100 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda

  1. If anyone doubts that the EU is yet another exercise in pan-Continental empire building I would love to hear their response to this.

  2. it is always nice to hear someone confirm what I could see with my own dutch eyes.
    yes it was a bank bailout and not a rescue plan for the Greeks.

  3. Greeks were the founders of LOGIC: shame true democracy – also of Greek origin – never truly follwed: anywhere. THIS WORLD IS IN CHAOS AND ALL ARE RESPONSIBLE. Excellent speaker; wish I understood completely but I WILL LEARN.

  4. Now the EU want an army , They already have NATO costing the UK multi billions every year , The EU army is required to keep EU countries in their place as they are left wing open border dictators" demanding all obey their demented orders, German and French plan to be rulers of Europe , 1st and 2nd world wars failed now this is where they up to ,

  5. This man is a true Greek who speaks a great deal of sense and deserved better from the Greek politicians.

    d better treatment from Greek politicians.

  6. Alexis Tsipras won the elections in 2015 x2 by promising falsely that he would tear up the Memorandum, Greeks would not have to pay the House ownership tax and that he would end Austerity as the Greeks voted for in theReferendum of July 2015.
    O Βαρουφακης ειναι σπουδαιος οικονομολογος αλλα δεν θελει να καταργησει την βλαβερη για τους Ελληνες Συμφωνια των Πρεσπων και δεχεται να συνεχισθει η ολεθρια λαθρομεταναστευση μωαμεθανων που θα εξισλαμισει και θα καταστρεψει την Ελλαδα σε 2-5 χρονια αντικαθιστωντας τους Ελληνες με τους βαρβαρους μωαμεθανους.

  7. The more I hear about Herr Schäuble and Germany's economic fascism, the more I'm convinced they should have remained divided in four

  8. Quick question. Can anyone help with his answer to the question 25:20 into the video? He says that nominal GDP (without stripping out inflation) was appearing to go up, because wages were going up but prices falling. I thought that would mean GDP would in realality be higher. GDP doesn't include wages, they're included in consumption I think. This guy is a brilliant economist and does get things wrong, so Im trying to make sense of this. Any 1st years around who can answer this?

  9. If you really think that this guy is intelligent or that he really has any kind of wisdom to share, then you may want first to see him in the following https://youtu.be/yZsnNSgk5e4

  10. Argentina, Greece and many other countries who got 'indebted' with fake deliberate debts are going through a humanity crisis as well. Everyone responsible for the desperation in any country in crisis, is also responsible for the thousands of desperation suicides, loss of pharmaceutical supplies for seriously sick and poor people and the thousands who have became homeless. In short, they're not only responsible for a cold economical war against Greece and all other countries, they're also responsible for the deliberate, conscious and pre-planned genocide of the nations they've targetted. Let's just say that history repeats itself..and those who are once again committing world class crimes, will once again pay for them tenfold. If they can't be taught that through politics, they should know that from history.

  11. the imf andworld bank are the mafia.. they lend fugazi money that is not real. then demand repayment in real money and assets. this is why the world is swimming in debt. all they want is chaos so they can implement a global order. in which they are in charge.

  12. Absolutely brilliant to listen to Professor Yanis, I will definitely buy his book, Brexit must happen, and clean full BREXIT.

  13. Did the penny drop yet?.. The truth is so distant from the propaganda wave we are sold, and Europe is in fucking chaos and the European Union wont do fuckall to fix it, and instead they will squander all the money they've accumulated. Europe is on fire and all they are doing is playing games with our money. Let alone the fact we are playing 2nd fiddle to France and Germany. All i know is most countries have gone down, or been compromised and the E.U regs have killed loads of small businesses in the U.K. Let alone the other truths that are starting to come out about how the money has been managed. Wake up sheeple time to get your heads screwed on.

