ask you, you won’t give
That’s why we did this way. Now, l’ll take 1 lakh. l’ll return it
to you by this time tomorrow. Oh gosh! My money?
– Give it to me. Oh God! Come, Let’s escape. Stop, you there.
– l won’t let you escape. Stop, you there. Oops! l’ve escaped. Buddy! Stop there.
l’ve only an under-wear on my body. l’ll kill you,
stop there. Where will you go?
You’ll get caught someday. l’ll make you run on the road
and beat you. Where will she go?
Has she escaped from house? ls she dead or
eloped with someone? Oh God! She has eloped.
– Why do you shout like this? You shout for everything like this. Won’t we benefit,
if she leaves this place? We don’t have to get tense about her.
– Where did you go? l went to see grandma on receiving
a phone call from hospital. l haven’t seen a girl like you before.
– Won’t you inform us if you go somewhere? Stop it. There is a shortage of Rs.10,000
in locker. Did you take it? Yes. l did, uncle. What is this Mahi? Do you know
how tense we were for you? You could’ve informed us and gone. Won’t we give money, if you ask us?
– Stop your massage. Why did you take?
– l gave to grandma for hospital expenses. Did you give to grandma
for hospital expenses? Why did you hit me as if l am a thief? Didn’t l give her for a good cause? ls it wrong if l take my money?
– ls it yours? She has grownup.
– lf she has grown up, we don’t worry. But if she continues to claim things,
we may have to beg on the roads. l won’t allow this anymore. Brother! We’ll buy a Benz car.
– Ok. Oh gosh! Who are you? Save her! Please someone save her. Save her. Let’s dance! Who is a bandit?
– One who’s the master of all trades! Who is a master mind?
– One who steals fluently! Who is a smart thief?
– One who steals girls hearts! One who steals with grandeur
can outwit even the God of death. Draw honey through hot lips. He churns my heart
and gives sleepless nights. Sometimes..
– l creep up.. Sometimes..
– l give back joy.. Sometimes..
– Pleasant sounds emerge from us.. Sometimes..
– l’ll let you speak.. Sometimes..
– l’ll make you feel shy.. Sometimes..
– l’ll make you a bundle of pleasures.. Oh man with a taste!
Come to relish love! Oh love warrior!
Let’s start the love war! Oh heartthrob!
Even if mistakes happen.. Oh heartthrob!
Even if becomes usual.. Oh heartthrob!
Mischiefs won’t stop! Oh heartthrob!
Even if changes happen.. Oh heartthrob!
Even if it perspires.. Oh heartthrob!
We won’t part! She’s here! Where is my gown? Wait man! You will die, if you cut even a
single yarn from her dress. Oh God! They are coming. Go out from this hole.
No, Stay there till l come. Don’t go. How did you come here?
– You asked me to wait here. Lorry is coming. Are you ok?
– Yes. – Hold it tightly. Take care of the dress. Go and remove your dress fast. They’re following for this dress.
Go fast. l’m feeling tense.
Remove your dress fast. Buddy! You are doing a wrong thing. l am waiting here with
this gown which we need. Leaving our 10 lakh assignment
have you brought this girl? Have you fallen in love?
– Have you brought that gown? – Yes. Show me.
– Close your eyes. Here it is. ls this her gown?
– No. l’ll kill you.
– Excuse me. Thank you very much.
Follow me. Stop your feeling.
Pay us first. l’ll give you definitely.
– Here is the pen. Stop talking and
put your signature there. Sign please. Please put your signature there. Why has he stopped talking?
– He is dead. He has left me alone. What shall l tell if madam
asks about you tomorrow? Move away.
Don’t make trouble for me. Please put your signature
and leave me. lt’s 10 lakhs. Hey old man!
– Same smell. Sign it.
– Didn’t you understand me? My boss is dead. My boss is a great man. l had so many plans. Buddy! He had put in the
cheque date, my name and amount. He left us suddenly without
his signature on the cheque. lt is not his mistake.
Do you know who did this? Who is that?
– Yama(God of death). l’ll kill him if he come in front of me. He is not on the earth.
He is above in the sky. HEAVEN. A place for gathering of Gods. Yama! We are waiting for him for 3 days. Why should we wait for
someone who ignores us? What do you say Rain God? Yes Devendra (King of Gods)!
What Fire God tell is true. We all wish that, only you should
get that offering form Lord Vishnu. Yes Devendra! lf you get that offering
lt’ll humble that arrogant Yama. He is not ready to take that,
even if you provoke him. l think that he might have been
scared of God of Death. No, l am not scared of anyone.
l am ready to take the offering. Hail Lord Narayana! Am the most dignified
and born with the nature! Am the King of hell
and a great man! Am the controller of three worlds! Am the parent of Marthanda! Am the controller of fate of all! l hold the rope of death
and am horrifying! Hail God of death! l am hailed by all! But instead of praising me.. You’ve failed to revere me.. You didn’t stop this gathering
despite my absence.. How dare you conduct this? How dare you do this
without my consent? Oh God! l was telling them
to wait for your arrival. They decided your arrival is of not use. What capacity do they have to decide it? The place l here the assembly
The time l come auspicious. What is the use of
these useless fellows? Fire God! Wind God and Rain God! They don’t have an understanding.
How can they take a unanimous decision? Kubera (God of wealth)!
Even now you’re collecting.. ..interest from Lord Venkateswara.. …You are swallowing Lord Venkateswara’s
money like a frog. Didn’t l know about your past? Chitragupta (The accountant at Hell)! Boss! Tell me about his black money! His annual income is Rs.300 crores.
He is getting from.. Stop, you’ve accounts of Gods
along with birth and death of humans. Devendra! Do you want
to know about your history? No God has got the weapon
‘Vajrayudham’ like you.. Still you fled instead of
fighting against demons. Do you need a throne
and a celestial elephant? You have a habit of
abduct young ladies… …and demolish sacred fire of sages.
This is your history. Disgraceful! Doesn’t mind if world or ages change,
l maintain equality in the world. l am the King, King of Gods
and eligible for God’s offering. Nothing wrong in what he says. He has more prestige among
earthlings than all of you. Look how the human beings
are scared of him. Yama! l care a damn! lf you have courage, come in front of me. l’ll make you run without dress. Don’t think l can’t harm you
because l am here and you’re there. l’ll make you bend and hit you. l’ll come at you someday
Then l’ll show you who l am. l’ll do all this things
place scorpion inside your crown.. ..put nail in your throne,
create trouble in your family.. ..and make you dance.
l’ll do it for sure. There is a scorpion in your crown
and a nail in your throne. Oh God of death! l’ll instill fear in that human being. How dare he abuses me? l feeling angry with his comments. Make him come here as soon as possible. He has a long life of 100 years. Look properly. He has a death peril one in 10 days
and another after 40days. You’ve told a nice thing. Make him come here in the
first instance. – Do you want to avenge? lt is unfair. Don’t think about norms.
He should come here. He should be tortured here
and l need to avenge him. Where is key?
– Wait, l’ll give you. l’ll kill you
– l have opened. Come. – Yes, you should
have talent for that. Buddy! Do you remember
we got a gown this morning? She was in that. That gown got us into so many problems.
– Don’t cry thinking about that. Hey beauty! Tell me about you. My name is Maheswari. l am an orphan.
– Do you have money? No. – Then what about
that chain on the neck. lt is gilt jewel. Get out of the house. Why do you say so? Where will l
go if you send me out now? lf you don’t want leave at once,
l’ll give you 5 seconds. One, Two. Send her out after the
remaining count. Move away. Yesterday, a girl was kidnapped by
a gang in the middle of road. Her name is Maheswari and she is
Srirangapuram Landlord’s granddaughter. She is a heiress to Rs.200 crore wealth. Her family members are scared that
she might be kidnapped for ransom… …and are worried about her.
– l remember seeing her. Oh God! l sent that treasure
which came to my home. Please sir!
– Go girl. How many times should l tell you?
Don’t you understand? Listen to me!
– No. l’ll request him once.
– lf he comes, he’ll kill both of us. Get out! How did he reach there? Buddy! What happened to you? Buddy! Everything is over.
– No, l’ve balance Rs.5,000. l didn’t mean money.
lts about her life. l’ve done a big mistake in my life
and shouldn’t have done that. When did you commit the mistake? l did a mistake by
sending her out last night. She should be happy in her life. l am a man who does work
for daily wages. She stands so high and
l am such a lowly guy. That’s why l sent her out to
keep my love in my heart. Still she is in my heart. Look! Don’t you see her in
that rocks? – ls she there? Look! She is also seen in water
– Yes. lt seems she’s standing in front of me. l am really here. Look! Not only l can see
but also can hear her. Truly! l am here. What happened?
Where do you have pain? She was in cold last night
That’s why she has got fever. Take her inside the house. lf you walk on the floor,
you’ll get soil in your foot. Did you think l am dead?
Wait. From today l’m with you. Ask whatever you want from me. You’ll get tired if you talk more.
Just snap your finger like that. Let me see you do it once. lt’s enough. l have to look after so many works. Buddy! What happened to you? Only now l realised that
you’ve a great lover inside you. Stand up! l don’t have anything like that.
– Just know you said that you love her. She is a landlord’s daughter.
– ls it? Did you play that drama for this? We’ll get Rs.50 lakhs from
blackmailing her family. Then why waste our time?
We’ll tie her and start our work. Not like that,
l’ll make a sketch for that. Hey Mahi!
– l’m coming aunt. lf l tell ko.. that means a crore. Coffee please! – Do you want
coffee at midday on your bed? She is posing like that here.
Don’t know how she’ll be at home. Madam! Get it fast! l am coming. Oops! Mahi, are you here? Do you know
how much l was worried about you? Have your coffee. Did you feel?
– No. Then make hot water for bath. l’m coming. Oh gosh! This house and the property are ours. Sir! That lawyer is coming.
– lt’s good moment. Very happy. You’re crying nicely.
Your boy is rolling superbly. And she also is shaking her hand nicely. What is the matter?
– Lawyer! Mahi is missing. How did she get lost? l asked her to look after her property
until we are alive. She left us without informing us. Did you conduct a search?
– How can we search her? ln the early morning we found a girl’s
corpse on that railway track. lts her fate. lt is already written
about the inheritor of this property. What is the use of a big fortune? Will she come back alive?
– You’ve asked a nice question. l didn’t mention about you.
lt is Vivekananda orphanage. Why do you involve them?
Unnecessarily they will ask funds. Why would they ask for funds from you?
This property is theirs. How is it possible? You’re shocked very well. Your uncle had written the will
before he died. What did he write?
– lt is a good doubt. The property is yours until she is alive
After her marriage it is her husband’s. lf she dies, it’ll go to the orphanage.
That is what the will says. You have to change
your address within a month. How is it possible? We did not
confirm that corpse is our girl. You told me that you saw
a corpse on that railway track. Many people die on that track. What we saw has the body
of human and head of an animal. Then, show me that girl within a month. Otherwise Vivekananda orphanage
will feel very happy. Call and find her. Please attend the call
and don’t kill her. Oh God! lt is not a Titanic ship. lf you shake this boat,
it’ll sink and we’ll fall into the water. Please sit down.
Don’t take risk. What’s this? You neither allow me to
work nor roam or fall into the water? lf you treat me like this, l’ll go. Don’t take hasty decisions. lf you leave me, for whom will l live?
Don’t leave me. Will you do what l say?
– l will. Will you give what l ask?
– l will. Tell me. Then give me at once. lt’ll be
a memorable day in my long life. Won’t you give anything instead of fruits
or flowers? – Have this biscuit packet. Don’t you want? A kiss.
– What shall l do now? l got this when l was in 12 years.
lt liked me very much. lt will follow wherever l go. You asked me, that’s why
l’ll give it only for you. Take it. Am at the brink of adolescence. We’re made for each other. Am trailing you! Have fury in my eyes! Have power in my arms! Here l come! Don’t know what would he do! You’re a treasure chest with milk! Then..
– Would draw pleasure! While l go to fetch water.. ..he comes to enquire something! You may struggle to
carry pot with water. What wrong if l come to assist you? On pretext of assisting.. ..you would carress my hip. ls it? Oh gosh!
Agree to my wish! Would tease like you anticipate! This guy is so mischievous! lf this prettyy girl is nearby.. Then..
– Would steal her. Do you know what would l do? Would trail behind to taste the broth! Would settle in the kitchen for that! Hello, who is it?
– Shut up and listen. lf you want your girl safely
then come to Golcoda fort tomorrow. We’ll fix a deal.
– Ok, so be it. We’ll come. Don’t harm her. Talk properly. – How much?