  14. Arrest this criminal agent of David Rothschild destroyed Greece and bankrupt their banks there when was playing the role of Finance Minister, the person is a criminal

  15. Not one arrest for the 2008 collapse, bailed out by the public ,who have suffered with no police, bad healthcare and food banks in the UK….the UK ! Yet they still vote conservative ???

  16. Banks trapped Greece and other EU members in debt by giving loans in volumes they cannot repay. Hence their debt is in multiples of their GDP. Essentially the bigger economies ate up smaller economies by trapping them in debt. A bigger collapse is nearly upon us. That will be a massive tsunami that will return Europe to poverty of Middle Ages.

  17. Yanis is FULL OF SHIT and he and Tspiras stabbed the Greek People in the back. His is a lying psycopath —- he did NOTHING – wish he stuck the fake weapon up is ass. They WERE NEVER UNITED — it was FAKE. Yanis believes in the EU and he is against Brexit. You need your predatory DEBT forgiven. FU YANIS.

  18. "Preserve and maintain their own power structure". The story of nearly all those who operate in the political sphere. The peasant is irrelevant. What's more important is that their ambitions are fulfilled and their "lifestyles" are maintained. Who gives up power when they have it?

  19. Everyone's trying to do their best… and then ends with toxic Liars. I did not learn a thing …guess I'll head to the comments section

  20. If you have "truth" ,since La Mudgarde does not. Sublime strength and RESILIENCE is what "WE" HAVE possibly on THE PLANET.


  22. italy and spain are also in problems the common market has led to a european government and without the abillity to de-value their currency it leaves some of them unable to survive i beleive the euro is not a sound currency for many but for the few

  23. Europe and America will find NO relief for any of these problems UNTIL the complete and utter dissolving of the Rothschilds Empire WORLDWIDE is implemented…

  24. Ireland took an expensive (so called) bailout so French and German banks wouldn't go under, re-built credibility, got access to much cheaper debt and paid off the "bailout". We are now saddled with about 200 billion euros of debt that needs to be paid off by the Irish people.
    Needless to say, this massive residual debt will be rolled over and never paid off – just serviced. Fine and well you may think, however when the next crash comes (and it will), Ireland will be in no position to borrow more. Then there will be riots and the bond holders need to be told where to stick it. Who are the bondholders? The Irish peoples' pension providers. Screwed every way.

  25. His words are thinking outside of the box but his actions are lacking. He could have taken a more active role in tearing down the establishment starting with Tsipras. Varoufakis is either a cowards or hypocrite or both. Go home Varoufaki. You are talk and talk and talk etc. Bla bla bla

  26. Educated and trained in the UK , send him back there! The man is a total nutter! The Greek government borrows more than they can afford , thats the essence of the problem. Moral of the story pay your debts !

  27. All the banks went bankrupt? His focus must be narrow because here in Canada we didn't allow the mortgages that led to the crisis. The Americans created the mess with the securitization of mortgages that Europeans and others bought shares in. When the sh*t hit the fan, the crisis ensued. In Iceland a security salesman was actually jailed for his part in it.
    Now as I understand Greece. People don't work until they are 30 and expect to retire to the beach at 55! And the Germans don't want to pay their pensions while they work to 67. Greece, Portugal, and the south and East Europeans should never have been made part of the EU. Their governments are too corrupt. What have I said that is wrong? It is a short summary.

  28. All the banks in the western world went bankrupt accept those in Australia, because we had already put bank activity regulation in place, and our reserve bank is not a central bank in the sense of those owned by the Rothschilds everywhere else in the western world where it matters. Australia didn't even enter a recession. We have enjoyed about 25 years of continuous economic growth with low inflation. Greece could learn from Australia.

  29. What's your hidden agenda mr Baroufakis?Are you greek, Egyptian?Went to the greek army?Serving the country; What's your relationship to Sorros?Or i should say, Schwartz?You know the real jew,The oligarch Maccabee.Are you a plant?Come on , admit it.

  30. This explains the rise in antisemitism as it helps to cover what the EU is doing by allowing the lies about Jews running the banks, when the truth is the vast majority of Banks are not run by Jews.