– 50 lakhs. How much?
– 1 crore. Not more. How much? – We discussed
and have fixed a nominal rate. Give 50.
– 50! 50 crores.
What does he think of himself? Are we running a world bank?
– No! Bargain. Not that amount We can give you ‘one’. Just 1 lakh. This deal
is not hefty like him. lt is not enough even for
a cup of coffee. Don’t agree. lt is very less. Reduce that ‘one’
from the amount and give 49. We’ll finalise it with 2.5. lt is me who should finalise.
Final rate is 45. – Oh God! lf reduced even a penny
then you’ll get her in pieces. Arrange the money tomorrow at 7 am.
Come buddy. – Ok. How can you ready much money
by tomorrow? – Move away. Brother! How can you… Why are you taking this video? Why do you scold me?
l shot this for fun. Who are you and
why do you stand in the rain? Looks like you’re drenched fully
Wipe your head with this towel. Are you looking for anybody?
– For you. – For me? You could’ve come to orphanage
Why do you stand here? Come, let’s have a cup of tea. Greetings sir.
– Get me 2 cups of tea. – Ok. Come inside the umbrella. We’ve received the money.
You can kill that old man. How many tea did you tell?
– 2 teas. One is enough.
– Don’t you drink? You won’t. Narayana! Come as soon as possible
You have to do a job for us. l’ll come to railway station
as soon as l get the money. Tell her that we are going
for a job in Mumbai. Meanwhile her members
will come and take her. We’ll have the cash
and they’ll have their girl. Have you got it? l’ll look after that.
You can go. What Mahi?
– Where are you going leaving me? Where will l go leaving you?
l am going to get medicines for you. Will you come early?
– l will. Promise? Promise.
– Ok. Will you come early?
l will. Promise? My aim should be money only. Come dear.
We have brought 45 what you asked. Take that and show me where is my girl. Let me check the suit-case first. l have to count and check. Wait. lt’ll take more time.
– We did not think that. We know our girl would be
in trouble if it is not correct. We did count it 10 times
and brought it here. Go and make final payment.
l’ll collect it after finishing my work. Who are you?
– We are servants in the hell. We’re here to take you with us. Come. When will you send me back?
– ls it your in-law’s house? lf you come once then
there’s no turning back. What is this which looks so big? Sit properly. Sir! Tell him to go slow.
lf l fall from here, l’ll die. You’ve come here only after you died. Here everything looks big
except for you. What is that? Come, Yama (God of Death)
has started assembly. lt is the hell’s entrance. He is Sun God and my King’s father. Human should be scared
on hearing about hell. His hunchback should
be terrified at my punishment. Bless me like that. Chitragupta! Start the meeting.
– Ok sir. His name is Nadimintti Ramaswamy. There was a fight between 2 groups… ..and he didn’t try to stop it,
but was enjoying that sight. Hang him upside down, beat him
and light underneath his body. What is this? You gave me a
big punishment for that small mistake. Stop it you sinner! Was that a small mistake? You were neutral
when there was a fight… …between justice and injustice. Burning oil is waiting here
for that person. Drag him. Why did he punish him so
severly for this small mistake? l was only stealing things.
– Oh gosh! Escape. Lots of diamonds! Allow the next sinner. Chitragupta! Such a pleasant breeze! Truly its not from my servant.
l think it’s my wife. Have you seen dear?
l identified you correctly. You can find my movement but
you don’t remember our wedding day. l do remember dear. l’ll hug you in my hands,
kiss you and l can make… Dear! Stop romancing in public. Don’t lose concentration. This Death rope is our power
and our world. l am giving you
this responsibility. – Ok King. Forget about this and you can… Soldiers! You can go home.
– OK sir. Sinners! You can go
into the cells. – Go. Don’t walk like an ant.
Go fast. Hey old man!
– Hey mediator! Come here. Don’t give me much respect.
Call me as ‘Broker’. lt is your kingdom.
You can do what you wish. You human beings don’t trust us.
– Why? Didn’t l reduce your punishment for
a day because you did broker job? You did not do free of cost.
l turned my accounts to your side. Now tell me. What can l do for you?
– l’ll tell you. Here has come more new sinners.
Arrange for me that last sinner. No use sir. Look! l’ll reduce your and
her punishment for a day. Ok. l’ll do for you. Hey girl! You look like a great sinner.
– How do you know that? Shall l tell you an idea to
reduce your punishment? Those days had gone. He is interested in you.
– Sorry, l’m not like that type. He is also like that.
Don’t worry about him. He’ll act just like browsing pages.
– ls it? – Yes, Go. l got you, old man.
– Have you come? Why did he shock me in reverse type? Do you already know about my arrival?
– Yes dear. Daily they discuss about you. About me? Why?
– Because you abused them once. ln fact you have to live so many years. But they killed you by
changing your lifetime. He is inclined to avenge you. Oh Yama! Did you kill me before time? Wait and see, l’ll give a shock to you. You can smell flowers later.
Now you are in trouble. What happened now? You’re irritating me
when l am in good mood. Your King is roaming around this place.
ls he roaming around here? Go away. Tell me what happened.
l’ve losing my consciousness. Someone had told him about
your playboy games. Hence he is roaming here like a sinner… …to catch you red-handed. King! Even if you sport disguise
your gait and posture shows it off. Do you play your tricks on me? Greetings Chitragupta!
– Who are you and what do you want? Am l sitting idle when King is not here?
Or am l flirting with someone? Go and stand in the sinners queue. You’ve come with a fake mace.
Go away. Dear! Have you seen his sincerity? He has more respect,
divine and love for me. He respects me a lot. No, won’t he recognise you,
if he respects you? Shouldn’t he give that Death rope
and make you sit on your throne? His mind power is gone.
lt’s better to get someone in his place. Oh God!
– l’ll test him once again. Now he’ll give that Death rope to me.
– Ok. – l’m going. Chitragupta!
– King! Don’t play with me. lf anybody sees this they’ll laugh. How did he find out that l am the King?
– Stop joking. Take that Death rope
and sit on the throne. lmpoliteness! l am a human sinner. King!
Key of hell! Come up. Take it.
– Truly l am a sinner. Don’t talk nonsense and take it. Oh God of death, who holds
rope of Death and power. Soldiers and humans! l’ll change
this Hell totally from today. Leave your weapons and close the doors. You can do whatever you wish,
and enjoy all the happiness. Hereafter if any human dies,
they’ll wish to come here instead of Heaven. Come on dance! Here comes a pleasant breeze.
Let us float slowly. Should conduct love fights in the sky. Shouldn’t talk when we are in love. Show me the happy ending. Our love games would enliven us. Would serve the nectar
to the God of death. Your gestures attyract me.
– Continue your romance. Oh beloved dear! Here comes a pleasant breeze.
Let us float slowly. Go back. Chitragupta!
– Move away. Gananayaka (chief of soldiers)! Soldiers! Oh Yama! l’ll make you bend and hit you. The human l wanted to avenge
has caught my throne! Hey human! Have you got mad or arrogant? Despite being a misfit
have you captured my throne? You are arrogant and proud. Hey human! You’ll get death for money,
deceases, borrowing and errs. What is your status? l calculate your lifetime.
Am l equal to you? Your human birth is
so cheap and selfish. Yet you aspire for
the God of death’s throne lmpossible!
Be ready to get punished. Your only way out is
to pray for mercy! What did you say? ls human birth so cheap?
What a talk! Who was Savitri who negated
your orders and got back.. ..her husband life from you? She was a human. Who was Markandeya
who got Lord Siva’s blessings.. ..with his worship and made you run? He was also a human. Already you’ve lost
reputation among humans. Now you are talking about humans. Such an ignorance and disrespect. l’ll change the fact that God
is more powerful than humans. l’ll sit on this chair
to get accolades from.. ..all Gods, angels and 5 forces. ln this assembly where
everyone is present,… ..in front of the soldiers.. ..and with in this ferocious face.. ..always and forever
l’ll demolish difference in.. ..caste and creed,
fully and permanently. Oh God of death! l felt sorry
when you were kidnapped. l almost lost my life.
Your fiance also was worried. He has been crying
for you since then. Why do you both worry? We’ve decided to conduct your marriage.
– l don’t like it aunt. What happened to him?
He’s visible under lights than dark. Agree to my proposal. Why don’t you agree
even when we beg you? lf you don’t agree,
this property will be in our hands. You’ll never get someone as your husband. lf you marry my son,
you’ll enjoy this property. Otherwise you will be
a servant like earlier. Decide which one do you want. Dad! She prefers the broom than me. She’ll complete 21 years
in another 10 days. Then l’ll conduct your register marriage. Why this headache by the human? He is the cause for all this. He boozed and played..
– King! lf you think about him,
he’ll put nail under your throne. Pardon me! lt was all my mistake. Was that a small mistake? ls it the death rope or your hair? Stop your argument
and think about the duty. There is a way for this.
– What is that? You have to steal the death rope.
– Being a King, how can l steal? Are you mad? – No way,
Stealing things are an art for Gods. Even Lord Krishna had done that.
How will it be a mistake? You know all the arts whether
it is right or wrong. – Yes l know. Stealing is also an art, isn’t it? So if you steal the death rope,
it’ll be right only not wrong. lf you delay further, then….
– Ok. Go and hold him tightly.
l’ll collect it fast. Your tricks are of no use with him. He is a great thief in earth. We have to deceive him
when he goes to bed. Oh God! A human is sleeping
in that valuable throne. l feel enraged on him. Shall l throw my mace?
– No, don’t get angry. What we need is the death-rope.
Go and steal that death-rope. You’re not going to palace.
Remove your foot wear here. Cover your face. Go slowly and stealthily. Chitragupta! Why has he covered his face?
– Keep quiet. He is going to steal. God of death has become a thief and
human has become the God of death. lt’s all by fate.
– Yes! When did you come?
– Just now. Have you seen everything?
– Yes. Did you see it fully?
– Yes. Oh God! Thief.
– You’ve some news to spread. Here is a thief. lnjustice! You’re a thief and
l’ve caught you red-handed. l’m not a thief.
Leave me. Don’t argue with me.
l will… Yama! You are also a thief.
– There’re no strangers here, isn’t it? Has anybody seen my defeat?
– Narayana! Soldiers! Take him into
the cell and hit him. Arrest him. Narayana! Whose order
would they obey? Let me go to Lord Vishnu
to solve this problem. Wait. Already we’ve lost
our hell’s prestige. Won’t you keep quiet,
unless you arrange for a meeting? Then, we’ll arrange for
a competition between you both… ..and we’ll select the one who wins it. Ok. We’re ready for that.
– Keep quiet. lf l pat my thigh, l’ll create records.
lf l spin my moustache, l’ll get rewards. Everyone will opine the same. You better pat your thigh
after you know that. Why do you make a fight between us? l don’t want to fight with him.
Arrange for elections. Elections? What is that? – ln our world
my people choose leaders by elections. King! All these people would support us.
He can’t win. Accept it.
– Ok. Come all of you.
lt is a great chance for you. You can elect a leader of your choice. You can.. Decide whom do you wish
to be your leader. Here we’ve the old God of death!. Here we’ve the young King of the hell. lt is a meaningless to give
the leadership to a human sinner. My ruling is lawful. lf you don’t like me,
l’ll make troubles for you. lf you don’t choose me,
you will be destroyed. King! Don’t say like that
Speak with a bit of affection. He never changes his habits. My beloved hell brothers
and my beloved hell ladies! Greetings to all of you. Didn’t l say? Narayana! His talk is mesmerising. How long will you remain as slaves? He is living in a big palace
and you are in a hut. He is enjoying well but you are not. Has he given travel expenses
for you to go to earth? No. l wish to question him about
funds in heaven’s treasury. Ask him about the accounts.
Don’t leave him. Vote for ‘Naraloka party’ (Human party). Young God of death!
– Hail! Madam! Vote for me.
l’ll give rice at Rs.2 per Kilo. Bless me.
– Ok. l’ll clean your nose. Oh God! lt’s bad manners. Have you seen? He cleans his nose
and behaving indecently. Will he do anything to win? Wait madam. l won’t allow you
to do that when l am here. King! Look there. lt’s the rope of death. lt’s a good chance for us.
Show him your hand power. Soldiers!
– King! l won’t come with you. Lord! Oh gosh!
– l got it. King! What is this?
– lt’s my power. Stop there! Former God of death!
Doesn’t this seem wrong to you? Hey human! Are you feeling jealous? lt is mine. Oh gosh!
– King! l don’t care anyone.