  31. This now explains why the euro has different values in different countries when you purchase goods, you'll find someone in Germany living by the French border will cross over the border to purchase fuel there as it is cheaper than in Germany as an example.

  32. The “ Children” that the elite Euro Establishment look down on, PAY the salaries of the unaccountable Eurocrat politicians. Brexit is the Roar that these “Children” have made to say we hate he scam of the EU.

  33. 'Don't worry we're not going to let Varoufakis hair cut those bonds', seems to equivalent to 'Don't worry there won't be a No Deal' for Brexit. Those back stabbing (read compromised) politicians!

  34. Since the EU is blackmailing Turkey to keep the islamic hoardes out, how long till Turkey becomes a caliphate once again and opens those doors, The hoardes will flood into Europe and take it over and what a prize it will be.

  35. MEMO TO EVERYONE FED UP WITH POLITICIANS AND POLITICS,On your remote controls you have "MAGICAL BUTTONS" that allows you to switch your TV ON/OFF…… for the more advanced viewers ….. if you look a little closer it is possible to change the channel you dislike to one that you approve of " WOW REMOTE CONTROLS WHATEVER WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT"

  36. Don’t trust this guy.

    Against Brexit – money loss to EU less for Greece ? Now for Brexit? Why ? Not answered!

    Wants Europe United – doesn’t say how? EU still on the table?

    Now an agent for the EU and being for the EU and then against the EU? Doesn’t make sense.

    No Deal and out answers all the questions!

    Really a left winger?

  37. I'm not so sure that the crisis in Greece was "mishandled" rather, the whole fiasco went exactly, from planning to execution, in the way it was intended.
    Even the Banksters have to dance to a tune that has been composed for them.
    Our world is such a beautiful place, strange indeed that it is counterbalanced by such ugliness.

  38. Will be interesting when EU Commissioners march into Athens City Hall. With the European Defence Force protecting them from the hail of bricks.
    It’s been asked, ‘how would things be if Germany had won the war’?

  39. It's easy to have a go at EU when non of them are your friend, what about your mate Tsipras? If you are truly about fairness, justice and democracy why don't you called him out for what he is? He sold greeks out in order to get in power and stay in power, so why aren't you calling him out? The hypocracy and people are falling for it all.

  40. nothing was done to look into the greek economy from the start, many lies were told about their viability to join, it seemd at the time any tom dick or harry could join, i remember one country, who did not have a pot to piss in, the population were all going to leave and only leave the village dogs, so they could jump on the freebie gravy train.

  41. Varoufakis, whom I have seen giving the freemason handshake many times to his so called adversaries, is one of the clique that brought down Greece. Do you really think they would allow true opposition into their NWO circus and let him live to tell the tale? AND write a book with the truth? If so, you are hopelessly lost forever. The problem is that everybody underestimates the depth of the rat hole, and with an enormous lack of knowledge of the true situation concludes that what they see in the media (YT included) must be true. Pathetic!

  42. Hold it there Mr. V….tell us the truth about Greece’s admission to the EU, that should never have happened; back then your ‘ books ‘ were a mess and to make things far worse, your Papadopoulos sought loans from Wall Street at ridiculous interest rates, just to be able make that entry to the EU! That is what triggered 2008 crisis when EU wanted to help Greece, not knowing the dirt booby trap laid down by Wall Street. You should be aware of this, shouldn’t you!

  43. Its a great thing to hear truth. Such a rare thing in this world & def not something you’d expect from a politician but it’s so strange to me when he says that it defies logic & almost makes out like it’s a bunch of incompetents doing the best they can in a difficult situation. This is simply Plata o plomo, silver or lead as Described by j Perkins in confessions of an economic hitman. Same game, prob same people playing it & for the same reasons. Very deliberate & well practiced only on a larger scale this time. They couldn’t care less for democracy or how many people suffer. It’s like a game of monopoly & Greece was just another piece on the board to these people.

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