This death-rope is mine. King! lt is a lady’s saree
and not your death-rope. Former King’s behaviour.
– Down, down. King’s behavior on the ladies.
– Down, down. Protection of womenfolk..
– ..should be exercised. Rape attempted King…
– ..should be punished. Enquiry on the former King.
– Should be done. That human has become a headache for me. He’s got a new life after coming here.
l can’t bear his troubles. Dear! Get the relief balm
and apply on my head. Dear!
– Put everything into that bag. What happened to you? Where are you going urgently? Stay away!
Don’t touch me. lts not even 2 crore years since
our marriage. Don’t you like me now? Are you suspecting me? Do you like soldier wives more than me? Why am l here?
Go and love them. Oh gosh! That human cheated me.
– Stop your talk. l did not think that you were like that. Dear! Dear! Oh God! What should l do now? Truth can’t hide for long.
She’ll come after knowing about you. Meanwhile you may lose your throne.
– What happened? According to the information,
he’s in a leading position. What should l do now?
– l have an idea. ln the earth they arrange for
cinema-stars while campaigning. lf we should arrange for a
similar programme with dancers.. ..so you can turn
the people to our side. With the heaven beauties!
Already we have lost everything. Why do we need another problem?
King! There is no way. lf they dance here,
we’ll get more votes. Ok. Rambha! Oorvasi! Menaka! Rambha resembles the moon. Oorvasi has a beautiful structure. Menaka excites hearts of all. There’ll be song and dances
with you henceforth. Your vote is for this King.
Our vote are for God of death. Vote for me. You dog! Drainage pond! You were canvassing against me.
Look, what happened. You’ve become alone now.
Do you want politics with me? l turned people to my side. Have you seen that? Now l’ll surely win. Only your
grandpa can come to your help. Why are you talking like that? lt will be happen only
if God’s listens to you. What? Who should come to
bless him? l’ll bless him myself. He needs his grandpa help
to defeat me. May God bless you. Haven’t you called him?
He is his grandfather. He is charismatic and majestic. l want to call him as my brother. After seeing him, the word
‘brother’ came to my mind. What grandson?
– Grandpa. How are my Telugu sisters and brothers? Your photo and statue are
there in every home and village. You left us long ago. ln a TV poll you got 73% votes for
the best ”Popular Telugu Personality”. lt’s their affection. l blessed you to have you
as my namesake. Why did you come here?
– What to say? Having a bad time. l started a party and won in that.
You’re my grandchild. Defeat to you? You have to achieve with your strength.
What you do want? Acting is in your blood. Dance is a boon to you. lf you dance, whole Andhra will applaud. This God of death won’t a problem. Nandhamuri person is so great.
Grandson, show your skills. Thanks Grandpa.
Wait and see. l’ll make this Hell tremble. Oh Rambha! Come here like
my aunt’s daughter in ‘Athamadugu’. Oh Oorvasi! Come here like a hen
and like a beautiful dove. Oh Menaka! Come here like a gold sweet
and like an egg of golden duck. Like this. Shake your body and be all mine. Oh beauties! Dance without shyness
and follow my steps! lf l place my leg like a thunderbolt,
the hell will jerk. That is called ‘Tharakamanthram’
(A mystical verse of protection). Young Yama! Give bait to us
and get the throne with our votes. Let’s shake..
– ..and be all mine. l’ll ride with her on Yamaha bike
instead of the buffalo. Make the arrow and shoot it at target. This beauty shouldn’t
bathe in ‘Vaitharani’.. …as l’ll bring river ‘Yamuna’ here. Love this beauty as
l couldn’t bear this excitement! Won’t lose anything if you
do it happily and competitively. Young Yama!
Get nectar from me like a bee. lt was ‘Ramu’ then..
Now his grandson… Both shook hell. Then….
And now… King! What is this? At prime time of love,
l’ll stay awake and be with you. Love me and go further. Don’t mind heaven or hell,
l’ll usurp if it crosses me! Captivate me, start your
romance and proceed. Register victory over anything
which opposes you. That is called as ‘Leisure verse’. You naughty! Rob my beauty
and rule my body with your power. Hail Young God of death! lf you prefer former King,
vote in buffalo symbol. lf you prefer young King,
vote in Sun God symbol. Cast your votes one by one
and only one. Don’t play your tricks here.
l’ll slap you. What? – l am coming King.
– Go. Count human votes first. How did he get so many rings? Let them count our pot.
Rings in ours will be more than him. Why is there only one ring in our pot? You cheater!
– Oh King! Did you cheat me?
– No. King! That ring is mine.
ln which pot did you put your ring? Bless me father! You did mistake.
That was his symbol. Because of ‘Sun God’ symbol our soldiers
have followed suit and voted for him. His work is very nice. According to the results,
Young King has won in the elections. He is your Lord from today itself. Ask the former King to come here. Greetings to former King! You’ve killed me before my lifetime
and manipulated the accounts. You can’t escape from me.
l know everything. That’s why, l got your throne. You can evict me only from earth
but l’ll make no place livable for you. Soldiers! Oh God! Doorway is there
and Soldiers are here. Enquiry is done there
and sinners are here. And God of death’s throne is here
who’s the ruler of netherworld. lt’s here. You stole our death-rope and
put down me from the throne. You made me steal and
blamed me in a rape case. Ultimately, you had disturbed my family. Now l’ll show my might. Count his sins.
– Ok. King! Why do you take so long?
– No late, lt’s disappeared. Disappeared? – His list of
sins is not available. And his name is not here.
– What happened? What is the cause for this? He writes our sins in this book. You search that page and tear it. lt’s mine. Did you write my all sins?
– That was his work. l didn’t commit any sins.
Because you can’t get my page in that. What about my virtues?
– Your virtues? Then, what is your opinion?
– Didn’t l do any good deed? Show me. Where is my list in that book? That is… He has started his torture again. He is pressing his head there
and you are pressing your fingers here. What about my matter? Where is my list in that book?
– Tell me. Why are you being silent?
Answer him. Keep quiet. You’ll be present at the wrong time
and instill a fight between us both. You won’t lose anything but
we had lost our prestige already. Find a solution for his problem.
– l’ll find it. ln that book..
– l’ll solve your problem also. There is only one way out.
– What is that? We have to send him again
back to the earth. lmpossible.
– King! Listen to me. He is blackmailing us to have
a meeting with Lord Venkateswara. That person is also supporting him.
lt’s confirmed that we’ll lose our job. What about my revenge?
– There is a way for that. He has a peril in a month.
We should use that. We have to make him
believe and talk nicely. And let us send him again to the earth. Crime is his profession.
He’ll do some sins within a month. Then, let us kill him and take here. After he comes here, you can
avenge him with tortures. Your idea is excellent. Am l your wife to act to
your whims and fancies? Disgraceful!
Your plan is very bad. Once l had come here because
someone stabbed in my behind. Now l know everything.
Your tricks won’t work out with me. l’ll die when l want and
l’ll come here when l need to. Day before yesterday
my grandpa had come. But now your forefathers have to
come to bring me here. Bye. He knows everything. How can we bring him here
if he doesn’t do any sins? Do the massage properly.
Don’t you have grip in your hands? Oh God!
– l’ll kill all of you. Did you plan to kill me? Where is that rowdy? l’ll cut your throat.
– He is not in town. There is nothing between us. That was his sickle and he stabbed you.
– l’ll kill you. Don’t play your tricks on me.
Tell me where is he. Dear! Don’t kill us.
Spare us for our wives’ sake. Shut up! Their faces seem to approve.
– How did you find that out? Did you hear that?
l won’t spare anyone. Did you play a game for Rs.50 lakhs.
– Oh God! Rs.50 lakhs? He mentioned only Rs.50 lakhs.
– We would’ve paid him Rs.2.5 crores. We should’ve known this earlier.
– We gave Rs.1 crore to that rowdy. What are you discussing?
Did you think that l asked you Rs.50 crores? No, we don’t have mind to think much far. Today is Sunday.
You’ll get the money before 10am tomorrow. lf you change anything,
l’ll kill you. l won’t remember. Keep it with you.
Not her but you. Go away. Buddy! This is the matter. She posed there like that because
she has a big house like this. She told us that she is an orphan. l think, she won’t get up
early in the morning. Buddy! Who is this new beauty?
– l am also confused. Where is our princess? How many times l told you
not to disturb me? Why did you come here with this
dirty face early in the morning? Get out. She is the owner of this property. After her granddad’s death, her family
members are enjoying her property… …and treating her ruthlessly. Sathi! When did you come?
And where is Raja? Raja has gone to Bombay. Did he send you to enquire about me?
– Yes. l know that.
He always thinks about me. Mahi! Where are you?
Come and clean the bathroom. l am coming aunt. No problem Sathi. All these
problems only until Raja’s arrival. He is..
– He’s true to his word. He promised me to come here. He’ll surely come to take me. We took care of her
when she was with us. We did all the works for her. But she is living here
like a servant.. lf they want, they will make
her press the legs. We don’t care about that.
What is our work? We’ll leave this place
when we get the money. She says that l promised her
that l would come here. Buddy! Why is she so innocent? l don’t know how will she live
in that home with those people. Do you like her?
– Shut up your mouth. l like money only. l was worried whether you’ll
fight with them tomorrow. – Why? Her register marriage is going
to take place tomorrow. Move. Sign here.
– l won’t. Get her thumb impression at least.
– Put your thumb impression here. l’ll get it now. – Don’t harm her.
– Move away. Brother! You go ahead.
– Oh God! What is this? Why are you here? Who is he?
ls he her clandestine lover? This is our family matter.
Don’t interfere in this. l’ll get wounded.
– Oh gosh! Someone call the police.
– Ok. Oh God! Oh gosh! Oh God! Won’t you leave me?
He hit me. Oh God! Oh God! l know nothing.
l am innocent. l don’t have any
connection in this matter. Oh God!
– Did you hit her? l didn’t. Did you torture her? Did you hit the girl?
– Thank God. He doesn’t hit women. Buddy! They feel happy
because you won’t hit women. My mom! Come, let us escape.
– Where will you escape? Go there. Oh God! l got back pain. Raja! Stop it. She is my life. You will die even if she gets hurt. Henceforth, you should do
every work in this home. Have you got it?
– We got it. l was never bothered about
my neighbour since my childhood. Now l am thinking.. l don’t know why. l know that. l gave this to you before a month.
– No, 12 years back l gave this to you. l’ve brought for you
rubber bangles and ribbon bands. l’ve left my parents
and town to come to you. l like… l like you very much and l follow you. Fetch pleasant breeze to my place
and catch the sun shine at dusk. Fetch me clouds in baskets and in plates. l’ll take you in procession
on the King’s elephant. l’ll sing lullaby and make you
sleep on the queen’s bed. Won’t fall for your talk! Won’t become close if you come near! Don’t take me so easily! l’ll take you for a ride on a flying horse! Daily we’ll go to the garden
and we develop our love. Dear! Someday we’ll go for
hunting and get married. lf you say like so, then it’s ok. l’ll become your pair if you confront me! l’ll become a flowery bed for you! lf you say ok, l’ll get
nuptial thread and marry you. What is this torture to us daily? Buddy! Shall we start it?
Here comes hot stick, sickle and whip. We can’t bear getting
hit 3 times for a day. Why? Was it much pain to you? Not for us, if you hit us one by one,
you can reduce your strain. Ok, l’ll do what you wish. l’ll hit only one person of you all.
Then, you distribute it among you. Dear! One minute. Good. First he’ll hit one person.
After we can hit ourselves softly. Ok.
– Yes, we’ve decided. You fool! No, l am your mom.
– l don’t care about that. No, Sister!
Oh God! Like that. This hit has reached you on rotation. What do you understand now? l’ve understood that not only
the earth even hit also rotates. Why did you wear jewels?
Give it to me. lt’s gilt jewels.
– ls it? Why did you put balance?
– Dear! This is sacred-thread. A sacred- thread?
No problem. Dear! lt’s a great sin. lf we don’t harm you,
God of death won’t be silent. Shut up. l don’t care if he comes before me. You God of death!
Come here. She is speaking about you
Will you support her? Come, l’ll look after you.
You fool! l make fire under your legs. Go away!
– l’ll kick you. You said he’ll come to punish me.
But why didn’t he come? He would be scared of me.
– King! What happened to you? lt is not folk song of ‘Annamaiya’. Oh Lord Siva! He is abusing you. l know it.
He is abusing God of death. lt is a great sin.
lt is enough to punish him. The time is coming close to avenge him.
Count his sins. What happened again?
– King! Couldn’t find his sins. What is that? ls it magic or his power? lt should be visible
to your divine vision only. King! What happened? – There is
a word in the earth ‘LOVE’, isn’t it? lt’s saving him from sins.
– King! He’ll face a danger in 10 days. lf he escapes that,
it is impossible to kill him. l’ll make it possible. l’ll create a suspicion between them
and make them hate each other. l’ll bring him here and
destroy that God’s chain. For that l’ll go to the earth myself. We’ll get into troubles if he finds us. lf he finds my true identity.
He’ll remember everything, isn’t it? l’ll change my form.
– l wish to see that happen. Oh God! King! You are so beautiful in this form. lf you add some shyness and
change your gait, you’ll look nice. How to do that?
– l’ll show it to my knowledge. Look here! Like that.
– Ok, l’ll do like that. l am scared at your mace,
else l would fall in your lap.. What do you mean?
– King! Change your voice. Oh God!
– Ok. Come on. Dad! l liked her very much.
– No, She will be your aunt. You fool!
Sister-in-law is equal to mom. To make our plan succeed,
l’ve to trap him in my beauty… …and make him love me. l’ll show that to his lover
and spoil their marriage. Dear! Where are you?
– Oh gosh! Dhanalakshi has come. lt is a dream. – You fool!
Don’t play your tricks here. Should you imitate Dhanalakshmi voice here?
– Me? – Shut up. Dear!
– Oh gosh! Dhanalakshmi. Dear! Come here.
– Come, my daughter is calling you. Buddy! Think of something.
She has come here. Buddy!
– Oh God! l’m saved. You’ll die without getting married. Oh gosh! She has come. l’ve to
send her out before Mahi sees her. Why don’t you reply to me?
Are you angry with me? l greet you! Don’t shout.
Take this Rs.500 and leave this place. Why did you tell like that?
Who needs your money? l came to see your marriage.
– What is this? l thought that she would
scold me but she spoke softly. l think she’ll come with a big plan
– There is no plan in my arrival. l came to put the dot on your cheek. My life will crush
if you put a dot on me. Go away. She is looking thin but l can’t move her. ls it a dream? l’ll see now. Come here. He is pushing me.
– l’ll kick you. Do you want to tell separately?
– All of us are going. Get out!
– Raja! Who are they? ls it her whom you’re going to marry? She is so pretty.
– Who are you? Didn’t he tell anything about us? Why didn’t you tell about
your relatives to her? Dad!
– What dear? Now he is going to be a son-in-law
even if he is your nephew. Don’t call him disrespectfully.
lt’ll look bad. Why do you talk about relationships? Both of you will get a kick from me. Stop it. Shouldn’t l tell her
about you fully? Sister!
– Fully? What is that? Tell me. l feel shy.
– lt’s ok. Tell me. Both of us have grown up
together from childhood. We played together with marbles
and jumping games. l stopped all the games
after she matured. Otherwise they would behave like kids. Uncle! Stop your talk
and enough of your details. Both of you get out from here.
– Raja! Let them stay here till marriage.
– No, Let them go now. They’ll come here later.
– Don’t say ‘No’. lt is fortunate to have
relatives with us. Why should you live alone
and stay off relatives? Come, We’ll go inside. Where is the bathroom?
– Go this way. ls it you, uncle?
– Don’t need relationships here. We will adjust her. You!
You fool! Brother! What is this?
– Dad! What is this? Can l also join you?
Let’s adjust. Buddy! – Buddy! You have left me.
How are you now? Now l am in a top position
because of you. l am in a high place,
no one can touch me. Why? Did you get lottery?
– You fool! Not that. You had done all the things.
But she is torturing me. Who is that?
– lt is Dhanalakshmi. What are you saying?
How can she be there? How long will you be there?
Come down. lf l get his address,
l’ll hang him with my plait.. ..and l’ll hang you with my skirt thread.
lf l don’t do that, l’m not a girl. lf you don’t come down,
l’ll throw stone. You’ll bleed if l throw this stone on you. l’ll make no place livable for you. Now your forefathers should come… …to bring me here. You God of death! You had left the hell and came here
in the disguise of a woman.. …to take me with you. l outwitted you in your place.
This is my place. Dear! Dear! Can you come in?
l want to talk to you. Why did you bring me here
instead of telling your secret? l depend on you.
l can’t live without you. Leave me. – Dear! lf this
marriage happens, l’ll consume poison. Or l’ll jump into the well.
Stop this marriage. Leave me. l won’t let your marriage happen without
your consent. And l won’t let you cry. You’re important for me.
– She has trapped him. Today he’ll get… l’ll hit your father and conduct
your marriage of your choice. Hey guy! Come here.
– ls it me? – You only short guy. Oh God! – How dare arrange
her marriage without her consent? – Me? Don’t trouble her.
– Me? Are you her father?
l’ll… Look! How he is hitting me.
– Dear! Don’t hit my father. l know Dhanalakshmi. Any girl
will get pain if her father gets hit. lf l don’t hit him,
you’ll be in trouble life long. Oh God! You cheater! Sir! Save me.
– No problem. You’ll get used to it. Oh gosh!
– Raja! Stop it. Don’t you have sense? How can she
live with someone she doesn’t like? Select a groom of her choice. Promise me. – Me?
– You only. Bring him with you when
the afternoon bell rings. What does he mean?
– Nothing. We report to him daily afternoon. We’ll go into his room.
– He’ll hit us just like how he hit you? That’s all.
– ls that the meaning for ringing bell? There is no such punishments
in the hell like this. l don’t want this father character.
Come! Let’s go back to hell. We must finish our work.
Don’t be scared for these hits. Bear it.
– Bear it? You’re telling like this
because you didn’t experience it. Come Sir! – So early? – lt’s first time for you.
– Just now he told. – lt’ll be nice. Both of your names and horoscopes match. Dear! Today is 1st. The next auspicious time
available is on the 5th. lf you miss this, there is no
auspicious time in the next 3months. Shall l write the engagement card?
– Ok. Priest! There is no
auspicious time on the 5th. Who are you? l’ve conducted
thousands of marriages. l know very well about almanac.
– Don’t get angry! Look at that one more.
– Everybody teaches me about almanac. Then what should l do with my knowledge? Priest! What happened?
– A mistake has happened. l’ve fixed an inauspicious time ignorantly. Had she not told, we would’ve
faced troubles. l’ve never erred before. Pardon me. – lt’s ok.
– No need to hasten the marriage. Fix that auspicious time
available after three months. Mahi! She saved us from a great peril. Hereafter, it’ll be happy days for you. l shall move.
– Ok. Listen Mahi! You will face bad times! According to your horoscope
you’re going to face a danger. What should we do? l am here to tell
what you have to do for that. l am here to tell
what you have to do for that. You should not talk and
see each other for a week. Both of you shouldn’t stay together.
Then only my work will be alright. lf we don’t talk for a week,
will that danger vanish? Raja! Only one week.
Don’t refuse. – Ok. Govindam! – What madam?
– Tell aunt to get ready. We’ve to go Simhachalam.
– Ok, madam. lf we pass this week,
will bad time go? What… Raja! We’ll go by afternoon plane.
– Ok. Now l’ll show my power to him. Dear! Dear!
– What? l feel excited. l am going mad at seeing you
– Mad? l feel incited. There is a sound in my heart.
– What type of lingo is this? l want you.
– What happened to you? What do you want? Oh girl! Have you gone mad? Oh girl! ls your body excited? Has the lust made you
go mad and incited you? Oh man! Did you get mad? Oh man! ls your body excited? Has the lust made you go mad
and incited you to come to bed? ls it telling to keep control
when l fondle your waist? Does it provoke your manhood
when l caress you? Dare to encourage?
– Dare to confront? Dare to stop my arrogance?
– Dare to play with me? Won’t let you escape!
Have strength to fight with a boulder! Are you scared in the dark? Are you comfortable only with light? Would show you my mesmerizing beauty. No good if you don’t utilise! Come, let us find a solution! Come, let’s cover our body
with thick blanket! Don’t contradict if l say something! Will you be feel happy
when l am in trouble? Oh God! lt pains for me.
He has hit me strongly. When he was hitting you there
l could hear the echo here. How did you bear it?
– lt can’t be described in words. l laughed when he was hitting me.
But l couldn’t bear his hit. No problem, we have done
what we thought. Come, let’s go. lt is me.
Raja did not die. Now he is at home and
treating us like servants. Listen.. Mahi is in Simhachalam. lf you catch her, we’ll get
this whole property. Come fast. SlMHACHALAM He pulled my hand
after you had left home. l refused to comply.
But he did not listen to me. Sister! He has spoiled my life. We saw his true identity before marriage.
Forget him. lt’ll be nice for you. Look! How innocent he is acting. Scold him and send him out. Why are all of them
trying to separate us? What? Did l say anything wrongly? Won’t you believe
if you see with your own eyes? Not only you, even if God
accuses Raja, l won’t believe it. You won’t believe me. You won’t believe my father also. You won’t believe your family members. You won’t believe God either. Then, will you believe if he says? lf you reduce even a penny
then you’ll get her in pieces. l know very well that she is rich. That’s why l obeyed as a servant to her. ls my home a choultry to feed her
free of cost? Or Do l love her? He used to serve coffee with
just a snap of your fingers. And he used to do all jobs
with just a gesture. That is not due to love. Only for money. Don’t fall for his tricks.
He’ll leave you in the streets. Did you act with me for money? Mahi, That is…
– Did you act with me for money? Get out. Get out. l have brought him with me. Did you see who is here?
– Dear! Mahi has sent him out. Our problem is solved. Now we can
conduct Mahi’s marriage with our son. You divided them before the danger time.
And you made him come here in that time. Lord! You’re great. We can’t believe him. He won’t go by just sending him out.
He is not that type. He’ll come if he hears her voice. You should be here till
my son gets married. – Yes. lf this marriage happens,
we’ll get Rs.200 crores worth property. l’ll give you Rs.2 crores. How is my plan?
– Plan is superb. But there is a small change in that
– What? – l’ll marry her. l’ll get whole property.
And l’ll give the share to you. Dear! Leave her. – lnjustice.
– Where will you take her? Show them what is injustice. lt is the temple of Lord Narasimha.
The death-rope can’t enter the temple. We have only half an hour
for inauspicious time. We have to make him come out
before that time. Oh God! l lied to have you. But l didn’t expect this to happen
l curse myself for this. You’re wounded so severely. Come out. l’ll take you to
the hospital and treat you. Why do you smile?
You’ll die if you stay here lsn’t that what you wish?
Oh God of death! As long as l am here
in this temple l won’t die. Unless you lure me out
you can’t take my life. l’ll come wherever you want me to. lf killing me is your wish,
l’ll bestow happily. But.. Spare me half an hour. lt’s not for me but to save a girl. l’ve done an unpardonable mistake. l’ll accept all tortures
in the hell for that. But delay my death by just
half an hour to save my Mahi. lf you don’t agree.. l won’t sit here and save my life. My determination to
save Mahi is my weapon. l’ll fight till death to make it happen. You’re so rigid. He didn’t ask you to spare his life. He just wanted to save someone
Can’t you give him even that? lf the mistakes he had done are sins
then how to term your mistakes? Talking untruth, thievery
and sporting disguises. Are all these as per norms? Spare him for half an hour
as atonement of your sins. lf l had that power to do that
l would’ve bestowed him.. ..100 years and not just half an hour. Oh God of death! But it is out of my control. l can only send the death rope
and cannot withdraw it. His every step takes him near the death. His lifetime is getting
reduced every second. His death is unstoppable.
lt’s unstoppable! Wait! Brother! – What happened?
Why you’re so injured? He thrashed us all. Stop! lf l take her, he’ll follow us. Hail Lord Narasimha! You saved by grace of Lord Narayana! Bravo!
You’ve won over death with ‘LOVE’! You’ve proved that anything
can be won with determination. l feel jealous of you. You won’t face hardship anymore. You’ll have all the wealth here
You’ll prosper and have kids.. With all this are you aiming
to be here forever? Why do you say like that? Leave me.
– Why should l? Are you here? Oh gosh! Why did you
fix me up like this? How long can you escape?
Where is my money? Tell me. Oh human! Does Earth seem horrible?
Do you feel hell is better? King has changed – l won’t believe.
– lt is true. – Why do you smile? Are you mocking?
– l’ll repay you for sure. l beg you. – Still l won’t spare you.
– You go away lt is okay if he has changed.
My dear! You rascal! How dare you strip me?
Leave it. Will you leave or should l thrash you? lf you go to hell now it’ll be horrible
Earth itself is better. Don’t you feel like that? THE END.

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